Labor leadership turns into three horse race

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has just thrown his hat into the ring to contest Labor’s leadership, turning it into a three horse race between him, Anthony Albanese and Jim Chalmers. From The Australian:

The Australian has confirmed Chris Bowen will run as the Right candidate for the Labor leadership…

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese has brushed aside news he will be challenged by opposition treasury spokesman Chris Bowen for the ALP leadership.

“I’m not running to compare myself to any potential candidate or any real candidate,” he told Melbourne’s 3AW radio.

“I’m not running against Chris Bowen or anyone else. I’m running against Scott Morrison”…

While Chris Bowen is a decent economic communicator, he’s an open borders nut and China fanboy. Bowen’s also a key man behind Labor’s devastating electoral defeat. He’s damaged goods and Labor should instead go with some new blood and a fresh face. Somebody that can reset the party away from open borders globalism back to its working class roots.


  1. “Chris Bowen is a decent economic communicator”

    To you. Now how’s the cut through with his real audience?

      • here ya go cop this….Bowen.. I do think that those members from the regional area should have a say in our policy deliberations at a senior level. [mealymouth spin vomit]
        and next breath.. Linda Burney (Sydney), Plibersek (Sydney) and Butler (Adelaide) as potential deputies.
        how very regional of you bowen

  2. HadronCollision

    What’s the go with Jim Chalmers. I have to say he presents well. His Q&A appearance last night was pretty good

    • I thought so too. He was certainly happy to give it to Alan Jones. He might be too much of an unknown though and it is not clear how much of an influence he had on the ALP’s tax policies.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        An unknown now has three years to get a name.

        Better than Albo and never trust Bowen ever.

      • Torchwood1979

        I thought he did really well considering the hostility of Jones and the overloaded questions from smug boomers basking in their victory. What about that old jerk asking Labor to come and apologise to them?

  3. Joel Fitzgibbon.

    From Cessnock. Would play well in WA and Qld.

    Albo would be a gift to the Libs. Divorced, inner city lefty who likes vibrancy and thai massage parlours.

    Chalmers is unknown to me – do they want to damage him so soon?? Lets be realistic – ALP aren’t winning the next election now.

    • Maybe the plan is for Chalmers to keep the seat warm until Plibersek is ready to take over.

      • truthisfashionable

        I read somewhere that Pilbersek’s husband is in with the IPA. Anyone happen to know if there is any truth to that?

        I am also fascinated that he was a convicted drug runner and is now Secretary of the NSW department of Justice.

      • Plibbers is a gift to the libs. She plays well in woke inner city seats but I doubt she’d carry regional Qld, WA or Tas.

        They need someone who likes Rugby League to win over Qld; hence my Fitz suggestion.

        Interesting that Bill’s team appeared to have so much depth in the recent election but when you look for replacements the succession plan was missing.

      • I was hoping for the combination of Commissar Pilbersek and Chairman Wong, those two would make Labor un-electable.

      • @ yogiman

        Is that the same Pli berserk that owns 5 Investment Properties ??

        Must be why the ALP wanted to grandfather CG taxes…….lol

        ALP need C Bowen as their leader to ensure that they will not get elected for a long time.

    • LachlanMEMBER

      Don’t know about that. On the assumption that Shorten was the ALP’s Hewson, Labor will win the next election and govern for 10 years.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        After Hewson’s loss, the LNP went to Alexandra Downer, which was a disaster. They eventually decided to have someone electable, thus John Howard become PM.

        I expect something similar with the ALP : Albanese will become leader, get into lots of scandals, then they’ll pick someone from QLD.

      • I know the Libs won the election post Hewson but as Ronin said they realised they needed someone electable.

        I don’t think Bowen is in the same class as Howard. Who do they have that the electorate will trust and consider a safe bet to swap from ScoMo?

    • HadronCollision

      Didn’t Fitzgibbon have a whiff of impropriety about him – not saying this is fact, as I am recalling from the broken annals of my mind, wrecked as it is from the Melbourne Football Club’s year thus far. In any case he may be thoroughly decent but comes across as a bit of a drip….that might just be me though. He may be a ripper bloke.

      I’d prefer Chalmers keep his powder dry.

      And what’s all this about Thai massage parlours. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • Google it. Albo photographed visiting one in his electorate – some story that Crean has more dirt on him.

        Although if RnT was wrong then Reusa would never be right.

      • HadronCollision

        Jesus Philly how droll.

        Maybe it was a legit Thai massage parlour? Or maybe, like me on my honeymoon, he was offered Special Patong Massage, but turned it down “mmmm no thanks just a normal patong massage thanks!” [legit honeymoon story. Wife and I lol’d]

      • My sis is from the Hunter and gave me the drum on Fitz last night.

        He was (allegedly…she reports…I would never believe this for a minute etc) running two families…both with missus and kids…in the same town. Dunno how you manage that feat, but that’s what she said. Eventually of course it all went pear shaped with much scandal. It’s somehow been kept very quiet if true.

        He was also a member of Cessnock City Council for years….an organisation also known for using council resources for car rebirthing and running cockfights among other things.

        He was also sacked as Defence Minister for socialising with Chinese…errm… socialites… with PLA connections.

        All in all, a fabulous track record of sound judgement and just the sort of squeaky clean straight arrow bloke you’d pick for PM.

  4. meh, put Bowen in and watch his arrogance get the better of him. He couldn’t suppress it as opposition treasurer, so if he is in charge it’ll be off the scale and people will think he’s just another elitist cvnt, which he is. Good.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Yes absolutely. Also, and this may be superficial, but he looks like a rat. Or weasel maybe. Either way, one of those animals which you trust at your peril.

