Shorten’s elderly migrant visas to push up hospital waiting lists

By Leith van Onselen

Over the weekend, Labor leader Bill Shorten pledged $500 million to fix waiting times at hospital emergency departments:

Mr Shorten will declare that Australian doctors and nurses “deserve the best resources in the world” and must receive more commonwealth funding.

“This is what people pay their taxes to Canberra for. I don’t want to give it to multinationals in bigger loopholes, I want to build better hospitals and cut waiting times”…

“This is what our hard decisions have been about, delivering better services to every Australian.”

Here’s more via SBS News:

Emergency departments in hospitals around the country could get 650 more beds, 1800 more doctors or 3700 more nurses with Labor’s promise to slash waiting times.

After making health a major focus of its official campaign launch on Sunday, Labor has released individual state breakdowns for its plans to spend $500 million upgrading emergency departments and hiring more doctors and nurses to work in them.

What’s not mentioned is that Labor’s election policies will very likely make hospital waiting lists much worse.

A few weeks ago, Labor announced that it would uncap visas allowing migrants to bring their elderly parents into Australia. Demographers warned that there is already a backlog of nearly 100,000 ­applicants for permanent parental visas, which could immediately gain entry into Australia under Labor’s policy.

Further, every new migrant permanent resident would automatically be granted the right to bring in two elderly parents under Labor’s policy, thereby significantly raising numbers over time.

As we know, the elderly are by far the biggest users of health services in Australia. Therefore, Labor’s elderly migrant visas would dramatically lift demand for Australian hospital services, blowing-out waiting lists.

Opening the floodgates to elderly migrants will not only age Australia’s population, but also send queues for health services and aged care soaring. This will require far more funding than the “650 more beds, 1800 more doctors or 3700 more nurses” pledged by Bill Shorten to mitigate the fallout.

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  1. These Doctor’s and Nurses are an extremely ‘diverse’ bunch these days………….

    • Australian women (because nursing is still predonimantly made up of women) have pretty much abandoned nursing as a career option. Hence the over reliance on nurses from other countries.
      As to the reason for the Aussie women not getting into nursing?
      Maybe they think it is unglamorous, hard work and beneath them?

      • I don’t know if you’ve got stats to back that up?
        Anecdata I see shows plenty of Aussies getting into health on many angles – They tell me it’s the only way to get a stable & reasonable paying job, but even then a lot are on contract/gig.

      • Often!
        In the bush, although there’s a fair smattering of allsorts creeping in here too. I happen to know quite a few Nurses & there’s morale problems due to short staffing, bullying etc. But I also see quite a few youngun’s entering into the game as they’re sick of retail, some will do OK, but some I don’t believe are cut out for it, just chasing money. I did say it’s anecdata – what are you seeing Jim?

      • @colin what I’m seeing are alot of nurses who have arrived here as overseas students and gained their nursing qualifications at some dodgy training organisation and in my last few visits to a public hospital the nursing staff was very “diverse”.

      • Mmm, my few brushes with the diverse has also been that they’re knowledge is dodgy & hubris aplenty – not confidence inspiring!

        I’ve got to say that in the nursing home they’re working better than the burnt out locals – words I never thought I’d ever hear dad say….. along with ‘not many stay long”. Most newbies of any stripe use the home as a stepping stone into the hospitals.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Yeah…what’s up Doc ?
      …….somebody must have tracked him down ………white Anglo ? Dr working in a puplic hospital Emergency Room …..can’t have been too hard

    • Solutions:

      Require at least 51% of all foreign students from all nations to be female. So the graduates can date each other.

      Status quo = 90% of the foreign students from some nations are male, so when they graduate, they demand the right to import a bride and the que gets very long.

      And if you pay a lot of tax to the ATO, why not demand a two tier system so that the high income voters can import a bride immediately while the low income ones have to endure a que (a que they voted for because they vote for mass immigration).

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Anyone who votes for Loser Shorten and the sick Labor party needs their bluddy heads read…

  3. Hospitals, that’s the least of our worries, we’re going to run out of water the way they keep cramming people in.

    • As a natural born Australian I ignore anything from Sydney Water about conserving water or taking shorter showers. I didn’t vote for the population ponzi and will luxuriate in a very long shower after a Sunday long run of 15-20k’s.

      I say to everyone “run those taps”!!!!

      Perhaps I should email this to Mark Latham.

  4. And what happens at the end of their ten year visas?

    Do we actually think the pollies bending-over backwards (or is that forwards?) to get the Indian and Chinese vote are going to deport these elderly parents? They will be here at their final and very expensive healthcare years. I won’t be surprised if, after living here ten years, they get permanent residency / citizenship and a shiny Medicare care card and pension, because, you know, they’ve earned it.

  5. So we will get higher health insurance premiums (thus pushing more people in the public system) and get more turning up in emergency rooms because they aren’t adequately covered by their basic health insurance (we all know they are price sensitive consumers) or don’t want to pay for a GP visit. Either way, we’re stuffed just so we can make our Johnny Come-Latelies (a.k.a Short Term GDP Lifters) feel more at home. Insanity.

  6. So he does this which we’ll get taxed on then spends 500m to reduce the waiting time…more tax. Who is going to challenge this? ABC ?

    • Nobody. Because poor people aren’t really going to pay more tax under Labor. Rich people, according to this website and its cognoscenti of commenters, don’t pay tax anyway. And everybody loves a freebie of which Bill is promising a few.

  7. DominicMEMBER

    Labor is $1.20 in the bookies. That can’t be right. Will ‘Mr Charisma’ lose the unloseable election?