Quexit zigs and Labor zags

There is no saving these dills, via Domain:

Labor’s home affairs spokeswoman, Kristina Keneally, says she will advocate the economic importance of immigration in a sign the Opposition is willing to make the case for a bigger Australia as it considers its post-election policy platform.

Senator Keneally has entered shadow cabinet as Labor’s spokeswoman on home affairs and immigration, while the Coalition’s Immigration Minister, David Coleman, does not sit in cabinet and works under Peter Dutton, who is the cabinet minister.

Senator Keneally said this structure had undermined the importance of immigration as an economic and cultural tool.

“Under this government, there has been a near-sole focus on those we exclude, and that’s one part of the portfolio – border security,” she said. “But there’s a whole other aspect here about immigration and citizenship and the contribution it makes to our economy and our culture.

“We need to ensure that immigration and citizenship is given the attention it deserves in terms of economic growth, in terms of the skills we bring into the country and in terms of how we integrate people into our nation and celebrate their contribution.”

How out of touch do you need to get? Previously via Dr Andy Marks, assistant vice-chancellor at Western Sydney University:

The most troubling result for Labor occurred in its once safe harbour, western Sydney, where the swing against it was about 3.5 per cent – nearly triple the national average…A new vein of voter sentiment is emerging in Sydney’s west and even south. In Banks and Reid, once safe Labor seats, then marginal, and now squarely Liberal, progressive ideals and social conservatism are in flux. In Sydney’s south, Banks rejected the same-sex marriage plebiscite, with 55.1 per cent responding ‘no’, while ‘yes’ – 52.7 per cent – just won the day in the more western Reid.

…Among the most culturally diverse constituencies in the country, these voters rallied behind Reid’s former Liberal MP Craig Laundy’s stance against his party’s proposed anti-discrimination changes.

Momentary leadership aspirant Chris Bowen remarked that his party had lost touch with religious constituents. Possibly. Over 55 per cent of his electorate identify as having a religious affiliation, compared with about 39 per cent nationally.

I am sure there is some values component here but the Coalition also installed same sex marriage, so it’s not exactly clear cut.

What is most extraordinary to me is that these electorates so fulsomely rejected Labor’s massive parental visa bribe, multicultural dogma and pro-China stance. While it might be argued that these policies weren’t as high profile for the rest of the country, they most certainly were in these targeted electorates. The policies were designed to swing them and them alone. Yet they preferred the Coalition’s permanent migrant cuts, China-hawkishness and culture wars.

It appears Western Sydney’s immigrant social conservatism unites with its economic crush-loading and falling living standards to produce a block of electorates that are so hostile to Labor’s open borders extremism that it overwhelms even familial links.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, these electorates share a similar nationalist worldview to the Quexiteers. After all, they didn’t come to Australia only to see it turn into whatever shit hole that they left behind.

If so, all Labor has to do to win the next election is:

  • drop all tax reform and talk up aspiration;
  • pledge to halve immigration;
  • campaign on decongestion, housing affordability, strong borders and rising wages.

The wedge into ScoMo would be massive given he, in reality, is massively boosting immigration for his business mates (via expanding temporaries) to the detriment of everyone else.

Let’s not forget that the LNP also unexpectedly won the NSW election after trailing Labor immigration hawk, Luke Foley, who was replaced by a spineless Michael Daley as Gladys Berejiklian marched off to Canberra to demand immigration numbers be halved.

Labor is committing immigration suicide in NSW and QLD.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. everything should be done to encourage Christina Keneally and the rest her cultural marxist cabal to challenge for the leadership so as to ensure Labor is un-electable for the near future.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Yep – sadly, we are left with the 1,000 year reign of ScoMo to supervise Straya’s death, burial and cremation.

      • Can you tell your mates in SAP that they need to change their name back to the Sustainable Population Party to cut through and harness some of the 11% of voters that make their mind up IN the polling booth…

      • Gramus & UE, I sent an email to William Bourke, President at SAP to change the name, to ‘Reduce Immigration Party’, focus limited resources on getting Senate seats (very achievable in Queensland and Tasmania), and make changes there and build a profile to then tackle the Lower House. Even if people knew nothing about the party, its name would get a lot of votes when seen on a ballot paper requiring at least 6 ticked boxes.

        But alas, William did not reply to my message.

      • Leith, we’re so hopelessly addicted to high immigration any attempt to halve it will trigger an economic collapse that will end any government’s chance of being re-elected. So don’t look to the LNP or Labor to embrace that.

    • Well they have lost my preference vote with this stupidity. They are sinking further and further.

    • The problem with Labor is they celebrate other cultures more than our own, same thing happened in Britain. The late great Bob Hawke was about being compassionate to others cultures while at the same time being a staunch Aussie nationalist. That was Labor, now Labor is the Greens. Boobs Bill was a disgrace as leader and a racist who thinks one culture should be favoured over all others due to how long the race has presided on our land, even though this would only apply to non mixed people to be historically accurate but to hell with the facts that’s how racists thrive. Apparently only one race should feel a spiritual connection to land, Boobs Bill’s own words.

      I’m a Labor voter but also am starting to hate them as much as the LNP.

      • Torchwood1979


        Labor needs to ditch the identity-driven politics that is endemic to the Greens ASAP. I think it blinds them to the real issues.

