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    • You made my day mate.

      Expect another rate cut next month. We need to rebuild some confidence in the market.

      • 7 Weekend Sunrise had all hosts beating off over how now ‘you get a mortgage you couldn’t afford, and you get a mortgage, and you get a mortgage…. everybody gets a mortgage!’…

        I’d say they’re doing their best to forget about the RC. And they might have just pulled it off… watch the prices to the moon again!

      • Clearly we need negative rates so banks pay us to take out a Mortgage. That will really fix thing!

    • Well, now that certifiers can no longer get PI insurance in Australia, there will be no new builds going up. Problem solved 👌

    • “Himex1, Canberra, Australia, about 9 hours ago

      Pay a million dollars for a unit – you must have rocks in your head, or cracks in your balcony”

  1. Bears’ Friday Night Out.

    – AUD off a cliff as surprise surprise, the US economy isn’t entirely sh!t yet. Unlike ours.

    – Another tower barricaded and propped.

    – Lowest scheduled Sydney auction volumes I’ve ever seen on any normal weekend ever.

    – Iron Ore down over 6% and RIO (NYSE) down about the same…

    What have I missed?

    • I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. Could this be the moment of “It happens slower than you think it will, then faster than you ever imagined”

      A lot of people here have been calling out the ponzi economy for a long time, always to have is whacked in the arse by a rainbow. Is it time yet?

      • Everyone calls you a bear when you see a stupid thing happening that a lot of people are making money on. I call it people wondering WTF is going on with a plainly unsustainable economy. Time will tell. Hopefully I don’t go broke in the mean time.

      • too early mate. But I do hope you are right. There are plenty of mugs that will jump at this and load up. Two of my mates are just about to.
        So many say that prices will continue to go up again because LIBS won. When I ask them if their wages are going to go up so they can keep borrowing ever larger loans they give me blank looks and then just repeat that prices will go up because LIBS won and banks will lend.
        Way too many people don’t realise that they will now push the prices up by about 10% at which point we will hit the ceiling of our borrowing capacity. I bet our politicians will be selling their portfolios during this period.

      • I agree with Nikola, Australia has no shortage of greater fools. and as it is turning out the greatest fools are the prudent ones that are not jumping in boots’n’all. Stupidity sustained by greater stupidity, logically it must come to an end but we’re not there yet.
        Just take the pulse of the local pub population and you’ll see that they’re all in favor of compensating mugs that purchased over priced shoddy built apartments…trust me I’m a lonely voice when I say that some poor battler that purchased a $1M POS apartment needs to live with the financial consequences of his/her bad decision.
        Blame is immediately ascribed to all participants except the mug punter that purchased the apartment
        It’s the developers , it’s the banks, it’s the politicians, it’s…it’s….Basically it’s everyone’s fault except for the guy whose hand went up at the auction when that hand should have stayed firmly by his side.
        Nothing can really change until we all accept and expect personal responsibility, responsibility for the upside as well as the down side ….otherwise it’s just Moral Hazard on steroids.
        Privatized profits, socialized losses what can possibly go wrong

      • fisho,

        Hitting the nail on the head, but even you aren’t outside the bubble enough. The idea that someone buying a $1million apartment in the first place can in any way be described as a ‘battler’ shows how ridiculous this whole thing has become.
        I’m not surprised though, people at my work who have $2mil+ property, yet complain about not having money to pay the power bill as it falls due are also in this new-age everybody is a battler class.

      • “people at my work who have $2mil+ property, yet complain about not having money to pay the power bill as it falls due”

        LOL, these folks have no concept of cash flows, presumably because they don’t have any cash that flows through them!! Cash is like blood or oxygen that circulates throughout your body. You don’t feel them or give much thought to them when they are abundant – but you will certainly feel the pain (and worse) when you don’t have enough of them. Not that I expect these folks to comprehend.

      • fisho, totally agree and that was precisely Morrison’s election pitch; stick with us, we’ll look after you. The idiots bought it hook, line and stinker.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCwgqfrroF8

        We have some politicians apparently in negative equity according to Martin North/John Adams. Pretty confident that this incompetent government will not be able to hold things together over the next 3 years. Hopefully a politician goes bust on property, as they really won’t be able to hide it then.

      • @fisho – I bet if you ask the local pub population if they’d be happy to pay a special government tax to help those who bought dud apartments they’d have second thoughts. For those who would say yes, ask them if they’d pay the same tax to help the homeless.

      • Money leaving HK.
        Elites have lost confidence and are moving assets out before Beijing takes full control

    • I love a good bed time story …

      2 According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, “Student loan debt is the only form of consumer debt that has grown since the peak of consumer debt in 2008.” The report shows that for adults under 30 years of age, the average student loan debt increased from $13,340 in the first quarter of 2005 to $21,402 in the fourth quarter of 2012, an increase of more than 60 percent. In comparison, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures price change in the U.S. economy, rose from an average of 191.9 to 230.38 over the same period, an increase of 20 percent. See “Student loan debt by age group” (Federal Reserve Bank of New York, March 29, 2013), https://www.newyorkfed.org/studentloandebt/index.html.


      Strangely or not it seems longer timelines tell more than myopic short ones – especially if there is a buck in it ….

      • Yeah but inflation is nowhere to be seen, so we must continue to lower teh rates. Nevermind that fancy debt stuff.

      • Gav debt is not a monolith I.e. you can have socially productive debt or not or a mix E.g. saying debt bad lacks distinction.

    • Gold did not fall as far as some would have thought. Mainly because everyone knows FED can’t tighten more.

  2. https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at-work/i-havent-done-anything-wrong-illegal-indian-immigrant-survives-by-doing-odd-jobs-on-gumtree/news-story/8a4556495338a66e70a38dbe5e5ac452

    An illegal immigrant from India who has lived and worked without a visa since 2011 says he thinks of himself as Australian and refuses to leave the country because he has “done nothing wrong”. In an interview with SBS Punjabi, “Mr Kumar” complains he lives like a fugitive in fear of being caught and deported. He does odd jobs on Gumtree for cash to survive, and “most days, I eat only once”.

    “It’s like, once a week or two days a week that I get some work and make $100 or $200 and I’m able to buy food, if not, I sleep without eating,” he told SBS. “But there are times when despite doing the job, I’m not paid. But there’s nothing I can do about it, I can’t go to the police. So, it’s damn tough.”

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Since the first fleet we are all ilegal immigrants in a country already claimed in 1642 although the recent ones have less right to be here than us.

      • “…stealing work from aussie kids.”

        Ha hah… gave me the laugh I needed tonight

        Look up the removalist ads on gumtree. Hard work, not quite paid in gold… all done by “Aussie kids”
        Breaking the sweat and muscle pain is allowed only in gymkhana…. and why would they if one can buy RE and earn $100kpa whilst doing literally nothing.

      • Djenka, are you pulling the “aussies are too lazy so we need to import immigrants to do the dirty work” schtick? Only immigrants work hard eh? Or is it “only immigrants work kinda hard, do a sh1t job and ruin your furniture for $10 an hour without insurance or paying tax via gumtree ads?”

      • @ Timmeh

        nope, I’m pulling only the “aussies [kids] are too lazy”.

        To simplify, i meant that what is abandoned by its rightful owner cannot be stolen.
        Aussie kids are either doing better paid jobs or still suckling…
        As my grandpa used to say “they were never hungry, ever”
        Of course, usual deviations from generalisation apply

    • Somebody has done nothing wrong and yet is illegal….. this is strange. Oh, I know!!! The laws are wrong!!

    • A court issued a protection order, asking his wife to be of “good behaviour” towards Mr Kumar and not commit domestic violence against him.

      Since 2012-13, over 280 Indians have been granted permanent residency on the basis that they suffered family violence.

      WTF? Getting permanent residency because your wife bashed you up! Does the violent wife get deported or does she get to stay as well?

      Violent wives should be permanently banned from getting AUS citizenship.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I wonder if she beat him because he didn’t cough up the money he promised to give her for the marriage/partner visa.

  3. Interesting reading the comments in The Age/SMH story with APRA relaxing lending standards. Almost 20 to 1 talking about the Ponzi, debt bomb etc. Almost looked like an MB comments section. I take great heart from this because it’s in the MSM but I fear these articles are not widely read on their platform 🙁

    • It’s been interesting to watch the herd change. Same on immigration. 5 years ago you were howled down as a fvcking white cvnt racist. Now it seems we can talk about unsustainable immigration again. The MSM is losing after a very effective gaslighting campaign that won for a good 15 years.

