Labor begins rebuild poorly

Day one and it is reading the tea leaves all wrong at The Guardian:

Anthony Albanese is making a concerted play for the Labor leadership, declaring the party’s policy direction needs to change but signalling he would promote progressive values, as the count continues after Saturday night’s election.

…He signalled it would be back to the drawing board in a policy sense if he secured the party leadership, putting an obvious question mark over the most contentious revenue measures of the campaign – like dividend imputation and negative gearing.

There was also a hat tip to voters in outer metropolitan areas and the regions, places where Labor significantly underperformed on Saturday.

Albanese said Labor needed to articulate an agenda for economic growth, not just talk about how it was prepared to redistribute wealth – an implicit criticism of Shorten and Bowen’s campaign agenda.

Albanese said Labor needed to acknowledge it had now lost three elections in a row, and its supporters needed to be reassured that Saturday’s result would not be repeated at the next federal election.

Australia voted for change via One Nation and Clive Palmer. What it got was the same owing to preference flows.

Polls offer heavy support for negative gearing reform. Franking credits looks like a killer in retirement capitals like Queensland and Tasmania so should probably get the chop.

But the ALP will need much more to win QLD back. Quexit is about nationalism and Labor will need more of it: lower immigration, stronger US ties, less Chinese kow towing.

Social progressives are the last thing that the ALP needs now.


  1. Yeah but right now Albo is trying to win the Labor leadership, not a federal election. It makes sense for him to appeal heavily to the base.

    The hard stuff comes later.

    • The base isn’t your free trade coffee beans, soy-latte sipping soy boys in inner-city Melbourne and and Sydney, in fact these voters are the ones who vote for the Greens and the Socialist Alliance if they’re on the ballot. Instead, what Labor need to do is walk away from the cultural war it has declared on its own people and base, not likely to happen considering the Greens increased their vote across Australia.

      • Ok fair call. Maybe I should have been more specific. He needs to appeal right now to actual signed up members of the Labor party (which is a much much narrower group than the ALP’s rusted on voter base). And within that he’s trying to lock in the Left faction which is his personal home land.

        That’s what he’s trying to do.

    • Albanese should realise he’s just another HaWhite Male and therefore should put Tanya first, since we need more equality of outcome type nonsense. 😀

      • DominicMEMBER

        Indeed. I think a quota system for all ‘identity groups’ is the way forward for this great nation.

        And mandatory jail time for all white males (it’s the only way they’ll learn!) 😉

  2. The last thing the ALP needs is a leader who is in competition with the Greens in their own seat.

    This rules out Albo and Tanya and probably a few others.

    They connect help but be infected by the kind of ideas that turn on the voters in those electorates.

    Preferably the leader should not hire as members of their teams anyone who lives in those electorates either.

    Those electorates are simply not representative of broader Australia.

    The ALP needs to stop sounding like Green-Lite or a bunch of homeless Liberal Wets.

    • Maybe. But unfortunately superficial factors will prevail. Morrison is seen by Labor members (and many in his own party) as a misogynistic bully so Labor will try to pick the leader that is most effective at differentiating from that.

      Ergo. If she wants it, Plibersek should romp it in.

      • Morrison may get 2 terms if they pick Tanya and she starts running an angry white feminist campaign about white male privilege that plays well in her electorate but hopelessly everywhere else.

        Gillard at least sounded ocker and she was given a hard time.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I agree with 007.
        The amount of Identity politics that’ll be played/beat up by the media around some meaningless misogyny/misandry narrative will be revoltingly adheared to with Plibersek in the Job and ultimately lead to another electoral rejection of the ALP.
        Not because she is a woman but just simply because everyone is sick and tired of having it infrared that they are a pack of”Fking C#nt” by the “Woke” intersectionality PC brigades that occupy/infect the elite positions with in our Universities, Political Parties, the Media and Coporate PR and HR departments,…it is they who are the “Deplorables”
        not the Common people of Queensland and the rest of this Country.

      • EP – you should go Joel Fitzgibbon and get back on board the mining bus. A boy from the Hunter could connect with WA / Qld / Tas.

        Albo of the Thai Massage Parlour fame and Inner city woke Plibbers are not the answer here.

        I’ve never heard of chalmers but he is apparently a Queenslander. Does he follow league?

    • DominicMEMBER

      What Labor needs is for the Greens to disappear altogether as the latter has been eating the former’s lunch for some time. As long as Labor’s environmental policies were sensible they’d inherit a sizeable chunk of the Green voter base. As things stand Labor will struggle to get into power again.

  3. What chances an inner city lefty can bludgeon [read as win] suburban and regional australia [in an election]?

  4. “Chinese kow-towing”

    In electorates heavily dependent on mining and kow-towing to China….seems doubtful, mate. Electorates controlled by the mining sector? Hmmm.

    You seem to be hurriedly trying to insert your slightly changed thesis into somewhere it doesn’t really fit…(no, not there…but it kinda smells like it)

    The preference system and TPP is masking a malaise in the major parties, a realignment, and its doubtful you can take one thing from it (immigration) and make out its all about that. Its about ‘free’ trade, the political consensus that led to an independent RBA, every ‘independent body’ set up by buck passing politicians, the floating dollar, etc. The ON UAP voters are exhausted by a lot of the things that you and your class benefit from. I doubt you really want to see that agenda rolled out….we wouldn’t need this publication after such an event, you can be sure of that.

