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Leith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.

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  1. Good article on Adani 3 hours ago:

    In theory this would give Adani a margin of just over $12 a tonne, but this doesn’t take into account the cost of shipping the coal to India, nor the cost of paying back the capital that will be needed to build the mine. It’s also unlikely that Carmichael coal will be as valuable as the Indonesian grade, given it has a higher ash content and will need more costly washing.

    Alan Jones rips Adani to shreds!

    Adani could make twice as much buying Indian government bonds.

    I’ve said from the outset, this mob are shonks.

    • So why did he stay schtum before the election when the discussion came about? Hmmm? Sellout pr•ck!

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      This article assumes they will get paid a logical price for power generation in India.

      If Australia is happy to cut its own throat to protect the profit margins of the MNC gas cartels, what do you think the PM of India will do to cover the costs of the guy who bankrolls his political party ?.

      High prices for energy security sound like a reasonable argument……

    • I’m baffled. Can’t work it out. How do you actually do that thing above with the indented quote box? I can’t find any way to format comments at all.

  2. Taxes:

    Breadwinner Husband $110k (USD $75k), Housewife $0k

    Australia: keep $80k, pay 10% GST, expensive houses. Need private healthcare for decent treatment. Expensive council rates.

    USA, Dallas Texas: keep $92,707 (AUD), pay 6.25% GST, cheap houses, company pays for your healthcare. Expensive land tax.

    Is life in Aus $12k/year better than USA? Am I missing anything with this calculation?

    • Industrial scale poverty, endemic gun violence and no health care if you lose your job. There are usually property taxes too. Apart from that, no.

    • I’m into Financial independence and was listening to the ChooseFI podcast the other night. There was a bird who was talking about how her and her husband lived in Atlanta but bought a lakehouse just over the boarder in Alabama. They paid $125k for the lakehouse and when they aren’t using it they rent it out for ~$130 a night – enough to cover the mortgage, repairs and some renos.

      I do fantasise about moving over to the US, but as a doc I’m pretty sure it requires me to redo all training again

      Healthcare costs are a little more than here with insurance, but not completely prohibitive

  3. Article in the Aus about the Mascot tower evacuation..

    “The couple paid close to $1 million for a unit on the fourth floor of the building and moved in a month ago. Their strata fees cost $2000 a month.” – almost blew me head off

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Clearly apartment living is the way of the future for poor people as it is cost effective. I like to jam as many as 4 bunks to a room meaning up to 24 in an apartment at a discounted rent of 250 bucks a week each. Dollar factory. Youse all need to learn how to make profits off of our great situations.