Population growth surges past 400,000 on rising immigration

By Leith van Onselen

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released its Australian Demographic Statistics for the December quarter of 2018, which revealed that Australia’s population continues to grow manically led by surging net overseas migration (NOM), mostly into Sydney and Melbourne.

According to the ABS, Australia’s population rose by 1.6% in the 2018 calendar year, well above the 35-year average:

The growth in the number of persons in the 2018 calendar year was an insane 404,800, even further above the 35-year average:

Australia’s population growth continues to be driven overwhelmingly by NOM – defined loosely as those residing in Australia for 12 months or more:

While NOM is still below the peak of 315,700 recorded in calendar year 2008, at 248,500 in the 2018 calendar year, it remains way above the 35-year average level of 141,766.

It is also more than 3-times the circa 75,000 average NOM since Federation:

Moreover, as shown below, the proportion of population growth derived from NOM – 61.4% in the 2018 calendar year– remains well above the 35-year average of 49.3%:

Victoria continues to be the population ponzi king, with its population growth at 2.18%. By contrast, population growth in South Australia and Western Australia was 0.8% and 0.9% respectively in the 2018 calendar year:

In pure number terms – which is what matters for infrastructure, housing and overall liveability – Victoria and New South Wales are way out in front in the population growth stakes. In the 2018 calendar year, Victoria added an insane 139,430 new residents, whereas New South Wales added 123,813 new residents:

Immigration into New South Wales (read Sydney) and Victoria (read Melbourne) remained at insane levels of 91,999 and 85,965 respectively in the 2018 calendar year:

This is a disaster in the making. At this pace of growth, Australia will add one million people in just 2.5 years, with the lion’s share flooding into Sydney and Melbourne.

As a result, living standards are being unambiguously smashed. Housing is becoming smaller and is hideously expensive. Roads, public transport, schools and hospitals are crush-loaded. And overall economic and social infrastructure is groaning under the strain.

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  1. Look at QLD getting a nudge on … feels like they’re all coming to live in my neck of the woods

  2. Population growth: the last desperate kick of the can…sadly we’re all jammed in the can

  3. If anyone wants to see the effects of the population ponzi, hop-on metrotrains twitter feed every morning and afternoon peak and read the frustrated and angry tweets of passengers confronted with services running at crush load capacity or even worse, having to miss a train because the previous one was cancelled and the next train that arrives is full.

    • The crushloading is one issue, the other is reliability. Every peak period without fail there is an equipment fault. Look at the tracks and you see old ballast and decaying sleepers. Won’t be long before the network completely fails.

  4. Have not heard BOO from Ms Hanson and some of the independent Senators who were seemingly against these high levels.
    Perhaps they will twist the governments arm in the Senate? won’t hold my breath. One Nation is probably more treasonous to their voter base than the Liberal and Labor parties, at least the big two are openly for mass migration.
    Mr Latham is also conspicuously silent on the migration issue upon being elected to the NSW upper house, all he talks about on his twitter account is slagging off at the ALP, rants about left wing women, Israel Folau, the footy and horse racing.
    #Fakepolticans #Fakeonenation

    • I smell a rat. Why the hell have these people gone quiet? Have they been gotten to? Do they know something that we don’t? Have they been warned that the economy is teetering on the edge and all resources need to be commandeered to prop this rotting pile of shyte up?

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        One Nation and Clive were both stalking horses for the LNP. Allowed to exist to harvest up votes from the far right and channeling those votes back to the LNP in return for favors in kind.

        For Clive, this will be special consideration for mining interests etc; and perhaps the Govt backing off from his nickel plant in QLD. And for Pauline it’s a handful of magic beans.

        Just don’t mention this fact to all those Pauline boosters on this site.

    • Latham is hell bent on fighting against the leftists in the “culture war” and I don’t really blame him.
      Trying to fight against record levels of immigration becoming a pointless endeavour because even though you are right to do it, the actual viability of the economy depends on it.
      So it is only when the “benefits” of immigration collapse under their own weight will anything be done about it.
      Though by then, large parts of Melbourne and Sydney will have turned into pathetic, ugly, overcrowded Second World sh*tholes.

    • I feel like I am more connected with the world; hearing multiple languages spoken in the work lunch room or office floor or out in pubic space; I love the yelling of my neighbours in their diverse mother-tongues; I love getting right up and close with my fellow commuters on a jam-packed tram or train taking in the intoxicating spices of the diverse ethic foods they consume; I love the declining wages which makes me feel more akin to the extended families of my new migrant colleagues who are keen to get here too; I love the longer waiting times at the hospital, it gives me time to absorb more new languages that I don’t get exposure to at work; I love that housing has gotten less affordable meaning I’m in closer proximity to my migrant neighbours living in close-confines due to apartment living. I love it all!

  5. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    ya see, there’s dog boxes to fill, so…..you can eat sh1t as you’re walking aUssie, hurry up, vibrants comin, make room

      • lol

        It is about a woman in Canada who had cancer that went undiagnosed for 2 years due to a lack of GP access and therefore she can not have another baby.

