Roy Morgan: Fake Greens dominated by Champagne Socialists

By Leith van Onselen

From Roy Morgan Research comes an interesting profile of the Australian Greens:

Greens supporters are concentrated in the highest socio-economic quintiles with 31% of Greens supporters in the highest socio economic AB quintile in 2018, unchanged from 2010, and 24% of Greens supporters in the C quintile, also unchanged.

This means a clear majority of 55% of Greens supporters are within the top two socio-economic quintiles representing 40% of the population whereas the remaining 45% of Greens supporters are from the bottom three socio-economic quintiles representing 60% of the population…

Greens supporters are increasingly found in Australia’s Capital Cities at the expense of Country Areas.

In 2018 a large majority of 71% of Greens supporters were located in Capital Cities, up a significant 6% points from 2010 compared to only 29% (down 6% points) that are now located in Country Areas.

This concentration of Greens support in the Capital Cities is driven by one city in particular, the Victorian capital of Melbourne. There has been a significant increase in the proportion of Greens supporters coming from Victoria at the expense of other States.

Now nearly a third of Greens supporters (32%) are located in Victoria, an increase of 5% points from 2010. Victoria now has more Greens supporters than the larger New South Wales which is a reverse of the situation a decade ago…

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan, says the Greens are hoping to pick up additional seats and regain the balance of power at this week’s Federal Election and it’s no surprise the Greens are targeting several Inner Melbourne seats to do so…

“The growing level of Greens support in Melbourne is concentrated in the Inner Melbourne seats of Melbourne, Macnamara, Cooper, Wills and Higgins. The Greens received at least 20% of the primary vote in these five seats at the last Federal Election and Roy Morgan Polls in 2018 reveals the Greens are now receiving at least 25% of the primary vote in all five of these seats”.

You’ve got to love the hypocrisy on display here. The Australian Conservation Foundation’s (ACF) Consumption Atlas found that higher-income residents in the inner city are the biggest consumers, to the detriment of the environment [my emphasis]:

Inner cities are consumption hotspots

Urban living patterns offer many opportunities for efficiency and reduced environmental impacts, compared to more dispersed populations. For example, access to public transport, as well as shops and facilities within walking distance, help make inner city dwellers less car dependant.

Further, the prevalence of more compact housing such as apartments in urban centres could lead to lower per person electricity and heating costs.

Yet despite the lower environmental impacts associated with less car use, inner city households outstrip the rest of Australia in every other category of consumption. Even in the area of housing, the opportunities for relatively efficient, compact living appear to be overwhelmed by the energy and water demands of modern urban living, such as air conditioning, spa baths, down lighting and luxury electronics and appliances, as well as by a higher proportion of individuals living alone or in small households.

In each state and territory, the centre of the capital city is the area with the highest environmental impacts, followed by the inner suburban areas. Rural and regional areas tend to have noticeably lower levels of consumption.

These trends in are closely correlated with wealth. Higher incomes in the inner cities are associated with higher levels of consumption across the board.

Moreover, the Greens’ unwavering support for open borders and mass immigration has made them the useful idiots of blood-sucking capitalism, shredding both the environment and wages for the benefit of the ‘growth lobby’.

Former ACF head, Professor Ian Lowe, summed it up best in 2009 with the following:

[We] need to stabilise our population or all those gains in demand per person will be futile.

Every serious environmental problem — including climate change — is worsened by population growth. Demographic studies show that net migration levels up to about 70,000 a year will enable us to stabilise our population.

Within that limit, we can increase our intakes of humanitarian and family migrants…

Let’s be clear: it is profit-driven business interests that have been pushing for much higher levels of “skilled” migration. The increased numbers hold down wages and drive up housing prices, putting double financial pressure on low-income households.

Somebody should sue the Greens to get the name back.

Vote 1 Sustainable Australia.

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Leith van Onselen


  1. DominicMEMBER

    Proof that going to University is no cure for ignorance.

    In fact, infested as they are with ‘progressive thinking’, going to Uni might just be the worst decision you ever make — the cost notwithstanding.

