Links 17 May 2019

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  1. The poo hits the 68 handle proper. Wheeeeee No doubt up by morning, but the breach is good.

  2. Just as an example of how dumb the voters have become:
    I was handing out flyers for SAP a few weekends ago when one of the people passing by asked me to explain the policies.
    So I lead with “We want to return planning decisions to the local community to stop cosy deals between politicians and property developers.” His immediate response, “but you’re politicians too.”
    I think we need rules to bar people with the comprehension skills of a child from voting.

  3. interested party

    “Thornton told the 300-strong audience of mostly academics, diplomats, businesspeople and graduates that calling the 2020 US presidential candidate who would better suit Chinese interests was too tough.”

    There was once a time when a politician/bureaucrat would be looking out for the interests of the native country….not some foreign adversary. Now they openly display a blatant preference to policy that is not in the national interest. Look how far we have come.