        How good is mass immigration.

  6. I spend anywhere between 2.5 – 4 hours commuting to work and back around Melbourne. I used to be able to leave from the Mornington Peninsula just before 6 and hit the CBD at 7, Now I have to be on the road just before 5.30 or endure gridlock all the way in. The run home is 2 hours minimum without giving 10% of my pay to tolls. The sad truth is that it’s over, these new arrivals aren’t leaving and this city is never going to build enough infrastructure to get back to what made it a great place to live.

    Melbourne is done

    • You’re joking you drive from the peninsula to the city daily? Absolutely phuck that.
      Yes Melbourne is done / cooked / finished; however if you wish you live and work here do yourself a favour and rent a McMansion in the inner suburbs. I made the switch years ago – cannot and will not tolerate the monash / westgate / eastern / ringroad ever ever again. Better still, move to Perth. Australia’s most ‘liveable’ city in my opinion.

    • I go between the Westernport side of the peninsula and Frankston and I think that’s bad enough. Melbourne is so done we’re just getting to the good bits, there’s no way you can hide the death of a once lovely city now. None. RIP Melbourne

      • Takes me 40mins to catch a tram end of Bridge Rd Richmond, to William / Collins St each morning. 25mins by bike. Yeah….city is COOKED!

    • Melbourne is done alright.
      I have noticed lately that the quality of most roads has deteriorated markedly.
      Probably because of all the extra traffic and government funds/roadworks being diverted to getting the major infrastructure projects completed …. which will barely meet demand when they are eventually finished.

  7. F*ck this, its obviously time to take pitch forks to the streets in rage, or nothing will change. The question is, what colour vests should the madding crowd don for the #QUALITYofLIFE CRUSADE ?? Which capital city wants to go first ? I’m happy to bring my post-hole shovel and pick on a march in Perth any time.

      • On second thoughts, the march really needs to be in Canberra, Capitol Hill…. the feds are the ones pulling the wool over the nation’s eyes… taking us for absolute fools… and we oblige !/??

    • what assets?
      housing is doomed; shares, bonds?
      these people don’t buy assets, they can barely afford food

    • We are getting there. Singapore no longer recognizes medical “degrees” from Tasmania!

      The next 5 years are going to be amazing. China will have a shrinking population in 2024 while AU, NZ, Canada, USA, and Britain will be told to continue mass immigration. Some trains in India will be faster than any train in Australia.

      And the corrupt politicians will keep saying, “Australia is the best country in the world”.

      • You’re thinking about the economy.

        Forget that, and consider the amount of water in Warragamba Dam, which is at 53.6% today after having gone down by 1.1% since 29-May.

        Without a major turn in the climate towards lots of rain, Sydney residents will be sucking mud before the next federal election.

        Sure…water restrictions will be applied and the desal plant will be turned on, but you’ve had a massive increase in population over the last 15 years and they all need water, which just doesn’t look like it’s going to be there, and it can’t be magicked into existence. I come from a farming family that used rainwater from tanks, and I know that all the bond issuing and dividend announcements and rate changes and auction clearance rates mean fcuk all when there’s been no rain and there’s no water in the tank to drink and the livestock are dead.

        Here’s the future of Sydney.


      • LS – rough calcs but the last 10 years of migration to Sydney is ~870k. Sydney Water says average user uses 200 litres a day. 870k x 200L / 1m = 174 ML (megalitres) a day, roughly 11% of Warragamba usage. Over a year that is 63,645 ML, or 2.5% of Warragamba’s capacity of 2,581,850 ML.

        Put another way, if we had zero immigration growth in Sydney over the last decade the dam levels would ~14% higher today. Also, we are using a growing % each year for immigration. I don’t think those numbers include all the temporary residents like students.

        Water is the limiting factor. Take long showers and #LetTheTapsRun

  8. So population growth has flatlined in WA and NT, and prices are falling off a cliff in these two states – yet Jericho says house prices have nothing to do with population?? The rest of the country started falling due to the credit crunch – but WA and NT started because their population growth fell off a cliff no?

    Also QLD has quite high growth despite lower immigration compared to NSW and VIC. Is this all due to net interstate migration? Or is QLD popping out babies more too?

  9. As long as house prices are dropping, and with no market for flammable-clad apartments, you can expect the immigration tap to be turned on to the max. SAP had a chance to make a noise in the recent election, but they weakened their message to the point where it was totally ignored.

  10. Major Beauner

    There is something endearing about seeing Australian ineptness and greed destroy Australia.

    It is a thing of beauty.

    A work of art.

    I will watch from afar in regional peace and tranquility as the capital cities become slums and dangerous hell holes.

    I get excited just thinking about it.

  11. It’s not hard to join the dots between any number articles posted today yet here we are, on our knees like Kings Cross hooker looking for the next trick and ticket out of here.

  12. One of the few things that will stop this immigration madness is for unemployment to start rising and hit levels of +10%.
    I’m not sure what exactly would cause this to happen given current conditions but it would sure put our idiot politicians on the back foot when a large proportion of voters really start to howl in protest and the mainstream media joins them.