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  1. NEW ZEALAND … The ANZ Bank John Key / David Hisco fiasco …

    Did John Key (check housing market transactions) and David Hisco ever consider the poor and disadvantaged with this totally unnecessary housing bubble … as they milked it for all it was worth ? …

    ANZ’s former boss David Hisco clocked up nearly $450k a year in expenses … Kate MacNamara … Stuff NZ

    Kate Hawkesby: Far too many questions over ANZ boss David Hisco’s departure … New Zealand Herald

    Fran O’Sullivan: ANZ/David Hisco fiasco a sign the bauble has burst … NZ Herald

  2. Oh finally.
    We are paying more for gas than our Asian friends who are using our gas, it doesn’t make sense.

    — Senator Rex Patrick

    As well as the domestic gas quota, Monday’s meeting discussed making the Domestic Gas Security Mechanism more robust in order to force more gas into the domestic market and lower prices.

    The mechanism arms the government with a trigger to force the companies to direct ore export gas to the domestic market to meet supply and to stop prices rising.

  3. haroldusMEMBER

    It occurs to me, we should have a weekly “ask reus” column or day.

    There is a lot of untapped wisdom there……

    • “Untapped” and “Reusa” in the same sentence. Some kind of oxymoron, I’m sure.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        One shouldn’t look while one’s in at all. Makes at least one party feel toats awks being oggled like that.

        At least that’s what I was told the first time I was handed a blindfold. Still not entirely sure what the rationale for the noise-cancelling headphones and tounge sheath is but I imagine it’s similar logic.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I feel extremely sorry for property owners who don’t know how to take care of squatting scum. Sadly it does cost money but done right will ensure that no one else dares ever squat in your empty residences ever again. At 3am in the morning you have heavies smash their way in and do the job. Well.

    • A house around the corner from me lay vacant since 2005. It was being land banked. Anyway, I think local squatters and homeless were using it as shelter and it was a right looking mess. The solution was simple. Bulldoze it, and so they did.

      • There is no easy “Dob in line” at the office of state revenue in relation to vacant residential land (which is subject to penalty tax in some states)

  5. interested party

    In non-housing news….yes, there is such a thing……the Nxivm trial is finished and now awaits the sentencing. The leader has been found guilty on all counts.
    The MSM will push this as just a cult, but if you were paying attention you would be aware that child p0rn and human trafficking are a large part of the proceedings.
    This is not a cult…….it is a collection of child trafficking pedophiles…period.

    Several of the leaders of this thing have very very close connections to the clinton global initiative. You see….to join the CGI is to be invited to join.
    On that note, who could forget this little gem…..

    Also of note…this “cult” NXIVM was operating 11 daycares in Albany, NYC, LA, London, Madrid, Guatemala City, Mexico City, 3 other Mexican cities, & Miami.

    Many very high ranking public figures are now very exposed, watch this space.

    and some say the swamp is not being drained…..