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  1. Haiti:

    A scientific output of 0.25 articles for a population of 11 million. Average IQ 67.

    Iceland: 26.82 articles for a population of 0.34 million. Average IQ 101.

    A single Icelander is a scientifically productive as 3,471 Haitians. Its the same story, though less extreme, when comparing many other countries. Slovenia, 2 million, produces 40% more science than Pakistan, 200 million. Yet why are people in the West told to limit their resource consumption and reproduction?

    We need a solid cost-benefit analysis of the billions of unproductive humans on the planet. If Haiti was instantly depopulated, there would be zero impact to humanity, but a great relief to the environment.

    From my analysis you could drop the bottom 50% of humanity for only a 4% reduction in scientific output. There is your environmental salvation right there – devote half the planet to nature and scientific reserves.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      You know that IQ stuff you’re basing your genocidal fantasies on is thoroughly discredited and mostly made up, right ?

    • Why do you keep posting IQ stuff here?

      Basically none of us are going to agree with you.

    • Haiti is a plantation for the U.S. pro sports garment industry, hence the need to get manufacturing back up post earthquake and before rebuilding critical social infrastructure.

      Curiously this makes your claim about I.Q. disconcerting E.g. the low I.Q. can be attributed to the machinations of those with high I.Q. which utilize Haiti for extractive reasons. Decadal studies have clearly shown the first 5 years in a humans life have more influence on every metric WRT human outcomes than anything else … they don’t call it a poverty “trap” for nothing … sounds kinda anti competitive eh ….

  2. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

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    • You are aware that as reserve currency they have to run deficits, its backed in, not to mention historically they have basically always been in debt. Surpluses have always proceeded recessions in the U.S. – see Clinton era.

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