Weekend Reading: 18-19 May 2019

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  1. Jobs are drying up for high-IQ workers in Australia. Combined with the high taxes and COL in central Syd and Melb, there is really no point in being here. If you want money you’re better off being a tradie, where you can run a small business and optimise your taxes.

    You’re better off at the forefront of technology or some other industry in the USA or Asia. Or, start your own business and work in South America, SE Asia, E Europe for the cheap cost of living. The workers there are smart but they lack leadership and direction, and a familiarity with the mindset of the Western consumer, which you can provide.

    In Australia there is no impetus to improve anything. All the big corporate just throw bodies at the problem.

    This is a hidden downside to mass-immigration. If we had zero net migration, and a stable population, we would have proper full employment and high labour prices. The savings on welfare and infrastructure could be returned with income tax cuts. Immediately the high-IQ population would be set to work optimising businesses and processes, and using automation and robotics in order to defray those labour costs.

    Where do you think the next generation of business and production processes will be invented, and then exported from? Not Australia – probably the USA, as long as they can gain control over their Southern border. 100,000 illegal immigrants caught there *monthly* – insane.

    Mass-immigration is the enemy of all classes. The only beneficiaries are lazy and uninspired corporate leaders who don’t want to improve or innovate, and don’t want to secure their own future.

      • Left the country two years ago. Went from earning $120K to $40k, same material quality of life, happier.

      • Well done. Looks like you somehow managed to escape the Moron Side of the Force.

    • R&D makes up a tiny percentage of the Aussie economy – perhaps the worst in the OECD.

      And the fake left imports exam cheats and visa frauds en masse.

      The fake left wants AUS to be a low-wage nation, so the smartest Aussie graduates keep moving to Europe and USA to get a bigger salary. Nothing will be invented here.

    • bobby bouygues

      Serious question: why are trades still so expensive in Oz and what could disrupt this? I am a professional who moved to Europe for some of the reasons outlined above, but know many tradies who made more than I did in Oz (i am a lawyer). Difference is I was a wage earner and they pay next to no tax after various deductions and running it all through family trust. What keeps it so high?

      • ChristopherJMEMBER

        Supply and demand and we have not producing enough qualified trades in some sectors.
        Mining attracted many and the higher wages on offer forced city employers to raise wages to stem the tide. We are still getting over this.
        Construction demand has been dropping rapidly and many construction trades are now looking at 12 months and more where they might only get 40 to 60 per cent of the work they’ve been used to. This will bring down their going rate considerably. I’m hiring skilled people for my house renovations at $30 cash, Laborers are willing to work for $20

        Cost of living is Australia is very high – also a factor in what people are willing to work for.
        Finally, people overlook the considerable investment in setting up even a modest one man operation. They just look at the hourly rate and forget the equipment, the vehicles, the training, the tickets you need, and the insurances.

        Other trades might pipe up, Aussies are relatively expensive, but there are lots of reasons for that situation

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        My mate who used to work for me gets $500/hr when he does on site machining but not without reason. When he quotes it is below his competitors as he is faster and more accurate which can save the clients expensive machinery. He has extreme talent and becomes part of the machine which brings tears to your eyes. some actors and musicians get more than him for less talent. Its a stressful job, one mistake can ruin.

      • No one wants to get their hands dirty. It aint easy being a plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc so if your willing to do the dirty work you can charge your arse off to artsy people who have no real hand skills and can’t even pick up a screwdriver. Tradesmen have just as much right to charge high as do professional services. You get paid to either use your brain only in professional jobs, or you get paid to use your hand skills, physical labour and brain in trades. There is also a very high legal responsibility in the licensed trades too.

      • Tiler $70/hr I just paid . He’s very very good
        I earn 65hr gross an hour /125k a year

        His work would be lumpier and super and leave etc comes from that , but he has a 4 month wait so is work full time

        I’m an engineer / sys integration / continuous improvement / data analytics in health

        So it’s an interesting comparison

        Remember – skilled labour isn’t cheap and cheap labour isn’t skilled (in general) irrespective of what you do

      • Another factor is traffic. Tradies used to do four jobs a day in Sydney, but now they can only do three because it takes so long to drive from one job to another. There would have been an opportunity in 2009-10 for people to get renovations done at a reasonable price, but Rudd and Guillard decided to employ all the builders on school projects at inflated prices. After that came the building boom, so traders were all busy working on new high rise. Maybe the next will be retirement homes for elderly immigrants.

      • $200 per week to work as an apprentice?

        Very viable to live on $200/week! Not.

        I read that immigrants from China and India just want to work as accountants and IT men. We need to ban foreigners from working as accountants, IT men, truck drivers, couriers, etc.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Jobs are drying up for high-IQ workers in Australia.

      “I got a high IQ and I’ve always got meself heaps of Plumbin jobs to do.”

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Ermo, you may undercharging for your talent. Anyone at the top of their field can command premium remuneration no matter what their vocation. Even if your primary motivation is job satisfaction over income, your job satisfaction may be enhanced with better tools and less financial stress.
        btw he put his family before those 3–6 monthly machining stints in Dubui, India, China and Indonesia getting 15k/wk tax free working for a boss, now content to stay working from home.
        btw2 beat him up the hill again this morn thanks to Afund’s coaching.

      • @BE … well done again. Glad that’s working for you. It’s getting into the anaerobic zone and out on those intervals. I think I told you we used to train “running” sprints up the sand hills near Williamtown Airport near Newcastle and I could never make it to the top, but your heart just went into the red. We’d do six or so, and on the runs we’d do a power pole sprint, and the next jog, and repeat for at least 20km. On the cycling we do similar, but stretch it out to traffic light spacing, and the other one which is a killer is big chain ring/11 tooth on the cassette and ride as far as you can as fast as you can. I’ve done 20 k like that and your legs are done after that, but the pros would do way more that that. The other thing they is is spin cadence at 200 in small chain ring say 28 on the cassette. I actually rode with the Gaz Prom team last year in Jan I think it was. I was smashing myself to keep up and they were doing that sh1t. It was amazing to see as they were not bouncing on the saddle. I’ve spun to maybe 150-160, but not doing 45km/h like they were. Juiced up is what we said after they dropped us.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        I’m in awe of that cadence but others can’t understand 68 chainring with 11 on cluster to Palm Beach only occasionally changing down on the bigger hills but that was when I was a young man in my mid fifties a far cry from my early thirties that snapped many crank axles. Beyond my comprehension those high rev’s let alone any distance.
        btw demoralized him with the final sprint and he asked where that came from. He said whenever he got leg burning he would always back off. My reply was we always sought that in the gym to ensure muscle growth, so expect him to push through next time.

      • @BE .. you must have been strong and fit back in the day. I saw a guy break a pedal shaft on the right hand crank one day as I was coming up a hill, and he nearly took me out so I stopped, but looking at his gearing it looked like some you’ve talked about. He was a Brit and was super fit. He said he’d been up at 85km/h on the flat just before that, which is f’ing amazing to be able to push those big gears. I’ve seen the pro’s push 70-80 a few times and that is impressive. I can do it down big hills lol

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Over the past 20 years, Australia has trained far more Lawyers is needed and fewer tradies. In my experience, a skilled tradie is far more intelligent, creative and resourceful than the average Aussie lawyer!
      That said, if you want a job where you can really use your brain, you have to start your own company. There is a dirth of thinking and strategy roles in corporate Australia. “Utopia” is really a documentary.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Oi, Harry. We have a school captain in our midst. Let’s leave the academic stuff to him eh.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Client got a cheaper tig welder person now atm I’m repairing his titanium and nickel cathode broken welds.
        Have noticed clients, trying to electric repair themselves, 1 mechanic boss put loose contactor and thermal overload wires in any terminal available, so had to completely start from scratch and use latch from one to power solenoid to next stage to avoid all motors starting at once. 2 instrument technician owner wanting to cut our section of data cable from encoder to computer. I found 2 other faults in CNC system for him as well .

    • Nice start but about half way through it jumped the shark and ended with Utopian drivel.
      Don’t get me wrong, if the circumstances had unfolded differently we could be living your technocratic dream world, but that’s not what happened and many would say that it never could happen because mineral wealth is both a blessing and a curse. Things could have worked out better, things could have worked out worse (look no further than the many mineral rich African nations that can’t escape poverty), for me the real purpose of economic diversity is to provide stable foundations from which our more risky undertakings can profit and thereby create real value from the nations Human capital.
      In today’s Australia we lack the stable manufacturing base upon which one could build a high reward / high risk venture. The weak foundation problem creates a very risk averse business community which for any Technocrat is a living hell. No dream of a better / bigger /stronger / faster….product will ever be willing given the oxygen it needs to survive, most will be strangled at birth, some will make it to adolescence but none will see adulthood. If they ever did the tech community would start to put down solid foundations and that’s what will never be tolerated in Australia, that’s the Mineral curse at work, it’s also precisely why our Human capital must adopt a subservient role.
      Imagine we didn’t need to develop our mineral wealth…would the rest of the world tolerate an Australia that wasn’t subservient?

    • you’re a smart man Jonno – would do the same if I were a young bloke starting out. ….. am doing the retiree’s version – split my time between Oz and US

  2. haroldusMEMBER

    So tonight, we reckon Bill?

    Feral senate? We can but hope I guess.


    Well, never had any complaints.

    • I’d say so. Be interesting to see what the poo does if labor gets in too. I think it would be less lively than if the fvckhead gets another term as PM.

      • I suppose if Labor is expected to win then its already priced in, whereas a surprise Lib win might sent Le Poo up … and a surprise Green majority would send it to 40c.

        (NOT a proposed voting strategy…)

    • Voting.. so my choice is shoot Australia in the left foot or the right foot 🤔

      • Yeah I can’t remember agonising over a vote as much as this one. And that was for the last 3 spots on House of Reps. I’m hoping for a feral-ish Senate.

      • Lol, exactly Popcod. It’s not the top spots i’m thinking about, it’s the order of the last ones!

      • With all those bizarre micro parties, the senate could be truly feral.
        I suspect The Australian Democrats might rise a little from the dead.

      • Same! Same! It was the last spot that was so tough I really didn’t want to vote for either of the big two.

    • Feral senate and Murdoch press worse with every passing day. Shorten will be crucified in short order unless he can move the dial big time.

    • I put Sust Australia one, then a bunch of nobodies, then ALP just ahead of Lib, and lastly the far right and far left nutters.

      Pretty unsatisfying because you know someone you ranked about 7 or 8 will get up.

  3. 12 May 2019

    Labour would trial universal basic income if elected, John McDonnell says

    “Of course it’s a radical idea,” McDonnell said. “But I can remember, when I was at the trade unions – campaigning for child benefit and that’s almost like UBI – you get a universal amount of money just based on having a child.

    “UBI shares that concept. It’s about winning the argument and getting the design right.”

