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  1. haroldusMEMBER

    Well going to sleep. Thing about straya is we can lose from anywhere.

    If only we had a decent seam option like Mitch.

  2. Wayne Swan says combating inequality remains ‘Labor’s sacred mission’ – The Guardian

    Half the jobs in America pay less than $18 an hour. – Washington Post

    So put in a wage top up scheme that the ALP took to the 1998 federal election. And restrict house ownership to no more than 2 houses per voter. Sick of psychopaths owning 5 properties each.

  3. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Have you checked our Christchurch New Zealand commercial rental trends lately ? The overall ‘flight to affordability’ internally and externally is well and truly underway in New Zealand … refer 2019 section

    Big city retail and office rents are stable or falling, new report shows |

    … extract …

    … Christchurch

    JLL’s report shows Christchurch retail rents are about one third of Auckland’s in prime areas.

    In the first quarter Christchurch suburban retail rents fell 6.5 per cent and were now between $325 a square metre and $750sqm.

    In the CBD retail rents were stable within a wide range from $475sqm to $1000sqm. Secondary CBD retail rents were falling and were between $250sqm and $500sqm, down 3.2 per cent.

    Transactions in Christchurch showed office rents were under pressure and still declining.

    Prime CBD office rents fell from $340sqm to $325sqm, 4.4 per cent. Secondary CBD office rents fell even more from $243sqm to $213sqm, a 12.4 per cent decline.

    Suburban offices did not fare better with prime space decreasing 3.4 per cent to $213sqm and secondary decreasing 11.8 per cent to $150sqm.

    The industrial market was active with a wide variety of tenants looking to secure space. Vacancy rates remained low and rent levels were rising in some sectors.

  4. And wittingly or not, Hong Kong’s CEO, Carrie Lam (sounds like a dish not a polly), just went there. She is translated as describing the events of yesterday as ““blatant, organised riot.”

    This is very similar to how Deng Xiaoping in late April 1989 unfairly described the initial protests by students in Tiananmen Square. The specific word he used translates to either “turmoil” or “riot” and was significant because it was also used to describe some protestors in 1985 (?) and all of them were hunted down and punished by the authorities. From then on, one of the major demands of the Tiananment Square protestors was for Deng to withdraw that description of them. And the reason they kept insisting that Deng withdraw the remark was because they knew that if he did not their careers (remembering that these were all students at elite universities) and lives would be ruined.

    That would suggest that Beijing has instructed Ms Lam to take a hard line with the protestors, rather than seek to conciliate or reason with them. It has now become a win / lose situation.