Scummo kow tows to tyranny as US fights for liberal democracy

If you want a demonstration of just how pathetic, hypocritical, empty, corrupt and dangerous Australian leadership has become, look no further than this, via Domain:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made a last-minute pitch to Chinese voters, swooping into Sydney’s Chinatown in a bid to shore up support for three candidates whose futures could hinge on the influential community.

…After describing the United States as a “friend” and China as a “customer” earlier this week, Mr Morrison clarified his position on Wednesday. He said he would continue to “enhance the relations with China” and that relationship was “very much co-dependent”.

“The linkages go well beyond the economics to the heritage that we share in common and that provides Australia with a unique opportunity to pursue this relationship,” Mr Morrison said from Chinatown’s Golden Century restaurant.

Sure they do. The Chinese Communist Party is also the diametric enemy of liberal democracy, a titanic dictatorship, destroyer of freedom wherever it treads and corrupter-in-chief of the Australian parliament. We shouldn’t forget those linkages.

And while our pollies kow tow to a Chinese diaspora that is being encouraged on every front in this election to embrace the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the only reason we can have this discussion at all, the United States and its liberal empire whose protection we enjoy and abuse, is locked in a death struggle with the same regime, see Steve Bannon and Tom Friedman today:

Compare that with some more groveling Scummo:

“Australia is a partner with China. That has ensured that we both benefited strongly from each other’s economic development”

“Whether it is in our resources sector or our education sector, our tourism sector, aged care, financial services. All of these areas of our economy have been very much linked into sharing the prosperity of what we’ve seen with China.

“One of the points that I have made so strongly as Australia’s prime minister is that I celebrate – celebrate China’s economic development and China’s economic success.

“I think this is a great thing for our region, I think it’s a great thing for Australians and I think it’s a great thing for all of those who live in our part of the world.”

No, it isn’t. While it is ruled by the CCP, China is the greatest threat to Australian freedom since WWII and it is time the Chinese diaspora was reminded of that fact.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. DominicMEMBER

    He’s just doing what a good pollie does: feathering his own nest and fvcking the citizens good and hard in the process.

    What’s the issue here, exactly?

  2. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Australia is the domestic violence victim stumbling from safe house to safe house, each time inadvertently ending up in a worse situation.

  3. SupernovaMEMBER

    Agree with HnH. However I fear that changing the Chinese hard-line political elite will require more than a trade deal. If a deal is achieved I’m not convinced the Chinese will adhere to it.

  4. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    All “diaspora” are complicit in white anteing the societies they reside in when they chose not to integrate into the underlying culture and ‘become’ part of the underlying identity, but instead choose maintain their cultural seperateness.

    • calling them diaspora is being generous, my dealings with them point to colonisation.

  5. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Except for period of foreign occupation, China is ruled by an Emperor for the last 2000 years. That won’t change until Chinese culture changes.

    It’s not that ‘CCP is evil incarnate’. Regardless of the form of government, China faces the same problem in regard to demographic, trade and security, and China will act accord to its own interest. Welcoming Chinese influence like ‘One Belt, One road’ is a strategic mistake, we should be grouping up with the rest of South Pacific to oppose Chinese influence instead, In the economic version of ‘black plague’, the Chinese have exported their real estate bubble overseas, and the outflow of Chinese money into foreign property is the main cause of rising house price in the Australia post GFC. Free trade can be a good thing, however free capital flow have almost always result in asset bubbles.

    The US is more corporatocracy than a liberal democracy these days, but at least you won’t get lock up in a jail cell just for complaining about the government.

    • “China is ruled by an Emperor for the last 2000 years” yeah but not always (han) Chinese emperors. The Mongols ruled China for hundreds of years through several dynasties and the last true dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, from the 1600’s to the early 1900’s, resulted from the Manchu people invading China (the pajama clothes style and queue hairstyle that 19th century westerners associated with the Chinese was enforced on the Chinese people by their Manchu rulers).

    • You give them the right to vote by shooting citizenships out of a confetti cannon.

  6. Not sure America has ever been close to a liberal democracy. Sure it tolerates a level of social welfare and independent decision making in its colonies but if any politician wanted to do a Venezuela and nationalise our mineral resources and distribute the profits amongst the people the relationship would change extremely rapidly. That being said I have no interest in being part of a chinese colony either.

    Also neither Australia or America have ever been a democracy. They are just two party duopolies where both choices are controlled by whomever can offer them the greatest bribes (donations). The only real democracy is direct democracy where people can control the policies that are implemented.

  7. And the CPC’s reply to Bannon is:
    “To rational analysts, Bannon is not just radical, but a bit insane. He is obsessed with certain resentful suspicions that the US is on a razor’s edge.
    With a deep racist imprint, Bannon’s ideas roughly equal to those of European extreme-rightists, even neo-Nazists.”
    “Bannon wrote that the US fight is not with the Chinese people but the Communist Party of China. What he fears most is China’s development. Isn’t he fighting the interests of Chinese people? We hope he is not the cancer cell of the US China diplomacy.”

  8. Torchwood1979

    “The linkages go well beyond the economics to the heritage that we share in common “

    Er, exactly what heritage do we have in common with China that ScoMo is referring to? The strongest positive relationship I can think of with the Chinese as a people (as opposed to their nasty communist government) is the Hawke government’s intake of refugees after the Tienanmen Square massacre. Beyond that, the relationship has primarily been economic.

    Unless ScoMo is talking about the heritage where we disliked and then banned Chinese during the Victorian Gold Rush or when we shot and blew them up in the Korean War?