      • DominicMEMBER

        I was being facetious.
        I don’t regret Uni either — the boozing and social scene were epic. And it got me a very well paid job. Well enough paid that the cost of all 3 of my degrees (2 post-grads) were taken care of very quickly. What I learnt there was pretty useless but those bits pf paper did the trick 😉

    • TighterandTighter

      Actually you can’t trust power
      Pollies were people
      And people go into power
      Flux depowers the role

      But yes I agree
      It’s Flux down the card followed by Reusas relations friends the Sustainably Partying in Australia party

  2. That Julian Muppetside. What a fuchwit.

    I actually think any Greens supporter is such because of an imagined superiority. The irony of it all. I predict they will go backwards in this election. They are dreaming to think otherwise.

    • I think they will go backwards also, can’t stand them. I was talking to some door knockers going around in the Inner West from some Environment conservation outfit (can’t remember the name now), but because they had Green shirts on she told me people think they are associated with The Greens and recoil at the thought. haha.

      I think it just shows how they have polarized people with their Identity Politics.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      I actually think any Greens supporter is such because of an imagined superiority.

      The Greens have about a 90% policy overlap with both MB and SAP. Renewable energy, workers rights, anti-corruption, democratic institutions, liveable welfare, public services, nationalised assets, human rights, taxation, political donations, most of those “identity politics” things, yadda, yadda, yadda.

      Compared to say PH0N which has maybe a 10% overlap. Immigration, marijuana (sort of), foreign ownership, errr…?

      Yet it’s the people who would preference the party which they agree with 90% of the time rather than the one they agree with 10% of the time that are unfathomably irrational.

      Fvck me sideways.

  3. The Canberra Times provided a forum for local candidates to write a spray about themselves. The Greens candidate is a besuited young man with bleached and beautifully coiffed hair. About himself he says

    I’m a realtor and auctioneer, small business owner, entertainer, carer and activist. I’m young, openly gay and have been engaged in the fight for a more progressive politics for over 10 years.

    I’ve campaigned for well-funded and accessible public schools, I’ve championed the cause of LGBTIQ people through the fight for marriage equality

    So. A fcuking real estate agent. And aren’t they a group who are known to be pillars of moral integrity and virtue, eh? And he wants to get into politics. Because he’s an “activist”. And he’s gay, because we’re all interested in what he does with his dick as that’s really important in federal parliament. Well, I guess it was for the Beetrooter. And his activism involved pushing the gay marriage thing, which was great, but could also be seen as nothing more than talking his own book..

    And he’s “young”, which he seems to think is a qualification for a career in politics. I don’t. The words “young and stupid” don’t appear together frequently by accident.

    Eventually, as an apparent afterthought in the last phrase of the last sentence of his last paragraph after a ream of self-righteous and self-admiring bloviation, he finally mentions that he’d also pursue policies to tackle the climate crisis, because Greens.

    To me, this narcissistic little power hungry fraud epitomises what the greens are about. He clearly sees the greens as nothing more than a vehicle for pursuing his own agendas which have nothing whatsoever to do with preserving our natural environment, all while accruing power and wealth for himself. I wonder if he’s ever put his no-doubt beautifully manicured feet into a pair of boots and walked up a hill far from any other people where the only sound is the wind stirring through the leaves of the gum trees? Somehow I doubt it.

    These greens people are useless and worthless, and deserve only to be despised and shunned.

    • “Well, I guess it was for the Beetrooter.”

      To be fair, that was more to do with the stunning news that there were not only one, but TWO women in the world who would sleep with him.

    • mild colonial

      I can’t predict exactly what they’d do if they got into parliament but your attack on our local Greens candidates is a bit harsh, I think Tim has great integrity and Jonathan wouldn’t be too bad. maybe direct some vitriol to Zed who is renowned for being lazy among other things.

      • Zed is a completely worthless drone who has done nothing for the ACT during his time in Parliament except demonstrate his ability to stab a colleague in the back to get into Parliament. He has of course, managed to secure a very comfy and lucrative position for himself in doing so, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t p1ss in his ear if his brain was on fire.

