As Hong Kong burns, Australia kisses China booty

Hong Kong keeps burning, via Bloomie:

Hong Kong police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators who had earlier surrounded China’s main local government office, as an otherwise peaceful protest march turned tense late Sunday.

Clashes broke out as police attempted to clear the remnants of the latest mass rally against the government and its now-suspended effort to allow extraditions to mainland China. The Hong Kong government denounced the protest outside China’s main liaison office as an act “openly challenging the country’s sovereignty.’’

The march marked the sixth straight week of anti-government rallies that have put increasing pressure on the financial hub’s administration. Organizers said 430,000 people turned out for Sunday’s march, while the police said 138,000 attended at its peak.

And more from the SCMP:

At least 36 people were injured in unprecedented late-night violence at a Hong Kong railway station on Sunday, as a rampaging mob of men in white T-shirts attacked black-clad protesters and passengers indiscriminately.

No police officer was in sight as dozens of men, who witnesses suggested were triad gangsters, stormed into Yuen Long MTR station at around midnight by forcing open closed entrances. They hurled objects at protesters and travellers alike, and assaulted members of the public, including journalists.

Some people protected themselves with umbrellas, while others tried to fight back by hurling helmets at them. By the time riot police arrived, local residents were furious and accused them of deliberately letting the assailants run wild.

By 2.30am, at least 36 people had been sent to one of three nearby hospitals or had sought treatment there themselves, according to the Hospital Authority.

Meanwhile, absolutely astonishing scenes in Yuen Long, where Triad members clad in white are attacking anyone suspected of being a pro-democracy demonstrator (people wearing black are a target as that’s been the dress code for some marches, hence why triads are all in white).

— Jack Hazlewood (@JackHHazlewood) July 21, 2019

Alas as expected. The Communist Party of China’s Ministry of State Security is only just getting started.

Democracy campaigners are seeking asylum, also at Bloomie:

Dozens of Hong Kong protesters involved in the ransacking of the city’s Legislative Council this month have arrived in Taiwan to seek asylum, the Apple Daily newspaper reported.

About 30 protesters have already landed in Taiwan, while as many as 30 others — and possibly more — are planning to try soon, the Hong Kong newspaper said, citing unidentified people who assisted them.

The fleeing activists were part of the group that smashed into the legislature on July 1, the paper said. The people who assisted the protesters told the paper they had been in contact with Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, which handles the island’s relations with Beijing, to seek help.

While Staya rides in to help…itself, at the AFR:

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham will make an official visit to China next month in what the government hopes will be another step towards thawing relations with Beijing and securing a meeting between leaders by the end of this year.

With the Chinese again angry at Canberra, this time over the government’s representations on behalf of detained Australian citizen Yang Hengjun, Senator Birmingham will travel to Beijing in the first week of August for talks on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

RCEP is a 16-nation Asia-Pacific trade pact that Australia and others want negotiated by the end of the year to help cushion the impact of what looms as a dangerously protracted US-China trade war.

God help us if we ever need support to defend our own democracy.

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  1. It is easy to see a clear pattern of allowing the tension to ratchet up and then justify a more direct intervention, such as by occupation forces in the guise of upholding law and order – the clamp down of any protests will be for the good of the public of course.

  2. Face it – Australian Govt sold Australia to China years ago………… China owns Australia now. The Australian govt has sold out this country……. more to come I am sure. Very sad.

  3. What is this really about?

    The Hong Kong criminal class (which is the vast bulk of the Chinese there – either HK or mainland Chinese born) whipping up a seperatist smokescreen.

    They are protesting a proposed ‘extradition treaty’ with China.

    Hong Kong has extradition treaties with other countries
    China has many (40) extradition treaties with other countries including in Europe.

    This is all about the Hong Kong criminal Chinese hiding behind the facade of ‘Hong Kong independence’ (no such thing) to protect their looting of China & their dirty money laundering.

    -> Imagine the blood on the streets in Australia if we ever signed an extradition & proceeds of crime treaty with China. (Or HK)

    And to the theme of MB / Houses & Holes it goes right to the heart of our so called housing bubble.

    ( a housing bubble almost exactly correlated to the pattens of the migrant influx and the type of property the foreign criminals acquired as both a safe haven & cash flow inco

    $80 billion looted out of China, and via HK and washed into modest Australian established housing.

    Over 500,000 ex Australian established modest houses & units bought with Chinese dirty money.

    Not the fancy mansions that gets the media attention or new housing that is explicit foreign investors.

    Nope – the vast majority are little old 2 bed walkup & tower blocn units & small humpy little houses out west.