        I too, am a long term Labor voter but every time they make sense on IR, tax reform etc. along comes “big Australia” with the implied assumption that to be anything else is “racist!” or some focus on transgender issues or the like distracts from the kitchen table issues. Seriously, as long as the ALP is wedded to people who make arguments that men’s penises belong in the same bathrooms as little girls all in the name of “equality” is going to have a hard time convincing the majority of swinging voters that they’ve fit to govern the country.

    • Torchwood1979

      Watching the ALP’s continued trajectory toward the globalist-left is like watching the Titanic going full throttle toward that whopping great iceberg.

      How these clowns can’t realize that nationalism is the new political vote winner that will trump every other issue (pointed pun intended) is beyond me.

      • It’s not hard is it. People get it, globalist open border rubbish doesn’t mean there are no borders – it just replaces the border we can control (nation) with the one we can’t control (wealthy/corporate owned).

    • Sadly, it’s all they seem to know now. It’s across the board caring for everyone other than the citizens. Given how flaky our economy is, and the demand on resources from water to health care they are clearly on the wrong side of logic, and just where is the money coming from to fast track millions more??

      Another thing it’s easy to tax the crap out of the locals when they, the pollies, don’t really need to worry about that aspect of our daily lives wuth their gold plated salary and super + allowances…how fing convenient.

  2. Thing is though, Michael Daley said Asian migrants with PhDs are taking our kids jobs. That IS what is happening pretty much but he copped a lashing for it? I prefer Gladys so I ran with it, but I thought what he said was right. Maybe the mistake was singling out Asians… should just be migrants in general.

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      Ok, so a media storm ensued
      Out in the regions though….shrug of the shoulders.

    • Very few immigrants have a PhD!

      Immigrants are far more likely to be exam cheats.

      And was he ever going to stop them from coming to Sydney by charging foreigners $40/day for a train ticket?

    • He failed to ‘own’ the words. As soon as the predictable pathetic MSM came to interrogate him, he squibbed it. Total pussy. Rubbish energy.

      Whereas the Donald, is all alpha, ‘owns’ his words and doesn’t give a toss about how the MSM portrays him. Displays strength and conviction. Strong energy. People gravitate to it.

      Labor are fast becoming the new Greens. Totally irrelevant.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        +1 The moralising media looking for racists under the bed started screeching and Daley crumpled.

        Never apologies, just insult them and call them traitors to existing Australians – which they are.

  3. Nearly every piece of Labor’s own internal critique focuses on the fact they didn’t sell well enough. They must have an echo chamber of the most pristine and crystal clarity.

  4. During the past 4 years, I have made three extended grey nomad camping trips throughout outback Qld, NT and WA. Met with many disenchanted older Labor voters who had crossed over to the dark side and who probably voted for PHON or Palmer this election. Very sad, particularly when they feel they are letting down their family tradition.

    For these former Labor diehards, Labor is now seen as a party competing with the Greens for the inner urban professional vote and no longer represents them or their aspirations for their families. Labor’s migration policies are in effect Howard Plus, his migration and his labour policies rolled into one. They drive down wages and conditions remorselessly, not just crush load our cities and infrastructure.

    That message is slowly getting through but sadly in Queensland is still reflected in a protest vote for PHON and then going back to the Coalition. When Morrison and Dutton can get away with hiding 200000 Bridging Visas entrants, arriving in via Sydney and Melbourne airport, whilst ramping up his Christmas Island stunts, then Labor and our media are simply not doing its job but have become part of the problem.


    • Labor committed to even higher migration and a truly surreal parent visa program in the election just gone. Australians currently only have a choice between big and ugly (LNP) and staggeringly huge and destructive (Labor).

      • Torchwood1979

        I still can’t believe the stupidity of that uncapped parental visa programme. It was the moment that I saw a party of green instead of red and seriously considered voting Liberal.

    • tell the diehards they are not dissing their family tradition…they are not at all…their families were voting old school labor, not this current ALP cat sh1t soiled litter box

  5. BabundaMEMBER

    these electorates share a similar nationalist worldview to the Quexiteers

    Yep. Let me in then lock the gate!

    • Western nations have a pretty good recent history of migration and tolerance. No-one sensible is talking about locking the gate, the discussion is about making sensible decisions based on environment, verifiable economic theory, infrastructure capacity, cultural norms and values and institutional stability etc. The resurgence in nationalism is a product of these generosities being abused for the benefit of a few and to suit some absurd ideological perspective.

      Out of interest, how many homeless people did you let sleep on your couch last night? Let me in then lock the door eh?

      • lol. In my defence that is slightly more subtle irony than is usually fired off here, and i had just been looking at big australia liz’ twitter account.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    I must say that it is kind of hard to determine exactly what the Libs stand for after the election.

    Are they going to reverse the house price falls, brandishing a FHOG? Are they going to do anything with immigration?
    Are they going to do anything?

    I can only hear crickets. I assume they’re still basking in the glory of their win, doing nothing, and will continue to do so for the next 1000 days or so until the next election.

  7. I sent an email to William Bourke, President at SAP to change the name, to ‘Reduce Immigration Party’, focus limited resources on getting Senate seats (very achievable in Queensland and Tasmania), and make changes there and build a profile to then tackle the Lower House. Even if people knew nothing about the party, its name would get a lot of votes when seen on a ballot paper requiring at least 6 ticked boxes.

    But alas, William did not reply to my message.

  8. Kristina Kenneally has just outed herself as a moron. This is absolutely hilarious – ScoMo will win 3 elections on the trot.