Hypocrite Guardian bemoans population “crisis”

Nothing encapsulates the Fake Left’s hypocrisy better than the below whinge by The Guardian over the world’s population “crisis”:

…there has been a deep and potentially catastrophic failure by the west in promoting a measure on which the future health of our planet depends: limiting numbers of our species. Until this basic task is achieved, virtually every measure we take to tackle global heating will be negated by the energy demands of the extra billions we have added to global populations…

Today there are about 7.7 billion men, women on children on Earth, a staggering figure given that a century ago, there were only 1.9 billion. And although populations have stabilised in many regions, in particular Europe and North America, figures released by the UN this month show global numbers are now growing at the alarming rate of about 100 million every 14 months. By 2050, the Earth’s population will have hit 9.7 billion and it will continue to rise, reaching a figure of about 10.9 billion by 2100.

These are the kind of population numbers we associate with simple organisms swimming in a pond, not those of a big-brained omnivore that requires 3,000 calories a day to survive. If there are 10 billion of us, every forest, valley and piece of land will have to be turned to agriculture to feed us…

But anytime somebody in Australia argues to slow Australia’s turbo-charged population growth by returning immigration back to historical levels:

The Guardian is quick to label them racist or xenophobic, as Greg Jericho so succinctly put it:

Immigration – because there are many desperate to hate – must be treated with extreme care by politicians and journalists, and certainly with more care than Abbott seems capable. The inherently racist parties will seek to use any discussion and any seeming evidence of the negative impact of migrants as fuel to burn their fires of hate.

The astonishing thing about the fake left media is that they expect Australia to act locally to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but we are not also allowed to act locally to curb population growth by moderating immigration.

Yet, there are few better ways to protect Australia’s natural environment than limiting the number of people living on it.

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Leith van Onselen


  1. Bring back the practice of decimation.

    Off every 10th international student, to begin with. Eh?

      • Yeh. You’ve gotta know your history – helps avoid falling into the known traps.

        Those that don’t are bound to repeat, etc, etc

      • I knew that decimation was lopping off a tenth, but didn’t know where it came from or how descriptive this is.
        It sits I suppose in opposition to the Circumcision Principle, in which you cut 10% off anything without suffering any real damage.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      So the Guardian can happily distract by seeing these problems arising in Africa where Australia has ZERO influence, but with willful cognitive dissonance if can’t see the cause and effect locally?
      No can’t see anything near the journalists house – becasuse it is Not a problem in the elite wealthy inner city areas, like Brunswick or Brighton or Vaucluse. No congestion problems as apartment building, or affordable housing, and overcrowding are banned by councils.

      So the Guardian will not ask (or consider) to act locally where the government can limit the population immigration levels with a stroke of a pen.

    • Their solution is to turn the entire third world into high energy consuming westerners in the hopes they stop reproducing. What could possibly go wrong?

    • DominicMEMBER

      I still think the way to combat the fake Left on this point is to express concern at the morality of stealing the 3rd world’s doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers etc. How on earth are ‘they’ going to progress if ‘we’ keep undermining the process …

      Over to you, Greg Jericho ..

  2. Start enforcing our borders harshly, and aim for zero NOM, with the only immigration allowed that by people with skills we can use. No more bring in “skilled” desk clerks to fill our “skill gaps”. We can then say we are at least not deliberately placing more pressure on our enviornment by importing folk en masse.

    We could also immediately start by jailing CEOs of companies that are found guilty of rorting the skilled visas program and/or wage theft, with an immediate forfeiture of their last 5 years of all compensation. The members of the boards (if applicable) as well.

    • Jumping jack flash

      “We could also immediately start by jailing CEOs of companies that are found guilty of rorting the skilled visas program and/or wage theft…”

      Lol wage theft is necessary at this stage of the infinite debt strategy. The other way to look at wage theft is slavery. Slavery is an incredibly useful thing in capitalism, especially as we approach the extreme end of the spectrum.

  3. Nothing a good hard depression won’t help alleviate. When enough people are wondering where their next meal in coming from, the last thing they’ll want is more warm bodies to fight over it. Then it’s political correctness 0, reality 1.
    This country needs a good hard kick in the nuts !

  4. https://www.natureindex.com/country-outputs

    The average European is about 100x as scientifically productive as the average Pakistani.

    Ok, so the average European consumes 10x the resources – so what, the producitivity per person is still exceptionally better.

    Why are we asking European women (TFR 1.58) to have fewer children but not Pakistani women (TFR 3.48)?

