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  1. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    NEW ZEALAND Government punished for failing to deal effectively with cost of living and cost of housing issues …

    National back in front while Labour takes a dive in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
    NEW ZEALAND GOVT BUDGET … Inadvertently highlights ‘flight to affordability’ … to Australia ! …

    Face of Budget 2019 has given up on NZ, moved to Australia … N Z Herald / NewstalkZB
    Read more … ‘flight to affordability’ …

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    • DominicMEMBER

      That and they did flake on their promise to stem immigration. No surprises there …

    • Yep unreal that Jacinta Ashern didn’t pull back on immigration. This is why I don’t care that Labor didn’t get in here now. I think they are sh!t light. As opposed to full strength.

  2. First for the Queen’s BDay – Thanks for the Monday off your majesty, really needed it!

  3. 9 June 2019

    ‘Embarrassed’ pollster ripped up poll that showed Labor losing election

    Lonergan Research boss Chris Lonergan admitted junking the poll because he was “embarrassed” it was radically different to those of his competitors.

    Mr Lonergan said the poll was so different from rivals’ polls that he suppressed the results.


    YouGov is new to the Aussie polling market and from 12 July 2017 to 1 Nov 2017, its polls never had the ALP winning the election. Its polls fluctuated between 52-48, 51-49, and 50-50 in favour of the LNP:


    Good on YouGov for getting the election result right.

    • I’d like to know same. I know FFA apologised to him but I doubt anyone knows why he was sacked.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I have two theories. First is someone’s daughter wasn’t getting selected. Second is he was asked by the upper echelons to do some stupid feelings mindfullness session and he openly laughed at them.

        My bet is on something like the second. Coaching women’s sport is a minefield. Speaking from experience.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        ^^ Anything to do with chicks is a minefield but it’s very satisfying when they explode!

    • It’s an FFA tradition. Stajcic – Postecoglou – Osieck.
      Has nothing to do with Tracey Wigginton.

    • innocent bystander

      @MB acc to social media it is a combo of your two theories (sorta) plus some undermining commentators (who are still employed) and some disgruntled players who thought they were better than they are and complained about body shaming skin fold tests…
      apparently media did cover it in the early stages (a Vic radio station) but then they all went quiet.
      if Matildas fair badly, likely, expect some flake for the new coach and FFA (who are the man problem imho)

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        SEN were talking about it but now they’re in the wait and see what comes out camp.

        Journos don’t like to lose inside connections by telling the truth.

      • It’s a story about Australia and sokkah in Australia. Soccer goes back as far or even earlier than AFL (Adamstown Rosebud celebrates 130 years this year) and has always been oppressed by TPTB who saw/see it as a foreign threat to the Great Aussie Game and indeed Australian Values. Up until around the postwar period it was as white as the rest of TuAo, but then we had the big influxes from Southern Europe and the Balkans which changed the fabric of the country (but remain socially on the outer/under for the large part)(these are the people that @Nikola memorably said (some) of which were never fluent in their own language). Around the late 50s or 60s they wrenched control of the local game, importing stellar players from the continent without paying transfer fees which led to Aussie being banned from the global football family in FIFA. This also led to the rise of our great clubs, the National Soccer League, and spawned Captain Socceroo Johnny Warren may he RIP. Along the way, the women’s game got underway. If the mainstream game was oppressed then the women’s game was triply or quadruply so, players derided as skilless joke [email protected], atrocious facilities, the most outrageous bared faced discrimination you can imagine,and for a long time the women had their own soccer association independent of the men from which one of our key actors emerged. An important aspect of this was Wogs vs Aussies, with the effniks owning the infrastructure and the power structures, and the poor white (often gay, and that has its own weird dynamic) women on the outside. This is the key dynamic we are talking about leading to today’s events, and look now at the names in the Matildas because I can tell you they do not really reflect the ethnic makeup of the wider sokkah community. The next important historical event was the collapse of the old (effnik) NSL and the banishing of its constituent clubs, and its replacement by the (racially agnostic/anglo) A-league and its associated administrative arm the FFA. The anti-Stajcic power clique within and without of FFA arose in this context and you can understand the depth of feeling based on those generations of antagonism. So, without knowing the precise machinations of the beheading of Stajcic, the key players are easy to identify via SM, and I know that that they had the knives out for Staj before he was even appointed (his appointment was delayed due to this).
        The great shame here is that the bizarre antics of FFA have undermined our Women’s team (as they did the Men’s in the previous WC) but because they are held 4 years apart, we may not have such a great group of players next time. You just do not act in this way, especially if your mission is to advance and protect the game.
        On the flip side, there is a heap of talent and participation in this country, and if we can just stop shooting ourselves in the feet every couple of days there’s a good chance we can reap the benefits of it.
        Not an insider, just follow the game keenly.

    • “procurement guidelines breached and private companies engaged before paperwork was signed and without appropriate value-for-money assessments.”

      That’s standard operating procedures now.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Ironic isn’t it? The Democrat strongholds all have the worst social problems and homelessness. WTF?!

      • That’s because republican held cities and states load up homeless people on buses and send them to San Francisco or Portland.. people are given free one way ticket and few dollars to start new life. I had this confirmed by few yanks when last time I visited.. 2 years ago.

      • DominicMEMBER

        Alternatively, the homeless in Republican States are getting themselves onto buses once word gets out that there are housing and feeding programs in these other states, along with needle and methadone programs etc. People go where the free stuff is most abundant — it’s a rational thing to do. The irony being that it makes the problem worse, not better.