      • Yep. It was always going to be the case… about 2/3 of the “support” for shockingly high immigration was never “support”, it was actually just people who were prepared to put up with it as long as we were all getting richer.

        Just like with everything else about globalisation.

      • It is very interesting to watch the change.
        The difference now is that what is hapenning is transparent. It is seen and understood for what is it. Previously all of this would have been behind closed doors, no one would have known what was going on. Now it is transparent, it can be seen.

        I think this tranparency will be what brings it all down.

    • Yes fair point… selection bias… how many people are seriously going to choose to read something about APRA when there are reality tv shows, royal faux pas and pictures of bikini-fails to attend to!

  4. I heard on ABC News radio today of the ‘busting’ of a professional Chinese begging gang. They are imported from China to beg ‘professionally’ on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne. Fancy those caarnts ‘stealing’ market share from our local homeless.

    • It’s surprising it’s taken so long. They have been doing it in asia for ages. I guess our border control is so weak now that they can finally have a crack at us rich white cvnts. Good onya Dutto, you sure stopped the boats you potato head fvckwit.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      First time I ever saw it was in pre-vibrancy era Stockholm. A nice lady went to the bakery and bought the beggars some tucker and got abused for her troubles. Money or f#ck off. Locals told me it was Norwegian mafia running the racket and shipping in their riff raff. It kinda annoyed me because I’d been in Budapest earlier and would watch people sit down and share their lunch with the homeless and chat away. I thought geez this Europe is nice.

      Yet still I’m naive enough to be a bit shocked to hear it happening here. I mean, I always knew there were people scamming it and organised foreign gangs should have been obvious to me but no, naive.

      Where did Australia go?

      • Paint it Black

        Yeah, feel the same. Just an image in a rear view mirror that is itself rapidly accumulating dust.

      • In Ireland / Dublin we had gypsies walking around with babies and they would go “money for baby” and give you this really sad look. After a while you’d realise it wasn’t their kid. It was all run by the Romanian Mafia. Then somehow the Irish managed to get rid of them. I can’t recall if it was the downturn in 08/09 or if the Irish police rounded them up and deported the lot of them. Always heard rumours it was the latter.

        A couple of weeks ago a woman came up to me outside Coles asking for money. I couldn’t remember if I had any cash. So I opened my wallet and she saw I had a $20, but I have her a $5er instead and she banged on for 5 mins about really needing the $20. I said look I have you $5 and if you really need it ask a few more people.

        She wouldn’t let up and then some stranger came up and told her off for me, he said mate it’s nice you gave her anything and she should be grateful. That was what got me, no thanks just complained. It really put me off giving anyone money.

        I know some genuinely need it, but liars and welfare cheats are the worst. She gave me this dirty stare for a minute or 2. Then asked 2 other people for money and then came back and asked me again lol.

        Finally she left and said ok thanks but then muttered something else I couldn’t make out as she walked off. I was on the verge of telling her to give me the money back.

        How did society get to this point I thought? I’m some Reusa would tell me it was my fault for mixing with the unwashed.

      • You got it right, Gavin, it was your fault for mixing with the unwashed!! The society is breaking down as expected – the Kumar guy above is the same – you should have seen this coming long ago. After all, the appalling sense of entitlement has been prevalent in Straya for quite some time now.

        Come, boy. See for yourself. From here you will witness the final destruction of Straya, and the end of your insignificant rebellion. It is unavoidable. It is your destiny. You, like your blogger, are now mine!!

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      They are having a go so they should get a go
      But will Dutto ask them to go …doubt it
      …great straya …must have a skills shortage in begging

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Giving money to the poor is for absolute suckers! You don’t get wealthy giving money away. Finding ways to make money from the poor is the way to go.

      • Can we please get a weekly guest post, “Pearls of Wisdom from Reusachtige? or maybe “Postcard from the relations parties”?

      • Nobody is the suppository of knowledge, except of course for Reusa. He specialises in suppositories.

    • There was a Chinese beggar at Wynyard station a few weeks ago which looked staged. This explains it.

  5. NEW ZEALAND HOUSING & RESTORED PROSPERITY: When are they going to START learning about Greater Christchurch’s leading performance … restoring hope and prosperity ? …

    Rents in Wellington are rising so strongly they are closing in on Auckland, with average Auckland rent now just 5% higher than Wellington average … Greg Ninness … Interest Co NZ


    … extract …

    … Modest rental growth in Christchurch

    Rental growth in Christchurch has been at very modest levels for the last two years.

    In the second quarter of this year the average rent in Christchurch was up just 1.2% compared to the second quarter of last year, which was half the rate of increase over the previous 12 months.

    Christchurch’s average rent of $381 a week was lower than the average rent in any of the North Island’s rental districts except New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Whanganui. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … Have you checked the latest REINZ May yoy price trends for Christchurch City, Waimakariri and Selwyn ? …


    … and too … calculated from the May consents … extrapolated to annual figures, the ‘consents rates per 1000 population per annum’ (standard industry measure … refer graphs 5 & 6 http://www.performanceurbanplanning.org/2017%20Information.html ) nationally, Christchurch, Waimakariri and Selwyn … and compare these with the latest May figures from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) ? …


    • Residential construction shows no sign of slowing down as new consents hit a forty five year high, pushed up by a strong rise in consents for townhouses in Auckland | interest.co.nz


      … and too … Check out too the massive commercial rentals advantages and trends of Greater Christchurch …



    • Can you ever just stop the SPAM Hugh? None of us give a sh1t about your links. Especially because you never actually engage anyone. You just spam the comments sections with crap people don’t want to read. So just fvck off?

      • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

        Timmeh … There are massive changes underway in NZ. It is important to be aware of them.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Timmeh, ease up, we can’t all be the life of the party. It’s good to have different personalities on board .

      • It is true that most of us do not care about the NZ housing market – unless there is good news (prices going down).

        I do not understand what Hugh gets out posting links here every day – but at least he paid for membership (which helps this website keep going).

      • Gee Timmeh, who dropped the vibrator in your cheerios? 😏

        Give the New Zlander a break, brah!

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Hey Timmeh, you can always scroll past them… it’s a Choice bro!

        PS Thanks for continuing with the indenting Hugh. Still appreciate that. Regularly.

      • Please, keep on doing what you are doing Hugh and also Timmeh: I appreciate the contributions from both of you.

      • Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

        Appreciate your NZ insights and links.
        You say that there are huge changes in NZ, but to a lot of us NZ seems to be same old – same old;
        High migration, high property prices, Christchurch talks about rebuilding, Labour government hacks blather about climate etc etc
        Please can you give us a synopsis of the changes as you see them.

      • @Timmeh. Yes, it’s true I don’t personally get much out of it, but I expect there are NZ readers and members who do get value. I usually just skim and scroll. I don’t mind Hugh’s presence.
        @Hugh. I think your contributions would be more interesting if you added some more eloquent editorial opinion and analysis. The bare facts approach is pretty dry

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        +1 to Failed Baby Boomer comment.

        I think Hugh’s probably got a unique perspective on things and interested to hear more of his thoughts on how NZ is changing as I don’t have time to read through all the links.

      • Arthur, that’s my main gripe. Just constatntly posting links I consider spam. I have only ever seen Hugh actually engage in conversation a handful of times over many years. If he actually engaged with the people here, I would be more than happy to read it.

      • Many thanks for all your valued comments MB readers.

        Over the years, since the creation of the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey back in 2004, I have written screeds of stuff on housing / urban land use issues … refer my archival website http://www.PerformanceUrbanPlanning.org .

        My views are very well known.

        I prefer now to ‘highlight’ information and articles from others … and just air my views each year late January at the time of the release of the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.

        I sure do appreciate MBs enormous contributions to these issues over the years. Indeed … I consider Leith one of the most outstanding economists internationally on urban land issues.

        Again … many thanks for your comments guys.

  6. Australian Tax Office phone lines have been overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of callers as taxpayers rush to get the $1080 boost to their refunds this year contained in the Coalition’s tax cut

    The ATO has already had to block 50,000 calls in the first five days of the financial year amid a huge surge of “excited” interest

    I wonder how many bogans voted for Scummo because they thought he is going to give them a $1080 cheque.

    Wing Nut
    Can’t wait for the blow back when people realise they’re not getting a $1080 back. Reminds me of Abbott’s $550 reduction in power bills that never existed.

    In hindsight, the fake Greens should have lifted the income tax free threshold to $45k/year instead of $18k/year.