    Ban slavery? No way!
    Allow women to vote? No way!
    Medicare for all? No way!
    Income for all? No way!

    Announcement comes as Labour tops poll for general election voting intentions

    “The reason we’re doing it is because the social security system has collapsed,” Mr McDonnell added.

    “It could dramatically reduce poverty, insecurity and the use of food banks while saving on the bureaucracy of current social welfare administration.”

    Mr McDonnell told the Sunday Mirror people would be able to spend the money however they wanted, but the intention was for it to be used to study, set up a business or leave work to care for a loved one.

      • It’ll be interesting what will show up today and how involved spam bot gets. The bot may need a big dose of amphetamine to make it through. Pray for spambot.

      • If the global population had been as mobile 150 – 200 years ago as it is today, Straya would have long looked like a mixture of England, India and Hong Kong by the time the Great British Empire split up.

        What *really* happened, of course, was the global population mobilized by the Great American Empire facilitated similar movements of peoples, if only at a greater scale and to greater geographical reach.

        In any case, it is not determined by Strayan electorates. Once you sell off your country, it is gone for good. So what might or might not happen today is largely irrelevant.

        An inappropriate prime minister, if reached office by a string of freaky accidents, can be legally sacked by the governor general.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        I’d like to see *everyone* with a large dose of amphetamines, smashing away at keyboards like an infinite number of monkeys producing the collected works of Shakespeare.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Amphetamines? I reckon Scummo is on the goey. Motormouth, can’t sit still, profuse sweating, knocking down beer after beer to quench thirst. Probably helps him speak tongues too.

  4. This is from a month ago. Here’s Bernie Sanders doing a tv version of a town hall meeting in Fox News. He does a good jump of talking through the presenters to reach the viewers. He’s not as effective as Trump but they both get a lot out from recognising the media is mostly a hindrance when trying to get something across.

  5. http://www.vision.net.au/~apaterson/aviation/pd89_document.htm

    This is dry reading and I doubt anyone here would be interested in reading it. But I post it due to Bob dying. Many old pilots will be celebrating his death due to his very unusual actions during the 89 pilots strike. I know guys that still to this day won’t go into a room with other pilots that helped break the strike. Anyone who calls Hawke a great labor leader should read it, as he was a dog in this regard. He really was the start of the rot of the labor party.

    If I ever see his, or keatings, or howards graves, i’ll be pissing on them all. Sellout cvnts.

    • Well, you may have to look after your mates – Abels. Rumour was Abels facilitated Hazel to stay around as PM consort.

  6. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    … BRITAIN …

    Glum faces, a speech to an empty room and a hurried exit as Theresa May’s campaign turns into a wake … UK Telegraph (behind paywall)


    As photographs go, it told a thousand words about the beleaguered state of a premiership on the brink. If Theresa May had hoped her unannounced appearance in Bristol would be a pleasant surprise for Tory MEP candidates, then they had a funny way of showing it.

    With the Brexit Party riding high in the polls and Mrs May under growing pressure to set a timetable for her departure, the glum look on the candidates’ faces appeared to suggest that they would rather the Prime Minister was anywhere else but in their constituency on Friday. Read more via hyperlink above (behind paywall) …

    • That was good. This was my favorite observation. It highlights that we seem to know the cost of everything but the value of nothing. We don’t think about the future well and when we try to we don’t know how to cost it.

      “Dr Hepburn points to China, the US and Sweden as countries that take stockpiling seriously, with Sweden stockpiling food and water, too.

      The reason so many others are underprepared is simple: prepping can bring upfront costs, even if it’s cheaper in the long-run.

      Capitalism and democracy make long-term planning complicated — upfront investment skews budgets, not a good look for any politician seeking re-election. And there’s no major measure like GDP or surplus that tracks “how we’ll cope if TSHTF”.”

  7. Has George Megalogenis lost the plot. – “A campaign conducted on the basis of delusion” Just as it did in 2007, Labor has fought the election as if mounting global storm clouds do not exist.
    What about LNP and old RupNews mates and their triple delusion?

  8. At least there is one accurate reflection. From Guy Rundle:
    “All of that was abandoned to hand over society to the market with some backstop. Inequality yawned wide, wage power fell. The second round of tariff cuts destroyed inner-city working-class worlds, privatisation created the competition-free rapacious oligopolies that give us the highest service charges in the world. Keating let Rupert take over The Herald and Weekly Times and here we are in the Murdochracy… The country after Hawke and Keating is one now so individualised in form, and so Murdochised in content, that even the most modest and sensible social democratic programs struggle to get a hearing”

    When Hawke was elected in 83 the Labour share of GDP was around 58% at the end of the Hawke Keating “reform” period it was at about 48% where it has stayed ever since.

    36 years later it should be clear for everyone that “consensus” – holding down real wages to boost profits and load workers up with debt to fill the balance – really meant capitulation.

    • I feel I must step in to defend Hawke from the criticism of recent days.
      1. Strikes: These were very frequent during the 1970’s, and up until 1983/84 but improved enormously after the Accord was signed. I don’t think Hawke can be blamed for strikes that may have happened during his first few months of office.
      2. Neoliberalism: The reduction in tariffs was very necessary. They were making the economy very inefficient. You have to keep in mind that Thatcher and Reagan were in power at the time, and Hawke did his best to hold back the tide of the global neoliberal zeitgeist.
      3. Privatizaton: On balance, I would say that CBA and Qantas should have been kept in government hands. But, this is very trivial compared to the huge disaster of Howard/Costello selling Telstra (leading to stuffed NBN, etc.)
      4. The collapse of the Victorian economy was entirely due to mismanagement by the STATE government. NSW was chugging along quite well at exactly the same time.
      5. When Hawke left office, there were no fewer than four car manufacturers in Australia, and a lot of other manufacturing as well.
      I would agree that Hawke/Keating DID stuff up on some other issues – including University privatisation, interest rates, and failing to introduce the GST (but this was more Keating than Hawke).

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        You have to remember as well that Hawke and Keating inherited the impossible from Treasurer Rodent…double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates. Change was needed to fix up that mess. Did they grasp onto something they thought could bring Oz back to earth or were they thinking as what we now call neo-liberal?

        I’ll go with Hawke tried to fix and Keating was further along the neo-liberal road.

      • CBA sale and banking deregulation was what destroyed the country

        Firmly in Hawke/Keating Lap

      • They were probable the best gov from what I read and Keating seemed to be a bit of a d1ck though with a potty mouth, but bloody funny some of the things he said. And the Libs definitely killed manufacturing, but it was Whitlam that killed the semi industry we were taught at uni. Not sure of the details though. It probably didn’t matter as we were just a mining and housing economy. Anyway now we’re f….d no matter what happens today. We don’t have leaders with vision, just leaders with self interest.

  9. Just been down to the local high school/ polling booth to help the missus set up the Democracy Cake stand (to raise money for the shool’s art department). Sadly it is at a disadvantage the Democracy Sausage stand because you just can’t compete with the smell of BBQ onions.

    At 7.30 the queue to vote was already over 100 people long!

    • ChristopherJMEMBER

      Been meaning to vote early, but kept putting it off.
      So, down the local primary school (Edge Hill) by 805. Raining too. 20 minute wait to get to head of queue. Some people are going to have a long wait. It”ll be worth it tonight though.

      And, at least with Lovey we get to vote as a bloc. Had a prev wife who’d vote the opposite – anyone else had this?

      • I was school captain of that place. I got to wear a badge, go to things, and I can’t recall actually doing anything else. Unfortunately I was never approached by the manufacutuers of fizz wizz, nerds, dweebs or red frogs and bribed to get sugar into school. A year of free sugar and I’d have caved in a moment. A complimentary mega drive or super nintendo, for research purposes, would have had me pushing for video games classes at the expense of something else. I could have been bought so very, very easily.

      • I know, it’s a random fact of negative worth. I just hadn’t thought of it in a very long time. Did high school prefects have to do anything apart from wear a badge and go to things?

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        @CJ Well, minimally this one’s smart enough to at least tell you she votes the same way. So definitely a a step up and a keeper. And no, never had an issue with a missus’ politics.

        @School Captain, not Head Boy?

        All Boys high school myself. Ah, those were the days. Brings a tear to the eye just thinking about them.

    • I was in the queue at 8:00am at the polling station at a local school in the division of Jagajaga. The queue was about 50 long. I was in and out in 10 minutes. Voted Fake Left #1 and LNP Cock-Wombles last for the lower house and Sustainable Australia #1 for senate. They were still setting up the BBQ so no democracy sausage, so I cooked sausages and bacon on the BBQ on the deck back at home. Beautiful fresh sunny morning here in Melbourne. Happy voting MB friends.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Haven’t we got a bunch of champions to vote for?

        There’s always the snag after I suppose.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        I teed off yesterday on the main street of Belmont (3216). At the edge of the Corio and Corrangamite electorates both Marles (ALP Corio) and Henderson (Lib Corrangamite) were there to intrude into the reveries of the 100 or so punters queuing with a fearful handshake or to proffer a how to vote.

        As a reasonably solidly built man I have cultivated an attitude of barely suppresed hatred for nearly all candidates, which could burst into physical violence at the slightest tremor – which helps to subdue the urge to serve up faux bonhommie amongst both candidates and associated electorate hangers on. Marles (sitting on a margin of 20%+) held out a how to vote flyer in my general direction in such a way as to enhance its defensive utility in the event i tried to nail the bastard and give him a kicking – and then quickly turned to the next punter. Henderson (Corrangamite on less than 1%) asked if i was in her electorate or Corio. When i replied the latter she rightly observed she wouldnt give me another flyer – which i thought indicative of an intelligence wasted in a government so palpably neanderthal. A stray Christian lobbyist however fired up my hatred for the entire body politic with a 3 minute exhortation vis god, ably helped by a Green grandmother who exuded self righteousness, and a Clive Palmer man who was the embodiment of the word ‘huh?’. An old prick said something about the ALP slugging pensioners with franking credits changes very loudly as i was close. I replied every bit as loudly he wanted a handout, and that I’d rather give that to single mothers and sick kids – which triggered a laugh and a hand clap sufficient to shut him up.

        I got in and got my forms and wrote four 0’s against the boxes for the House of Reps, and proceeded to number every senate candidate with the trifecta for Sustainable Australia and David Collyer.

        The mood on Friday was aged and fairly contemptuous of the fraud being put over us. I could hear the word immigration being uttered. The fear of the voters by the candidates and their sidekicks was palpable. It was all a long way from my first voting experience. Back then i wanted to vote and thought every vote counted. In 2019 i just wanted to get my constitutional obligation out the way, and to resume the guerilla warfare against Australia’s body politic, the media, and the vested interests gaming aspiration and economic justice.

