Meet the new anti-EU EU Parliament

Says it all really:

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  1. Geez HNH, mate, you’re not letting a few facts get in the way of a good headline these days are you?

    “The anti-EU EU”? Really? Both the BBC and Associated Press are pointing out that the big winners were the small “l” liberals and the Greens and that whilst the nationalist anti-EU parties improved their position they did not perform as well as expected and fell short of being able to form part of the majority. How can you possibly construe that as a victory for the anti-EU parties?

      • You seem to fail to understand how elections work. The winner is the party with the most seats. So the Brexit Party won in Britain, and is the single largest party in the entire European Parliament. Your brain must be dribbling out of your ears if you believe the extremists at the BBC and the Alastair Campbell spin. Even if you want to add up all the parties’ votes, adding the Brexit Party to UKIP to the Conservative and Unionist Party gives a clear majority for leave parties in Britain. Your initial post was left wing anti-democratic Pro-EU propaganda. You should apply to join Change UK 🤣

      • So, according to you, the ALP won the 2019 election and Bill Shorten is now the prime minister…

      • How do you work that out, genius? The party that has the most seats wins the election. That would be the Liberal Party. You REALLY don’t understand how this works, do you?

      • ALP won 68 seats, Liberals won 44 seats, Qld LNP won 23 seats Nats won 10 seats. The party that won most seats was the ALP but the coalition of Liberals, LNP and Nats gets to form government because combined they have the majority of the seats

        Here’s a hint for you matey, they’re called the coalition because they are a coalition of parties, not a single party.

      • triage – there is no Qld LNP in canberra. Each qld MP or Senator determines whether they sit with the Liberals or the Nationals. So only 2 parties in the coalition. Similar to the Country Liberals in the NT as the Nats / Libs also merged there years ago.

    • Yeah it’s a grey area.

      But the largest single party in the whole EU parliament is the Brexit party.

      Marine le Pen equal to Macron in France (and le Pen will get another seat when UK leaves due to seat reallocation).

      Italy the largest party is right wing Salvini. In Hungary Orban took more than 50% of votes/seats.

      Centrist parties reduced their majority while parties pushing for change (greens, left wing, right wing and nationalist parties grew their number of seats).

      If you exclude Germany, the EU parliament looks very anti-EU.

  2. DominicMEMBER

    And there are still people out there who believe the Euro will survive.

    Frankly the future of the entire EU looks dicey

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      It will. I look forward to seeing it being overtaken through democratic vote by ‘communist’ parties.

      I’ll be even happier if they then reintroduce freedom of movement controls, ’cause, you know, terrorism.