China seeks WA ‘Belt and Road’ secession

Via The Australian:

China is pushing for Western Australia to join Victoria in signing up to President Xi Jinping’s controversial Belt and Road Init­i­ati­ve, with a senior official urging the McGowan government to seize the “historical opportunity” of a deal aimed at boosting trade and investment links.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews broke ranks with federal Labor and the Morrison government last year when he signed a memorandum of understanding with Beijing on the BRI, viewed in Canberra as a vehicle for Chinese regional and global expansion.

The four-page MOU signed in October stated that Victoria and China would “work together” under the BRI to promote the “connectivity” of policy, infrastructure, trade, finance and people­, while acknowledging that Victoria was “welcoming and supporting” of the BRI.

From WA hansard last year:


1086. Hon CHARLES SMITH to the minister representing the Treasurer:

I refer to the recent visit to China by the Treasurer.

(1) Did the state government seek advice from commonwealth agencies on national security implications and espionage risks before the Treasurer undertook his trip?

(2) Is the state government considering signing up to Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative?

(3) Given the mounting evidence of Beijing’s interference in Australian affairs, why did the McGowan government pay Huawei $206 million to maintain a public transport media data network despite national security concerns?

I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question.

(1) In preparing for the Treasurer’s recent visit to China, the Western Australian Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation worked closely with the commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including on travel advice for the Treasurer.

(2) An offer has not been put to the state government.

(3) Please direct this question to the Minister for Transport.

In the new Cold War it is all about signalling. Yesterday we had the signal that China can sail into Sydney and, short of war, pressure us to do anything it likes, even on Tianenman anniversaries.

Today China wants WA to signal to the world, just as Manchurian Dan has done, that it owns Australia and that’s OK with us.

Canberra sets foreign policy. The states should not secede on it.

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  1. DominicMEMBER

    In short, CPC identifies a struggling economy (or a corrupt administration – either will do) and jumps on the opportunity ..

    • the attempt to bring Australia into China’s hegemony wouldn’t be so worrisome if they weren’t colonising us with their overseas students at the same time.

    • dissonanceMEMBER

      Yeah right, HnH another east coast parasite happy to see WA take it up the chutney for king and country. I won’t ask if you have forgotten that resource projects are not just WA’s life blood but the blood the rest of the country drains from WA to live off, you never understood in the first place. If we don’t do business with the Chinese then 50% of mines will close down and none of the new ones will start up. That might be great schadenfreude for more stories gloating about the economic and housing downturn West Aussies are suffering through but it won’t help non-productive part of the Oz economy (read East Coast) continue to live beyond their means. It’s pretty clear one can do ‘Belt and Road” business with the Chinese while maintaining a different way of life and protecting one’s sovereignty.

      • @dissonance I hope you enjoy your new Yellow Dawn over in WA, I hear they have little tolerance for leftist lunacy so that might be a good thing as long as you’re prepared to be a second class citizen.

      • I was thinking that when I read the quadruple-dip recession article…that’s where our income comes from, right? So can’t be too long before the rest of Oz looks the same.

      • Australia’s resource bounty is dumb luck. WA’s is the dumbest of dumb luck. Good luck with all that.

      • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

        Talk of WA secession always ramps up during mining/ag booms but then quietens down once said boom finishes and Perth people realise how screwed the state would be without the East Coast propping them up again.

        On the plus side – Aussie Rules would actually be an international sport !

      • Lenny, WA and/or Nth qld would be more than happy to secede and take our chances. Where the f#ck do you think the majority of the country’s export income is generated ??
        You get to keep foreign students, the predatory and unproductive FIRE sector, mass immigration and the nutbag greens, we get to dig with no interference! What’s not like about it.

      • Well said dissonance.
        Those here that bow to the World Bully, the United States of America, should worry about the way it defaults on promises no longer held in esteem.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        @ dissonance, Do you actually think it is a good idea to sign up the BRI? Please explain yourself.

      • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

        Carl – works fine as long as the world takes iron ore because there really is SFA WA has to offer outside that. Ag is marginal and LNG profits all go straight offshore.

        As we have seen numerous times in WA’s history, once commodities slump the state is back with the begging bowl in its hand.

      • Carl,

        Sooner rather than later, WA and north of Tropic of C will be auctioned off to highest bidder. Just like Lousiana and Alaska purchases 🙂

  2. HadronCollision

    isn’t it the case the chinese navy can be told no visit/docking
    this was allegedly planned long ago
    it’s not like they just turned up

    • @HadronCollision the attempts to downplay the visit by the Federal Govt is what is worrisome, they thought people wouldn’t notice three Chinese warships entering Sydney Harbour un-announced.

    • You have to wonder what intel they picked up about our harbour, waterways and other points that militarises like to collect on their competitors?

      • @jc2610 they already have this sorted via the vibrant and diverse recruitment policies of the APS.

    • And Education, and Home Affairs, and Trade and Investment, and Agriculture and Primary Industries.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Kevin Rudd surrendered Australia in 2008. It’s just that some of us were a bit slow to catch on. I know I was. I was too busy banging on about stupid first home owner’s grants so missed the big picture.