      • Living in California all the social funding bills were defeated and I lived there for about 10 years. If you look at the US tech and not in particular, but Jeff Bezos, why he won’t pay tax, yet owns the WaPo and spruks all the leftist mantra. This latest stuff about putting migrants in Dem territory is bogus mostly. I’ve meet some of the partners, via a mate, who are in the big banks there, and they are the same, not in my backyard. What I figured out eventually is it’s all about globalisation, and they couldn’t care, and even despise the poor. I’m going again in August, so I’ll get another dose of it and see what the latest is.

      • Had a lady ask me for money outside Coles tonight. Didn’t look too rough, as in living on the street. Anyway gave her a $5 note. She saw $20 in my wallet and immediately asks for that. I said sorry I have you $5 that’s good isn’t it? Didn’t want to take no for an answer, kept hassling me to the point someone else’s comes up and says I think it was good of you to give her anything and she should be grateful.

        She sort of walked away for a bit. Asked 1 other person who brushed her off and then she didn’t bother with anyone else for a while despite 30 odd people walking past. Comes back asks me again. Firmly say no sorry can’t help.

        I am happy to help anyone less fortunate, but it grinds me the wrong way when people are not grateful, when you come across stuff like that, makes you regret offering people anything.

        She said she needed money for a Hostel, but there are none I’m aware of in the Five Dock area..

      • Gav, reckon after she spotted that red back, the only thing between that $20 and sadly her next hit was you.

    • The only sport l really have any idea is NFL-American football in our household.
      Studies have shown a high rate of brain damage( post traumatic encephalopathy) in past senior players, and even in the younger grades. Autopsies done in a specialist centre(Dallas from memory) are finding rates in excess of 90%. Quite a few of these were self referred- people committing suicide in a fashion doing least damage to their brain,after making sure their organs would go to this specialist centre after death.(Dave Duerson,Junior Seau)
      It’s well correlated with lousy decision making,financial issues ,aggression and marital breakdown.
      The issue of brain damage in NFL has led to changes in tackling rules in lower age grades, and is driving the flight to soccer amongst both white and black populations.
      There are some people who feel it will lead to the long term demise of NFL- hard to see,but the base of the pyramid is certainly shrinking.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I’m certain that after a few clubs, coaches and club doctors get sued that there will be rule changes in the rugby codes and aussie rules. More changes I should say, head knocks were the reason behind the shoulder charge disappearing in rugby and rules about protecting the head in aussie rules.

        There was something last week about 78% of NFL players ending up bankrupt soon after retiring. That’s an astonishing figure. For whatever reason causes it the lesson to be learned is don’t follow their advice.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Clearly didn’t follow the HHH mantra of their more illustrious and successful peers:


      If only they’d listened to Reusa. Or their mums. (who would have all said pretty much the same thing – about Housing – not the Hookers. Probably)

  4. tripsterMEMBER

    What about the protests in Hong Kong. Incredible.

    Something to consider- if these extradition laws are passed, then we might see another exodus from HK like we saw at the time of the handover in the 90s. Maybe that will mean capita flight from HK and more HK Chinese heading to cities like Sydney, juicing RE again?

    • Absolutely 100%.
      That extradition bill brings huge amounts of siphoned Chinese money within reach of the mainland authorities. That money will need to find a new home.

      On a net basis however it may not be enough to compensate for reductions in flows from the mainland. We will have to wait and see.

      This is also not new. Those with money and a brain have been moving assets out for some time now. This is the end game for Hong Kong but it has been brewing for a long time.

      The fantasy of one country 2 systems is over.

  5. Love the photo of the Queen.
    I’m speculating that she’s heard someone in the crowd call her Lizzy

  6. Heywould JaBlowme

    Now hear this, you cvnts. The property boom is back! I repeat, its back


    “I feel like there is a sense of urgency … I’ve noticed even in the past two weeks, properties are going quicker … ones that have been on the market for a while have gone in the past two weeks.”

    Ms Masters said the series of events in the past few weeks had been positive for the market in general but could be to the detriment of buyers trying to get onto the property ladder.

    “What we know is that it tends to bring forward demand … it also ends up driving prices up,” she said.

    So there it is. Buy now or be priced out forever. You loosers.

      • Hmm let’s consider the feelings if you get that purchase wrong, which is a real possibility today and over the medium term: fear progressing to terror, stress, regret, anger progressing to rage, shame, depression (possibly ending in suicide attempts or partner murder if you want to include them in death wishes).
        I hate the gut clenching realisation of a major fuck up. I’m more than happy to wait and see how things pan out over the next couple of years. I’m on a low stress, happy existence rightnow, no need to change that atm as I see no convincing arguments for sustained significant price increases atm. If that changes I’ll reassess.

    • Not where I’m looking it’s not, properties still sitting waiting for buyers. Getting SMS asking for all offers. Will consider any offers!

    • I could get rich if I could work out which cracks first…sellers or buyers.
      Right now it’s a stand off.
      So far, the loosers are RE Agents. I am really losing sleep over RE agents going broke (because I’m wanking)

      • Please. As Any Fule Kno rhe correct usage is “loosing” sleep.

        Sorry to be a pedant, but if we maintain correctness in the small details the large issues will look after themselves.

    • Heywould JaBlowme

      No, it’s just that the loosers who are too dumb to purchase a property commit financial suicide:

      “Even if it was staring them in the face that they should buy the home, they weren’t pulling the trigger,” he said.

      What fools!