“Tiny homes” for affordable living destroyed on ABC radio

“Tiny homes are an Orwellian rebranding of the systematic exclusion of younger generations from home ownership”.

What a great quote that is. What smart cookie came up with that?

Some bloke named David Llewellyn-Smith on ABC radio yesterday. Full interview here:

They should get him on more often.

Houses and Holes


  1. “Tiny Houses” is simply another government talking point to make them sound like they care, without actually having to do anything.

  2. Good on you Dave, we need more of this to steer the the conversation in a sane direction.

    • The quest commentator needs to have a good look at himself and maybe look into the fact he may just be a closet racist. Blaming immigrants for house prices is a form of bullying and been repeated tirelessly before. Envy and racism without the open mindedness to at least try to accept another industry which provides jobs and cheap housing. David should open his eyes and see the homeless could end up off the street and into a warm bed with this proposal. It’s 2019 David times have changed move with the times.

      Spin is so easy, people are so selfish and brainwashed in this country. Basically Everything I said above I disagree with.

  3. Seemed liked she was interested in the concept and tried to find ways to reflate her bubble that you burst.

    • that was my impression – perhaps someone should make her buy one put her to live in it for couple of years and see if she likes it – $500k-$600k (most of that is price for 200m2 land) for a caravan with no wheels as H&H described it.

      • To be fair, it does put you on the road to nowhere.. 😀

        But 1 point not raised, is what do young people do if they want kids? It seems tiny houses work if you plan to have no Children, which is what the Government says is the reason we need to import more migrants (you lot are not having enough Children they scream), well can you blame them when they can’t even set down roots and buy into stable housing? Or even a stable rental market?

  4. What radio show was it? Quite cool that they interviewed you after your first rant against granny flats!


    Good to see the BBC refer to them as slums:

    27 Feb 2012

    ‘Sheds with beds’ are London’s modern day slums


    28 Jun 2012

    sheds with beds

    make the council tax more progressive, and raise its level.


    • A pertinent line from that BBC story:

      “Many occupants send money back to their families in India, paying thousands of pounds to traffickers. But the economic downturn means work has dried up.”

      Tick tock …

      • Remittances never seems to be factored in with ‘export’ industries. Yes, we get tuition fees paid, but a hell of a lot of money is going out to overseas to pay-back debts. Yes we get cheap labour, put a whole lot of money is being sucked out of the local economy to go offshore.

        I think the real GDP numbers and GDP per capita numbers are starting to show this.

        As I’ve said before, all these new migrants aren’t the great consumers the government has hoped them to be.

    • Cheaply built flammable dog boxes and now glorified sheds with beds. Miracle economy.

  5. Forrest GumpMEMBER

    DL Smith has some very strong opinions on housing….

    Ummm…No. Not opinions. Just stating facts

    • Just think of all the Social Media points I could score with my tiny house. I’d look so progressive and people would envy my lack of need for material things in my life, and that in itself would make me more happy and self fullfilled. Knowing that others secretly envy me and my own lifestyle.

      Plus I could get some really great Instagram material of myself holding tools and looking like I’m doing something useful with my hands, not just holding a mobile phone.

  6. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Just for interest there was more radio chatter on Aunty wireless on the overnight show with punters ringing in about highrise construction quality horror stories. Would have been from 1am to 1.45am.

    Only caught the last few stories but people are pissed off.

  7. Bravo. The best take down of anyone promoting tiny homes is to press them regarding the question of land use. Where does it go? Is there security of Tenure? Would the council approve? How does one connect services? Are these suitable for housing the homeless? And ultimately would you live in one?

    Glorified half-sized granny flats are not an answer for any part of the housing issues we face in this country.

  8. well done H&H. This is one of your best if not the best interview. Direct to the point no dancing around, no foreplay – if a turd you called it a turd.

  9. I am happy for the government to make tiny homes easier to build on your own land, it wont make any difference to the overall affordability of accommodation so its just a distraction for the next 6 months or so while they try to come up with yet another bright idea to focus on.

    It will never solve the issue but having them pretend may force regional councils to back peddle and allow more tiny homes when that is what people want instead of forcing a minimum size and style on people.

  10. Should have asked her if she graduated university today and had a 30k HELP debt, got a graduate position on 65k p/a, and didn’t have a line of credit with bank of mum and dad would she be happy to live in one?

    Then during the stunned silence interjected with “…that’s modern Australia. A turd sandwich – eat it or starve”.

  11. Good skewering! The wordsmithing reminds me of Robert Hughes shredding a target. Hughes’ jibe at Koons is peculiarly apt for the tiny home brigade: “He has the slimy assurance, the gross patter about transcendence through art, of a blow-dried Baptist selling swamp acres in Florida. And the result is that you can’t imagine America’s singularly depraved culture without him. “

  12. Great interview! I am waiting for some politician to extol the benefits of “al fresco” living, at one with nature, hemp canvas tenting as our pioneer ancestors did. On the Waverley council website, it has an article about how during the depression, people camped or lived in little hand-built shacks all along the eastern coastline. The council provided “hot meals” and some work. If it happened again, the state government would probably arrest them all for ruining the view for visiting oligarchs and ‘talking down’ the economy.

      • Mystic Medusa

        Lol, thank you! I found the section on the council website while looking for ‘new bin application’

    • When I was a kids we LIVED in a bin! And we were grateful for it. Everyone was. The luckiest kids from our school lived in Kerry Packer’s bin.

      A new bin application was what you filled in when you needed to move house.