      • Thanks Gunna. I voted on first dah of early votes. My body language kept everyone 10 ft away😐

      • Thanks Gunna. I voted early in Menzies. My local member, Kevin Andrews – set to rot in hell – tried to smile at me. I simply looked him in the eye and said ‘Last’. The Greenie, encouraged, popped up next ‘Second Last’. She tried to tell me the environment issue was the only thing that mattered. I had to point out the Greens had allied conservation to Marxism, which would kill us faster. She didn’t understand.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Did you notice how much Zali supporters/helpers greatly outnumbered Tony’s but a lot of voters still had either only Tony how to vote cards, or all cards.

      • Lots of Zali and Tony supporters where I was. Others too.

        I took my 9 year old son. I was quite proud of him when he looked at all the HTV cards and decided that Susan Moylan Coombs should get my vote ( Inoht here second).

        I was less proud of him when he said I should vote for Animal Justice in the Senate, while he was eating his second democracy sausage. Still, I put them 11 and 12 after SAP.

    • Yes… our local school here in Banks & also other polling stations were unbelievably quite this time… I went straight in… normally takes 20min or so. Apparently up to 900 people a day had been casting pre votes in Hurstville.

  10. Graham Young On-Line Opinion exit poll


    Have been participating in this series for a few years, primarily because it has lots of free comment areas on why I’m voting one way or another. The last generated report was notable in relation to immigration – this appears to be becoming more of an issue and the themes were not so much boatpeople or refugees, but the overpopulation crush loading phenomena on congestion, hospital and services so frequently discussed here.

  11. Had a family dinner last night. My kids, my sister and her hubbie, my Mum. So three generations of intelligent middle class voters. I asked if anyone had heard about the Labor parental reunion visa policy. None of them had.

    My sis used to work in Medicare IT, and her first words after her eyes stopped bulging and her jaw stopped swinging were “That’ll smash Medicare”. They were all appalled. My Mum thought I was pulling her leg.

    FMD. What awful choices we’re faced with today.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I concur. An awful choice. So instead I’m going with Frank Zappa interviews and afterwards a long bike ride inspired by this morning’s Tour of California finish.


      That’s today’s tip. Do things that will cleanse the stench of what you had to vote for today.

      • True: 😡
        Now if we had issue based direct democracy… like Flux proposes… they couldn’t say that & I wouldn’t have changed due to this deal breaker of a policy..

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      Same – mentioned the same last night at a Family birthday. Mother, sister and brother in law hadn’t heard a word of it reported. Brother in law didn’t believe me, had to google it and look it up – then went on an epic rant that I’d have been proud of.

      Outside of Macrobusiness and the Murdoch press it has received nearly a complete media ban. Certainly the ABC is doing its best 3 monkeys impersonation.

      • Truth is hate speech

        A well-meaning lady outside the local high school (mandatory government camp) was handing out fliers saying ‘check out how much different candidates support the ABC’, I quipped ‘Hopefully as little as possible’ – if looks could kill haha! What else were my impressions, a lot of well-intentioned folk across the political aisle who don’t have the slightest clue what’s going on in the world. It’s really quite heart-breaking. ‘Politics is downstream from information, control the information and you control politics’. Anyway, will be interesting to see what unfolds, hoping for some metaphorical Molotov cocktails to be thrown at the globalist establishment (two party sham). Peace out.

    • I told the Labor volunteer the parent visa had cost them my vote. He told me that the LNP has the same policy. The lady from the Australian Conservation Foundation told me we don’t have to lower immigration, we just have to change our lifestyle.

    • +1
      Yes, variation of the same story here at to a couple of families with children requiring reasonably frequent medical care.

  12. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Hey bosses, have you cleansed the comment section just because election? You know, in case any potential SAP voters wandered by.

    Will troublemakers be pardoned like Conrad Black was?

    • Truth is hate speech

      That’s a very cryptic comment. I voted SAP as reducing (weaponised) immigration is the most urgent objective we have.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Just thinking that some of the more outlandish comments could chase away a timid voter.

      • Ditto. Turbo-charged immigration is crushing healthcare, education, infrastructure, transport, housing and amenity.

  13. Just back from voting and I am shocked what I noticed. Every single person that picked up “how to vote cards” were holding Liberal leaflets. This is disturbing to see in an area that is 100% working class. So my guess is these people have debts to their eyeballs because of their 2-3 IPs and think they are now part of the Elites. How is it possible they can’t see that every Libs policy works against them??

    Also, I am happy to say I have convinced at least 3 people to vote SAP. Two were Labour and one Liberal supporter.

    • I picked up all how to vote cards to help me figure out how to vote independently, have quite a few independents in my electorate that I couldn’t figure what their policies were, but they were going ahead of lnp, labor, greens in last place, so I needed to figure out who was preferencing who in order to vote how I wanted. Did they only have lnp how to vote cards?

    • My electorate is going to be very interesting, it’s been a liberal electorate for years but this time it feels like it might have a chance at going elsewhere hence me taking care at voting in the lower house. For once we had a decent selection of lower house candidates to change from and that includes minor parties not just animal justice party.

  14. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Street Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with Mining Bogan.

    Wannabe property mogul rushes up to me to say he had to pull out of a house deal in Cairns beaches because insurance costs.
    Was going to cost a fortune he says, can’t understand it
    Happens all up and down the coast says I
    But two streets back it’s cheaper.
    Check the flood map?
    Flood map?
    Yeah, the council will have flood maps, storm surges and all that
    Where do I find that
    Here, *show him his deal was in red zone*
    Oh, well we’re already looking at another place. What’s it called again that thing?
    A flood map
    Flood map. How do I find it?
    Google it and it will come

    Was talking with workmate about banks getting a bit squirally with lending for highrise crematoriums. He tells me he can’t talk sense to his dad. Last week dad travelled to synny to buy an apartment. No, really. Reckons they’re a bargain. Conveyencer welcomed him into office, listened to plan and promptly told dad to run for the hills. Said she started warning people three-four years ago not to buy. Those that did are flooding back to sell but buyers like silly dad are few and far between. Dad still not convinced and is looking for other advice. Dad is 60.

    I’ve had a cold. Been off work. Got back to work.
    Old lady asks how I am
    Getting better. Was bloody crook though
    What was it?
    Dog knows,*starts rant* something I picked up from one of those bloody kids i’m always minding because both parents work because stupid big mortgages and I’m always free because obviously nothing better to do because only a renter and why haven’t you bought oh and can you look after the kids Wednesday arvo because kids are sick and shouldn’t be in childcare and you don’t have much on…
    Old lady takes from rant that I rent. But isn’t it better to own when you get old?
    Yeah nah sometimes. I’ll buy when it costs much the same as renting more or less
    Prices can never drop here though
    *enter stage left man with silly dad mentioned above* Never!!?? You all said prices could never drop 15% and look at them.
    *man with silly dad goes on long rant. I sat back and enjoyed the look of horror on some faces*
    Old lady asks if she’s left it to late to sell her house…

    • If you ever run for PM – you have my vote.
      But I have to give you an advice – don’t educate those fools. Talking about flood map part.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        PM? Never happen. I have a past and am rough as guts. You should see me now with my newly chipped tooth.

        I can hold a crowd though. Probably more in a freak show way but. Hey, come to think of it…

    • I’ll add an anecdote. Young colleague who migrated here from UK as a kidtold me a year ago her parents wanted to go back to the UK. They were missing their parents and haven’t fitted in to oz the way they thought they would plus oz reality not what they thought it would be. So 12 months ago they put the house up for sale. Bumped into her at gym at work this week and asked how her parents exit from oz was going. They were super stressed. House hadn’t sold, they’d dropped price (a decent amount it sounded like) taken it off the market changed agents etc. Father was reluctant to drop more despite new lazy agent saying to drop dramatically. Parents had borrowed 5k from her so her going os to travel had been delayed. Told her 30% of people with mortgages were in mortgage stress, she said she could well believe it. Her dad wanted to sell 18 months ago but mother wanted to wait because of the market. Anyway whole family was shitting bricks unsure what to do. Youngest kid goes into yr 12 next year so if they’re moving they have to go now. They’re aware they could get stuck with the property for a decade. Not sure if they should leave and rent it out. I put her onto dfa you tube channel

    • innocent bystander

      agent came round to do the rental inspection the other day.
      said he just bought a place as an investment before Labor change the neg gearing rules.
      I said, so if it is an investment you probably plan to sell it one day? And who are you going to sell it to? Cause investors won’t be interested in established….. No Answer.
      He was also surprised ti find the rental valuation from the property manager was 20% less than what the selling agent said (same Agency).

  15. haroldusMEMBER

    I’m sure everyone’s across this but I needed to check the rules for the senate.

    Above the line
    If you choose to vote above the line, you need to number at least 6 boxes.
    Put the number ‘1’ in the box for the party or group that is your first choice,
    a ‘2’ for your second choice and so on until you’ve numbered at least 6 boxes.
    You can continue to place numbers in the order of your choice in as many boxes
    above the line as you like.

    Below the line
    If you choose to vote below the line, you need to number at least 12 boxes, from
    1 to 12, for individual candidates in the order of your choice. You can continue to place
    numbers in the order of your choice in as many boxes below the line as you like.


    And here is the link to the list of the entire pack of venal parasites.


  16. ChristopherJMEMBER

    btw, just got an ‘official’ text from the LNP urging me not to vote for Bill Shorten- don’t risk his higher taxes, I am implored.

    Too bloggin late. Isn’t that sort of last minute advertising illegal? Also heard about LNP going through the dementia ward at my Uncle’s place, helping them to get their postal in. Kants

    • The 48 hr blackout has been gone for a while now, can’t interfere with Rupert’s profits. Can’t wait for the result in a close seat to be challenged because of all the pre-poll votes the the AEC are allowing without a valid excuse. High Court sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns might see it different than the AEC types.

  17. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I’m booked in for 10 hrs today at my old high school handing out how to votes for the ALPs Dr Brian Owler (a brain surgeon one of my comrades keeps incessantly pointing out to the punters)

    I’m enjoying the banter with the Lib and Green equilivants but the CDP sheila is a totally sour and unfriendly thing.

    Im Looking forward to the victory piss up at the Ryde exServices after its all over.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I just quizzed the two Labor howtovoters about it. Both just shrugged and said they’d never heard of it.

        The fix is in.

    • ChristopherJMEMBER

      Yes, Ermo, I’ve already started on the celebs…. Premature, I know, the kants have done everything up here, demonising the ALP and talking up non existent LNP achievements.

      Don’t know what we’ll do if LNP somehow get back power…

  18. well, finally some late nite park news. 3:00am today.

    Young gay guy (not me, thanks for asking) was being vibranted by an african guy demanding a cigarette and shoving then getting into the punching phase. I wander over and tell him to calm down and pull his head in, so he starts coming at me. then a stack of young guys come over and Africa ends up on the ground, then the police arrive. While africa was on the ground, an unrelated african chick was kicking him in the head saying he has shamed africans with his violent behaviour.