      • If you extracted all the wit, satire, confrontation, learnedness, social commentary, humour and catchiness from TISM, soaked it in napisan for a week, and then gave whatever was left a full frontal lobe labotomy you would still have a something that is more interesting than Lonely Island. They’re the musical equivalent of the jokes that the jokes that were rejected from SNL would reject if they were sentient.

    • Was pleased to see a couple of early comments in the SMH article urging people to harass their local MPs and make then accountable over this issue.

      There’s also a delightful possibility that the failure of these cuts to immediately materialise in the hands of punters will kill sentiment once the masses realise it’s not a $1080 cheque to spend on whatever they want.

      Better yet, even those eligible may decide to hold of on purchases until the tax cut is banked which would limit the possibility of any short term boost to the economy. I know a lot of people are talking about paying down debt, so I wonder if the cuts will be effective.

      The RBA will be hoping that employment improves, but SME owners who may be due for a tax refund may not necessarily decide to hire more until they receive their tax cut.

    • Paint it Black

      I am not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed but I don’t recall a specific promise about a bonus refund???? Mind you I was just hanging out for some sense about immigration. Which of course never came …

    • Labor will reap the unintended consequences of the LNP not selling the offset truthfully. Accountant wife said the peak bodies and ATO have only just started advising clients how this actually works yet a fvck load of people have already lodged their returns no doubt expecting $1080. The LNP and their duplicitous media have hyped up the sell on max offset available rather than averages.

      • Yep. I think most voters will get nowhere near $1080 – some will get nothing and some will get $250.

        Have the group certificates been sent out already?

  7. ABC: ‘Donald Trump hoped for a parade to rival Bastille Day, instead he got small crowds and soggy tanks’

    Really? Trump did not get small crowds: https://twitter.com/Corrynmb/status/1146923185503444992/photo/1

    This is exactly why the ABC is leftist infested fake news. Small crowds indeed. Calling it, Trump wins 49 states in 2020, and the progressive cult loses power globally in the next decade.

    It is well past time the progressive cult was disemboweled.

    • So you have embraced the neocons with a side of pauperization to sate the elites appetite ….

      • Sorry but your rant about progressives and references to the Dear Leader suggest otherwise. I mean you have less than a hand full of progressives [AOC – Sanders], not to mention any progressive influence for decades, and yet need to straw man and then point at the Dear Leader.

      • neocons -> elites -> dear leader -> aoc -> sanders. The hamster in your brain must be exhausted from all the tangents.

        Take your meds and lie down, it’ll help with the cognitive dissonance.

      • Sorry but anyone can take a quick background check on Trump and find all the corruption on offer, some are befuddled by the drain the swamp PR as well hope change thingy. Maybe if some were not so easily triggered by media targeting its audience – market share they might not be so useful in distractions.

        I mean Obama worked for the Developer sector, Trump was born into it, yet some bang on about progressives ….

      • Ah the old taxes are thief meme, still that does not square all the other corrupt actions nor does it justify savvy investor trope as it was a tide that lifted all boats during the intercity gentrification, albeit some around gab on about prices for shelter.

        Sorry did I mention the gentrification was to facilitate accommodation for FIRE sector workers.

      • Best part

        “Donald Trump has claimed his controversial July 4 rally in Washington DC will lead to a “big spike” in people signing up to join the US military.

        Speaking to reporters a day after his “Salute to America” event that heaped praise on the country’s military drew mixed reviews, the president predicted a bump in recruitment.”

        How much history does one need to read to reconcile this kind of propaganda….

      • fitzroyMEMBER


        The Democrats are the establishment. When was the last time you saw any of the US MSM media outlets question the power of private banks to lend money into existence? The really important questions I never asked. Trump hasn’t started a war, consider his predecessors. He does somethings wrong he does a lot of things right but when was the last time you heard Trump had done something right from anyone on the ABC it is always orange man bad .

      • Youtube Special Olympics – ???? – in the old days you could have said Praxeology and mic dropped …

      • Don’t know what planet you’ve been living on when dominate economics regardless of political brand has been right wing. Democrats went 3rd way long ago, economic voting records for congress and senate bare this out with only moderate republican ID differing from the far right ecclesiastical views …. morality theater …

      • @ FUD…

        and how is that different from previous POTUSes?

        ah…. the media nitpick and coverage.

    • fitzroyMEMBER

      Totally alternative facts The ABC shouldn’t be lying like this. Who do they think they are ?

    • The more the msm bags ol Trumpy out due to their own bias the more I can’t help but think he must be doing something right which is why they go to these lengths and as a result I like him more and more. All my adult life I have done the exact opposite of what the media has recommended and it has worked out awesome for me which explains my total distrust of them.

    • The ABC seemed more interested in the baby trump balloon suggesting it was a big protest but it looked like it only had a small group around it.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      I was saddened to see that Mad Magazine, the king of Satire has been wound up.
      Then again how can it compete with President (Ilove a military parade) Trump, who during his stirring speech , made reference to the US Continental Revolutionary Army doing everything it had to, including shutting all airports ?
      A couple of interesting points emerge.
      a) the USA was founded by violent military revolution.
      b)No one else is allowed to. (Waves at Iran)

      • The other uncomfortable truth too is that without the French, the America colonies could not have won. Even if the US Continental Army had had airports.

  8. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Cynicism time!!!

    Is the media now pushing rotten housing stories so a brave gubmint leader can come to the rescue with a taxpayer funded rescue package, making themselves out to be fearless and caring?


    It’s not like this is new. It was just never spoken about in the media and I always assume if something isn’t in the papers then they’ve been told to keep it out.

  9. Did lol when I saw that googly eyed bloke from corelogic saying the APRA changes won’t do much when he was screaming for APRA to change the buffer a few months back. Seems they love to play dumb and play down any potential impact, then if things shoot up 10% they’ll be shrugging their shoulders “how could we have known?”

    • Yes, good observation. The industry line seems to be “Don’t worry, we’ve got it under control this time. House price increases will only be mild due to [reference to Hayne, HEM, income verification, etc]”

      The thing is, they always over-egg the pudding. When have we ever seen mild appreciation? If they succeed in igniting the ‘animal spirits’, which is the intent, then it will be another frenzied rise. Perhaps shorter in duration this time, and more concentrated to certain areas of the market, but frenzied nonetheless.

      • The greed and criminality of the banks will come to the fore because there is nothing/no one who is going to stop it.

  10. While ago I asked how many of you cvnts own Cort guitar and posted a link on how Cort treated their Korean factory workers.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that Cort has gone long way on how they treat their factory workers these days and are no longer greedy capitalists.


    • Hold on… I.. umm… I have a question: where does the ‘oooh, aaah, wood selection’ come in the sound of an electric guitar when the damned thing is a solid lump of wood, with an electronic pickup component right under the chord?

      I mean, wouldn’t it be cheaper just the same if it was made out of , oooh, say, VJ board?

      *dons flame-retardant underwear*

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Hey Nikola how is it on the job front, reinstated or looking for new?

      • I am looking for new. I volunteered to move on as it will be impossible to do the job at the current place once they get rid of thousands of people this month.
        I had one interview and waiting to be contacted by another potential employer next week. The interview went ok and I was asked to provide references – I sent them 15.
        I am looking to pick up work for one of the large distributors I worked with over the years. My experience is in operations and support – I managed teams for about 8 years and have experience in manufacturing, IT, Telco industry. Does not really matter if I get a manager’s role or individual contributor as long as is something I know I can make contribution to the joint and feel appreciated.
        If that does not pan out I will be looking for more basic office job and half (probably even less) the money I earn now but less punishing from stress point of view. I can afford it sort of as wife makes ok money and son never asks for any. It seems he can survive on year 3 electrical apprentice wage.
        Due to me busting my L5 disk I can’t do much physical work.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        That’s great news Nik. I’m flooded with work atm. Large extraction fan bearings but they took off the variable pitch blades trying to do it themselves now an extra for me to reset as well as the bearings. Mig welder repair diagnosed already. Marine milling job. Hot rod body raising steel mounts (under quoted to the max). Glass washing machine for cafe (no show). Tomorrow quick install of more parts at St Mary’s Cathedral other job. The human bone man just left me minutes ago with a heap of jobs, he is the boss so a lot easier to deal with than the one ( not there anymore) who gave me the design and fabricating of the bone mill. Apparently he delegated all his work out until he wasn’t needed anymore. Now I don’t have to install a VFD in the bone mill as the boss will put a 3ph socket near its location which is a relief as I already have a variator gearbox between the motor and output drive gearbox.
        Lucky you with your son, mine is nearing 40yo in his final electrical apprenticeship yr and I was ganged up on by the missus and him for having to say about her buying him snacks. If she doesn’t clean his room it starts smelling and the junk food wrappers pile up. Does his washing and sometimes cooks his dinner. Had to say ”your making him useless, let him stand on his own feet”. One consolation is that his marks are between 96-100%, a far cry from his computer course years ago that cost us $100k when she was working at $13/hr. That stopped us buying a house and the school went broke 2 mths before due to graduate so he quit.

