The question is, does the Property Council know how to manage the economy?

The Property Council of Australia has seized control of the wheel of the good ship Australian economy. Its former employee, Prime Minister Scomo, has decreed that house prices must rise. As Ross Gittins says today, the economy is very weak and needs fiscal support but there’s no evidence that the Government cares:

That’s the trouble, of course. There’s nothing wrong with treasurers and governors having private meetings – the more the better – but once the media are invited in the pollies will always be playing their own game, and it’s always one that puts their political standing ahead of the economy’s interests.

I suspect the message Frydenberg wanted to convey to viewers was that the economy was going fine and he had no intention of allowing fiscal stimulus to jeopardise the budget’s predicted and glorious return to surplus, which would make his name as a treasurer.

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