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  1. Is China’s concern over a possible US dollar shortage risk forcing companies to sell overseas assets? … South China Morning Post

    • China’s need for US dollars to repay debts, pay for imports and fund Belt and Road initiative projects may exceed its US$3.1 trillion in foreign exchange reserves

    • Anbang Insurance Group, Dalian Wanda Group and HNA Group have all been pressured to sell assets amid the trade war with the United States … read more via hyperlink above …

  2. Oh look, a plot twist, but still a kabuki theatre:

    Westpac has made an abrupt about-face, reinstating a key lending restriction on Thursday night after incurring the prudential regulator’s wrath by removing it without approval earlier this week.
    Westpac infuriated the prudential regulator after it went rogue and released a handbrake on residential property lending that has been in place across all Australian banks since 2014.
    A spokesman for the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority said it was surprised a big four bank had lowered the serviceability floor before a consultation process designed to refine the standard had been completed.

    • oh look its a wet lettuce leaf.. laughs.. oh ew.. wait WHAT?

      perhaps the lettuce leaf was soaked in something other than water.

      • Are you to say Peachy that treating everything like a market caused the problem soooooo more market treatment is needed – ?????? – IQMWLTK

      • So where are you at about marginalist economics and esoteric distribution vectors ….

  3. Meanwhile as I look out my window a pod of Whales just cruised by without a worry in the world. They love breaching in small choppy seas……. Less worried about screwing each other over or parasiting off each other.

  4. interested party

    BOSTON – A retired U.S. Army colonel and the chief executive officer of an investment company were convicted today by a federal jury in Boston of conspiring to bribe senior officials of the Republic of Haiti in connection with a planned multi-billion dollar infrastructure project in that country.

    A very good detailed investigative report below.

    Notice a common thread in these criminal cases? Yesterdays post on the nxivm case?, and this one?

    Clinton connections!

    Have you considered that these cases are only coming to fruition because the DOJ and FBI have been cleaned out at the top, and can now prosecute criminal behaviour as they are meant to? It took the failure of the Mueller report to clear the path to all of this exposure and sunlight. Expect more……far more, and far worse.
    The Mueller debacle was designed to stop sunlight, and protect criminals.

    This is going to take time, but it is finally starting to make a difference.

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    • Shudder are you questioning marginalist economics and esoteric distribution vectors …. gads … off with your head commie socialist destroyer of freedom and liberty …