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  1. NEW ZEALAND: Survey shows building confidence up … are dwelling approvals on a population basis moving ahead of Australia ? …

    Confidence among construction companies rebounds from a year ago, a new survey says | Marta Steeman |

    The mood and confidence of the building and infrastructure sectors has lifted since a year ago says engineering firm Aecom.

    Aecom puts that down in part to more familiarity with the new coalition Government and its approaches to issues that affect the sectors, it said in its Sentiment: Infrastructure And Building Construction Survey, New Zealand 2019.

    It contrasts with the overall fall in general business confidence revealed in The Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion (QSBO) for the June quarter. … read more via hyperlink above …
    Residential construction shows no sign of slowing down as new consents hit a forty five year high, pushed up by a strong rise in consents for townhouses in Auckland |

    Dwelling approvals stabilised in May … Leith van Onselen … MacroBusiness Australia
    … behind paywall …

    For May New Zealand dwelling approvals were 3,687 … while in Australia 14,436 were issued for the month.

    In calculating the ‘dwelling approval rate per 1000 population per annum’ (standard industry measure), expressing the May figures on an annual basis ( x12 ) …New Zealand 44,244 … Australia 173,232

    New Zealands population is now near 5 million … Australia’s 25.4 million.

    Therefore for the month of May, New Zealand’s dwelling consent / approval rate per annum was 8.85 … Australia 6.82.

    In rounded figures New Zealand for the month of May was about 9/1000 pop pa … Australia 7/1000 pop pa.

    Directly from the government statistics agencies data, the ‘dwelling approval rate per 1000 population per annum’ should be calculated for specific regions / States and local territorial authority areas.