Professor: Migrants take three-quarters of Australian jobs

Last year, the Australian Treasury released a propaganda report, entitled Shaping a Nation, which admitted that the lion’s share of Australian jobs growth has gone to migrants:

Recent migrants accounted for two-thirds (64.5 per cent) of the approximately 850,000 net jobs created in the past five years. For full-time employment, the impact is even more pronounced, with recent migrants accounting for 72.4 per cent of new jobs created.

Then at a Senate Estimates hearing in May, the Department of Home Affairs confirmed that migrants have taken the majority of new jobs:

Assistant secretary in the Home Affairs statistics and information branch, Jason Russo, said it was likely that “more than 50%” of the 1 million jobs created in five years were a result of immigration.

Home affairs secretary Michael Pezzullo clarified that this was likely because immigration’s contribution to population growth in Australia was running higher than 50%…

In Estimates, officials could not definitively break down the number of permanent and temporary migrants that made up the total figure, but said that the 457 temporary skilled visa program accounted for around approximately 500,000 of the 850,000 of the jobs created in the time the report examined (which ended in 2016, well before the government reached 1 million jobs created).

Today, we have received further confirmation that migrants have taken most Australian jobs via Melbourne University demographer, Professor Peter McDonald:

“In recent times, about 75 per cent of employment growth in Australia can be attributed to recent immigrants”.

A 2017 research paper by Professor McDonald published in the Australian Population Studies Journal examined the impact of immigration on Australia’s employment growth after the Global Financial Crisis (July 2011 to July 2016).

It found that in the five-year period, employment in Australia increased by 738,800, with immigrants accounting for 613,400 of these jobs.

“Research indicates that immigration provides major benefits to the Australian economy,” his report concluded.

Here is more evidence that the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy is failing to benefit the incumbent population. Instead of providing jobs, it is undercutting wages, crush-loading our cities, and forcing people to live in smaller and more expensive housing.

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  1. Racist!!

    Reusa might say: the vibrants are willing to work for sub-par wages, be exploited, and drive down Australian wages so they and others can’t reasonably afford housing….so it’s a free (slave) market, right?


  2. The real question no one has answered is how many of these “new” migrant jobs are as a result of australians’ jobs disappearing? What’s the net net? I’ve little doubt the job creation figures would look a whole lot less rosy…

  3. Jumping jack flash

    Good on them. These cheap workers are providing a valuable service to Australia – enabling business owners employing them to steal their wages (simply pay them less than a local and keep the difference for themselves) to raise their own wages and take on more debt to grow the economy with!

  4. Would be interesting to know how many have been created in the ‘FIRE’ sector as when that continues its decline many of the jobs will evaporate.

  5. So “created” or “contributed” = taken?

    The reports read as though the immigrants themselves created the jobs that they are doing.

  6. So we pay more u/e benefits and trash the futures of our young so a vibrant can drive us home in a 7 year old Toyota? What a place. So over it.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      welcome to New Australia, the fabulous new name for the old Australia, our biggest city is New Sydney in New New South Wales, where you can visit historic tourist sites celebrating our legacy citizens and their nasty racist Anglo Western culture that built and paid for the country… enjoy.

    • Bycott Uber, Uber Eats et al. Don’t get your car washed at one of those closed-shop one ethnicity employers. If you notice a supermarket predominately employing from one ethnic background, find another supermarket.

  7. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    The hatred our “Leadership” has for the mass of the Australian population is undeniable.
    They deserve nothing but hatred in return.

  8. So, it stands to reason based on this report if we import another billion people another billion jobs will come? Lets do it!!!!!

  9. How many of those jobs are Real Estate agents? How many are baristas? How many are other “service” or BS jobs?

    What jobs have been created vs which jobs have been destroyed I wonder? If wages growth is super low, it can’t be highly skilled jobs they are creating / taking surely? How many are uber drivers?

    • The government is going with the path of least resistance – building up a service economy, which can be done by simply iimporting more consumers and low-wage worker.

      Building a producitve economy, where we build products that the would wants, is too hard.

  10. What is obvious to all of us, even Chief Population Booster McDonald, is not visible to Kristina Keneally.

  11. 22-year-old son, recent graduate, could not get any form of job for several months after graduation. Finally secured a job by doing his security licence. Now he can get security work that’s only available to Australian citizens who haven’t been out of the country in the last ten years. So, he only secured paid work at all because he can compete in a pool without the immigrants. Otherwise I imagine he might have been unemployed for years. What a country.

    • If he can, if possible (I know it’s not always financially viable), do a short-term volunteer work in an office environment, and then get office temp work from there.

      Sadly, New Australians are fluffing up their resumes, thinks are difficult to check, they talk the talk in interviews, and sadly get jobs that they are unqualified/inexperienced to do.

      • Pajeetonarampage

        I have over a decade of recruitment experience in IT and the huge majority of Indian CVs we see are fraudulent. It’s over.

  12. Diversity is a curse.

    Did the people who went to America from Europe become Indians? No. They replaced the existing people and culture.

    If we import lots of foreigners at a rate that can’t be assimilated as we are doing, they won’t become Australian. Australia will become part of the third world. As we are, with our corrupt politicians and crumbling buildings.

    • When I hear Indians talking loudly at work, in public, on public transport, I feel like asking them how they would like it if a whole heap of Africans or Chinese came to their Indian vilages and spoke their languages loudly and with no conern for the locals. They wouldn’t like it.

      As it is, Indians treat African international students nastily.

      • Relax, the un-assimilated foreigners are only the recently arrived, and they die out within a generation. Their children will be perfectly assimilated Australians.

      • I’m sure that’s a tongue-in-cheek comment.

        But just in case, there is little assimilation if they grow up in ethnic enclaves, grow up with extended families from the same culture, go to school with mostly the same and then work with the same.

        This wave of migrants is different to previous waves of migrants (besides, maybe Lebanese Musl1ms).

        We need an overarching culture to bring us together (which can be developed as new cultures come in), however an overarching culture is being eroded at the moment by the sheer dedication to multiculturalism (where distinct cultures co-exist) and the absence of promoting a unifying overarching culture (that would be ‘otherist’ and arrogant, and possibly rac1st to do so).

  13. The key questions (as others have noted) are:

    1. How many of these jobs could have been done by a local and so replaced a local resident;
    2. How many of these jobs were in the public service (and could have most definitely been done by a local resident).

    They are quite disturbing numbers.

    • But public service goes overboard with ‘diversity’ representation, and their workforce is over-represented by minorities.So the public service grows as the population grows, and migrants move into these new areas at a higher rate then locals.

  14. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    the Libs asked me for my vote on a Jobs’n’growth agenda.
    70% of new jobs will be going to people who weren’t in the country on Election day, let alone registered to vote. wassupwiththat

  15. Just had another kid come to the door trying to sell me an energy plan, this time from the HK owned retailer. Probably casual, probably on commission, and definitely included in the dodgy government employment statistics. These are the sorts of hideous bullsh.t jobs we are giving our kids while we we load up on endless population growth. Disgusting.