    • Truth is hate sppech

      Staring into our future. Wait till whitey no longer has safety in numbers, well look at South Africa and they’ll tell you it’s a conspiracy because the same communists are behind it.

  19. Standing in line to collect my ballot papers there was an elderly immigrant couple in the next line. The officer was trying to explain the mechanics of voting to them at the level of “you need to put numbers in these boxes”. They spoke little English and weren’t getting the picture. As I walked out the door she was still trying to explain what they had to do.

    It’s infuriating to me that those people are citizens and each of their votes carries equal weight to mine, but that’s what the treacherous elites who run the place have done to our country.

    • Relax they’ll probably make a mistake and it’ll be counted informal (I do understand the sentiment though)

    • It’s only fair the officials be provided with abacuses to help in such situations. We are not being accommodating enough.

    • I’m sure they have no problem with dealing with Centrelink, with all the interpreter services on offer.

  20. haroldusMEMBER

    What should I listen to as I potter around? Not too shrill thank you very much.

  21. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Hate Globalization? Then Embrace Stagnation

    Pure corporate propaganda – Globalisation strips more ‘vibrancy’ away from local communities than has ever been added by multiculturalism, as jobs, industries and entire classes of employment are off-shored and local communities transformed into bombed out, de-industrialised wastelands, dependent on welfare and subsidies, while yuppie elites in the inner cities have their take away delivered by Indian coolies.

    Edit: Oh of course, written by Noah Smith of Noahpinion…. prime example of the sort of cultural influence that I despise in terms of the starting point for solving our societies problems.


    • Stagnation, or an opportunity to grow wealth through more productive means, such as via innovation, research and producing premium products and services.

      • That’s it Chase, but our pollies don’t want any of it…no matter what they say. The only way we’ll get it is it a big event makes it necessary. When that time comes we really will need the skills to make stuff rather than importing everything. Like the EU we’re heading to a point where there will not be enough tax $’s to pay for the SS etc.

        I’ll post this again, but it something that is screaming out for us to do. Norway is , but our pollies are still worried about house prices falling, and only see more immigrants as the answer. Anyway, we live in the dumbest country on the planet with no political vision.


  22. Polling day experience. Security guard at polling booth couldn’t understand or speak proper English (wasn’t Indian, mind you triage), and a few of those in front of me getting their names marked off had trouble understanding English as well (weren’t Indian, triage).

    • Looking forward to seeing the Sustainable Australia national tally so we finally know how many people read MB.

      I expect they will easily get 57 votes 😉

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Actually, taking away the dozen excluded, and then remembering to remove the dozen or so shutins who despite posting missives that require never actually leaving the house, don’t and can’t, and then adding in the 10 or so votes it looks like MB have been able to wangle from the broader constituency, it looks like SAP will romp it home with 16 votes.

      • Well I voted thrice, once as my good self, once as Ms Anna U. Lizer and once as Dr Wynne D. O’Licker, so make it 18.

    • Anecdote. Today a colleague randomly warned me against voting SAP saying they are r*cist and want to stop all immigration. When I explained that SAP just want to revert immigration levels to what they were a few years ago to protect local wages, house prices, environment, etc, they said they didn’t know that.

      It just goes to prove that mud sticks. SAP should have taken issue with the media commentators that were slandering them as a racist party.

      • Re SAP jokes. Good luck to the sniggering Triple J listeners when they try to get a job (be it a fast food, servo or supermarket job, or a post-university job).

    • Same, I also convinced another 5 people to vote for them including a real estate agent. The hardest part about it all is trying to figure out who to put last.

    • I put SAP first too (Cam Murray). I was randomly talking to a colleague (first gen jimmy grant) who also put them first. They had sought the party out theemselves and read their policies (definately not a MB commenter – it’s a she”

  23. Posting again.
    ‘Today’s changes underscore the Government’s commitment to removing unnecessary, unproductive regulation and are in line with the recommendation of the 2006 Banks Taskforce on deregulation…’
    Bowen performing the whims of the banks.
    ‘The changes will be implemented progressively, with all changes in force by early 2009. The Government will monitor the changes to ensure these continue to be in the national interest.’
    How did that monitoring go in the name of ‘national interest’, whatever he reckons that means.

    • ‘Unnecessary’ and ‘unproductive’ could well be used for the bulk of migrants coming here.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Heard in the booth beside me: “that’s Palmer, he’s less crazy than Pauline, who is waaayyy less cray than @nning”.

    • I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Fraser got more votes this time around. Fyi I didn’t vote for him.

  24. matthew hoodMEMBER

    In my part of Oz its a race between a IND trying to become the first IND to replace a IND and the LIBS. NATS were in the running before people found out all his money had come from land bankers who have brought up a heap of land and have been angling for Federal money to develop it. Across the river Susie is in a world of trouble and looks like losing big time. Her GC trip to buy a unit while on Government business just wouldn’t die.

  25. CanuckDownUnder

    So I’m waiting in line at the election cake stall before I vote and there are two gentleman standing by having the most interesting conversation. It’s all about immigration and how the Australian continent just doesn’t have the natural resources, particularly water, to handle all the people coming in. Even D. Smith got a mention.

    I’m a frustrated SAP member, I love their rational stance on immigration that should be attracting voters like these two men. Instead I’m just left dumbfounded with their inept offend nobody politicking. How many votes are they leaving behind because they refuse to run with a Lower Immigration Now logo and instead have chosen the NIMBYist Stop Overdevelopment?

    It was interesting to see one party on the senate ballot had a bold Climate Action! Immigration Action! logo, it turns out they’re a direct democracy party.

    • I might be wrong,but l think this group also say that the Port Arthur massacre was a false flag event. Not a desirable combination.

  26. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Trump Cancels $929 Million For California’s High-Speed Rail Quagmire | Zero Hedge


    The Trump administration has officially pulled a $929 million federal grant to the California High-Speed Rail Authority after terminating a 2010 agreement.

    In a release, the Federal Railroad Association – a component of the US Department of Transportation – said that California’s rail authority “repeatedly failed to comply with the terms of the FY10 agreement and has failed to make reasonable progress on the project. Additionally, California has abandoned its original vision of a high-speed passenger rail service connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles, which was essential to its applications for FRA grant funding,” according to CNBC. … read more via hyperlink above …

    • I don’t blame Trump for that, it’s become a rent seekers paradise with very little progress, all bullshit. From design consultants, construction contractors, to the friends of the Californian political class.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I liked the bit where he shushed the older girl because he thought he was in with a chance to win the debate.

  27. WTF, Sam Dastyari is apolitical commentator on channel 7s election coverage. Who thought that would be a good idea?

  28. Has it been called yet? Can we move onto talking about Eurovision and ‘Game of Thrones’.

  29. The Traveling Wilbur

    Polls are closed everywhere it matters so I finally get to say what I’ve been sitting on for two-years now…

    Ha ha ha. Your Prime Minister is going to be Bill Shorten.

    Bill Shorten.

    Your leader and worldwide representative, Queen meeter, democracy pinacle and ultimate stopper of all Australian dollars (bucks) is…

    Bill Shorten.


    • ChristopherJMEMBER

      Thanks Wilbur, a lot of blue how to vote cards were taken up my way 🙁
      But, glad you called it now, I can turn off tv and go to bed

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        You’re very welcome. It’s a service I’m providing on behalf of the civilised-world and the ABC.

        The fewer people who watch their coverage, the fewer complaints they’ll get. About Antony Green.

    • I’m actually not sure he will win yet…which worries me that people actually would vote for the Liberals or ScoMo..

    • LOL with Bill as the economic bagholder, and the welfare state being rapidly bankrupted by the elderly migrant visa, get your popcorn!

    • Do you still have same view?

      It seems Bill Shorten will be resigning tomorrow.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I’d repeat my post above, refer to the 2022 election and replace Bill with Anthony Elbowneasy. Except I can’t spell Albokneesy. Obviously.

        So instead I’ll just repeat what an excellent service SBS is providing by broadcasting a most righteous and excellent Queen documentary.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      I almost hope he hold Warringahhhh.

      Wouldn’t it be fun to seem him challenge for the opposition leadership. And loose.

      Turds are best done slowly.

      • Early results show George Christensen winning Dawson with an increased margin. It’s a wonderful advertisement for how flexible work arrangements wonders for increasing morale and productivity. First thing Monday I’ll be asking my boss for a new laptop and some international travel to really hit those KPIs.

        Wrong spot, yet the vibe of the evening and the wonderful accidents of our electoral system behove me to leave it here.

    • Out of all the bullsh1t that is Australian politics. The one thing I hope most for during this election is that the wrecker gets ousted.

    • John Howard lost his seat too – but the right wing pricks won the seat again in 2010.

    • Can’t believe how many vote labor and liberal. Seems like people like the way things are and the country’s trajectory and don’t want change. Also can’t believe how many vote greens.

      • But lets face it, the Greens are mostly inner-city urban hipsters who think they are saving the world by not using plastic straws. The thousands of tonnes of JetA1 consumed on their company trips and personal travel, Meh!

  30. The Traveling Wilbur

    If anyone is interested there is an awesome first-person rockumentary on SBS right now. Queen.

    Rivetting. Haven’t seen this one before.

  31. So my sister has got to the semi finals with a photo she took in Africa. They are all great photos so not sure she’s going to win.

    Then I looked up this incredible mammal.


    Can’t help but think is there anything sacred anymore. The Chinese are shocking for their demand for rare / exotic animals. Rhino Horn for example and these Pangolins so sad that they are facing extinction.

    • Great photo by your sister! Love it & you are so right about Asia’s demand for pangolin scales when they might a well just eat their own nails they are the same!

      • I actually didn’t say which 1 she was. Hers was the Leopard in the Tree looking back at her.

      • Oh… misunderstood you? Leopard was good as well… though the flying jackal is prom my fav

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The Chinese demand for rhino horn is often suggested to be due to a Chinese placebo version of Viagra, which is not true. The actual use, according to a 16th century book on Chinese medicine, is to fence off evil spirits..

      The pangolin scale is even more ridiculous. Qilin (麒麟) is a mythical beast in Chinese folklore. The pangolin scale is marketted as Qilin Scale, which is why there is such a huge demand for it.

  32. Bob Katter is currently up 2.7%. I didn’t know it was possible to get 102.7% of the vote.

  33. LNP are the favourites now! 😱

    Maybe this is yet another election that the pollsters got wrong after Brexit and Trump?

    Plenty of psychopathic baby boomers are still alive.

    All the AEC staff I saw were old – maybe they are not counting all the left wing votes?

    • Well as you say it wouldn’t be the first time MSM have blown their wad in the opening minutes with pre-written stories based on an inprogress vote count of 10%.

    • Labour dividend imputation and housing tax policy is too steep of a charge.

