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Leith van Onselen

Leith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.

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  1. The Australian intersquad game should have gone for three innings. I wonder if that would have been a first?

    • haroldusMEMBER

      Well well well. Bancroft top scored, not out.

      Labuschagne top scored first innings, leading run scorer in county cricket this year (apparently).

      Verrrrrrrry interesting.

      Harry’s 11 (won’t happen)

      Warner (Vice Captain)
      Smith (Captain)
      Jhye Richardson

  2. Adani is going to collapse like Eddy Groves’s ABC Learning.

    Adani Power hasn’t made money for a decade. On any reasonable interpretation it is not solvent.

    A decade ago, she and fellow academic Sue Newberry warned that ABC Learning — then Australia’s biggest private childcare provider and the largest publicly listed childcare company in the world — was a house of cards.

    It subsequently failed in spectacular fashion

    Bloomberg published a graph on 24 May that shows that Adani Power Ltd. has been making losses since 2008:

    • Landline ran a story on this early in the year, sad to see it hasn’t improved. I eat Australian pork as my main protein all the time, it’s so cheap it’s crazy more people (especially families) aren’t doing the same. I’ve noticed a trend here (SE Qld) with independent butchers starting to market premium pork with place of origin, Bangalow pork being very well received.

      I think this is a move in the right direction, time to start marketing Australian pork as premium and using breed/region/feed type to add appeal and price. The popularity of Wagyu/Angus, Grass/Grain fed, Cape Grim etc could easily be replicated, it won’t improve imported meat supermarket dominance but would improve the price point for the stuff that the independents sell.

      • I would suggest immediate intensive testing for African Swine Fever for all import shipments. Delays may be expected. Should fix thing. FFS that’s what biosecurity protocols are for!

  3. interested partyMEMBER

    Federal Government to Resume Capital Punishment After Nearly Two Decade Lapse

    Attorney General William P. Barr Directs the Federal Bureau of Prisons to Adopt an Addendum to the Federal Execution Protocol and Schedule the Executions of Five Death-Row Inmates Convicted of Murdering Children

    Some context……..there are 5 executions scheduled according to the link, for crimes against children and the elderly.
    Some perspective…….this news fits the script of the Epstein case, the NXIVM case, and the recently resurfaced tweet from Trump here….

    The fact that many of the “leaders”….and I use that word loosely…..have been implicated in this behaviour is all pointing to a monumental purge in the not to distant future. Be aware…..

    Names like this….
    note that murder is not the crime here…..jail time is warranted


    Can’t look at past Earth temps and draw logical conclusions:
    “Climate is warming faster than it has in the last 2,000 years.”
    ” What we didn’t know until now is that not only average global temperatures in the 20th century are higher than ever before in at least 2,000 years, but also that a warming period is now affecting the whole planet at the same time for the first time. ”

    Not good! Not good!

  5. NEW ZEALAND: Part of the accelerating growth south of Christchurch …

    Ngāi Tahu buys big block of industrial land for subdivision south of Christchurch … Marta Steeman … Stuff NZ

    … extract …

    … Colliers International’s Christchurch director of the industrial division, Sam Staite, said the new Southern Motorway in Christchurch was set to fuel growth in the industrial heartland of Hornby which had seen a large amount of new development and refurbishment of older facilities.

    The earthquakes had had a large part in driving the shift to western and southern locations for commercial and industrial property.

    Staite said Christchurch had the second biggest industrial market in New Zealand. There was great interest in investment in industrial property by institutional investors as well as smaller investors.
    New drone footage shows progress on Christchurch Southern Motorway … Nicole Matthewson … Stuff NZ
    … coupled with the residential ‘flight to affordability’ (further information 2019 section ) with the overwhelming demand for detached housing with backyards … as the Westpac Housing Preference Survey makes clear …

    Survey finds Kiwis’ backyard dream still alive and well – Westpac Bank Survey … Scoop NZ