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Leith van Onselen


    • Posts like this make me realise I’m a lucky millennial, being that I am a 1982 baby I am really at the tail end of Gen X. If I had bought a house in 2004/2005 when I was just entering the work force instead of going traveling etc.. I’d probably be in a better position now (financially) but I’d have missed out on a lot of life experiences.

      But I look at the up and coming generation and really feel sorry for them with the state of the housing market and rents, but more so the lack of job prospects and the crowding out thanks to mass immigration they have to deal with. At least I managed to invest in a certain ways and save to a point where I can now buy many homes outright (or close to it).

      • Nice post Gav. As usual.

        Powers that be (including current wealth-holders) are f*ck*ing this country for the younger people in all ways possible. You name it, they are eating the country’s future right now.

        Given that immigration seems locked in as policy until the true scale of the disaster reveals itself, what could we do, right now, governance-wise, to help young Australians? At least one of my votes would be to fix the rental system so young adults can actually have a decent life, some self-determination and some residential security if they can’t own a house near to where they work.

  1. Had a great night last night with the missus. While making dinner we were blasting some mid 90s silverchair and grinspoon. Really made me nostalgic. Now you have to rip daniel johns away from the makeup cabinet

    • haha, I love the old Grinspoon, Eskimo Joe, even a bit of Jet lol.. all those old Aussie bands. A friend of mine loved The Whitlams, we used to laugh at the song “I make hamburgers”. 😀

      Man I feel I’m getting old..

      Oh and The Living End!

      We used to go to live gigs for these groups all the time. I remember seeing both The Living End and Whitlams down at the Morning Peninsula in Melbourne at some pub out that way which appears to have been shut down. :(.

      That’s the sad part, all the venues that have gone.

      • Well, this may be taking you out of your zone, but the band name “Living End” reminded me of this song “Living Hell” by Tiger Lilies. Take your protein pills and fasten sanity belts before exploring this music too far…

  2. Hugh Pavletich

    China’s empty homes may prove a bigger threat than Donald Trump’s tariffs … Michael Janda … ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Build it and they will come. That is the philosophy underpinning modern China’s urban fields of dreams. …

    In some senses they have, and do, come. But they are not residents or businesses in many of China’s gleaming new towers. They are investors — speculators betting that property values only go up as China’s population moves indefinitely in just one direction, from country to city. …

    … To give you a better sense of the scale of China’s overbuilding, assuming a reasonably generous average of 80sqm of floorspace per new dwelling, that is 80 million units that are currently sitting empty. … read more via hyperlink above …

    Chinese property is extremely unaffordable

    • Any idea where the “natural vacancy rate” of around 10% in the chart comes from? (When was the last time Syd or Auckland got anywhere near that!!)

    • Sacking is too good for them & same for the MP’s from both sides that have enabled this tell occur!

  3. some interesting stats on the crowd from yesterdays IOTP with North & Adams not sure which of the dancers is Adams or North, LOL

    Yesterdays SMH on minor parities

    Deep T
    I don’t buy it, though maybe some possibility something like this could play out … I don’t know enough to make a judgment I guess.

    (sorry if reposts)

  4. My bet would be Murdoch has some nice dirt on bill and will launch next day or so in order to give bill no time to reply.
    As per usual

    • Nice, would have loved to have been able to go there then, but I wasn’t born yet! LOL