    Bought with the dirty Chinese foreign criminal syndicates for both ‘safe haven’ & cash flow’

    Bought via a local Chinese PR proxy to avoid the FIRB and to run as migrant guestworker cash in hand sublet bunkshare.
    A little squalid unit in Burwoo or Rhodes or Mascot Square, or some old run down fibro humpy in Granville.

    With 6, 8, 10 fake foreign students or 3 migrant families as the tenants – paying some $1,100 – $1,500 cash rent a week.
    Only $400 or so declared.
    The other $1,000 a week going back to the Chinese criminal syndicates.
    The local PR proxy claiming negative gearing.

    How many dwellings like this?
    In just Sydney or Melbourne well over 400,000.
    2 decades of low end / first home owner level housing gobbled up by the Chinese criminals.

    And the tenants?
    Half the 1.9 million PR – third world unskilled old &useless, most on welfare and renting invariably from a ‘Chinese’ owner / landlord.
    So there is 800,000 or so – mostly in Sydney or Melbourne.

    But the vast bulk are the 2.3 million of the 2.561 million third world unskilled TR who rent – some 2.3 million in just Sydney and Melbourne alone.
    -> That’s 3.3 million
    93% in ‘private shared accommodation’ (ABS)

    Say 3 million in Sydney & Melbourne.
    At x 6 per dwelling
    That’s = > 500,000 modest small established units & little old run down houses – now foreign acquired with dirty money via a local proxy and used for migrant guestworker slum share.

    Where do the MB readers think the 2.561 million TR Guestworkers all live? And how?
    Who do you think they pay rent to?

    They live in vast migrant only slums – foreign owned & now ex Australian modest housing – that now stretches from the CBD to the south (mascot) and way out west like a set of chancres on our city. Same in Melbourne.

    Go out west – its all on display / if you want to see it.


    An Australian China repatriation treaty and ‘sharing of proceeds of crime agreement’ would see the criminal Chinese panic & flee the local market.

    Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Australian dwellings bought with Chinese dirty money would be seized & sold. China would provide the information on the criminal Chinese – their property and other assets seized, & sold.
    The proceeds of crime then shared with China.

    The Chinese criminals & proxies repatriated back to China?
    Most of the 1.3 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia are on a PR or TR as Chinese Nationals. Less than 1 in 5 (18% or 238,000) are actually Australian citizens).
    At least half of these Chinese mainland born communists are Hukuo underclass petty criminals and undesirables and many can also be exited back.
    And all of this is long overdue.
    They should never have been allowed in.

    Housing impact?
    Our low end / first home buyer housing in Sydney & Melbourne would drop some 75% in price.

    That small 50 sq metre 50 year old 2 bed unit in the centre of Burwoo?
    Bought for $600,000 in Chinese dirty money via the PR proxy to be used for migrant cash in hand bunkshare subletting.
    With 8 Chinese TR living in it.

    Now the Chinese are exited & the unit seized sanitised & sold…
    ‘Normal Australian usage’ -$140 a week rent at say 5% Yield is circa $150,000.

    ▪️That small 2 bed fibro shack in Granville on a small block and near a busy road?
    Chinese foreign criminal syndicate, local PR Proxy and then rented out cash sublet to 12 Nepalese, Indians & Malays etc paying $140 a week for the ‘bunk rice wifi & toilet roll deal’. $1,680 cash a week, only $400 declared. That’s was why they paid $750,000.

    Now if the migrant infestation cleansed & deported , the house seized & sold and Australian normal tenancy at say $250 a week rent.
    Was $740,000 – now $270,000 (5% rent yield).

    That’s all they are really worth – if you take the Chinese dirty money and 2.561 million third would migrant guestworker housing demand out of the equation.

    • Feck me. That is a lot to digest. But on first reading I am staggered. It sounds completely viable

    • what your saying is different to what its all about (What is this really about?

      The Hong Kong criminal class (which is the vast bulk of the Chinese there – either HK or mainland Chinese born) whipping up a seperatist smokescreen.

      They are protesting a proposed ‘extradition treaty’ with China.)
      What your missing is that China is pissed that the Huawei chief got arrested in Canada and extradited to US…China can’t get their hands on any foreign corporate like that as no one of any substance goes to China, if this bill passed any major head of any western company that travel’d through HK could be wisked away at immigration and taken to China, legally…..nobody has any rights in China, thats the difference and thats why HK dont have a extradition treaty with them….also the people protesting are the youth of HK not wealthy people…big difference…they are worried about their rights and future…

    • Interesting post. I love the chance to inject “chancre” into any narrative, too.

  4. DominicMEMBER

    Get that tongue ready, minister — there’ll plenty of boots to lick 😉

    (And lots of unsold, highly combustible, shoddily built real estate to kick out)

    • haroldusMEMBER

      I don’t think it’s the boots we need to worry about.

      “DEEPER, DEEPER!!”