        As for Jonathan…I know nothing about him apart from what he’s presented of himself in public. And a greens candidate who makes a great deal of his LGBT activism while almost forgetting to mention the environment typifies to me exactly what is wrong with the party today. I come from a farming family and I’m an outdoors enthusiast. I have actually voted for the greens in the past, but they’ve long since lost their way. Promoting trendy social justice issues while forgetting about the environment is why people in their natural constituency, like me believe it or not, wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole now.

        When faced with a choice between LGBT rights (which is important) and the country running out of water, I think spending time on the latter issue is where the greens should be focussing their energies.

    • *I wonder if he’s ever put his no-doubt beautifully manicured feet into a pair of boots and walked up a hill far from any other people where the only sound is the wind stirring through the leaves of the gum trees? Somehow I doubt it.*

      “Yeah, [email protected] people HATE trees!

      They also have pretty dainty nails! Yeah, just lovely little well manicured…..oh now I need to change my pants. ”


      • Lol. You’re the master of the straw man.

        Espouse whatever nonsense you like, but please refrain from putting my name to it.

  4. This is a fascinating insight into a psychological phenomena that is key to western disintegration and the rise of the urban elite. It is really worthy of serious study because it is a form of cognitive dissonance that allows people to act one way but claim ideological brotherhood to the polar opposite. There are two realities, one of action and another based upon your ego.

    Political correctness is a way for those who have created wealth from participating in massive exploitation and dubious associations to claim ideological purity and assuage their guilt. It is the way to have your cake and eat it too – a baptism of self forgiveness. Afterwards, no one cares to examine where your wealth has come from and how a manifestly exploitative system has developed inequity you have benefited from, what matters is the baptism in Fake Green Rhetoric – that cost you nothing.

    It’s Fake because it is always about getting the other to do something and for them to face up to their evil and hypocrisy – not your own.

    For instance, you can be a member of the legal profession that has give rise to the corporate smokescreen hiding massive environmental externalities and corruption, that has made you fabulously wealthy due to the professional culture it commands, yet rhetorical instruments (that cost you nothing) will set you free from any responsibility for it – as you rant that others are irresponsible for not facing up to their responsibilities.

    Because no one ever looks beneath the cheap suit of ideology and asks why you didn’t fight to reform your own profession and your own ways when the loot was rolling in.

    So you can sit in a Toorak mansion surrounded by expensive art and accolades – and defend the poor and downtrodden – whist never considering that it is the very fact of your mansion, art and accolades that has created the poor and downtrodden the world over. For the economic and social power you have accumulated and benefited from is part of the spoils of inequality that you have been happy to accept.

    We are all hypocrites, it’s just that the Fake Greens go that one step extra. They have abandoned ‘sustainability’ as the core plank of environmental integrity and have become an ideological hand washing service.

    • Hats off Clive. You write perceptively, and I always look forward to your contributions here.

    • Psychology Clive gives you great insight I assume? I’ve never come into sustained contact with Greens here, but what little I have showed me that my, or anyone else’s opinion, was not to be tolerated or even be heard. What you describe is exactly what I’ve seen in the power circles in NY city on business trips at a few of the member only clubs. The sort of things discussed were how the masses loosing their jobs needed to adapt. How they did that was their own responsibility. Many of these people were not in politics, but had connections, and it was truly sickening. I saw more than I ever wanted to.

    • SweeperMEMBER

      I think voting green is a way of overcoming the cognitive dissonance. They believe they are good people but all the evidence says on balance they are hurting the environment and society. So they vote green.
      Similar to philanthropy. Which is why philanthropy should be illegal imo. The people destroying the world should at least have to live with that reality

  5. “Every serious environmental problem — including climate change — is worsened by population growth. ”

    Yes, however it;s far worse than that, the root cause of most of Australia’s economic problems is the imposed massive and ongoing Third World immigration program.
    Given the choice between the environment and massive Third World immigration, the treacherous ‘Greens’ will always pick massive Third World immigration.
    One Nation are the best environment party, vote for them first, followed by the other anti immigrant parties.

