Hewson: ScoMo lost in China

Via John Hewson today:

Our positions on China virtually blow in the wind. It seems we simply hope to muddle through, rather than to develop and respond in terms of a well thought out and defined longer-term strategy on our relations with China.

This, in itself, undermines our credibility in Chinese eyes, a nation that thinks, plans and operates in terms of generations. Why should the Chinese take us seriously when we seem to have little concept of our national interest. We are reactive rather than proactive, simply responding, and often inconsistently, as matters arise.

One day we are in the Pacific islands, all bolshie about beating the Chinese in regional infrastructure projects. On others, we are prepared to let some Chinese state-owned enterprises buy one of our ports, or a power distribution network, but not participate in the development of our 5G network. Then there was the embarrassing lack of transparency about the recent visit to Sydney by Chinese naval vessels, followed by our mealy-mouthed position on the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

While we drift, China creeps. It moves patiently, step by step, towards its end game. We’ve seen it in its territorial gains in the South China Sea. While the world bitched and lamented, control of the islands was seized, then military and rocket-launching capacity was established, even raising doubts about fly-over and navigation rights.

…In my view, China will respect us if we clearly know, define and act in accordance with our national interest. This may involve us clearly defining, and sticking with, certain “no go” areas. For example, we may wish to preserve our sovereignty over key infrastructure, certain nationally significant assets, migration and student numbers, and that we will speak out against, and vigorously oppose, what we consider to be unacceptable domestic, regional and international Chinese practices and initiatives, such as human rights breaches, organ tourism and animal cruelty.

Another great piece. Security and defense entities are onto it, if still behind the curve, in part thanks to Home Affairs being so slow to fund the co-ordinated government push back designed by Malcolm Turnbull under former ASIO doyen Chris Teal as the National Counter Foreign Interference Coordinator.

But DFAT and Treasury are absolute China pushovers. And all other departments have no clear direction.

Meanwhile, Labor’s China lackies are muddying the waters and Manchurian Dan is sailing Victoria into some kind of Chinese secession, with WA at risk of the same.

What the push back should look like is:

  • funding for the National Counter Foreign Interference Coordinator;
  • a new white paper clearly outlining our national interests vis the CPC;
  • protecting the Chinese diaspora from Beijing’s influence;
  • demanding the release of Australians held hostage by Beijing (yeh, there are some);
  • underlining our objections to human rights violations;
  • militarising the Pacific in our favour before the CPC does;
  • supporting ANZUS and the rules based order, including freedom of navigation in the South China Sea;
  • seeking new coalitions of like-minded democracies to contain CPC aggression and diversify trade linkages.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is very much on the back foot. It is losing the trade war and its economy has begun to exit the global economy. Hong Kong has become a massive thorn in its side, and it’s losing the polity in Taiwan as a direct result. It has overreached in the South China Sea.

We can remain friendly, and sustain our strong trade links, but it’s time that Australia joined the good fight against the violently repressive CPC.


David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. There is no clarity on policy because the Govt have been warned off offending China by Big Business. Both the LNP and Labor are soft c0cks when it comes to doing the bidding of the monied classes.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      Hewson enlisted Monika Tu to unlawfully sell his existing southern highlands home to a Chinese buyer

      • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

        If a hypocrite makes an opinion that he doesn’t himself follow,
        the opinion can still be correct.

        eg Many neg gearers still oppose NG/CGT discount and vote against it.
        In fact everyone is invested in property and super, but still 49% voted against the boondoggles.

  2. The Government is simply playing a waiting game until Trump is no longer in office, whether that is in 2021 or 2025 is irrelevant as the Deep State and their Globalist allies in the media and our civic institutions are lackey’s of China and we will revert to the status-quo prior to Trump’s election in 2016.

  3. Great article by Dr. John.
    I can see a problem though – To solve this needs people to carefully think it through.

    • No problem is know one in gvt has any balls…eat meat pies drink beer, watch footy how good is queensland…they have no idea of whats gotta be done, the election win proved they had not planed for anything as they thot they were going to loose.

  4. hammac2000MEMBER

    Check out the letters page of the herald today. Mr Russ Couch saying “we should stop being fooled that our “freedoms” are better than theirs (China’s)”. The mind boggles.

    • While there is no doubt that our freedoms are far less than we believe (we are emphatically the most surveilled state in the developed world), China is practically a police state, especially now that Xi has now installed himself as Supreme Being.

  5. turncoatMEMBER

    The blindingly obvious elephant in the room is Chinese migration to Australia. In both the recent NSW and Federal elections the Chinese vote needed to be separately addressed by the politicians. This is a dangerous state of affairs because the CPC has shown itself able to prey upon (i) fears of local Chinese for their families and business ties in China and (ii) understandable ethno-nationalistic leanings towards the ancestral homeland. Immigration has been a wonderful thing for Australia. But it must never become a suicide pact.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      Labor thought it had won the Chinese and Indian vote with unlimited parent visas, but actually dropped in those seats.

      The parties need to do some focus groups before announcing panic policies

      Chat to various people and Consider – The 500k ex Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore family chinese in Australia are not PRC supporters.
      Of the say 400K ex PRC immigrants, probably 300k dont like the PRC and left to get away to a safe haven or to bring money and family to a safer economy .
      So not many potential PRC supporters here, and the government could come up with some policies and maybe gain votes…

  6. robert2013MEMBER

    Sadly, this is the end game of multiculturalism. You can’t conceive of a “national interest” if you don’t in fact have a nation.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Multiculturalism is like so much of the current dictionary, words that must be put up to everyone via the compliant media and social media to ensure everyone can be labeled a racist for not joining the cheer squad. The real challenge is to put forward the reality that almost everyone in every nation is racist in some form, so using the blame and shame term ‘Racist’ is just self hatred and applies to everyone anyway.

  7. Scummo’s masters have commanded him to maintain positive relationship with China so they can make $$$$$$$.
    Scummo does what he is told.