    The reality is that we need only about 1.5 billion people on Earth, all smart engineers with high living standards and meaningful work, euthanasia at age 80, and billions of robots for mundane tasks. Vast tracts of the planet reserved for wildlife. The awkward thing is that based on the distribution of genes, most of those people need to be European and East Asian, with a smattering of high-IQ others. Unfortunately demographic trends are sending us the other way.

    The best hope for the planet is a gene drive based on IQ to achieve this. Hopefully the Chinese will invent and unleash it.

    • Well bring in the Pakistanis to impregnate the western women. That’s what we need.

    • yeah productivity measured as number on meaningless papers or even more meaningless dollars or euros

      This planet needs around 0, zero, null people …
      and thanks to technology it’s going to get that many extremely soon (in evolutionary terms), there is no better way to ensure humanity collapses than let educated people rule the place
      physical isolation between groups of people is the only way humanity can survive and that’s almost gone … so far the best chances for species survival are somewhere in amazon

      • Or those Indian Ocean Islands where they throw spears at arriving planes.

        Lucky cvnts.

      • humans and viruses are extremely productive in decimation and Musk has no chance of escaping either of them

      • DominicMEMBER

        That’s the last of Musk’s problems – he’ll lucky to avoid the decimation of Tesla.

    • Used to work with several 1st and second generation Pakistani’s in London. One of them told me once, ‘its good living in England with a good job (IT related) I can have more children than back home’…. I said ‘why do you want more kids’ his reply ‘So I can have a richer old age’ at the time he was circa 24 years old, already with 2 children and still referred to Pakistan as home even though he was born in England, however in a Pakistani enclave.

      • Such advanced thinking… when will we in the West furnish our children with a debt payable to the parents at birth, so we can have a richer old age?

  5. Ummm Leith – not that I disagree with the sentiment that Australia could/should consider cutting immigration, and I’m no great fan of the Guardian in general, and nor do I think their is a global population crisis. However – in fairness, their argument about the population crisis is about total population on the planet.

    Whether someone migrates to Australia or not, they are still a human on planet earth – consuming resources – so its an entirely seperate argument to whether or not someone is pro immigration or not.

    • So we should throw the Australian environment under the bus, should we? Australia can only control what happens within Australia, so we should act locally on population growth, just like the fake left believes we should on climate change.

      • In addition, when someone comes to Australia, it’s highly likely that their environmental footprint increases. So yes, same number of humans on the planet, but worse environmental outcome in total too.

      • Vanity Fair magazine published an article that said immigrants move to USA and drive huge cars – if they stayed in India, they would drive smaller cars that obviously pollute less. So slashing immigration is indeed good for the planet.


        Moreover, if immigrants move to Dubai, they are not cutting down any forests to build houses because Dubai is a desert. Let them move to Dubai instead of Dallas.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Jordan, I learned something a long time ago, life is not fair. It sucks to be born in a 3rd world country, or even anywhere outside Australia. But does that mean we should fall for the communism trap, everyone drops to the bottom level? It’s great to hope other’s get their life lifted up, but history shows us that when we try that we end up pulling ourselves into the swamp with them. That might make me sound like a cold bastard, but it is a reality that can’t be overcome, a global population of never ending growth is not in fact unstoppable, but it will take a lot of education to curb it, and in the mean time life in Australia is getting worse, it’s not our fault much of the world is still have 4-9 children. Do I need to live in a studio flat to make room for them all? No I don’t

      • The90kwbeastMEMBER

        100% couldn’t agree more.

        We don’t solve the worlds problems by letting half of it (ok, hyperbole) into our country, and reduce our overall living standards but improving that of those coming here. You’re just shifting the burden.

        Not that any of this is really the driving force anyway, it’s all about money, and mass immigration gives more money to lazy ‘capitalists’ in Australia, at the expense of the incumbent population. Got to love it when politicians support capital owners over people.

        Lastly, endless growth in a capitalist system is a near unavoidable outcome, so you’ll need more than education to solve that issue.

      • It sucks so much to be born in the Third World that they don’t have any children to then get born into the sucky Third World.

        Oh wait………

      • And the Thrid World will keep breeding if there is the life-line of migrating to the West.

      • everyone dropping to the bottom level is not a communist but rather neoliberal capitalist ideal
        what do you think is happening in the world at the moment? globalization, outsourcing, tax escaping, even immigration policies … are all part of the capitalist plan to drop everyone to the same low wage level
        A young couple in Sydney has probably around the same affordability (life long slavery) to buy a house as a couple in Pakistan

      • The Left know it’s impossible for the billions of poor to enjoy our lifestyle so they want to lower our standard of living to theirs. Mass immigration and global warming hysteria are the main tools. Super expensive energy has destroyed our industry and made it too expensive to even heat our homes. Mass immigration has destroyed wages growth and pumped up housing. We are the frogs in the pot. Slowly we are becoming poorer and poorer. The US is already well on its way to becoming Brazil. We are not far behind. White guilt is a terrible thing. I guess the white Left will still blame us for all the world’s ills even when China and India run the place anyway.