      • @Boom. Good to hear you are getting lots of work. I would love to hear how you promote your business.
        Full disclosure…I was always pretty bad at business, mainly because I don’t have much in the way of interpersonal skills. Not that I don’t try…I just don’t seem to have the knack of making people feel at ease and relaxed. I’m not aware of ever having lost a client because of bad work (I’m pretty Aspy-ish…the work is always meticulous, occasionally even brilliant) but I know of a few pretty devastating occasions where I lost good, profitable customers because the interpersonal rapport was a bit of a struggle for me. Getting new customers was incredibly hard because that’s the time when immediate rapport is so important.
        So, how do you do it? Do you advertise, or is word of mouth the key?

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Arthur, sounds l ikke you have an extreme male brain type, good at physics, engineering and music but poor people skills. Engineering types are blatantly honest, undiplomatic rub people the wrong way and make enemies easily not meaning to. If you extropelat this it enters into asperger syndrome.
        I leave the website maintainence to a professional as not my forte. Don’t waste your time like I did once trying to change your personally as the amount of energy to result is pathetic. Just continue doing what you’re good at , eventually word will get out of your skill set and rewards will follow.

    • ok let me confess.. I bought CR200 on Gumtree. This guy won it at some fundraising event so it is never used. Was still in the packaging with tags hanging. Paid $350.

    • Paint it Black

      You call that subliminal?? I’ll give you subliminal::


      The gap between rental and mortgage repayment has narrowed in dozens of Sydney suburbs due to the biggest price correction since the 1980s and a drop in interest rates to levels not seen since the 1950s.

      This perfect storm has allowed Luke Hartin and his fiancee to buy a two-bedroom apartment in Alexandria costing them $300 less in mortgage repayments a month than the price of renting a smaller property in Waterloo, the suburb next door.

      The big thing attracting people back to the property market is home loans is back to levels of the 1950s,” Mr Felsman said. “People are sitting on the sidelines, cashed up and ready to go, waiting for the property market to stabilise.

      1950s you say!! Did they have people getting chucked out of their units at night and then told to cough up $6 million for repairs back then??

      • Aye, there are millions of cashed up buyers on the sidelines, yous better get in there first guys!

  11. During the week I was talking to someone about rail lines. He was telling me about the design and alignment selection and this and that for the mining lines. We then switched to high speed rail. It turns out that he worked on a late 80’s high speed rail project. Sydney, to Canberra, to Cooma, then Orbost, onto Bairnsdale and then through to Melbourne. Cooma became a very popular place to buy land among a those in the know. The group had the idea, their design, their land and then Mr. Keating let them know that they weren’t going to be getting any special treatment. If they wanted to do it, they could, but they would have to pay for it all by themselves. And so that little venture died.

      • Know IdeaMEMBER

        Steady on! That is my neighbourhood you are referring to. I have it on good authority that there are no witches in the area, although personal experience suggests that some close facsimiles could confuse passers by. In any event, there is no such thing as cold weather, only inappropriate clothing.

      • Cooma…mmm…yeah…nuu…yeah may be, a bit.
        But Monaro High Plains region in general gets a big un-equivocable yes. Great country. Soulful landscapes.
        No longer my area but I still think it’s great. Around every bend in the road is a new space for the soul to expand into

      • Talking about lack of vibrancy.. Cooma has small Chinese population dating back from the gold rush era. But By now they more Australian than anyone on this blog to be fair..

  12. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    That Google 3d recreation of the ancient artifact, the “Lion of Mosul” had me thinking this recent story,
    maybe returning these priceless treasures to Egypt is not so good an idea in a politically unstable country where the oppressed masses are turning more and more to Islam to resist a corrupt and oppressive state.

    Egypt could easily descend into Fundalmentalist Anarchy.

    “ISIL justifies the destruction of cultural heritage sites with its following of Salafism which, according to its followers, places “great importance on establishing tawhid (monotheism)”, and “eliminating shirk (polytheism).” While it is often assumed that the group’s actions are mindless acts of vandalism, there is an ideological underpinning to the destruction. ISIL views its actions in sites like Palmyra and Nimrud as being in accordance with Sunni Islamic tradition.[2]”


    “The Taliban movement in Afghanistan banned photography and destroyed non-Muslim artifacts, especially carvings and statues such as the Buddhas of Bamiyan”

    There are religious ideological underpinnings to all this destruction,…and even if these movements are only short lived, they can wipe out thousands of years of heratige and history of human civilization.


    • Taliban did one good thing though. They wiped out the heroin trade at one point. Once US got back poppy farming is thriving and US solders are guarding the fields. And Taliban also now got involved in the trade.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I wonder if the western “Ice” epidemic might not have taken off to the same degree if that cheap Heroin hadn’t been taken off the market?

    • haroldusMEMBER

      turning more and more to Islam to resist a corrupt and oppressive state.
      I’m not sure this is how it works.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        It’s not oppressive when you’re on the laces side of the boot rather than the sole.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Arab countries are full of poor people who have little to No real political representation.
        Islamic institutions are often the only institution to offer them support and Organised representation.
        Arab Socialist parties Haven’t done a good job of representing them.

        “Arabist Bernard Lewis has stated: “Nobody seems to have a good word to say for Arab socialism. Commercial, professional, and middle class elements bring against it the usual complaints which are brought against socialism in Western countries. Left-wingers dismiss Arab socialism with contempt as a half-hearted and inefficient compromise which has the merits neither of socialism nor of capitalism.”[8]”

        Closest think to a “People’s party” in Egypt is the “Muslim brotherhood/ Freedom and Justice Party.”


      • haroldusMEMBER

        I see where this is going.

        Ermo’s going to join the Muslim Brotherhood! Change can only happen from within!

    • The safest place for these artefacts is Norway or Canada – not Egypt (where ISIL may destroy them).

    • luckily digging up old stuff wasn’t fashionable during thousand + years of christian rule of Europe so at least some artifacts survived buried deep into the ground

  13. bolstroodMEMBER

    Article in SMH GoodWeekend on the RadicalVegans – Meat is Injustice,Enslavement and Murder.
    The Vegans do not go far enough, I have recently read Dr Llyal Watson’s book “The Secret Lives of Plants” in which the good doctor claims sentience for plants. They feel pain ( hear a letuce scream when cut).
    Join me in the inaugeration of The Lettuce Liberation Front.

    Has anyone else noticed a ramping up of insanity from just about every aspect of our world?

  14. Day started to go to sh1t. Went to the barber on Stoney Creek Rd and on the way back I turned right into No Right Turn street as I missed the sign. Got pulled by unmarked police car. and hear this.
    Cop: Morning Sir
    Me: Morning Sir
    Cop: Where are you going Sir
    Me as I was handing over my Driver Licence: Home. Just had a hair cut and heading home.
    Cop: I will test you for alcohol etc.. and have to check if you turned into nor right turn street.
    Me: No problem. btw I did look at the intersection and I did not notice any No Right Turn sign.
    Cop: I have to check if there is any No Right Turn Sign
    Me: So you did not notice any sign too?
    Cop: I have to check that.
    after more small talk..
    Cop: here is your licence Sir and you can go.
    Me: AM I being fined for anything?
    Cop: I have to see if there is No Right Turn sign first and if it is clearly visible.
    Me: if the sign is clearly visible don’t you think one of us would have seen it?
    Cop: you can go now Sir. Go!.
    Anyway as I drove and turned left back on Stoney Creek Rd, I looked for a sign and there was none so I thought great. As I turned left and about 4-5m down the Rd there it was a sign nailed to a power pole No Right Turn – when I looked through my rear vision mirror.

    • innocent bystander

      next time get the fringe cut too so you don’t have hair in your eyes.

      • the sign is not at the turn but about few down the road. it is easy to miss when driving on busy road as you have to pay attention to the traffic. I was looking for a sign right where they should be – at the actual corner.

    • Same thing happened to me many years ago (Greengate Road in Killara). After the guy wrote me out a ticket, I drove back there to check, and indeed there Wes NO sign. By chance, at that moment, another cop showed up to breathalize me. I explained to him about the No Right Turn thing. At first he refused to get involved, but, after some persuasion, he was very nice about it and radioed the other cop and told him to tear up the ticket. In that case, I believe the sign had actually been removed by the proper administrative processes and not just by some random idiot stealing it.