  5. I’m banking on Tanya doing an Uncle Tony special – out of the race , but ok for the good of the party I will lead.

  6. How could Bowen contemplate running? How could the ALP head office permit it?
    He owns the electoral debacle with Bill.

  7. Joel Fitzgibbon would be an interesting candidate, I wonder what his views on immigration are. Because the level has to come down, especially the 457 Visas which are used as a cheap, easily exploitable source of Labor for employers.

    Immigration levels should come down to the level to met genuine Labor market needs, along with a intake for refugees. While making the treatment of immigrants more humane at the same time. Also I do wonder what his views on the CCP’s influence over Australian politics, because they have been caught trying to interfere in the elections to ensure Labor won.

    • Well he’s just had a near death experience in his seat where ON and the Nationals each polled over 20% of the primary vote. So he would be acutely aware of the sensitivity of immigration.

  8. Bowen? Why don’t Labor save the effort and just volunteer to stay in opposition for two terms. Like so many other pollies, Bowen is little more than an actor. A pretender lacking in good judgement, and clearly not terribly bright.

    He didn’t understand the shortcomings of his own policies, and had no interest in listening when they were explained to him. I mean, I know a lot of pollies are arrogant pr!cks, but when you have numerous intelligent people pointing out to you why your flimsy policy needs revisiting, who thinks it’s a good idea to tell them to vote for someone else.

    They may not actually represent us, but they’re at least supposed to pretend.

    More like a two horse and a muppet race.

    • Oh and Chris, even if you think something needs changing, switching your party stance from longstanding support of a legislated tax law to painting it as a rort and loophole being exploited by the rich isn’t going to endear you to those whom you might have hoped to win over.

      The irony is, I heard quite a few people who benefit from franking credit refunds agree that there needs to be a limit, but the policy as proposed was idiotic.

    • Seems like the ALP right faction has led the catastrophe. I know little about the arcane world of ALP factions but have a suspicion that they are people who would be at home in the LNP before it marched to the hard loony Right. It seem significant that Shorten, Bowen and Swan were from this LNP-lite faction.

      If their leadership is picked from this group of Big Australia enthusiasts who are hell bent on renovating the ALP to be a club for inner urban boutique politics, globalist ambition and identity wank, then the ALP best add a nice funeral plan to its insurance policy.

      • jkambahMEMBER

        Some background on Chalmers from wiki

        “Chalmers holds a PhD in political science and international relations from the Australian National University and was chief of staff to Wayne Swan as Treasurer from 2010 to 2013.[1] In 2013, he left his position as chief of staff to the Treasurer to become the Executive Director of the Chifley Research Centre.[2] He left that role in July 2013, when he was preselected to succeed Craig Emerson as the Labor candidate for Rankin, and he won the seat at the 2013 election.[3]Chalmers has a PHD ”

        I assume he is another open borders nut.

        The ANU Pol Science dept has been left wing for many decades and the academic standards were poor. The international relations courses are just another grooming program for open borders advocates, China apologists, and pro-Asian beliefs. If you do not tow the party line in such courses you get marked down and do not earn your PhD.

        I did an economics degree at the ANU as a part time student, finishing in 1981.

      • Yep, Chalmers is another Labor Right faction… and Big Australia nutter in the Swan-Shorten-Bowen coterie that won’t want to differentiate from the LNP elite too much.

        He’s another classic apparatchik with all the marks of a professional wannabe politician: politics as a degree; job as an advisor and coffee fetcher in the machine; no real job; no life experience – living in the ALP bubble all his life. A hollow man in a political echo chamber.

        Such a person should be ashamed to even put their hand up, but this shows you the depths to which the ALP has sunk. This guy wants the job once held by Chifley, Whitlam and Hawke – but is nothing but an ALP office boy with a massively overinflated sense of his own worth.

        Anyone who reads about the life of Chifley, Whitlam or Hawke and weighs their life experience against the average ALP apparatchik cannot help that feeling of panic that a systemic decay has been on-going for years. The ALP has filled up on lightweights and calorie deficient ideology formed in student unions and “think tanks”.

        But hey, after uniting solidly behind Shorten, the scarecrow of ALP politics, the standards are so low that even the photocopier technician is in with a chance.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        Inspired work there fellas, nice 🙂

        ‘Bop the Stoats!’ is catchy enough to become a core slogan of the much-touted little-named MB political party

  9. Their only hope is to find someone who supports low immigration, else it’ll be same next election. (I fully expect them to offer a grannie visa by then, if they have the likes of Albo)

    Now if they had a limited immigration policy AND put the working Aussie front & centre of their policy decisions they would walk the next election with all their policies (minus parental visa)

  10. I wanted Albo to be the leader instead of Shorten. Albo should have been the leader after Abbott became PM.

    And I never wanted Turnbull to replace Abbott – because I knew that the tram-riding Turnbull will be harder to defeat than the onion-munching Abbott.

    The most important thing is to get the AEC to adequately fund the political parties – so that the ALP need not be a puppet of Gerry Harvey and other psychopaths.

  11. proofreadersMEMBER

    I think that it doesn’t matter who is Labor’s leader, they are “dead in the water” for the 2020s. The LNP will just get their mate Clive Palmer to run a scare campaign against Labor in each election.

  12. I reckon I’d vote for the ALP if Ermo was running the show. The rest of these fools? Not so much.

    Chalmers FFS…PhD in wanking politics, ministers office, think tank…the blokes like a cliche that exemplifies what is not required.