Angry China occupies Aussie universities

The new and radically less friendly Communist Party of China has occupied Aussie universities. Via the ABC:

Punches have been thrown at the University of Queensland as students clashed over their views on China and pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The ABC understands pro-Chinese activists gate-crashed a protest by fellow Chinese students showing solidarity for persecuted minorities in their homeland.

Hundreds of students gathered in the university’s Great Court to express their views.

Pro-China students clashed with the other group as they played nationalistic songs and chanted “China is great”.

The four-hour standoff ended when police convinced both groups to go home.

No arrests have been made.

But for some time, pro-Chinese activists continued to stand their ground in the court even as others left the area.

Student Union president Georgia Milroy said the angry scenes were quite frightening.

“I think there were a lot of impassioned students feeling very strongly on both sides … to be honest at times it was quite scary,” she said.

“There was some violence that did occur.

“I think the students that started it were the Hong Kong students — not violent  the Hong Kong students started a peaceful protest which escalated quite quickly.

“It became borderline nationalist with the playing of the national anthem and I think that’s when things started to become very inflamed.

“I think it is something that we’ve never really seen before at UQ, this degree of nationalism, and I think there was a bit of concern from the Chinese students and why they were allowed.

In a statement, UQ said it expected staff and students to “express their views in a lawful and respectful manner, and in accordance with the policies and values of the university”.

“Earlier today, in response to safety concerns resulting from a student-initiated protest on campus, the University requested police support,” the UQ statement said.

“On the advice of police, protestors were requested to move on. The safety of all students is paramount to the university.”

Student Union president Georgia Milroy described the scenes as “frightening”

Some footage:

One wonders why UQ didn’t take a stronger stand. Perhaps this is why, via Domain:

Australian universities hosting Chinese government-funded education centres have signed agreements explicitly stating they must comply with Beijing’s decision-making authority over teaching at the facilities.

Eleven previously undisclosed contracts between the universities and Hanban, the Beijing-based headquarters that funds and oversees the global network of Confucius Institutes, shed light on the different approaches taken to safeguarding academic freedom and autonomy under the lucrative arrangements.

Agreements signed by the University of Queensland, Griffith University, La Trobe University and Charles Darwin University state in identical clauses that they “must accept the assessment of the [Confucius Institute] Headquarters on the teaching quality” at their centres.

What is the Confusciun Institute view of crushing democracy in Hong Kong I wonder?

“The journey with a 1000 miles begins with one step.”

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  1. The journey is more like 4000 miles. Send them all back.

    Police encouraged them all to go home. Fantastic example of ‘community policing’. No wonder we’re as weak as p1ss.

    • Sometimes I think we need a squad of Bumper Farrell’s to wade through some suburbs (& situations) a few times to show them who’s the boss…… But who calls the limits once let off the leash? We could become more like some of those less desirable countries then.

      • You mean ruled by firm hand? Like China perhaps. We ARE becoming more like these countries, thats the point! First slowly, then fast.

  2. Imagine if these were local students protesting the infiltration of our Universities by cultural marxists.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      hi Jim, can you please provide us with a definition of what you mean by ‘cultural marxist’ ? and not an example or examples, but a usable definition that can be applied to different circumstances equally ?

  3. interesting to know if Pro chinese students have their social credit scores upgraded for them / their families by participating in this

    what China needs is war with the USA so there is camouflage of war to deal with the pesky problems of uighurs, hong kong diisidents, taiwan etc. and if china wins war then they are the hegemon while also having dealt with domestic issues…win win for them

    and presumably north korea will join china in fight against usa, while also having camouflage of war to deal with south korea problem…win win for them also….and before everyone starts on who will win war the issue of a war gives camouflage to deal with issues that could not be dealt with otherwise in peacetime….the atrocities will not come out until war is over which by that time a nation would have dealt with its internal issues…..horrible outcome but true

  4. how piss weak are aussies now…we used to be strong….if that happened here in HK they would have been a riot….v upsetting to watch, back to masterchef and watch some kid bake a cake…country being taken from beneath your noses, as the global tentacles start to embrace.

    • Just another day in modern Australia. Too cowardly to do anything, so long as “muh franking credits” and “muh negative gearing” is safe it’s all good. HOW GOOD IS STRAYA

  5. They’re guests in our country. If they want to go the biff, they’re unwelcome guests. They should be arrested, visas cancelled and shipped home.

  6. When I went to Uni drinking was very important, followed a long way behind by learning, and way, way behind that was… politics.

    I am embarassed for the yoof of today.

    • No rooting? Surely there was rooting in their somewhere. Ahead of learning, of course.

      • My first 2 years of Uni I got great marks. Top of the class, then I hooked up with my now Mrs (wife). I was less enthusiastic about learning after that, learning in school that is. I was definitely learning lots of other stuff though. :).

      • I went to nightclubs for the rooting, funnily enough I didn’t try to hook up with the uni chicks.

  7. The dispute in HK is about China wanting an extradition treaty to stop the flood of dirty money & Chinese criminals using HK as a safe haven & money washing outlet.
    China has 40 of so extradition treaties including Witt European countries.
    Hong Kong also has extradition treaties.

    This is about the Hong Kong chimese criminals (and that’s most everyone in HK) hiding behind & whipping up the ‘pretence of an independent HK’ to continue their corrupt activity.

    Why doesn’t Australia have an Australian China extradition treaty and a ‘sharing the proceeds of crime’ agreement with China?

    We have 1.3 million Chinese mainland born communists herein Australia.
    Only 225,000 are citizens- the rest as PR (465,000) TR (245,000) SCV (123,000) or illegally working visitors (205,000).

    The majority of these Chinese mainland born communists are Chinese Hukuo (internal illegals peasant underclass) being cleared from the Chinese tier 1 cities and sent to Australia etc on a visa alibi.

    $80 billion of Chinese dirty money has now washed into over 500,000 ‘ex Australian’ modest dwellings via a Chinese PR (to avoid the FIRB) and run as migrant only slumshare to house the 2.561 million TR/SCV third world migrants.

    It is time Australian had a repatriation treaty and a proceeds of crime agreement with China – and all this housing was seized, the TR / SCV migrants cleansed out & exited & this housing returned back to the Australian people.