    • Yesterday afternoon Went passed the sign again and have to say it is closer to the turn than I originally reported but still on the wrong side. So if one is really close to the intersection and has only few seconds to decide to either turn or not will miss it because we are all conditioned to look for such sign on the other side of the street.

    • Trump could be a wild card but given Deutsch has a lot of dirt on Trump, he’ll back a bailout.

      • If it’s up to him. I doubt he is in control over there. Except for the last G20 meeting every time he planned meeting with Putin there was an escalation in Syria or elsewhere. The only thing that keeps him in power is the military as he is spending big on them without starting a war. They must have agreed on a deal. But he does not have control over anything else.. the way I see it.
        If the establishment decides it will be good for them they will pull the pin on DB. I just can’t see what good can come out of such event.

    • Share it on his FB page. How can one be confident that buying a property from his agency means you’ll get what you’ve been shown?

    • I don’t think the aggrieved buyer is a struggling wage or salary employee, not short of a dollar looking at the 2 x cars he has parked there, along with the excavator parked behind the fence and the dump truck.
      I suspect he is a speculator and is using the land for a plant yard/office for his excavation business.
      ACA by all rights should have asked him if he owns more than one investment property and therefore should have known better buying from Mr Birch.

    • But but but, surely it cannot be true until it’s undeniable, in this sense David and Leith have been just spreading malicious rumors

    • MSM don’t cover the trickle down malarkey of rates cuts working their way into wage inflation. Time for another round of increased debt, price inflation, and no wage inflation, leading to more rate cuts.

    • MB is ahead of the curve 5 years on average. So we can expect the MSM to wake up in say another 4..

    • yeah saw that yesterday. if true then our politicians are even dumber than I thought. but then who voted them in? if it it’s not for Arrow’s first I would have been depressed by now.

    • Half way through, but I must say Adams is making a whole heap of sense. I can totally relate to his fear of debt too. Maybe we are just wired wrong for this country. Haha.

    • You have to wonder if their actual plan is to pump this thing for as long as it takes until there is a global crisis and then blame it all on something out of their control. Because that honestly seems to be what they are doing, and they don’t give a sh1t about the lives they are ruining in the process.

      • Mate- I wish I can say Di same thought did not cross my mind about 100 in the last 2 years. Nothing else make sense. Hence why I say only physical gold is the only save investment. But who dares to buy without any insurance?

        Already too drunk so will not attempt to fix spelling.. everyone here is smart enough to workout what i meant..

    • I’d put money on it being andrew hastie in neg equity.

      These politicians will go to any length to connect with the voting public…

  15. matthewMEMBER

    Any one any suggestions on listed entities in Australia where can get exposure to US government bonds and if so which would be best under current circumstances?Thank you

    • RB’s and 2JZ’s is so 90’s brah!
      N54’s is where the game is at today.
      Mind you if you put any of these mods on a street car in NSW you’ll get pulled over real quick and escorted to an EPA test center where they’ll slap you with a huge fine AND redcard your car.

      • That’s why I got a Stagea. Looks like a family wagon so won’t srouse any suspicion. 😁 These 90s engines are great though.

      • I hear you, it’s why all my performance mods are electric.
        All my mods are “Engineered” but to be honest very few mechanics know what they’re looking at when it comes to Electric performance cars. So with the flip of a switch I can drop the performance from 1000kW power down to something sub 250kW no need to turn a single spanner, I don’t even need to get out of the car. No Cat bypass nothing illegal but I can still put down an easy 10 second pass.

      • I’m running a highly modified BMW 335i but a lot of Tesla add ons for a DIY hybrid.

    • He’s good with words and has strong conviction. But what a shame we don’t have more politicians like him here.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        He is a show pony.
        When the brits voted to Brexit, Nigel and Boris , who both championed it, both ran away… along way away.
        Got a good Gob but know Bottom.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        @ bolstrood old chap ….Bojo might be PM in a few weeks( and if not now he will be next ) and Nigel owns Britain’s place in the EU parliament (in a platform of leaving it )….so I’m not sure what running away looks like … Brexit is coming to those islands …”what ever the cost may be “

  16. Cesare Beccaria’s radical ideas on crime and punishment

    “Quietly ignored for a century or more, Beccaria’s little book is being rediscovered today. Why? I suspect that his radical, reformist spirit hits a deep chord with many people. Inequality is again on the rise. In most countries, criminalisation is also on the rise: criminal law attempts to micromanage the behaviour of the many, while giving a blank cheque to wealthy billionaires whose tax-dodging and exploitative behaviour go unpunished.

    We have once more reached a point where we need to reconsider the whole system of criminal justice. It is not about tinkering with what we have; it is about reforming criminal law radically. What hurts our society more? Should we invest endless amounts of resources tracking petty thieves and minor infringements, or should the system focus its attention on grand-scale criminality?

    Beccaria denounced the inequality between the ruling class and the masses: he insisted that disproportionate inequality is bound to increase the crime rate because of poverty and injustice. In turn, that predicament is likely to bring only more social conflict and less certainty about security in society. Penal practices are likely to worsen as a result of this; and criminal law might well become once more a force serving the strong against the most vulnerable. In our societies, which are deeply polarised and unequal, Beccaria’s thought still rings true: we need more social justice and less criminal punishment. To have seen this already in the 18th century was remarkable.”

  17. Takers and Makers: Who are the Real Value Creators?
    Where value meets profit meets economic rent.

    “If value is defined by price – set by the supposed forces of supply and demand – then as long as an activity fetches a price (legally), it is seen as creating value. So if you earn a lot you must be a value creator. I will argue that the way the word ‘value’ is used in modern economics has made it easier for value-extracting activities to masquerade as value-creating activities. And in the process rents (unearned income) get confused with profits (earned income); inequality rises, and investment in the real economy falls. What’s more, if we cannot differentiate value creation from value extraction, it becomes nearly impossible to reward the former over the latter. If the goal is to produce growth that is more innovation-led (smart growth), more inclusive and more sustainable, we need a better understanding of value to steer us.”

    • And as such wealth, interesting post on that at NC by Richard Murphy with the caveat that the devil is always in the details vs less rigorous approaches.

    • Pretty amazing all the innovation around the old internal combustion motor in the last 10 years. Even have variable compression ratios.

      • That’s pretty cool. Looks simple, but i’m sure took a hell of a lot of engineering to get right.

      • How is this different from regular v-tech? Or variable valve timing that’s been around for a while now?

        Fyi, there is now aftermarket companies that are offering this sort of mod for older motors. HKS does a V-cam set up for Nissan’s RB26. Not cheap at $4k though. But you can tune this set up for improved intake timing which can help spool turbos faster. There was a good comparison video I saw showing power and response differences for Feb same engine with it enabled / disabled.

        If I can afford it 1 day I’m gonna add it on for improved low down torque and higher end performance.

      • @ Gavin – good question. Allows BMW to do what VTECH does without infringing on their patents. With timing of the launch I imagine it helps them clear emissions hurdles also.

        Same aim as VTECH to select a different cam profiles based on the RPM/ and or engine load conditions. Two different lift profiles, opening, closing times and cam duration. More flexible tuning option than variable valve timing that only alters the phase timing of the camshaft profile. Overall duration, profile and lift are unchanged with variable valve timing.

        Of interest Suzuki deployed a variable cam timing system that uses centrifugal force to advance the cam timing. Others seem to use hydraulic pressure to advance the cam intake:

        Think more manufactureres will need to start using these type of approaches to get around emissions regulations. Thankfully it can also be applied to preserve torque through the range.

  18. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I’ve been on Optus Cable since the late 90s,….why is my service going to be disrupted?
    I’m not on the NBN.

    Why have I got this text?

    “Optus: NBN Co are doing maintenance in your area to improve and maintain the network from Thursday, 11 July 11:00 pm to Friday, 12 July 6:00 am. Some disruption to your services may occur during this period. Optus will monitor this and update you upon outage start. Further information please go to http://yesopt.us/nbnmaintenance Optus thanks you for your understanding.”

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      You’re not on the NBN now, but you’ll be on the NBN in the near future because Optus have a deal to sell all their infrastructure to the NBN.