      • DominicMEMBER

        Some people are born tall, some short, some good-looking, some ugly, some with talent, some without, some in the 1st world, some in the 3rd. We have no moral obligation to other countries – they will progress in their own time on their own terms.

        The drive for ‘equality for all’ leads to one destination: the bottom rung for everybody.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        The Left know it’s impossible for the billions of poor to enjoy our lifestyle so they want to lower our standard of living to theirs. Mass immigration and global warming hysteria are the main tools. Super expensive energy has destroyed our industry and made it too expensive to even heat our homes. Mass immigration has destroyed wages growth and pumped up housing. We are the frogs in the pot. Slowly we are becoming poorer and poorer. The US is already well on its way to becoming Brazil. We are not far behind. White guilt is a terrible thing. I guess the white Left will still blame us for all the world’s ills even when China and India run the place anyway.

        These kind of rants would be more entertaining if their objective of distracting away from the real problems – and their outcomes – were not so serious.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Doctor X, I understand what you’re saying regarding the drop to the bottom but that is in fact the lived experience for all nations post communist revolutions. Marxism was a great idea for the poor masses and has been used time and again to create revolution to the benefit of the few. The hardest thing about creating a revolution is feeding your army, but they battle for free when a dictator in waiting convinces them communism will be good for for the poor masses once they rise up against their oppressors. Of course in every single case all they have done is install a dictator and everyone else lives in abject poverty (Look at the Soviet Union, and China). So the reality of communism is everyone except for the champion of the poor, are destined to be poor.

    • mikef179MEMBER

      The principle of population growth being good for Australia surely means that it is good for other countries too and therefore net world population growth would be a good thing, according to them?

      • Depends which crony capitalists are benefiting or being favoured by your countries government.

    • freddy lasthopeMEMBER

      Surefire way of identifying any of the fake left twitterati is anyone starting a comment with the childish and condescending “Ummm”.

    • Jordan is right, a race to the bottom is the only way to show how tolerant we are. Anything else is otherist of you. Literally hitler.

      • I’m literally trembling at the thought that there are otherists who actually don’t want to race to the bottom. How can people be so selfish as to not want everybody in the world to live in Australia and enjoy all of our freedoms and benefits?

    • We are one of the highest emitters of carbon per head in the world. So yes, it does matter whether they are here or there.

  6. John Howards Bowling Coach

    The irony is that it is the medicine and medical care of the western world that is causing that problem. I understand that birth rates globally are in decline, only childhood mortality and life expectancy is changing the massive number of people who would have otherwise not lived. The Australian indigenous population is a case in point. At the time Captain Cook arrived I understand they would be lucky to live to 40. Now, there is a big gap in life expectancy between the Indigenous population and the European Race locals, but in terms of increases in life expectancy it is astounding. In 200 years the life expectancy of the Indigenous Australian people is almost double. Have a think about that? It is quite amazing. When you apply that to the massive proportion of this planet which is 3rd world, vaccinate them, push out the expectancy they will contract polio, or some other disease or virus that would have otherwise cut them down early, and you also apply medicine that means many of their children live past the age of 3, and you can quickly see how we have doubled and then doubled again a global population that when left to Chinese Traditional Medicine, Witch Doctors, etc, was growing at a relatively slow rate. Nature tries it’s best to slow us down, AIDS etc, but we’re just too clever at overcoming these pandemics. Even the deadly Flu season, which 100 years ago might have caused 1/2 of the world to die in a few months, is relatively easily and cheaply managed, thanks to western technology. Interesting to note Traditional Medicine is yet to cure AIDS, Influenza, Polio, or any number of diseases or Viruses. No wonder everyone in the world is trying to migrate to a western nation…

    • The90kwbeastMEMBER

      Poor usage of birth control in developing countries is also to blame for their population ballooning, which isn’t an issue in developed countries.

    • If only we can deal with the pathological need so many people across the world have to reproduce human misery.

      • Locus of ControlMEMBER

        To live is to suffer.

        To suffer is unpleasant.