      The migrant visa info leaked out.

      Why don’t Lib or Lab want a solidly won election? All they would have to do is seriously cut immigration…

      There is the feeling that basically the wealthy will be ‘taxed’ heavily to pay for migrants and refugees (under Labour).

      Even a lot of young kids without shares or houses have parents and inheritance with those features.

      My parents are middle class and would be $5,000 a year worse off under Labour. Why not couple their tax changes (dividends, housing) with income tax reductions? Just like the mining tax – should have been couples with income tax reductions.

      • I think like the resource-rich gulf states we are addicted to cheap South Asian labour.

        But why give them PR and citizenship? They will still come here and work anyway, $10/hour under pleasant Australian conditions is much better than $2/hour in filthy c0ck-forested India.

        We need to have the Liberal party push for: no PR until you pay $100,000 in income taxes, no citizenship until you pay $1,000,000 in taxes. Biometric ID card used for medicare so no fraud. Then they can keep their slaves but they will never turn into Labor voters.

        Even if we don’t cut immigration numbers, just something punitive against the foreign hordes, keeping them in their place, would appease the masses politically.

      • I would love for AUS to be like Qatar and Dubai.

        Just never give citizenship to foreigners.

        And reserve the better jobs for Aussies – truck driving, accounting, computer networking, NBN, etc. Let foreigners pick seasonal fruit and keep them out of Sydney by charging them $40 per day for a train ticket.

    • If anything those sort of things can be contrarian indicators, i.e. it says more about the state of groupthink etc.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Seriously, this does explain why they were still taking bets on Labor AFTER having paid Labor bets out.

      Hadn’t seen that before. Now I know why.

      That may have been an absolutely brilliant hustle by them. Epic play if it was done on purpose. Hope the poor bsatard that called it wrong still has a job if it was a recovery effort.

      • But Sportsbet said the early payout is due to 7 out of 10 gamblers betting on an ALP victory.

  34. Lol…fake news called it for the remain camp and Clinton. They called it today for labor and shorten. The fake news media is the scourge of this world and is truly the enemy of the people.

    • +1.
      And they never learn that twitter consensus != public opinion
      In age of internet people won’t reveal their true preferences to pollsters/exit polls.
      We have a secret ballot for a reason.

  35. GunnamattaMEMBER

    …..and welcome to the pleasuredome this eve.

    On the Menu we have

    Roast Mainstream Media political polling and opinion

    Roast ALP

    Roast majority government

    Roast electoral process (pre poll voting count)

    and for Desert

    Roast Testostertone

    ……and every customer gets a double dollop of Prime Ministerial exuberant ugliness with a light smug veneer, sprinkled with freshly seared ALP campaign manuals, on a coulis of aged superannuant self righteousness, real estate lobby tumescence, and freshly jellied banking sector buttocks

    • All to be claimed as a tax deduction by those attending this lovely social gathering.

    • Trololololol. Betfair has Coalition at 1.17 now, Labor at 7.

      How’s that for counting chickens in-shell?!

    • Starting to look like Bill Shorten and his Franking credits a replay of John Hewson and the GST.

      • “The election-eve Newspoll reported the Liberal/National Coalition on a 50.5 percent two-party-preferred vote” in 1993.

        In 2019, it was 51.5 in favour of the ALP.

        2019 is a bigger upset.

        Did betting firms take bets on elections in 1993? 7 out of 10 gamblers bet that Shorten will become PM in 2019.

    • Did you watch Abbott’s concession – he did not really thank the Federal LNP. Thanked everyone else. Very odd – not sure he is bowing out of politics.

      • The Labor strategist on ABC just said there are 4m pre poll votes? That is massive. Does anyone know more about this?

        Edit: It can’t be – i must have misheard surely.

      • T, no. Apparently pre polling was huge this cycle. But you can bet most of them were old cvnts, so probably liberal voters anyway.

    • Fark me, boomers and their franking credits. Plus negative gearing torts. Haha.

      Sometimes I hate this country.

  36. Would Pyne, Bishop and co. have retained their seats if they didn’t step away?

  37. Honestly, what the fvck is wrong with the fvcking retards in New England? Giving the fvcking serial corrupt beetrooter his seat again. My god this country is full of stupid fvcking retarded cvnts.

    • At some point though don’t you have to ask the people running against the beetrooter, why they are so bad that they get beaten by the beetrooter?

    • He’s a god in the Greek and Roman tradition. An imperfect immortal. It is not for us to question his actions. We just watch as he mischievously goes about and hope to learn something from all the ensuing hubris.

  38. Looks like everything’s coming up LNP. But don’t underestimate the pre poll.

    • Yes, I would be surprised if we have a result tonight.
      God knows why they don’t start counting the pre-poll votes at the same time as the rest of them, ie when polls close.
      Can’t see any reason other than turgid bureaucracy that’s always done things a certain way.

  39. I’m actually not too upset if Morrison wins. He gets to eat the sh1t sandwich that is the economy in the next few years. I doubt he is gonna pull a rabbit out of the hat and the Libs “better economic managers” meme will hopefully die with him. The best news of the night is that the onion eater is gone for good.

    • wasabinatorMEMBER

      Yeah, I was preferring Labor until they wanted every other country’s boomers over here. Shame, as this kills any talk of closing tax rorts for perhaps another decade or so.

      • Tax rorts were never in danger off killing of welfare and Medicare. Two million new elderly migrants were.

    • A sh!t sandwich is a sh!t sandwich, but you could say that one seasoned with unlimited FHB bribes is better than the one seasoned with unlimited foreign pensioners. Eh?

      But sh!t anyway. Something to look forward to. Another 3 years in a leaky boat in a sea of sh!t, with only sh!t sandwiches to sustain us.

      • wasabinatorMEMBER

        Add to that: Labor pledged to support those same FHB bribes, like they have done several times before.

      • Peachy,

        Do you want the early shift on Monday?

        A cocktail of

        FHB bribes
        Clarification of why banks can never lend irresponsibly.
        APRA and ASIC back in their boxes
        Plane loads of LNP friendly migrants
        Interest rate cuts by the RBA.
        RMBS purchases by the RBA
        No negative gearing changes
        Nice fat 50% CGT discount.

        If there is one thing we know it is ScoMo will be fighting hard for those battling nurses and coppers.

      • Pfh, you’ve just stolen all my thunder and the wind out of my sails.

        What will I post Monday AM, that you haven’t already mentioned? Might have to spend all of sundee thinking about that.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Shorten will be like Hewson : losing the ‘unlosable’ election. I hope they will do some soul searching and realize the ‘Big Australia’ is what killed them in the election, but I’m afraid they’ll focus on negative gearing and franking dividend imputation instead.

      • +1. I didn’t vote Labor because of their stance on immigration (or lack of policy) + the family reunion Visa horse shyte. I voted Affordable Housing Party first. SAP second, ALP Third.

      • It’s because they had any policies at all. Oppositions should run campaigns like The Libs just did.

        Small target.

      • Unlosable election? I assure you, the first election *after* an epic housing bust will be one for the opposition.

        Besides, Big Australia is Straya’s destiny.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      I hope we can, worst case, take heart from that thought. My wishes too as it happens.

      But have you forgotten what the Libs will do to prevent a housing scomopalypse (as it would become known)?

      I’m sure they could hold it off at least 18 months… nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

      • And the cherry will be no ability to blame labor when the coalition has been in power so long.

      • Timmeh, Timmeh, Timmeh,
        It’s always Labor’s fault.
        Well, mostly.
        But it is assuredly always someone else’s fault.
        That is axiomatic.

    • I actually think it’s a good thing. Morrison will have to manage his own party, the Nationals and the Liberal Nationals from Queensland who won’t be backward in coming forward claiming Morrison owes them. Then there’s the economy. Australia has elected the government they deserve.

  40. For the sake of the rest of the Commonwealth I think it’s time to give Queensland independence

    • Yes, we are all backwards up here in Queensland. Pity for everyone else that we actually hold dear Australian values.

      • Well the sense of ‘mateship’ and ‘a fair go’ as quaint as they seem, are much better then the ‘dog eat dog’ approach we are importing en masse.

        Sorry that paying legal wages and not hiring based on ethnic/national-origin basis is something that a lot of Australians value, that sadly a lot of new business owner migrants don’t value.

  41. Build your own Mr Potato head!

    Makes me really appreciate what Bob Hawke was and represented.

  42. Penny Wong just struggles to accept that that some of Labour policies were just not good enough. She constantly blames Clive and Libs negativity.

      • You nailed it Gav. When i see a room full of smug people in suits who all think they’re the smartest people in the room, I just want to bare my arse to them and give ’em a big brown wink. And Wong epitomises that attitude. Hopefully she’ll disappear from public life along with that clown Shorten as part of the fallout. Parental visas FTW, eh Bill? Lol.

      • Penny Wong is exactly the reasom ALP is unvotable for me too.
        This elderly parent visa too.
        The flip side is the dirt LNP will have to eat with the economy going to shit in their hands.
        Am i too hopeful that this will expose the RBA? i.e. if the economy can tank under LNP then probably it wasnt either party in charge of the economy after all. These unelected bastards caused all the trouble…

      • +1 the bloodless no skin in the game Head Prefect/Asian Good Girl.
        ps on a bit of a tangent it’s Sundae morning afterall somebody probably Taleb said that the (cultural) Elites lack patriotism/affinity to country. No doubt this is why the Chinese take care to corrupt them first (gor save our unis) – a it’s easily done because of said lack of patriotism and massive egocentricity, b you get a lot of mileage from doing so.
        right, back to watching coldwarmotors.

    • Agreed. I think the preference deals are important in the Senate; but, for the Lower House, Palmer voters will make their own choice whether to preference LNP or Labor. Also, Labor alienated older voters by saying “If you don’t like our tax policies, don’t vote for us.” It would have been much better to say “We’re sorry about this, but, because of the budget deficit, we really have to do it.”

      • I really thought that after the plebiscite with the amount of young people who registered for that, that labors policies would win out versus the BB voting block. It appears the BB block is still the dominant one for this cycle. Looks like we have to wait for the next one for young people to stand up for themselves and outvote the greedy fvcking boomer cohort.

      • There really are a sh!t tonne of boomers. Hence the name. They outnumber everyone.

      • @A2 and they are still there and they still vote (for themselves). so the franking credits thing was too early.

  43. All the brainless fools that voted UAP and PHON effectively voted LNP. Most of them probably didn’t even know it.

  44. Great that the knuckle dragger who reads the Courier Mail gets to decide the federal election.
    Time to call an election victory in favour of Rupert Murdoch. Well done at appealing to a bottomless pit of ignorance, fear and prejudice.

    • Lol sweeper. Sore loser. Sjw issues dead
      Get back to ur hipster paradise where u dont have to interact with normal australians

      • Sweeper, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to this website…..

