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  1. Retirees demand a permanent fix in growing row over pension payments

    how about every BB gets assigned two non-relative persons aged 20-45 that have to give him/her 30% of their income – no middle man, no anonymity

    • Think of it like UNICEF for Boomers.

      *voice over* “All it takes is the equivalent of one Smashed Avo brunch per day to prevent Boomer poverty”

  2. HOUSING – THE UNIVERSAL DREAM: Detached housing with a backyard much preferred …


    … exract …

    … The Westpac NZ Housing Preferences Survey …

    … Among the respondents, nearly one-half (49 percent) considered a back yard “essential,” while another 42 percent rated the back yard as “nice to have.” Only nine percent considered a back yard to be “not important.” Among first home buyers, there was an even greater larger 55 percent considered a back yard as “essential.”

    A house with a yard is even more important that one close to work. Only 18 percent of respondents considered proximity to work to be “essential,” well below the 49 percent wanting a backyard. While nine percent of respondents considered a backyard to be “not important,” nearly four times as many said that proximity to work was “not important” (33 percent).

    House location also scored much lower in proximity to schools or child care, which was considered “essential” by 22 percent of respondents and parks/recreational facilities, “essential” to 21 percent. Only 11 percent considered living in social hubs (with “eateries and bars”) to be “essential. … read more via hyperlink above …

    Survey finds Kiwis’ backyard dream still alive and well – Westpac Bank Survey … Scoop NZ
    … Note ‘flight to affordability’ articles 2019 section .. and sales trends for townhouse / condos and detached housing … latest ( May 2019 ) Houston Association of Realtors Monthly Report …

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