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  1. give people, not banks, free money – MarketWatch

    ie, UBI.

    Or make bus travel free for kids.

    • Butbutbutbut…. if you give people the money, they’ll spend it! And then, think of the infleishun maaan! Better give it to professionals who know what to do with it, and already have too much of it so you know they’ll do the right thing!

    • If you don’t fix the fundamental issues throwing a UBI at it won’t change anything E.g. like selling a house only to be back in the market afterwards I.E. you still have NAIRU and a cornucopia of other ideological based economic econnmetrics driving the bus.

      Then some will bang on about papering over stuff, gotta be the biggest band-aid ev’a.

    • For every successful suicide there’s 30 that fail……. Around 75K/year try to exit & it barely gets a mention.

      (Not my first rodeo) I’ve just been through it with my oldest closest school mate. Impulsive spur of the moment while on the turps & the clumsiest work I’ve ever seen a perfectionist do – but good enough to get the job done & for his 20yo daughters to come home to. When the family/inner circle got our heads together we could see some sign in hindsight (some work stress), but not so on an individual basis prior. The silence/indifference/back turning from the second row was utterly astounding – You Just Don’t Talk about That!

      • My sons best mate had the same experience as a 13 YO. His father was a brilliant physicist who had been dragged back from the brink a number of times. Social capital is extremely important too, and for some the only thing that matters. The effects on others can be unanticipated and devastating.

  2. Melbourne Joins uber air -

    “Melbourne will next year become the third world city to test a new app-hailed Uber service that will transport people by air, and other Australian cities could follow if the trial is successful.”

    They’re right, a third world city

  3. Chinese guy (going by the name of Alex – thank you google mail running on his iphone) next to me is reading a large book: 7 habits of highly effective people. Large because it’s printed in font size 16, at 1.5 line spacing. Anywhoo, reading a highly highlighted paragraph about ‘paradigms’… stops, rereads it for the next 10 minutes….stops again, then whips out his iPhone and looks up in dictionary the word ‘interpret’… then clicks on its pronunciation.

    I facepalmed so hard, I passed out and nearly missed my changeover station…

    • Let us know how you go with The Art of War in the original text with your smartphone Ino.

    • I posted the same thing this morning on here, and got accused of being LNP stooge I guess, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • Maybe the accusers need to look in a mirror to see if they have both eyes open……?

        It doesn’t matter the team colours the powermongers signal, a sellout is a sellout, & we all pay for their duplicity – well except for the untouchables at the top who engineer it of course!

    • That’s been my conclusion since being aware of what the pollies are up to. I seriously don’t trust them right across the boards and even down to our councils. It’s rule for themselves, and never for the citizens….does not matter if it’s selling us out either.

    • innocent bystander

      I’ve been told by several r/e agents that it takes about 2 years from the time of trouble before the bank foreclose.
      Higher numbers starting to come thru this year I reckon