China steals everybody’s ANU data

Via Domain:

China is the key suspect in the theft of huge volumes of highly sensitive personal data from the Australian National University, which intelligence officials now fear could be used to “groom” students as informants before they move into the Australian public service.

The hacking, which occurred despite the government’s elite electronic spy agency last year helping the university bolster its cyber defences, hoovered up 19 years’ worth of personal data including bank numbers, tax details and academic records of students and staff.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age can reveal the intelligence community fears the data will be used to target promising young students in the hope they can be used as informants as they move through their careers, notably in government departments and even intelligence agencies.

I’m alarmed by the Communist Party of China but that seems a little paranoid to me. What are they looking for: Asian Studies majors? They’re not that hard to find.

I’d put this more in the category of geo-political saber-rattling. You know, ‘keep supporting the US and we’ll fuck you up’, kind of thing.

Either way, Cold War 2.0 going great guns!

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