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  1. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    … MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA: Destroying your family’s future by paying bubble (political) prices for real estate …

    Desperate families are selling housing blocks on Gumtree as they face financial ruin in property market downturn … (Australia) Daily Mail

    • A truck driver and his pregnant wife forked out $110,000 just to settle their land

    • They instantly lost $50,000 when their property was valued below their contract

    • Buyers are angry at the developer which is offering rebates, devaluing their land

    • Many people are selling land on Gumtree after a steep property market nosedive
    … What part of 3 don’t these losers understand … with their deadbeat advisers too of course … ? …

    Definition Of An Affordable Housing Market – Performance Urban Planning

    Houston Association Of Reators – Latest Monthly Report

  2. Hugh PavletichMEMBER


    … The Kiwibuild circus … continues …

    … Angry builder Mike Greer tells media to take happy pills as he becomes a beneficiary of Phil Twyfords developers / builders welfare scheme …. KIWIBUILD …

    Govt buys unsold Kiwibuild homes in Auckland, Canterbury | Charlie Gates |

    The Government has purchased seven unsold KiwiBuild homes developed by house builder Mike Greer – three in Canterbury and four in Auckland.

    Greer’s company, Mike Greer Homes, has done a deal with the Government to build affordable homes as part of the ambitious KiwiBuild scheme.

    The deal involves the Government promising to purchase the homes at a discounted rate from the house builder if they do not sell within a certain timeframe. …

    …. Greer declined to comment on the Government purchases because he felt the New Zealand media was too negative.

    “You guys need to take some happy pills,” he said. “You need to write happy stuff and make people feel good.” … read more via hyperlink above …
    … Read what The Guardian, The New York Times and The Listener February editorial said about Kiwibuild … via the February Update and recently updated 2019 sections …

    Performance Urban Planning

    … Let’s hope the expected mid – June major government announcements BELATEDLY deal effectively with the REAL ISSUES of land supply / urban limits abolition and proper infrastructure debt financing … as long promised.

    Why are New Zealand homes so pricey? It has nothing to do with avocados | Charlie Gates |

    Just allow affordable new housing to be built !