Apartment faults crisis spreads to Brisbane

In the wake of Queensland’s unprecedented apartment construction boom:

The faults crisis has now spread to Brisbane, with an owner facing bankruptcy after a serious defect in her new $1.7 million luxury apartment caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. From The ABC:

Louisa Carter purchased a new four-bedroom sub-penthouse in The Johnson apartment tower in inner-city Brisbane in 2017…

But Dr Carter said her roof began leaking just days after she and her family moved into the apartment.

“In the first big storm, suddenly there was water pouring into the main bedroom,” she said.

Her apartment was later overtaken by mould.

Despite lodging a series of complaints, more than two years later the defects are yet to be fully rectified.

She said her apartment was still awaiting a refit after being partially gutted because of the water damage…

“We’ve got a colander for a roof pouring [water] down through the concrete”…

After complaining to the Office of Fair Trading that her unit was not fit for purpose, Dr Carter was told the matter was classified as a “warranty” issue, suggesting she could take civil action in court.

She said she had been left thousands of dollars out of pocket after renting another property.

“We’re in limbo,” she said.

“We’re caught in a stalemate between parties — I feel like collateral damage in a financial equation and it’s just not good enough — it’s my home”…

Water damage has been reported in at least one other apartment on the same level…

This is tip of the iceberg stuff. Given the huge volume of low quality apartments built over recent years, stories like this will become commonplace.

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  1. tragic traderMEMBER

    Will be interesting to see how much pressure this may start to add to inner city surburb houses. With people that were going to by a sub- penthouse etc now changing to a nice new house.

    • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

      Yes this will be one ripple effect as almost no one will buy a new apartment – that should be good for the apartment developers’ business model!

    • Has there been any analysis by MB on the effect this is having with asking prices for apartments??

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      There is a 2nd question I have with regards to this. How many of those worthless apartments were purchased with ‘equity mate’ from the PPOR and is now putting pressure on the original mortgage? There is a chance of forced sales here? Dunno, but it is worth asking.

      • For those purchased by Aussie residents? Basically all of them lol. How good is equity mate.

    • Don’t think it’ll be that much — who tf can afford a house in Sydney and Melbourne? Townhouses are already through the roof and are approaching house prices. It may send old apartment prices up, but these can have major problems too.

  2. mikef179MEMBER

    Yep, because the prime concern all along has been to keep the job rate high not the quality high. Keeping as many people employed as possible and keep the rate of building as high as possible. All else, including quality was sacrificed toward that end.

  3. On the bright side, that sub-penthouse will definitely have the “WOW factor” when she’s entertaining her doctor friends. As in, “Wow, what a sh1t hole”.

  4. Louisa Carter probably loves corruption and now she may be getting a taste of her own medicine.

    If we had the same immigration rate as Japan, we would not have so many illegal apartments in the first place nor the demolition of lovely old houses.

  5. Instead of digging ditches to fill them up again, we do it with buildings. Fake GDP for a fake nation.

  6. The article points out that she’s in limbo because the body corporate won’t complain on her behalf. This is because Meriton et al keep ownership of a lot of apartments in each development so that they can control and suppress the body corporate so that this doesn’t come to light. The same thing went down in the case of the woman who had her apartment deluged by a wave of sh1te from malfunctioning sewage lines in a Sydney Meriton debacle apartment complex last week. She called 2GB and suddenly it was all ‘how can we help you?” from Meriton.

    It looks like people are getting wise to the scam and going straight to the media, which is now apparently providing some support. That is amazing in itself. I would’ve thought Domain and Co. would do everything they could to not publish this sort of thing.

  7. PalimpsestMEMBER

    The other part of the catch 22 is that the council won’t inspect the roof as a shared property item without a complaint from the body corporate. As you say the BC is dominated by the builder. So why can’t you complain about the roof over your head and have it investigated. Interesting how the legislation must have been drafted.

    • DominicMEMBER

      You live and learn. Just more questions to have answered before purchasing an apartment

  8. matthew hoodMEMBER

    Now for the next chapter……someone works out that the Rebels can get most of the money back if your will to go give up half.

  9. Salty Millenial

    Hilariously “Doctor Louisa Carter” is not actually a Doctor, she’s got a PHD in, and I’m not even making this up, Architecture and Urban planning from UQ.

    It looks like we’ve come full circle 🙂

  10. Golden Trumpet

    Seriously who the fark is paying $500 / week for a one bedroom apartment in Brisbane. This country needs a serious reality check – fast.

  11. The90kwbeastMEMBER

    This was a refurbished apartment instead of a newly built one but MB’s theme is still on the money