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    • Don’t blame carbon dioxide:
      “Carbon dioxide truly is “the gas of life.” The plants that feed us and wildlife can’t live without inhaling CO2, and then they exhale the oxygen that lets humans and animals keep breathing.

      Our crop plants evolved about 400 million years ago, when CO2 in the atmosphere was about 5000 parts per million! Our evergreen trees and shrubs evolved about 360 million years ago, with CO2 levels at about 4,000 ppm. When our deciduous trees evolved about 160 million years ago, the CO2 level was about 2,200 ppm – still five times the current level.

      There’s little danger to humans of too much CO2 in the air they breathe. Even the Environmental Protection Agency says 1000 ppm is the safe limit for lifetime human exposure. Space shuttle CO2 alarms are set at 5,000 ppm, and the alarm in nuclear submarines is set at 8,000 ppm!”
      —Dr Dennis Avery

    • Great find. Down from 10 times to 6 times earning. Banks will be sued into bankruptcy with existing fraudulent lending.


    … How much longer do we have to wait for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to fully support Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford to deal with the basic structural issues of land supply / urban limits abolition and proper debt financing of infrastructure … so that affordable housing is built and the parents can afford decent food for their children ? …

    Cash-strapped parents stressed about providing food – report | RNZ News

    One in five children are living in households where putting food on the table is a struggle, according to a new report from the Ministry of Health. … read more via hyperlink above …

    … while this ‘rental circus’ is still going on due to central and too many local governments not learning from Greater Christchurch … and simply not allowing increasingly affordable housing to be built ? …

    … Hasn’t the dishonesty, humbug and incompetence across the political spectrum gone on long enough ? …

    Rents in Wellington are rising so strongly they are closing in on Auckland, with average Auckland rent now just 5% higher than Wellington average … Greg Ninness … Interest Co NZ
    … The government knows exactly what needs to be done …

    … Why are we still waiting ? …

    New Zealaned Housing Minister Phil Twyfords speech to the New Zealand Initiative Members Retreat … New Zealand Government / Beehive

    • Swedish solution …. ummm it took about 7 years to off load Continental Illinois when it failed, begs the question how many times its allowed to happen … eh …

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      That just proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can have your rice-cake and eat it too!

      Please try the veal. It’s made in West Philadelphia.