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  1. Is it 1993 and Fightback all over again?

    Its centrepiece was a 15 per cent GST.

    It was far more radical and comprehensive than the changes to negative gearing and imputation credits that Bill Shorten offered this time.

    The difference being, a 15% GST hurts the poor and negative gearing grandfathering would help the poor.

    Also, Shorten sounds very arrogant when giving speeches. Paul Keating had great insults!

    Albo had a good one – “Turnbull is Abbott in a top hat” and Turnbull would have been a visionary on 23 Nov 1910:

  2. Hugh PavletichMEMBER


    RBNZ enforces $10.1b increase in risk weighted assets on ANZ NZ related to mortgage and farm lending in a move that comes with an $800 mln increase to ANZ NZ’s minimum regulatory capital requirements … Interest Co NZ

    RBNZ to use external experts and focus groups in next phases of the biggest review of NZ bank capital requirements ever undertaken … Interest Co NZ
    Remember Ireland 2007 ? … Check earlier MacroBusiness Australia posting …

  3. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Clear warnings for Ardern from Australian election outcome … OPINION Mike Yardley |

    OPINION: As the votes came in, you could virtually feel the shockwave ripple across the Tasman from Melbourne’s Hyatt Place Hotel on Saturday night.

    Slowly but surely, the brutal reality check was dawning on the Australian Labor Party that it was losing the unlosable election.

    Bill Shorten, who just hours earlier on Australian television had trumpeted his confidence in Labor not just forming government, but winning an outright majority, was snatching an excruciating defeat from the jaws of victory.

    The palpable sense of shock, tears, anger and heartbreak carried uncanny echoes of those immortal scenes from Hillary Clinton’s election night headquarters in 2016. … read more via hyperlink above …