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  1. Hugh PavletichMEMBER


    New Housing Data Warns The Era Of Double-Digit Home Price Gains Is Over … Zerohedge

    Dow drops 400 points as this week’s sell-off accelerates after Trump says China ‘broke the deal’ … CNBC

    Stocks Plumb Session Lows After Chinese Media Says “Zero Chance” Of Trade Deal … Zerohedge

  2. 10 hours ago.

    An old man who came here in 2007 is now a candidate for the fake Greens and he wants to abolish the IELTS exam:

    Mr Singh said the English language requirements set for international studies and for the migration purpose are making peoples’ lives difficult.

    “I know people who are under severe depression. They’re frustrated with their repeated failure to get through the English requirement. Some of them had to sit in this exam over ten times.”

    FMD! The sense of entitlement!

  3. If Labor wins they, and particularly Bill Shorten, need to grasp the nettle right from the beginning regarding immigration and home affairs imo. To keep the current boss of the Home Affairs Department, Mike Pezzullo, who in one of the great empire building coups of Australian public service, managed to take over Customs, Immigration, the AFP and ASIO – all entirely different functions – would be to cede control of all those functions to the cabal of like-minded incumbents. If Labor is to prevent white-anting in that portfolio they need to root out that cabal and break-up the Home Affairs portfolio.

    “[Mike Pezzullo is t]he devout Christian and history-loving son of Italian migrants now sits at the top of the Home Affairs behemoth he relentlessly pushed to create”.

    Apparently ASIO and AFP both prefer to go back into the Attorney General’s portfolio and now that Labor has said that they will not privatise the visa processing function Immigration needs to be totally refurfished under new management. Abul Rizvi has been putting out job applications for that role for months now and given he initiated many of the problems in visa processing he is well positioned to know how to fix those problems.

    And the argument that Mike Pezzullo is an “intellegence chief” is rubbish: the boss of ASIO and the boss of the AFP are intellegence chiefs. Pezzullo is an unqualified outsider who wrangled his way into overseeing a number of intellegence chiefs and is superfluous to those functions..

  4. Now this is interesting:

    Apparently Alexander Downer is being investigated by the US Congress for being an FBI informant? Back story: Alexander Downer, and his ASIO handler, Ericka Thompson were playing point on kick starting the Russiagate plot, also known as the coup attempt by Hillary/DNC against the lawful election of Trump in 2016.

    But why would an Australian diplomat be doing this? Because, young grasshopper, Australia is a protectorate of the British-Dutch empire, and all our politicians are bought and paid for patsies of offshore interests. While this is not new, the sheer stupidity of the intelligence community, and the additional stupidity by the combo PM/FM Truffles/Gnomeface, is truly impressive.

    Why shouldn’t a piss-ant pacific protectorate try to interfere in the elections of the American empire? Especially when our British masters decide, hey – kill two birds with one stone, lets get our retarded Australian cousins to kick start a coup against the Americans, and then blame Russia for it. What could go wrong? What could possibly go wrong?

    I mean, its not like they were interfering in another countries elections, and pushing for Hillary to win (shudder – ww3 would have started by now with that warmongering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, nuclear material trafficking evil piece of sh!t).

    Wait – that’s exactly what they were doing. The nonsense that Turnbull and Bishop signed off on, the reason for the move of the embassy to Jerusalem, and Scott Morrison having to bend the knee to Trump – is because the f’ing morons in the Australian intelligence community committed an act of war against America.

    And for what? Why exactly are our officials doing the pedo British establishments dirty work? So that Georgina Downer can be elected in Mayo? WTF???

    Corrupt A**holes. The below link is about how Alexander Downer organized a donation to the Clinton Foundation. This guy is a piece of work.


    • Didn’t we all donate to the Clinton Foundation with Rudd and Gillard …10-20M of tax payers money? I can’t remember but it was in the Age I think years ago.

      • Liar liar, pants on fire. There were several reports, will google and come back in bit hopefully, where it was pointed out how quickly Downer went running to British intelligence after the meeting was done.

        Let me clarify, Downer was so excited that he had sprung the trap, he went running to British intelligence with such haste, that someone cared enough to mention it and stick it on the internet. I bet he was all excited, and thought he had nailed his next paycheck. Call in a favour here, call in a favour there, and his daughter becomes member for Mayo.

        I wonder what he was promised – clearly Truffles and Gnomeface made some deal. Alexander Downer may well be a traitor, but he has rat cunning. Hmm – I wonder if there is emails somewhere with the details, or phone intercepts. Must remember to keep an eye out.

        Irrespective, with any luck, Trump sends him to a deep dark cell, 20 levels below the sub basement at Diego Garcia, and this particular human piece of sh!t never gets to see sunlight again.

        To anyone who reads this – watch that segment, and think about whether Alexander Downer seems like he is telling the truth. I wonder what the punishment for treason is, and is that what they call it when Trumps Praetorian Guard (also known as JSOC) turns up for some wetwork?

        Hey Alex D:- Did you see how the head of British Intelligence resigned the ‘spend time with family’? Did you see the news reports of Mifsud living in Rome a stone throw from the US Embassy – has he turned state’s witness do you think? Oooo what about the British Defence Minister resigning – Russian sources are saying there was an incident about a Brit trident class submarine – did you hear about that?

        Did you see the part of Rosensteins resignation letter where he referenced Robert H Jackson? Now why would he do that, and who is Robert H Jackson? Robert H Jackson was the US Attorney General who presided over the Nuremberg Trials – why would he mention that guy?


        Are your masters panicking yet? You people are stupid.

        Puccini’s “Turandot”:

  5. Hugh PavletichMEMBER


    … No mention of the anti – car / anti – business Christchurch Council bureaucrats … why ? …

    … Meantime … Greater Christchurch (thanks to the adjoining responsibly governed and administered Waimakariri and Selwyn Councils) is booming …

    Christchurch restaurant closures prompt fears hardest winter is coming | Radio New Zealand News

    Central Christchurch hospitality operators fear they could be heading into the toughest winter to date. … read more via hyperlink above …

  6. Since Angela Merkel became chancellor in 2005, German research organizations have been the envy of the world, enjoying 3% budget boosts every year, even during economic downturns. Many observers credit the influence of Merkel, who has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. Although she will step down by 2021, when her term ends, the budget increases will continue: On 3 May, state and federal ministers agreed to 3% yearly increases through 2030—an extra €17 billion over the next decade for organizations such as the Max Planck Society and the German Research Foundation (DFG), which awards grants.

  7. UEFA to change the European Champions League to a closed competition…If approved, they would result in a Champions League that could render national competitions nearly irrelevant, impose significant barriers to entry for teams outside the game’s current elite and deepen the divide between the two dozen richest clubs and the hundreds of others that make up the bulk of the European game.