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  1. haroldusMEMBER

    Let me just say that I don’t care who wins the WC, as long as India has had its heart broken.

    Go kiwis!!!!

    Virat talking now, to give the fvckwit credit, he is gracious in defeat.

    • Good to know that they lost against England and NZ.

      South Africa lost as many games as Bangladesh. lol.

      Incredible to see Afghanistan at the world cup instead of Dwayne Leverock – Afghans took to cricket and Iranians did not. Perhaps cricket is the most popular sport in Afghanistan now!

  2. How good is leptospirosis?

    Rare disease spread via rat urine kills seven dogs and leaves dozens of Australians ill

    Seven dogs have died in Sydney from a disease that can kill pets in 48 hours, is transmitted by rat urine and has emerged in New South Wales for the first time, possibly owing to construction “stirring up” rodent populations.

    • Aka Weil’s disease. My brother contracted this a few years ago, also my canecutting father in the 50’s. Nasty.

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        the article says there’s a vaccination for it Gav, they just haven’t used it in Sydney as there has never been a reported case in NSW. It’s primarily been a FNQ area disease.

        I’ll be asking our vets (in inner west) if they’ve had any cases / recommendation for getting our dogs vaccinated next week.

  3. … NEW ZEALAND …

    Port Taranaki resembles “ghost town” as export log prices drop 30-40 per cent … Mike Watson … Stuff NZ

    A crisis meeting will be held in New Plymouth on Wednesday between harvesters, logging truck companies and exporters involved in the export log trade from Port Taranaki as a sudden price drop begins to hit local suppliers.

    Taranaki harvesting contractor Richard Dreaver said he had called the meeting after export log price values fell by between 30 and 40 per cent in the past fortnight.

    Dreaver, who employs 27 staff, including four forestry contracting crews, said his workers were stunned by the sudden developments.

    “Let’s see if we can get everyone working together,” he said. “The port (Taranaki) looks like a ghost town.” … read more via hyperlink above …

  4. Anyone else get a email saying you can renew before end of financial year and get a discount for an extra year subscription. I took it up expecting it to add to my existing; but all they have done is cancel the one with 6 months left and replaced with a year meaning I’ve lost 6 months of my existing… Multiple emails later and still nothing! Surely I’m not the only one….