  45. Funny that even the environment minister is holding her seat. Barnaby too. Lol

    One thing to watch out for is how will China react to this result.

  46. Will we have a hung parliament? Wonder which minor parties will get seats. Could make things interesting. If it’s hung, how long until we play PM musical chairs again?

    • You’d +2 for the Liberal party straight away. The independents for Wentworth and Warringah are LNP in all but name.

      • Yep. They are moderate Libs, Turnbull style. They hate climate change and like same sx marriage and refugees but otherwise they are liberals. The sure love franking credits.

        If they support Shorten they will have 1 term careers. If they support Scomo and negotiate to get some swag thrown to their seats they will maybe, possibly win again.

        If Scomo wins an outright majority they will be thrown zero swag and will be entirely ignored and their electorates will learn the lesson and vote for a moderate Lib next time.

    • How long can Morrison mange the 20 or so PHON / Annning members disguised Liberal Nationals? Not long I’d reckon.

  47. Also congratulations on the hysterical beat up around parental visas and the utterly contemptible claim that Labor couldn’t be trusted to defend Australia. That is the same Labor party who courageously broke ranks with its imperial master in order to defend Australia in 42 – the only party who has defended Australia when it counted. Well done.

    • Oh please. Labor only have themselves to blame for announcing such stupidity in the final weeks of a campaign.
      And MSM largely ingnored it, so don’t know what you can complain about.

      • One policy. One policy which was beaten out of all proportion by Murdoch and MB.
        But yeah let’s punish a party for revealing its policies and not appealing to stupidity.

      • I think you vastly overstate the reach of Macrobusiness and the Murdoch Press.
        I didn’t see any MSM coverage of the elderly visas, other than The Australian, but couldn’t read it because it was behind a paywall.

      • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

        They might not have appealed to stupidity but they certainly advocated stupidity with that policy.

      • Family reunion one of the most anti-democratic policies of all time. Fancy asking an entire generation of Australians who cannot afford a house of their own, to cough up taxes for a free retirement of non-refugee foreigners.

        This branch-stacking bs needs to stop.

      • I asked a dozen intelligent and informed voters if they knew about the Labor parental visa thing. Nobody had heard of it.

    • Please. The MSM and ABC ignored the issue, whilist ALP promoted it with the migrant (particularly Chinese) cohort by stealth, i.e. Mandarin-language communication spruiking.

      • That’s fine. I hope post hoc rationalisations like that make it easier to accept the consequences of allowing the planet to burn for the next 3 + years.

      • Sweeper, please … ‘planet to burn’.
        What are you smoking, as if Shorten is the answer to any of those issues.

      • Sweeper, if people REALLY cared about global warming, they all would be consuming less (not hoping for a greener solution whilst still being hyperconsumers). Do you think all the SUVs, SJW YouTube videos, fast-fashion and online streaming are created and powered by positive thinking and hugging a refugee?

      • That’s it Chase. And with Gas+Electricity already up 130% over the last 10 years, people are wondering how much extra they should pay. But the church of climate change keeps telling them they are sinners.

        With ultimate irony, internationally, the USA is the only country seriously reducing emissions and it isn’t even part of some grand climate change agreement.

      • “the USA is the only country seriously reducing emissions”

        Fake news. France, and to a lesser extent Japan, has started from a very low base. You cannot only look at the very recent trends.

  48. This election was lost in Queensland. GetUp should have focused on winning marginal seats in QLD rather than trying to vote Tony out.


    Counting on Saturday night suggested the Coalition was polling far more strongly than opinion polls suggested, on the back of a surprise 4.2 per cent swing in Queensland.

    I think GetUp should have told stupid voters in QLD to “put Labor second” – ie, let them vote for Clive but put Labor second.

    • +1 Yes, looks like Tony has been the galvanic anode of this election.
      He’s been eroded away by all the bile focused on him, but I expect others not in his electorate have seen the ridiculous bile making him out to be a great satan and not been particularly impressed.

    • It is GetUp who are stupid. Smug and the embodiment of superficial virtue signalling.

      • +1 Thats it nobody wants a bunch of smug inner-city hipsters turning up in their electorate to campaign. It’s pretty obvious, but the complete absence of any self-reflection seems to prevent it.

  49. My god, did you see the beetrooters victory speech? Someone needs to take that cvnt out behind the shed.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      I dont think the night is over until we have had a serve of ScoMo smugness….

      I’m having mine with a post prandial Weeaproinah heads luncheon truncheon, and I’ve just had a vision of ScoMo coming out with a face covered in mutant ear lobes and rubbing them all until he purrs

  50. So now journalists are interviewing journalists as to why Labor lost the election. Who got Morrison over the line?
    You did. You did.

  51. The one thing I hope comes out of this is the death of identity politics, and victim/intersectionality pandering

    The results (along with Trump and Brexit) do add support to the idea that you don’t need to kow-tow to moral authoritarianism

    Of course the LNP will be a disaster, but this sh1thole country and its wretched populace don’t deserve any better

  52. Both parties are fiddling while the joint burns.
    Sometime soon a new way will apoear.

    • Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was a new party led by Tony Abbott, pledging to reduce immigration.
      Hell that’s too contrarian, even for me!

      • Nope his political career is over. He’s lost his own unloseable base and is now forever branded in Australia as a loser. Scomo will get the far right back but even if he doesn’t, the far right won’t want Abbott now.

  53. Just like I told you. LNP has got up. Now you can all wait for the RBA to leave rates unchanged next month and I’ll get to say “I told you so” again. now, where did I leave my crystal ball? I need the lotto numbers for next week.

    • I am wondering if RBA will still cut rates. With negative gearing to remain and capital gains tax discount. Why cut?

      • They’ll cut because inflation is zero, last GDP print was f#ck all and unemployment is rising. Part of me wonders if they will wait for July (to see the next GDP numbers in June and more than one rising month of unemployment) first though.

        The Libs have a problem now – they never expected to win, have no plans except a surplus, and have been telling everyone the economy is awesome. What next Josh you inept f#ck?

      • TripleBeamMiracleDream

        yeah..nah… they won’t cut, it’ll be all roses ’till it aint. Then they still won’t cut. MB is wrong.

  54. matthew hoodMEMBER

    Well at least we made history here tonight Indi. What did the rest of MBers do?

  55. AUD to jump Monday morning on the surprise win for the “pro business” party?

    • I need to cash in some USD, i’m wondering whether to lock it in over the close. Decisions, decisions

    • Nope, The Australian government is irrelevant.
      The AUD goes where the Yuan goes. Period.

      • The AUD and Yuan have certainly tracked incredibly closely for a long time now.

        Timmeh I was only partly serious (and partly joking and partly drinking).

      • That’s pretty true. Even the RBA mutterings only have a few hours affect these days. We are tied to China and thankfully Trump is giving them a bit of a pasting.

    • You don’t want to be part of the resistance. You want to be part of the silent majority, which is a self identified resistance group.
      If my logic is right, and I’m not very good at these things, if you hold views on things and you don’t think you are being properly represented then you are the silent majority. Being a member of the silent majority allows you to declare that you stand as the last frontier against oppression and mind control by the overlords. This is where it gets tricky. Depending which silent majority you are talking to there are different oppressive overlords. You’re on your own figuring that one out. The good news is that merely being in the minority, which, remember, is actually a silent majority, makes you part of the resistance. To successfully be a successful member of the silent majority minority involves spending a lot of time posting comments on message boards and comments sections. And remember, no matter who you are, and what you do, you are the resistance if you believe it to be so.
      I hope that has helped.

    • As falsely presented; meanwhile;
      – rich retiree 1%ers can continue to claim a 30% welfare payment on their dividends
      – loss making landlords can continue to NG and price out FHB and pay discounted CG tax.
      – the banks can ignore the responsible lending regime
      – the .1% can claim $100K a year as a deduction for amounts paid to tax lawyers/ tax accountants.

      Yeh what a victory for the average Australian.

      • Yeah it’s a bit f#cked and I was very very keen to see the beginning of the end of negative gearing and the hateful Scomo. But there’s plenty to loathe about Labor and I’m less gutted than I might have been. I’m sick of the lot of them.

        Bring on the housing crash and let the Libs wear it.

      • tripsterMEMBER

        The other thing to remember is that Labor’s tax reforms needed to pass the senate (because it would have involved changing legislation). The number of elderly visas on the other hand could just be changed by the Minister / Department, so it was one of the things that Labor could definitely have done. Tax reform on the other hand was unlikely unless Labor got a tonne of senate votes which was always very unlikely.

      • If people cared more about that stuff than 1mm1gration we would already be living under c0mmun1sm.

      • All they needed to do was stop the boats, stop the parental visas and reduce immigration

        But they couldn’t bring themselves to be “racist”

      • @Coming I suspect Penny Wong was the sticking point on lowering immigration. I’ll bet her and her I’ll put a stop to any discussion around it.

  56. https://www.news.com.au/national/federal-election/federal-election-results-live-live-coverage-as-australia-decides/live-coverage/7cb73201850fb07d172b91a23278a2d8

    Mrs Morgan said she really didn’t know why Labor had lost.

    “Our policies were pretty brave and wanted to help people,” she said.

    “It’s very disappointing because it means people don’t really care about other people, only themselves.”

    Yep Australian’s like getting ahead while screwing others over in the process.

    • One of the biggest furphies out there, if you don’t vote for us it means you only care about yourself.
      For gods sake lady, change the record, it clearly is getting your party nowhere!

      • I agree, I mean I hate the Liberals and most of what they stand for, but I can’t say I love Labor or what they stand for either.

        The Liberals however will continue to wreck the environment and boost the divide between poor and rich and screw the middle class. The middle class are all aspiring to be upper middle class but have no chance. They just don’t know it yet.

        I personally don’t care about helping migrants come here and their parents. We have too much of it. So Labor lost me on that, although I backed their negative gearing reform and the franking credits I think they could have been less aggressive on, perhaps too much for the boomers to swallow?

  57. Potato head Albanese.
    Stick on the included bushy moustache – you have uncle Joe Stalin!

    • While clean energy websites keep telling us that solar power is cheaper than coal power. 🙄

      I hate coal, but if solar power was really cheaper than coal power, WA would not be burning coal.

      • Solar is cheaper than coal if you are building both new from scratch.

        WA is burning coal because they already have the coal plants and the coal mines built and running.

      • The Collie council (the district where WA’s coal power stations are) was going to install solar powered things in the area. They ditched the plan to save the locals money because the town earns all of it’s money from digging up and burning coal.

      • We went to the Muja power station and the Collie open cut coal mine at our year 7 school camp. 😂

  58. LoL. Election pollsters. LoL LoL Lol. Bill Shorten LoL. Tony Abbott. LoL. All the ALP “leadership”. LoL. Penny Wong. aHahahahahah. Christopher Pyne resigning prematurely. Heh heh heh. Julie Bishop resigning prematurely. LoL Winners, everywhere I look.