  6. Greens may or may not be fake. However, these demographics really don’t prove anything. Of course progressives (even misguided progressives) tend to be better educated and have higher incomes.

    Play the man/woman/(x-gender) not the ball?

    Why all the hate?

    • Why the hate?

      Because of the arrogant hypocrisy! Mostly variants of “do as I say” not as “i do”. Live in the 1st world and all its associated standards and benefits, recycle a shopping bag or two, rabbit on about CSG or something similar and understand f**k all. Carry on about green house gases but still fly overseas on holidays. Criticise food producers whilst having a big gut and a full mouth. One could go on and on …

      • Granted, the hypocrisy of the greens and many of their supporters is infuriating.
        However, it’s no more so than other parties. Liberal voters trumpet meritocracy from the balconies of beachside homes inherited from granddad, while defending franking refunds and tax expenditures as anything but the welfare that it is. We have Nationals voters complain about crippling drought and erosion, but support adani and pillage their fields with pesticides in the hope of a bumper crop this season (but probably at the expense of next year’s). It’s all a bit odd.

        Also, we seem to hold greens voters to higher standards of environmentalism than people who outwardly couldnt give a rats..

      • The amount of diesel Porsche SUV’s in those electorates is the one that cracks me up. Just had to add that for you.

    • Trout à la Crème

      Hate lol. Come back and say that when the likes of SHY cease to repeat her ignorant hate.

  7. Green voters polute more because they can (have more money)

    There are no environmentalists in this country. Sustainable Australia is no better, they only care about number of polluters not pollution per capita that is the highest in the world.
    Most of us live in one of the best climates in the world (very litle cooling/heating), we are among the most urbanized countries concentrated in few cities, yet we consume the most per capita energy beating hostile places like middle east and north Europe

    • There are some of us trying to pollute and consume less, but point accepted. My dream is to be a self sufficient farmer. And that has to be out of Melbourne in the country where you can be closer to nature, and I really think that is one of the problems in cities..people feel no connections or desire to live better. I will get there in a few years.

  8. I was having a conversation with a Greens supporter last week when in Sydney on business.

    When I asked the young man why he is a member of the Greens, he rattled of a myriad of ‘socially progressive’ policies about human rights, equality, advocacy for refugees etc. I asked if that was typical of Greens members in his branch. “Absolutely!” he says.

    So I asked if he agreed that climate change was, in general, one of the biggest concerns of voters in Australia. “Yes, of course.”

    So I asked, “Then why is your primary vote stagnant at 9% and has been for the best part of two years?”

    “I think it’s because many people in Australia are racist.”

    Fvck me!

  9. Greens are anathema among the poorer cohorts – who they profess to act for and hold solidarity with. Go Western Sydney or West Melbourne and ask voters what they think of the Greens. The bitter, vehement responses will stagger you.

  10. John Howards Bowling Coach

    I am very interested to see how Mr Julian Burnside fares. It’s a shock that he might actually roll Frydenberg in Kooyong, but who knows if the shock would become reality until Sunday morning. Burnside is exactly what this country does not need. A career legal bastard who has likely been hoovering up public funds for years already to fight our government to given more and more to illegal migrants regardless of their need to be here or if they are simply economic migrants. Himself a multimillionaire property investor, he’s a likely future champion for the Champagne set in Kooyong, making good for the damage their Range Rover and chopper flights to Hotham do to the environment along with their sneaky investment in Palm Oil plantations. I want to vomit just thinking of the open borders garbage he will spew in parliament as a turbo charged replacement for Sarah Hanson Young, a true social justice warrior who actually has the legal mind to do real damage to our sovereignty. I bet he’s cheerleading for the open border for the old and expensive patients program to be implemented urgently, just in case he doesn’t win the seat or Kooyong and will then have another never ending list of ‘clients’ to service on taxpayers expense. Keep up the good fight, Treasonous old chap.