  19. boomengineeringMEMBER

    At the Steyne (missus job reunion ) since after lunch, all getting tipsy except me, although had a shandy, & sip of Canadian Club and dry whatever that is?
    Could be rained off tomorrow’s ride anyhow.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Nearly got thrown out of the New Brighton few years back when bouncer thought I was on the lollies and my Jew friend had to explain that I only had orange juice all night. Hope that explains it.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Better explain to those lucky enough not to know. Lollies = eccies = ecstasy. Was on the dance floor doing my over the top insanely stupid high energy moves which the bouncer thought were drug induced.
        While we’re here, Pommie backpacker female asking my friend to get laid on Manly Beach for bragging rights back home.
        Nikola, what this means is that I’m even worse with alcohol, bad enough when clean, outta control.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Hey Boom,
      I wish ya drank beer brother,…then I could have fixed you up with at least case for that TIG welding job on me lock up box.
      Now I owe ya a Plumbing job!

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        btw before you buy a mal look up Sunova, they make em for big guys.
        That’s all the thanks I need, to hear you’re back in the water

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Always wondered what Aussie flag would look like replaced UJ with another country’s flag in corner.

    • robert2013MEMBER

      The notion that the briefcase is a symbol of western slavery is absurd. The briefcase was meant to mirror the one used in the English Parliament used to carry the budget papers. The fact that they have a Parliament and a briefcase of their own is a symbol of independence not of slavery. Replacing the briefcase is an indication that Indian nationalists still define themselves in opposition to a long since ejected foreign power and are deflecting attention away from their own short comings and from the truth that British invented India, which was and is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. The same is true of Indonesia, a Dutch invention that persists because it serves the interests of powerful Javanese elites, not necessarily the myriad peoples that comprise it.

  20. It doesn’t seem fair that people can comment here and they aren’t even paying members! However will we keep the riff raff out?

  21. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Escaped the pub, now at Thai restaurant on the wharf sitting next to MAFS participant.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      He’s still with Jules and wearing wedding ring (not my observation, wife’s). Two Sheilas kissing and mauling each other on table opposite.
      Taxi home said things are really quite but as we went with son’s Uber that could be the taxi’s problem. 25% tip is probably why he remembered us from last time.

  22. OK, this is pure anecdata from occasional visits to a couple of RE forums. The rate of posting on the most popular, property chat, has gone to almost nothing. It’s crickets over there. 4 new replies to posts today. It used to be nuts in that forum. The other one is APF which I just visit to giggle at the same commenters slinging it out in a bull/bear bitchfest. Most of the bulls there have slunk off into the night, including our once esteemed Peter Fraser. I guess he is too busy in between night fill at woolies and Uber eats during the day. 😀

      • Parachutes double in value every 7 years. Take the dive, get in now or miss out.

    • Interesting, thanks Timmeh.

      I went there once, noted down a few bull names (to troll them in 18 months time), and left. Horrible place!

    • I got the sense that APF, Somersoft etc were all very baby boomer focussed.
      Decline due to Babyboomers reaching the end of their property accumulation phase?

      Whirlpool a younger/different demo.

      • You’re probably right mostly on the demographics. But even on whingepool, there is a fair number of older posters these days. And usually pretty easy to spot in the way they gloat about how people shouldn’t expect to live near the CBD and should “climb the ladder” and all the other usual bullsh1t tropes.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        Funny about boomers. Who gives any credence to anything they say? Pretty much no one apart from other boomers.

    • Thanks for the link to the 80s movies.

      I went straight to the review of Commando and wasn’t disappointed.

    • Because lower teh rates and lending standards won’t cause a boom in RE they said. 😀

    • Those numbers are not indicative of much.
      Very very very low volumes.
      The 10% difference between domain and RE.com illustrates how farcical they are now.

    • realestate.com.au, NSW
      Saturday, 7 July 2018 | Scheduled 673 | Clearance 54% | UnReported 39%
      Saturday, 6 July 2019 | Scheduled 396 | Clearance 78% | UnReported 45%

    • domain.com.au, SYD
      Saturday, 8 July 2017 | Scheduled 673 | Clearance 72% | UnReported 27%
      Saturday, 7 July 2018 | Scheduled 442 | Clearance 51% | UnReported 40%
      Saturday, 6 July 2019 | Scheduled 289 | Clearance 69% | UnReported 34%

      • Nice trend in volumes. This time next year 100% clearance rates on auctions of 50 houses.

  23. The Traveling Wilbur

    Hi. My name’s Mitchell, and it’s been six years since my last maiden was bowled over.

    • with full support of Labor, because they are fake lefties who hate poor and unfortunate

      Same happened in USA and UK where Dems/Labour (not reagan and thatcher) destroyed welfare state

      • Your aware of the grand bargain that almost happened during Bill Clinton’s presidency, which only failed at the 11th hour due to the Monica thingy …. right – ???? – not to mention Obama was working on one too.

      • Come on Third Way – Washington Consensus was a move to the right after the right factions in labour became dominate, in the respective party’s, hence in the U.S. case it more accurate to call them moderate republicans – Hillary Clinton [ex Goldwater girl] et al ….

  24. haroldusMEMBER

    South African fans booing Smith.

    How many times has fap been done for ball tampering.

    Anyway, four more years saffa cvnts.

  25. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Hey Flawse.
    Received the cordierite direct from China manufacturer, all good, thanks for your input.

  26. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Arthur, message above. Introspective scratch beneath the surface of MB members may reveal a fruit loops microcosm so don’t be disheartened as most are highly talented but against the norm. Just do what you’re good at and outsource the rest.

    • Stopped reading @ “The US government and the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve, in cahoots with a very compliant and complicit mainstream media, are doing everything in their vast and considerable power to convince us that we are living in an golden era of risk-free prosperity. And that tomorrow will be even better.”

      They seem to gloss over the forces that concocted the – economiezee – which set the ball rolling in the first place and let the real crooks off the hook.

  27. GunnamattaMEMBER

    George is right. Unless Liberalism can quickly come up with a way to deliver a meaningful dividend for the punterariat which isnt ticket clipped by the 1% or isnt the scraps remaining on the table from being stuffed with new immigrants, then Liberalism as we have known it is dead in the water – and has been since the early 2000s.

    What Putin came out with last week was fundamentally correct. Liberalism is not just no longer a meaningful threat to totalitarian governments but is increasingly disregarded by them. As one Russian eloquently put it to me last week ‘If the West’s lesson is give all the proceeds of economic growth to the 10%, smother the rest in high immigration or debt, or to have politicians think first of their own pockets, while the pawned media drifts further off into irrelevancy, then I don’t think either Russia or China needs any help with that. If the West’s message is not about the ‘rule of law’ for all and economic growth for all, then there is nothing much in it for the peoples of Eurasia,”

    Liberalism is ‘diseased’ and needs to be rescued: George Brandis

    • Yet is liberalism not just another term for corporatism aka the drug that the likes of Thomas Friedman has been pushing for yonks.

      Then again one has to countenance classical, neoclassical, Hayek, and new liberalism, with say burgeoning social liberalism and the reinstatement of the State.

    • I mean sure they dressed it up in the atomistic individualism wrapper to indoctrinate the unwashed, but never intended for one moment to let them live the dream, I mean if anyone thinks the chamber of commence in America is a small businesses focused mob I’ve got a concocted ideology to sell.

    • As one Russian eloquently put it to me last week ‘If the West’s lesson is give all the proceeds of economic growth to the 10%, smother the rest in high immigration or debt, or to have politicians think first of their own pockets, while the pawned media drifts further off into irrelevancy, then I don’t think either Russia or China needs any help with that. If the West’s message is not about the ‘rule of law’ for all and economic growth for all, then there is nothing much in it for the peoples of Eurasia.”

      Your Russian friend is on point, and has summed up exactly what is occurring in Australia where trickle down economics and flagrant corruption is happening right under our very nose on a daily basis. The last election results prove that the government’s behaviour is acceptable, and those who are first to abandon egalitarianism will benefit most. One just has to look at the Chinese fake beggars – they clearly think that Australians are stupid, in that they give away money to people for free and have successfully exploited this.

      • Hang on, Russia and China are no bastions of free speech and wealth distribution. They do they same sh1t just differently. Oligarchs, mass accumulation of wealth into a small segment of society that has strong political connections, a controlled media etc. About the only difference would be they don’t have mass unfettered immigration. Other than that they’re just the same sh1t in a different bucket.

      • Wingnut …

        The currant organization of China and Russia have a lot to do with the West post WWII, more so for Russia post the Chicago boys machinations and China’s shift, albeit China did educate its economic advisors in the West tho it retains its State Control. Heck one could argue its the reverse in the U.S. E.g. where the Private sector is dominate over the State.

        Pick your poison as it were ….

