Prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty, Gotti

Previously from Gottiboff:

My business friends tell me that when they talk to top government people in China, they are alarmed to discover that China is very unhappy with Australia. China has decided, without fuss, and on a step-by-step basis, to punish us for our bad behaviour. They have chosen to target our soft underbellies like students, coal, apartments and agriculture. The blows are not severe — more like a “rap on the knuckles”.

…Accordingly, China’ s anger with Australia comes not so much from our dealings with the US nor our actual policies. Rather it’s the habit of Australian ministers and government officials to lecture the Chinese officials they meet. And, apparently, sometimes our people even criticise China — in China. Former Prime Minister Rudd caused deep anger when he criticised China in Mandarin but while our recent in-country criticisms have not gone that far, we have culturally offended the Chinese.

And today:

China respects the US and understands its strategy.

There is no respect for Australia. Our mishandling of the China relationship started with Julie Bishop but under the new administration so far there has been no improvement.

We are always going to be mates with America because we rely on it for our defence. But China will not stand lectures from Australia and is responding with financial and personal visit restrictions.

Clampdown on iron ore exports are the way to hit Australia. To date we have been insulated from any such blows by the problems of Brazil’s mine tailing dams but if there is a choice between Brazilian iron ore and Australian iron ore, then Brazil will win.

What Gottiboff never mentions is that it was China’s bad behavior that started it all and we had to push back or it would have gotten much worse. It still will if we don’t push back even more.

What were we supposed to do when it became apparent that Communist Party of China bribes were seeking to undermine due process, ANZUS and democracy itself? Just take it lying down and watch it all drain away?

We were always going to have to pay a price for protecting our liberal system from CPC sharp power. As President Barack Obama once said, prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty.

We should get on with planning for the economic fallout from protecting our freedoms, not plan to kow tow so Gotti’s mates can make hay while freedom dies.

Gotti’s retirement would be a good start.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. The man’s talking his own book. No need to pay attention to anything Gotti says – just leads to unnecessary anger.

  2. Off to to a home for the bewildered for Gotti and his bingo buddies T. McCrann and G. Henderson

  3. So Australia has take China’s bad behaviour without comment?

    Seriously Gotti? Julie Bishop was the only member of the LNP with any balls and she wasn’t even born with them. The rest of them are cowards.

  4. He is old, tired, and can see the end of the grand progressive world view. All of the below is enabled by massive devaluation in purchasing power (hey hey money printing), and the conversion of the progressive dream into a dystopian nightmare.

    (1) Race does not exist – nonsense;
    (2) Men and women are equal – nonsense;
    (3) Global warming has been revealed to be the progressive cults end times fantasy – nonsense. [not withstanding actual issues around climate degradation and ecosystem collapse]
    (4) How many genders exist is the same argument as how many angels fit on a pinhead (theological arguments about made up nonsense).
    (5) The conversion of higher education into a priesthood, complete with selling of indulgences on a massive scale.
    (6) Strange obsession with infanticide.

    He wants to go out like a hero, and like all those would be hero’s, live long enough and become a villain.

    We should stop taking his work seriously, and treat it as an old man reliving the glories of his younger years, when the dream of a happily ever after kumbaya end of history seemed plausible. Let the old man retreat into his daydreams.

    Whats the bet he is going to move to Israel and rediscover the wisdom of the holy books?

  5. robert2013MEMBER

    So China respects the US and does not respect Australia. Gee I wonder why that might be? Could it be because the US has a bigger, better armed, better trained military with real combat experience than them and Australia does not? We won’t get respect by kowtowing.

  6. Gotti is often deranged, but on China not respecting us he’s correct. We are just a resource to be exploited and if they can turn the tap off they will. A proper and necessary housing crash tied to the full exposure of unsafe buildings here would see Chinese-owned apartments up for sale and funds repatriated en masse. China wouldn’t have a problem with that right now. Frankly, I’d like to see them do it so we can have the massive crash and reset we need across the entire economy – before it’s all sold out from under us. That sell out hasn’t long to go before it’s done, dusted and nailed shut.

  7. Trigoscum musn’t be selling enough apartments to the Chinese, hence he was instructed to write about how we should kowtow to China so Trigoscum can make more money.

  8. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Need to find a better picture for gottiturd …..Lance Corporal Jack Jones would have been handy on the bayonet as he defended the empire …..( a good man of his time as he was ) ……………..what could gottiturd do as he “yarned “ with Harry on how to screw the children ?