    MOAR Whiskey!!!

    OMFG. The recriminations. All those smug ALP pricks who were looking forward to their juicy sinecures. Parental Fcukings Visas You Stupid Cnuts!!! LoL Hahahahaha. The RECRIMINATIONS WILL BE EPIC.

      • If you don’t laugh at this sh1t you’ll cry. My 24 year old daughter just texted me “shits fucked”. I was gonna have a victory bonk with my woman, but she’s gone home sad.

        3 more years of “Prime Minister Scott Morrisson”. FFS.

        Deep breaths.

    • Yes, this seems to be in order.

      I’m mostly interested in the contrarian aspects of the result, because alot of LNP policy is also flat-out wrong and hard to back.
      But as of Friday the consensus was that Bill was sleepwalking to victory.

      Fundamentally I think that is the issue with him, he’s been far too consensus driven and really not advocated for much of anything that might be the least bit controversial within his own circles.

    • parental visas? that’s it? based on no detail no hard evidence just a heap of media hysteria. What a ….
      Sorry but that just sums up everything. Voting for *already existing and quantifiable* welfare payment for the wealthly because of some MB hysterical beat-up about a poorly understood policy on visas.

      • As far as it was retarded policy, I am with you Sweeper. It wasn’t this that swung the election. Personally I think i looks like the BB voting bloc is still the major bloc and has voted for itself as of course they will do ahead of the country as a whole. Next election surely must see the younger voting bloc take hold. Though a lot of those kids will be getting told by their BB parents how great expensive houses are for them. In summary, we are doomed until the housing bubble truly blows the economy to shreds.

      • Seriously though, that elderly parent visa decisions was pretty f*cked up policy.

      • V
        My conclusions are:
        You are either:
        1) a a wealthy retiree with $2M in super/ discretionary trust or someone with a large NG portfolio who spends + $3K on tax advice p/a

        2) Someone defending MB for some reason
        3) A victim of the Murdoch propaganda machine.

      • Sweeper,

        Wrong on all three counts.
        As for MB, I note you are the subscriber – not me.
        Interesting now people now have to reach for some sort of group classification as a substitute for thought.

        As I said mostly interested in the contrarian aspects of the result (especially because this is still? an economics blog), certainly don’t think LNP really ‘deserves’ anything.
        Just amazed at how bad Labor have been, the inability to articulate and take the elctorate with them.
        All elementary stuff politically speaking.

        I think the elderly visa stuff gets mentioned as an egregious example to tone-deafness.

      • If only Bill could sell himself perhaps?

        What I don’t understand is under the surface Labor bloody well knew he wouldn’t be able to pull it off.
        Hence having to do max promo on the wife. But everybody just sat there.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      ‘Never take a cent from the baby boomers’ will be enshrined as a core pillar of Australian politics now. Seriously though, what is wrong with QLD?

      • I quite like Penny, but generally when she is articulating policy.
        As you say unfortunately she spends most of her time on heavy doses of SJW nonsense. Just alienates large portions of the voter base.

      • Exactly V, she is actually capable, educated and I admire her for that. It’s the whole SJW thing that really rubs me the wrong way. She wants to see Australia consume more of Asia’s population and its cultural values. She doesn’t realise the reasons people like Australia especially Asian’s who come to live here is because it is not like where they came from.

  59. Scummo will be off the hook now.
    He will do anything to reflate the economy. He has no choice.

    • Like you siad abot the AUD, our economy is basically out of our hands in the long run. He can pump the ponzi for as long as others let it run. And I don’t think it has long to run. (though, I said that about the housing bubble a decade ago! I’ve been so fvcking wrong on what I thought was sensible that I have basically just given up and taken defensive positions that I hope will pay out. Time will tell)

  60. The destiny of a nation is shaped by its collective consciousness.Neither MB nor its readers are part of that collective consciousness.

  61. If I recall correctly, the vote was 76/69 in the 2016 election. It’s looking likely the result will be the same. I think Australia have raised their collective middle fingers to the Lib/Lab macine once again.

    If any party deserves to be leading a minority government into the coming economic sh!t storm, it is the LNP.

    • The HEMP party won’t get a seat but is managing to outlast a few more recognizable names. Could that be the result of preference whispering or people just saying that decriminializing pot is a no brainer?

  62. haroldusMEMBER

    I’m finding it difficult to process that the loss of Australia’s entire automotive manufacturing industry causes not a whimper but the potential loss of 1400 (max) jobs and saving the reef and the aquifer equals at least 3 seats.

    • Why? You’re familiar with the moral coercion of public opinion on these matters. When you add to that our perpetual short term view of everything and our paucity of imagination it shouldn’t surprise you in the least.

    • Shorten basically said he will ban 50% of the petrol cars – without saying how the roads will be funded.

      Banning petrol cars should not have been ALP policy. If electric cars are cheaper to run, people will stop buying petrol cars anyway.

      If solar power is cheaper than coal power, there is no need for a carbon tax because coal will not be burnt anyway.

      Shorten probably wanted to double the refugee intake to 30,000/year.

      All of the above probably angered the voters in QLD.

  63. Bill concedes & resigns before he is knifed by

    Why Bill Shorten lost.
    Rupert Murdoch proved more powerful than the ABC & other left wing media in deciding government.

    This article was prophetic..
    Washington Post By Richard Glover 
    May 15, 2019 at 7:57 PM EDT
    “In the home country of Rupert Murdoch, can a politician attack News Corp. and still win an election?
    The answer to that question could come as early as Saturday.

    In Australia, the opposition Labor Party (my comment – who control the public broadcaster ABC & other left wing aligned media) is poised to seize victory, but faced a fierce campaign from the Murdoch press.

    In the past, Labor leaders have tried to broker a truce with Murdoch, the Australian-born mogul whose company owns large chunks of the U.S. media, but also an estimated 59 percent of Australia’s newspapers by market share.

    Two recent Labor prime ministers — Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd — both visited Murdoch in the United States, bending a knee in the hope of avoiding outright hostility.
    Not this time. Bill Shorten, the current Labor leader (emboldened by the Victorian State Government political victory) chose not to make the usual overtures.”

    And so the Labor party lost share in every state except Victoria.

    • I don’t know why we persist in letting that fvcking rat Murdoch continue to meddle in our countries politics. Someone seriously needs to shoot the old cvnt. And then strip his son of any media holdings in this country.

      • Ha ha just like Putin picked Trump hey?
        Rupert picked Morrison? 🙂

        Fact is Shorten thought Australia was Victoria, a make work welfare state & effete left wing socialists flooded by welfare seeking migrants & open borders & climate change nutters.

        And so he ignored Murdoch & the real Australians at his peril.
        Murdoch media more powerful than the ABC✔️

      • I honestly don’t give a sh1t whether shorten thought Victoria was his or not. The fact is that Murdoch has been meddling in this countries politics for decades like it’s his fvcking plaything to do with as he wishes. The old cvnt needs to be taken out of the picture.

      • Only Labor party could cook up a grand conspiracy orchestrated by an 88yr old.
        It’s as bad as all the Soros conspiracies on the right.

      • Are you a retard V? You think the 88YO Murdoch doesn’t have his fingers in every part of oz politics? How fvcking stupid are you to think he doesn’t have an influence? Retard

      • Hanno Son of Bomilcar

        its true murdoch has influence, but the extent to which a media organ can have influence depends also on the willingness of people to listen in the first place. do you think all of the daily telegraph readers would be voting labor if news limited had never existed? this sort of thing is bi-directional; murdoch influences his reader-base to an extent but also his reader-base are having their pre-existing views confirmed by his publications. media / propaganda don’t just “control” their audiences, they reflect them.

        bilbo was a total joke, weaksauce candidate. rudd/gillard beat much worthier contenders than ScoMo in a time where murdoch’s influence was even GREATER, how could this be possible according to the people who think murdoch is some sort of puppet master who has total control over half of the australian electorate?

    • Tanya will try to be the new opposition leader.
      And that will see them remain in opposition next term as well.
      Albanese will never get up due to the Thai massage and other taint.
      Wong is too fringe, Bowen & all the others haven’t the numbers.
      So that’s labor finished & opposition for at least 6 years.

      • Tanya god forbid but you’re probably right. She was the only Labor member that didn’t look devastated in ABCs footage last night , smiles all over from her.

        It feels like Labor has shifted back to it’s old incompetencies, they shouldn’t have lost this election really, but they did. Bill is gone for sure

  64. Morrison win.
    The Morrison Dutton goverment.
    Tony Abbott – our new ambassador to US?

  65. Scott Morrison.
    Thank you Bill in conceding.

    “I have always believed in miracles”
    And tonight we have been delivered another one.
    How good is Australia
    And how good are Australians
    Under Tony Abbott’s leadership
    (No mention of Turnbull)
    And now the victory tonight “

    Our government & my undertaking to you.

  66. JojoyubbyMEMBER

    All the traps they setup in the budget…..,, it’s coming back to haunt them. Hold the bomb that is going to go off is FUN

  67. It looks like it will be a drubbing. So much for polls.

    I’m really surprised. Labor had the sensible policies (apart from the retarded aged visas which were hardly reported in MSM) yet the country voted for Scummo. I honestly don’t know why the younger voting block didn’t vote the Libs out. I’m even more shocked that New England voted the Beetrooter back in. The only saving graces for me are Abbot getting the chop, and Palmer wasting $60M on his lies. That’s a lot of pork belly the fat cvnt won’t get to eat.

    • George Christensen is the one that has me scratching my head. The man spends a great majority of his time overseas when he should be at work and he is up 12%. The mind boggles.

    • I’m shocked also to be honest. But self interest I reckon won out. All those home owners realised no negative gearing = sensible home prices. I think they were afraid of more price falls. But they don’t realise they are coming either way..

      • I have a feeling that fear of losing “wealth” drove this election result. Neg gearing, capital gains tax reform plus franking credits were too much. I view the result as confirmation that quietly many Australians are currently crapping their pants about the direction of the housing market and the economy. From my conversations with the general public most people know we’re in trouble and most have a good idea about why but they don’t really want to admit all the horrible reality just yet. They have no appetite for reform yet as they’re still in denial. Australia is a once great nation now filled with unimaginative greedy cowards. I’m so glad my grandparents are dead and they can’t see what we are today.

        Fair play to labor for actually having some interesting and reforming policies but we aren’t ready for that yet as we aren’t desperate enough yet. How far we have fallen, and how much further we have to fall yet

      • Snotty Millenial

        I think you’re dead on pop

        I think what we’re seeing is the desperate last grab for the directionless, debt ridden, corrupt, unproductive, uncompetitive status quo that is Australia in 2019.