        So I, personally, won’t be having kids and perpetuating this cycle – life, suffering, life, suffering…

    • finally some reason here
      population growth is entirely product of extension of human life, not birth rate which is at the lowest levels in human history, even the biggest countries (China, India, Bangladesh, …) are at or below reproduction rate

  7. mikef179MEMBER

    Reminds me of how people say in one breath that they want to fix housing affrodability and in the other breath they want house prices to keep increasing. Cognitive dissonance.

  8. Dear Guardian,
    We cannot save everyone in the world. We will be very lucky if we can save ourselves from this mess. Focus on the achievable

  9. world’s population growth is entirely product of extension of an average human lifespan not high birth rate

    What we have at the moment is the lowest fertility rate recorded in human history, and this means that the population growth is just temporary until life extension stops. When that happens (soon) population will crash quickly

    Reality is that the world doesn’t have population growth problem but in fact has “no enough babies” problem.

    • The global fertility rate is 2.5 children per woman, and the global fertility replacement rate is about 2.33 children per woman, so there is still a gap. It is true that fertility rates have fallen below replacement level in many countries, but they are still high in Africa and some others, enough to keep the global population growing.

      Demographic momentum is a much bigger contributor to population growth than longevity. Countries that are growing rapidly have a pyramid shaped age distribution. When the fertility rate falls down to or below replacement level, the deaths are mostly occurring in the relatively tiny elderly generation, but the births are taking place in the huge young adult generation, so the population will keep growing even if the young people are having small families. The population will keep growing for decades until the last generation to have large families is dying off. Even if the old people are living a few years longer, it won’t make much difference. Australia’s population would still be growing (slowly) even if we had zero net immigration, even though our fertility rate has been below replacement level since 1976.

  10. Could Australians rally themselves enough to take it to the streets on this issue?
    Just today Carrie Lam has backed down on the extradition bill. Now, I understand that it will come back in another form as Beijing must be pissed right now and will save face because that’s what commies do, but I wonder how our pollies would react to a mass protest on immigration or any other issue.

    • Australians don’t rally for much bigger reasons, e.g. for being impoverished and (debt) enslaved by the ruling class

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      I hate to agree with you, but I think you’re right. I would join the protest even if it meant putting my life under some pressure from the framing of myself as racist even though my better half is from another race and a migrant. Aussies are so lazy, and wilfully ignorant on this issue. Much of Europe is doing what they can to close their gates, Brexit and Trump… We are just beholden to the property lobby and so many are attached to it, the thought of less new arrivals gives them sleepless nights, that and having to get up 2 hours earlier due to the traffic, oh the Irony!

  11. I agree with the premise of the quoted article, but why are they blaming population growth on the West? I’ll cop to us using far too many resources and having an ideology (capitalism) that is dooming the planet, but the one thing we’re not doing wrong is having too many babies.

    • What do you expect from The Guardian? In the end #oldwhitemen are always the problem.

  12. robert2013MEMBER

    FFS please let’s stop pretending we aren’t just animals and return to being the animals that we really are. Reproduction is one of the core biological functions, if not the core function.

  13. The average person in Australia has a carbon footprint of about 15 tonnes of CO2 per year. Jan 15, 2018

    We have allowed in
    1.9 million PR, the vast majority third world unskilled poor.

    Plus 2.561 million third world Temporary Residents / SCV, the majority also third world unskilled poor on a visa pretext.

    In their countries of origin – their CO2 emissions are fair less – on average on third or 5 tonnes.

    All the anecdotal evidence is that this migrant intake when in an advanced western society massively exceed the Australian average of 15 tonnes, they are not culturally aligned to any concepts of environmental conservation.

    But just using the Australian average of 15 tonnes of co2 each.
    That’s 3.5 million migrants x 15 tonnes of CO2 each
    -> That’s 52.5 million tonnes of additional CO2 each

    And then factoring in the difference between their CO2 emissions in their country of origin versus being in Australia that is 35 million tonnes additional or ‘net new’ CO2 emissions globally.
    So we are doing global damage as well as local damage.

    Add on that the migrant intake do exceed the average Australian CO2 emissions and it gets to a net new or additional global CO2 emissions increase of some 45 to 50 million tonnes of ‘net new’ global and local emissions.

    🔹Basically the migrant intake is destroying any opportunity Australia has in achieving emission reductions in both numbers and their net global increase once in a western advanced economy.

    Our emissions reduction targets are 25% decrease.

    If you do the maths we could achieve nearly 13% or over half of that 25% CO2 emissions reduction simply by exiting most of the 2.561 million TR / SCV here in visa breach and stopping any more PR intake.

    And a futher emissions saving in having a mandatory cultural emissions awareness and compliance regime for all PR migrants who remain.