    • Are we reading the same article? George didn’t say a single thing that you think Liberalism needs to do to stay relevant…..

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        Well he got the headline right……Liberalism is diseased. In fact I would almost go so far as to say that in the form we have known it for a generation it probably is the disease

        You didnt really think that I would have much in agreement with George did you?

      • George is saying the problem is the same nonsense culture war left right dramas, and blames the left. You are saying its economic, which I happen to agree with. George probably thinks your criticisms are actually Liberalisms great strengths. The article is toxic drivel and Bourke has no business being seconded to London because she is a myopic light weight.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        I’m ex-media mate.

        As far as I am concerned I cant think of much in the contemporary media space in Australia which isnt myopic light weight.

    • SweeperMEMBER

      Liberalism has always been lacking because it views social problems in terms of a lack of individual rights.
      This was fine when some individuals didn’t have the same individual legal rights but now in most Western countries they do and yet people have never been more unequal. Liberalism has no answers. Free speech isn’t going to solve anything when Murdoch has an industry monopoly on prejudice.

      • Firstly most would need even a quick wiki reference to the liberal term and its historical back drop before considering its use today, not to mention its historical context to the environmental periods in question, let alone various groups under the big tent of liberalism.

        But hay …. methodological – atomistic individualism with a side of esoterica … what could go wrong – ????

      • SweeperMEMBER

        rather than the elaborate detour into Wikipedia people might just want to ask themselves whether the small l liberal caricature of “militant union thuggery” currently playing out in the media is more or less likely to help the lives of working people and then judge the uselessness of liberalism accordingly.
        liberals are sanctimonious pretenders who are happy with the status quo provided they can take the high moral ground.

      • Was only suggesting a brief look to inform its not just a singular case, without twist and turns, as such, no so inclined to knee jerks when used in rhetorical posturing.

        But some like the unwashed to be uniformed and malleable, wasen’t that the whole point of meta data and electronic buddy’s conditioning various segments of society to jump through hoops.

        As much as I respect the – old – unionism efforts I fear my original response makes that problematic [decades of grooming], tho there are hints of it around after the whole technolibertarian sharing gig disruptive thingy experiment. Then again Jobs and concerns about income relating to RE and investments can incentivize against any greater good or long term solutions …. funny how that works ….

  28. After watching England vs Sweden in women’s World Cup I can say that England has the craftiest team atm. If they improve their fitness by only 10% and their skills by same margin they will walk over the competition when next World Cup is played.
    And for our girls, I can confidently say they will drop in the rankings by fair bit. I know I said this few times over the last two weeks but I am really impressed how much the European countries improved. It was not an accident that Australia got knocked so early. I doubt I’ll be wrong if say our girls were lucky to pass the group stage.

    • Now that they have fallen under the FFA accredited coaching umbrella they’re pretty much screwed. I’ve been watching the underage men’s teams over the past ten years and it been an absolute disaster. Noob coaches with no competitive experience all playing the same system which they don’t understand and get out coached every game. It’s a real shame as this was the big chance to be the premier female sport of the generation with all the government funding that goes with it. Sam Kerr should have been then next Tim Cahill in terms of profile. AFL and cricket laughing again at FFA banging in the own goals.

      • We need to develop young talented players that can play like Harry Kewell, Rogic, Mooy, Arzani and likes. We need to have at least 20 such players available to chose from but at this stage we only have 3 (maybe 4 or 5) that still play. These days without top first team that comes with just as strong (or thereabouts) bench that allows the coach to deploy different strategy against different opponents you can’t win games. If you look at the results on how we win against our Asian competitors is when they run out of puff. That ain’t going to happen to France, Brasil, Germany, England, Spain, Holland, Belgium etc.. Even in Asia as these countries improve their players fitness we will be losing big time when we play them. We almost always struggle first half of the game.
        I am sorry but Tim Cahill was not high quality player. He had a fighting spirit and was really good in the air. In my view he lacked skills and creativity. Such players should be used as impact players in the last 15 min against tired defense but sadly we relied on Tim to be the backbone of the team and the whole strategy revolved around him. Hence why we struggled to progress in major competitions. But I have to give him credit for his efforts. He always delivered 110% and I recognise that.

        I agree with you on coaches bit though. Current A League coaches are few levels below their overseas counterparts. While current youth coaches are about 20 levels below their OS counterparts and here is the main reason why we don’t produce talent. I’ve seen talented kids being psychologically destroyed by these maniacs.

        btw – I stopped watching A League long time ago.

  29. Let’s talk stocks.. Dacian and Millennium.. who thinks they fixed their issues and who thinks they still have couple of bad surprises up their sleeves. For the record, last Thursday I decided to buy into both. I do believe they are on track to recovery and time will tell if I am right.
    If they fixed the issues they had then both stocks should go up substantially, especially if gold stays at these levels. If the make one more bad news I will be asking the government to help me same way they help RE speculators.

    • Saving the investors that bought the income flows off RE loans more so than the sundry punter I would think ….

    • I hold MOY , was lucky to sell out of DCN at Breakeven around 2.20.

      MOY was trying to juggle to many balls in the air at once. Seems to have turned around with sulphide plant coming on stream plus Barton’s going well, should generate decent cashflow moving forward.

      DCN is more of an issue with grade not being their leading to lower production and increased costs. Cash balance is looking tight for them. It’s a buy if they hit their new guidance with gold @ 2000.

      The Joys of investing in the junior gold mining sector…

  30. You yes you boys and girls need be intruduced to $ Scomonomics Debt is Good Debt is Good Debt is Good Saving Bad Saving Bad Saving Bad now the tutorial is over intergenerational loans to 40 yrs plus 15% deposits migration to 400,000 Yr massive infrastructure spending water from the North to Murray darling basin to support pop growth in the South build it and they will come praise the Lord our massir has spoken wake up join the feast

    • Trump quoted in New York Magazine…

      “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”


    • I used to love the way Hilary would say if someone goes low, you stay high.
      But not so much re she’s a nice girl, but if it came out, the sh t in her closet would make the balls of the general public shrink to the size of raisins

    • Lots of very powerful people involved.

      They were able to kill the case the last time.
      ” In 2006 Alexander Acosta, then the U.S. attorney for South Florida (Now in Trump’s cabinet), agreed to a plea deal in which the government agreed to grant immunity from all federal criminal charges to Epstein, along with four co-conspirators and any unnamed “potential co-conspirators”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Epstein

      I hope he goes down with all his nasty friends this time. Trump and Clinton amongst them.

      • Woah, this goes deep.
        British royals, American politicans and financial figures, modelling industry figures.
        There is an interesting Mossad link there too.

        Was it all a dirt-file blackmail operation?
        “The International Business Times reported that papers filed in a 2006 lawsuit alleged that Epstein installed concealed cameras in numerous places on his property to record sexual activity with underage girls by prominent people for criminal purposes, such as blackmail.[14] Epstein allegedly “loaned” girls to powerful people to ingratiate himself with them and also to gain possible blackmail information.”

        Lovely guy!

    • If half of what’s alleged is true, it’s hard to imagine a bloke in his position wouldn’t have a fair bit of insurance tucked away on a hard drive somewhere.

  31. went to macarthur square around 11:30 and have to say that I’ve never seen this shopping centre so empty on Sunday. Also noticed 4 shops closed on the 2 floors we passed looking for sandshoes.

  32. So how many hours was lost looking at silly youtube stuff this weekend?
    Asking for a haroldus – he gets distracted… by

    • yeborskyMEMBER

      Now you mention it, I’m frequently surprised (mildly) by a few members of our commentariat who claim to be working their backsides off, noses to the grindstone, running here and there, saving like mad to get ahead etc yet post here on a frequent basis every day, at all hours of the day and night.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        That’s where you’re wrong!

        1x Compost Worms (2000) ½kg – Mix of Red, Blue & Tiger species


        1x PH/Moisture Meter


        1x Worm Farm Conditioner 1.5kg Bag








        AUD $96.26

      • In the last few months I’ve been one of those as my team got disbanded back in Feb and I for a reason unknown to me they decided to keep me even though I asked to be let go. Once I find new job..

      • yeborskyMEMBER

        Nothing more than a mere observation on my part, Nikola. I’m not bothered, you need not be bothered.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        I think Peachy spends her weekends as a dominatrix to reserve bankers.

        Pegging the flabby illuminati of the Eastern suburbs takes a lot of time and effort.

        MB is her wind-down during the week.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        Needless to say, my mental image of Peachy is Helen Mirren circa 1990 in latex with a cat ‘o 9 tails.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        @John I am cracking up at that!

