Parasites bicker over ScoMo’s first home buyer subsidy

By Leith van Onselen

The Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW) has attacked the Morrison Government’s first home buyer (FHB) deposit subsidy scheme, claiming it will create unintended consequences for the housing market. From

The industry body’s chief executive Tim McKibbin said the government offer was admirable but the prime minister would have been better off taking a more hands off approach to the housing market.

“Assisting first home buyers is unquestionably a good use of government resources,” he said. “However, when the government uses its power to influence a free market, it invariably has adverse consequences.”

He added that a government offer to remove GST on new properties would have been more effective in helping first home buyers because the tax has been instrumental in driving up purchasing costs for buyers.

The government has also offered no solution to improving housing supply, which has been another significant driver of high prices, Mr McKibbin said…

“Banks are entitled to feel confused, considering it is less than six months since they were heavily criticised for their lending practices”…

“It is concerning that the banks, who are integral to the success of the government’s policy outcomes, were not consulted,” Mr McKibbin said.

This is funny stuff, given the Coalition admitted that Australia’s property lobby was behind the policy:

Mr Morrison rejected suggestions the plan announced on Sunday, and quickly matched by Labor was a taxpayer-funded subsidy and said it won’t lead to an increased risk of purchasers getting into financial trouble.

“It enables them to open the door and actually turn the key on their first house,” Mr Morrison said.

“In a couple of years they will undoubtedly refinance and they will go through that process again. The equity in their home will build and they’re up, up and away. That’s where we want to get them to”…

Asked what modelling had been done, Mr Frydenberg said the government “had spoken to people in the sector.”

I guess you can’t keep all property parasites happy.

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  1. BubbleyMEMBER

    Capped at 10,000 FHB, the deposit scheme is only 1,250 loans per state/territory. It will inspire confidence in the short term but be virtually useless in the long term.

    McKibbon is making good sense. He is either resigning from REIWA soon and feeling guilty about his legacy or body snatchers have taken him over

    • You’re correct – this should be made unlimited in availability because assisting first home buyers is unquestionably a good use of taxpayer money. Unquestionably.

      • BubbleyMEMBER

        To be honest, I’m of the opinion that if a FHB can’t afford the deposit, they can’t afford the property. Every time the government tries to help, they stuff it up. The FHB incentive for example, simply drove up house prices.

        I’m with McKibbon on this one and would rather the government focused on increasing supply rather than cash handouts.
        (these are strange days when I agree with a REIWA spokes person)

    • Based of the funding amount, they will only have enough money for about 5000 loans, double the cap amount. They could not even bother to do a back of the envelope calculation

  2. ZevombatMEMBER

    WA already had a similar scheme for a while, did other states? It doesn’t seem like it will do much of anything in Perth

  3. However, when the government uses its power to influence a free market, it invariably has adverse consequences.”


    He called it a “free market”.

    What an ass-clown.

    I didn’t read any further than that stupid claim.

  4. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Lol. Scummo sets up a boobytrap for an incoming gubmint then finds out he’s the one who has to deal with it.

    It’ll be the first of many.

    • bobalotMEMBER

      This is what I reckon about his tax cuts and return to surplus plan.
      Labor matched it and the Coalition were planning to hit them over the head when it blew out the budget.

  5. truthisfashionable

    C’mon Scomo, deductable interest from salary for FHB!
    If anyone can get that through it’s the property prime minister.