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  1. fitzroyMEMBER

    Counting the costs of climate change is something that Greg Jericho at the Guardian is essential in determining the efficacy off climate change coatings.
    That assumes Australia’s emissions have a substantial effect on what is happening in Australia. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Compared to the large emitters we are minnows. Should we take their emissions into account in our costings? This BS analysis does no one any favours.

  2. I used to live down the road from this placee when it was being built. Was previously a large house over 3-4 blocks. Bought for $1.8mil in 2006 i think, then demolished and recently 4-5 poor quality townhouses built. This one was sold for ~$1.4mil I think, immediately put on the renal market and awaiting rental

    Here are the remaining ones

    8 Frank started at 1.6 mil

    These were cheap builds with imported trades. Can’t see them lasting long