        I thought it had come full circle tonight, that if Australia had one modicum of fucking brains and decency, it would at least give a change of government in the hope there might be something done about the mess. Turns out Australians just want more of the same. This place is going to the fucking dogs. Thank god Bob didn’t live to see this.

      • Well said Popcod. I agree. How sad this country is. When the young and Environment come second. Greedy and selfishness come first.

      • Unimaginative Greedy Cowards” says it all really.
        F-k the younger generations. F-k the environment. F-k a vision for anything other than I’ll get mine and screw everyone else.

      • @ Popcod
        +1 but don’t judge too harshly.
        People are scared and that is fertile ground for a scare campaign. People are scared because they are in too much debt and worried about their jobs. They NEED the economy not to crash or the consequences are catastrophic.

        I know people who are in trouble and understand their fear. Scummo tapped into this fear and exploited it.

        The question in my mind is what is Scummo going to do next to deliver ‘economic management’? What Frankenstein policy will he come up with to reflate the bubble?

      • @grammus oh I don’t judge or blame them much. China taught me how to disassociate emotions from things like this (something I suspect you understand). It all comes down to understanding the system you find yourself in, in order to survive it as well as possible according to your own value/moral system and capabilities (something I think you alsounderstand well). Somehow our family and friends seem to have avoided housing greed so we don’t see up close the effects of the housing ponzi bubble except on the being priced out side but even then all the genx kids are able to live comfortably and cohesively with early boomer parents so I guess we are atypical. But from my time in China I understand mass delusion and the hope for quick riches and the pride that comes from being part of the smart group that took action to get their deserved easy riches. In China it’s easy understand because corruption is the only way otherwise to get rich. In Australia on the surface it’s less easy to understand but when you understand the level of corruption/rent seeking/crony capitalism then no I don’t judge except that people were dumb not to research and hedge risks appropriately

  68. Clive Palmer spent $60 million to spam Australia with his overweight disgusting face and spout garbage to not even win a single seat but to simply be the single decisive factor in the LNP forming government. Scomo should be forever in Clive Palmer’s debt.

    • I’m sure the LNP will give a $500m donation to an obscure “save the coal mine foundation” that happens to be run by Clives brother out of the Caymen islands.

    • Perhaps Palmer’s rewards include disappearing of a $200 mill GOA claim against him over Nickel refinery closure, looking other direction when no clean up of said refinery mess and, if Adani proceeds, his tenements in the Galilee Basin in the money for $billions. Perhaps $60 mill well spent 🙁

  69. reusachtigeMEMBER

    LOSER SHORTEN! Intense extreme ribald way out massive new boom in house prices will be kicking in soon. Ignore me at your failure, as usual. Go get on the dole instead of achieving housing success!

    • You are uncharacteristically restrained, reusa. I thought you were busy celebrating the great victory of capitalism over fossil doctrines of socialism and communism, and the prevailing justice in this great continent.

      Of course, the triumph was guaranteed from the beginning, with the Governor General waiting in the wings.

    • A good point. Hopefully the election result will inspire confidence in Straya and AUD will rocket to the north of 80c.

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Irresponsible lending and fees for no service and for the dead, to the moon?

  70. ChristopherJMEMBER

    With compulsory voting goes the requirement that you fucking pay attention to what’s going on.

    It would appear though that I and my fellow contributors to this place, and others, are in the fucking minority. Everyone else is brain fucking dead.

    Did Scomo ever say what a third term LNP govt would do?
    Did Scomo ever point to their achievements?
    Did Scomo let any of his other team speak?

    No, he gagged the rest of the loonies and didn’t say much about anything. He visited everywhere and kissed babies (there were often children of LNP supporters who would come and hug the genial looking uncle Scotty. His single message was clear, that Bill and his higher taxes were too much to risk. Oh and the lie that they were better economic managers. When you have a complicit press that demonised the ALP while shamelessly lying for the LNP. Well of course you are going to see these oucomes. When you have Australians that actually believe people like Barnaby Joyce and Peter Dutton deserve votes, well my values must be at the wrong end of the fucking spectrum and perhaps I need to find somewhere else to live, as this place has gone to the dogs, spivs and con artists

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It is a lesson to Australian political opposition parties : DO NOT HAVE POLICIES. Follow the template set by Tony Abbott is the only way to the lodge.

    • Hanno Son of Bomilcar

      What does it matter if we have compulsory voting or not? Everybody complains about this one way or the other but I don’t think it makes any difference. All compulsory voting does is increases the overall turnout, the actual proportions of votes for each party would likely remain the same. We’d still have the same wankers getting elected anyway.

    • You sound pretty angry CJ. I didn’t expect the lnp to win, but it made no difference to my views. All the major parties are a disaster and like you said people just voted as they always have and not really looked at the policies and where that’s leading us. I just hope the senate can keep them in check. I thought we’d be keeping Bill in check though. None of them are there for the people, and it seems it’ll be more of the same; we get the privilege of being screwed one way or the other. It’s not happy day and nothing to be celebrated.

      • ChristopherJMEMBER

        thanks afund, feeling despair. One of my virtues is curiosity, it compels me to spend time here and in other places knowing what is going on the world. Perhaps it is better to have apathy. My disappointment is strong and palpable, going to take some time to get back to feeling ok

    • I agree that the intelligence of the average Australian is subpar, but now that just means a greater opportunity for exploitation. Government members who have clearly been corrupt appear to have been rewarded for their behaviour, so might be best if one sees this as a sign of the times and takes advantage of such opportunities where possible.

      I know that I have gradually been adopting a more ruthless mindset over the last few years, and I expect others to follow suit. I already know of a few left leaning types who donated to Queensland drought relief causes who will now keep refuse should the call for help come again, as they feel the Queensland result is a slap in the face towards climate change. I think we will see a more polarised electorate, with an absence of kindness and an increase in vitriol.

  71. Shorten avoided the poisoned chalice. Now there will be no doubt about Liberal mismanagement of the economy.

    • Ultimately yes, this was the election for the coalition to lose. I think they will end up regretting winning it but in the meantime Scummo is off the leash and will throw everything to avoiding a recession.

      Get ready for Frankenpolicy..

  72. Hanno Son of Bomilcar

    labor are numpties and i’m glad they lost just bc they had the worse immigration platform, i voted against them only for that reason

    p.s i was permabanned so if anyone wonders where i’ve been that’s where

    • ChristopherJMEMBER

      that was not a good reason, you overlooked all their good points.
      You’re banned, yet you’re still here posting your views? Well done

      • ChristopherJMEMBER

        Adopting an antagonistic, straw man approach to comments from others…
        That’s what will get you banned again if you keep being a disrespectful kant.

  73. The Grey Rider

    Self-interest has won again. If it wasn’t before, it must surely be patently clear by now….the reform of this country in both economic and societal terms is now impossible without the catalyst of economic collapse and attendant social misery. I hope the LNP are resoundingly successful in this regard…I believe they will be.

    • Hanno Son of Bomilcar

      like labor’s platform didn’t represent naked union/organisational self interest sprinkled in with a couple of bone chucks to make them seem like they’re the good guys either

      • Considering the decades of anti union [busting], by the pro free market sorts of the period, so price discovery [tm] was not inconvenienced, by the corporatist union lobby [ideological bent] I find that quite a milquetoast opinion IMO.

        I direct your attention to wages and productivity post mid 70 and the resultant investor driven mindset to offset earned income to juice FIRE sector machinations.

  74. Pro Rapture Party to lead the flock too preordained circumstances…. Goats authority cannot be refuted [!!!!!] …

    Some 400 years ago in antiquity a bloke wrote a book called “An argument with an Idiot” … seems the vacuum can provide a nil space source for endless breath …

    Recommend 8 year old RATU served on ice with Charlies Lemonade and club soda – quarter of lemonade to soda, garnish with citrus of choice.

    • Holy cràp! It *IS* a miracle! Skip’s back!

      Proof there’s a Cthulhu! Ya! Ya! Cthulhu ftagn!

      Welcome back, o’ disheveled macropod! 😁

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Ino be careful it may be an impostor macropod roo as Skip was a wallaby

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        No MMT narrative indicates undisheveled.
        Skip, prove it on the Boilover post.

      • Cthulhu, the original Fake News (or it’s better to think of it as Fake News if you want to sleep at night).

      • Just saunter over to NEP or Lars and beware of both the freshwater and salties selling “Big Sky” [tm] narratives.

        BTW MMT has no ex ante narrative to speak of, its just a description on the scope of policies on offer WRT a currency issuer, no not cookie cutter economics, where the same rules apply to all regardless because some attached the “Law” quantifier on to some rudimentary deductive rationalization of complexity – which transcends time and space.

        All this is said [above thread] with the acknowledgement that it will be good for the niche business I’m in, might even be a signal to expand – if – one can source the bloody skilled labour and responsibility minded too forward such an endeavor – fail rates above 90% these days IMO. So much for industry sets the standards and market based education to supply skilled people, so both they and those that count on them to get things done reasonably – all things considered.

        Then some bang on about a lost generation WRT owning a house … sigh … how about owning the rights to a reasonable share of productivity first and foremost and then stand on two legs with some dignity for doing a thing well and own “it”.

        Does that satisfy your quire ?????

      • @Chase …

        Fake News is a meme to do a Temple Grandin cortex kettling on the unwashed, its just muddying the waters, per se yellow journalism has been around for quite a time and lest we forget Carthaginians eat baby’s too …. I mean look at Trump, he uses it endlessly to dismiss any criticism without having to support it, then does just the opposite to his base, but, wedded to their previous support like stakes driven irrevocably into the ground. Because to reconcile facts with fiction would mean they were duped like some wealthy sort getting ripped off and as everyone knows … wealth is how we quantify intelligence … hence the need to publicly obfuscate any such distinctions or externalize such failures. Strangely reminiscent of how austerity is about the poor paying for the mistakes of such sorts e.g. drinking ones own cool-aid.

        Don’t forget 90%+ of crafting the narrative revolves around suspending belief [see Bernays and Hayek], all that is needed is one or a few core axioms to do the trick, then bolt on a plethora of wonky rhetorical devices which pander to environmental biases and presto… you have a Scott’s Box of willing unwashed to play with.

  75. Aaaaaand here we go! Didn’t take long for the jawboning to start:


    Chairman of Australia’s biggest real estate agency group Ray White’s Brian White said property was the decisive factor at the election and that Labor’s proposed changes were part of why the market had been dropping.
    “Cycles are cycles but I do think what Labor was going to bring in has had a major impact on prices. Now that’s not going to happen,” Mr White said.

    It’s back on, boys! Mr IQ has another tank full in his G-wagen

    • Reckon they’ll be in for a shock. Can’t see banks suddenly switching the credit taps on, and I doubt there were many investors waiting on the sidelines in anticipation of a Labor defeat. If anything, there is no longer any incentive to rush in and buy to lock in NG. The status quo remains, which is ongoing price declines.