China remembers Tianenman by sending warships Downunder

Just in case you’re tempted to take that China bribe.

Meanwhile, at News:

The arrival of three Chinese warships into Sydney Harbour yesterday morning came as a huge surprise to most Australians.

Their visit was kept so quiet that even the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian wasn’t aware Sydney’s Garden Island would be playing host to three huge naval ships and more than 700 foreign sailors.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s offhand assurance it was not a surprise and no more than a “reciprocal visit” didn’t do much to quell the questions about why the public was left in the dark.

…Australian Strategic Policy Institute executive director Peter Jennings said the advanced nature of the ships showed just how much of a major player China had become in terms of military force.

…“It is definitely a show of force. You can’t send three large warships into a foreign port without it being a show of force,” he said.

…He also blasted the sensitive timing of the visit in relation to the Tiananmen Square massacre as “spectacularly bad” and branded not informing the Australian public of such a significant visit a failure of the government.

But ScoMo has fixed everything.

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