        You don’t fvck with Peachy! She’s too scary.

      • I post too often for sure, full confession. But I work online so it’s easy to flip between tabs and read and article then go back to what I was doing. I frequently get interrupted by colleagues at work also. Which makes it hard to focus on 1 task. Probably why I’m burnt out. I’ve been doing the same thing for too long anyway. I need a change, even though it will be a big cut to income. I can do my current job with my eyes closed most of the time, but what management want from me is my soul and I’ve decided to have that back. I frequently work to 9pm andB is my micro breaks.

        I basically do it to save save save for now. I plan to take a lower paying less soul destroying job and move back to Melbourne start of next year. I may end up moving back to my folks place (mum has an inner city pad and country home) and alternate between the 2 to save money even if earning less I may be better off not paying Sydney rents.

  33. FNQ RE anecdata.
    One suburb in Cairns had 176 sales last year. This year there have only been 24 so far. They’ve gone from 3 per week to 4 per month. Stock isn’t moving and more isn’t coming onto the market.

    • Won’t be much point going to Cairns in the next few years. Won’t be any reef left.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        But, but GBRF got $440m or thereabouts from Malcolm’s LNP Govt to do something with?

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Eh? Can’t be right. My idiot wannabe land baron workmate continuously tells me it’s due to boom just because. Asks me for advice then never listens. Think he just bought in Trinity Park. Likes the whole marina vibe even though it’s made a mess of the waterways. Looks pretty see.

      With a global downturn coming and the Syrian Hedley winding up Cairns is gonna have a big shock. Lots of people who ‘snapped up’ property when that ridiculous casino at Yorkeys was announced are holding a rather smelly baby.with no hope of offloading at anywhere near what they paid.

      I still feel a bit guilty but. My neighbours bought my place in 2015, knowing all the work I put in and also knowing I just wanted out. They’re nice people but fell for the hype. It would be a smelly baby now. Never have any trouble renting it out but they’ll never see capital growth out of it. Probably buy similar for 10% less than what I got. Lord knows where it will go when TSHTF.

      • “Lord knows where it will go when TSHTF.”

        See the U.S. example where some BSD investor mob buys it up and becomes dominate market owner and price setter.

  34. haroldusMEMBER

    Also a question for the MB gardening freaks. I know there’s a couple out there.

    I’m looking to get a head start on some plants (nothin suss!, these are veges) for spring, to mostly put into pots, as my new place has mostly no m2 for beds.

    I always had some trouble propagating some seeds, so bought a propagating heat mat from bunnings (yeah I know, got ripped off, but what are ya gonna do, it’s easy parking).

    So it worked awesome, seeds shot up (lettuce, bok choi, and some mixed flowers the daughter picked out).

    But, the problem is, the heat mat is outside in the laundry, with not a lot of light, and they are already looking a bit wobbly (ie seeking light).

    So the question is, should I get some of those LED lighting strips from Ebay, being the only person ever who got them not for a hydro setup?

    Or what do you reckon I should do? Currently I have just put them out the back to get as much sun as possible before transplanting, but I want them to be as big as possible before putting them into their final pots, hence the grow light theory.

    I’m using these things which are useful for easily distracted gardeners, but not using the pellets, just put seedling mix in them, and I’ll prick out the seedlings.


    • You’re best putting them outside to harden up. If you put them under grow lights, you need to mimic the day length they will get when you put them outside in the garden.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        Harden up you pathetic excuses of plantkind! You disgust me!

        Also, I’m playing them the Smiths greatest hits, so the weaker ones will sort themselves out.

    • Put them unto their pots where they can get the light.
      They often get less transplant shock when they are smaller.
      A little bit of seasol watered over them often helps them settle- is not fertiliser,but apparently good for their “nerves”.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        You mean put them in now rather than wait?

        I was sort of waiting until the genetic ubermensch of the seedlings revealed themselves, so as not to waste valuable plant real estate on unworthy specimens. I am the Joseph Mengele of seedlings.

      • Put them in now
        Too much hassle to try and be the sun,moon etc.
        Into the pots, into the sun, water etc.
        I’m not convinced talking to them( a la prince Charles) makes much difference.
        Also, think about bang for buck versus space.
        – things that are tough,used frequently, and the cost adds up
        – parsley,mint,oregano,thyme,sage,spring onions,celery.
        Mint has to be in a pot on its own( it’s tough and invasive)
        We have a bay bush( ie s mall bay tree ) in a pot. Use it all the time.
        There is no comparison between home grown and the purchased limp horrors in their plastic sleeves.
        And the dried stuff is from another planet- just vile.
        And oh, in summer, grow basil.

    • Mr RobertsMEMBER

      You are doing it the hard way. Better to buy established seedlings if you have limited space. Growing from seed is difficult without appropriate conditions and will reflect end results. If you already have less than optimal seedlings you have pretty much already lost the game, unless it is a ‘for the love of it’ thing. As the winter solstice has just passed, you have plenty of time to start again. Is there sun in the final growing area? At this time of year there probably isn’t much. Look to see how much sun you get in your sunniest spot, if there is more than say 3 hours solid, plant seedlings direct into good soil and watch them go!
      The Smiths would make anything try and kill themselves, maybe Dave Dobbin and Herbs would work better.

      • Nope. The opposite. Growing from seeds lets you select the strongest plants once sprouted. Also gives you access to far more seed varieties / heirlooms (diggers club etc).

      • Mr RobertsMEMBER

        I hear what you are saying about the seeds, but trying to grow them in the middle of winter without light? There are readily available heirloom varieties in seedlings, they are just grown by experts for the first month; in controlled conditions. I’m not saying don’t use seed, I’m saying its much easier to get some results with seedlings, as the root structure and vigor will grow the plants faster than trying to ‘fix’ some deficient annuals. Each to their own though.

        Yes- you can grow an avocado from seed, the tree might produce a few a year. If you run an avocado farm, you buy seedlings. Why? They are grafted several times; root stock, trunk, and fruit. The results are completely different.

      • If we’re talking avocado trees yes definitely! Pretty sure Harry is just talking about growing regular herbs and veggies though. (Admittedly not a lot of heirloom herbs around!)

    • Hazza, after rereading your post without the dogs hassling me for their nighttime dunny run, I see you’re already hardening them up outside. Js’ advice re seasol is good. Also see if you can find a local seller of biocast+ (made by a mate of mine on the mid-north coast). Finally, if you really want the strongest plants, put five seeds in each pot. When they are 3 to 5 cm high, chop the three weakest plants off at ground level. Leave the last two for a couple more weeks and chop off the weakest of the two. Now you are left with the uberplant. This works particularly well with lettuces and brassicas (kudos to Steve Solomon of Tasmania for this idea).

      • Agreed 100%, except with tomatoes sometimes I leave the last two together. I like seeing them battle it out for dominance. I have this half baked theory they actually try harder when they know the other one is there.

    • why don’t you wait until actual Spring? They’ll just sit there and chill this time of year.

      • It’s mutual.

        I’d put em on a windowsill that gets light (I annoy my wife by using the bathroom window sill). But if you are in Syd and there are no frosts maybe outside will go ok.

        In Canberra it’s a case of wait for the last (probably) frost first. Rush out and cover them with a sheet after dinner if you were too early.

    • The fighters should “accidentally” get missile lock on it a few dozen times. Or maybe shine lasers at the bridge. See how they like it.

    • The AFR… LOL
      It is the banks’ newspaper.
      Once upon a time I read it every day, Now it is an exercise in gaslighting. I rarely if ever read it anymore

    • bzunicaMEMBER

      Could it be an honest mistake? There is only one digit difference. No, didn’t think so either.

    • Harry off topic but can I ask your views on Civ Vi. How good is it? (This is a question, not a Scomo statement).

      Should I get it or would it ruin my life like Civ IV did? (I was so addicted I didn’t leave the house for two years, or something).

      Do you play with the expansion packs and are they must-haves (ie better rules / features) or are they just more Civs and maps?

      • haroldusMEMBER

        Hey Arrow I don’t have any of the joy from the recent Civs, since Civ 2

        I used to run my german tanks through Russia, and then put airbases in Greenland to deliver the Panzers to New York.

        I also used to thrash my mate in the Napoleonic Wars scenario (Here come the Nancy Boys).

        So, even though I am playing it a fair bit, it doesn’t seem as fun as when I first played it.

  35. Mining BoganMEMBER

    These lady cricketers….when they’re given out by a male umpire are they victims of patriarchy?

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Only if it’s for a dress code violation.

      Or being told he’s spending too much time at the bowlo.