    Negative gearing, franking credits, capital gains, all this is permanent now. Get used to it.

  5. Anyone other than Albo will be a disaster for Labor. But then, maybe they really just don’t like the idea of being in government.

    If a rolled gold neo-liberal c*8t like ScoMo can reinvent himself as a warm and fuzzy centrist, then Albo can re-position himself a bit more to the right, no problem

    • Albo’s hopeless, as we’ve witnessed with his unwavering support for high-speed ponzi rail. But then again, so are Tanya and Penny.

      Not much talent in Aussie politics these days on either side.

      Until Labor return to their working class base, and abandon their globalist agenda, they will struggle electorally.

      • They will never return to their working class base. Globalism it will always be.
        Better to die on your feet in a world of borderless purity extolling the iniquity of white privilege than die on your knees being labelled a racist.

      • Bowen can at least claim that he was the only ALP pollie that the electorate listened to when he said “if you don’t like us don’t vote for us”.

      • 90% of the voters want high speed rail. Why do you think Clive had 300 km/h trains in his ads?

        Even Morocco has high speed rail now.

  6. So, Anthony Albanese (man of our time) wants to pull the same cart load of progressive poo around to prove their labour credentials in N QLD and WA?

    I love the smell of suicide by political napalm in the morning.

    More identity politics and social justice and a gag on population issues is a red rag to a QLD bull. I reckon they should try shovelling some off before the axel breaks.

    Shorten to Albo – wow – a pass from the straw man to the tin man with the cowardly lion awaiting the ambulance pass.

    • @Clive I’m hoping for the combination of Chief Commissar Tanya Pilbersek as opposition leader and Chairman Penny Wong as her Deputy. I’m pretty sure I have used the incorrect pro-nouns in describing them, which if Labor had won would have meant an investigation from their proposed LGBTQP++++ Commissioner, but I digress, having both those idealogues would mean Labor would be un-electable in the future.

    • Clive – do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

      As soon as I heard Albo utter “progressive values” I wondered to myself whether he had actually seen the election that they just lost?

      • self-reflection isn’t a trait leftists currently posses, so sure are they of their ‘superior’ ideology, evident in their utter contempt and tyrannical attitude to anyone who dares to openly question their ideology.

      • It has to be Albanese and anyone else who isn’t associated with their SJW agenda, however regardless of who it is, I don’t see Labor walking from this agenda.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        If Ermo or a guy like him was running, I’d vote for Labor in a heart beat.

        Labor today are a bunch of progressive poofs, screeching male hating feminists and over educated University Art student fops.

      • @EP gets my vote! Nothing like a plumber to flush all the shyte out of the party. 😀

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        I hear you Coming, however what’s Latham like at brazing, digging and jetting?

    • Is a speech impediment a selection criteria? If you want to win the next election then get EP to run, and respond branch directives.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Geez fellas thanks for all the glowing endorsements but I think you should all be considering that their are probably many reasons behind why I’m still just a one man band, shyte bag Plumber approaching 50.
        There are much better suited individuals than me to lead the Party,….there has to be.
        If not I fear we are already lost!

  7. Ronin8317MEMBER

    If the ALP wants to win the next election, they need a leader from outside Sydney and Melbourne. The very fact that Albanese wants a High speed rail connecting Sydney and Melbourne tells you he is not fit for the job. Tanya Pilbersek, who holds the seat if Sydney, would be even worse, as the ALP would become the SJW party.

    • Yep agreed, but unfortunately it is Labor members who choose the leader, and not the marginal swing voters they need to attract.

    • Another inner city progressive leader. Country and outer suburb voters would just see that person “sipping latte’s” in a gentrified suburb talking about changing the world whilst enjoying most of its indulgences both environmentally and economically. Cities benefit most from the FIRE economy and the wrecking of environment after all.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      I find the hatred of the ideal of the High Speed Rail stupid. Yes the plan and cost put up are outrageous BUT the demand is there to make it work. Idiots harp on that we don’t have the population but that is 100% incorrect as the real number that matters is the number of traveller and Melbourne -Sydney has been in the top 5 busiest air routes for decades. The only issue is the cost. They can fix that soon enough as we roll closer and deeper into recession not only will the jobs be welcome but the cost could plummet if played correctly.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        The merit of high speed rail aside, it would do nothing to win votes in WA and QLD, which is where the ALP needs to win.

      • whats the point though?

        You’re just cannibalising the syd-mel traffic that already occurs – to what end?
        It’s not going to increase trade or reduce house prices or ease (road) congestion

      • Crocodile Chuck

        John Howard’s Jockstrap on HSR

        Heh heh

        Funniest thing I’ve read today!

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        You people have taken a very simple view of High Speed Rail. In fact it’s not about just getting from Melbourne to Sydney and back. Of course you’d take it through to Brisbane, you’d also upgrade their semi high speed rail from there inland and up the coast like their tilt train from Bris up the Coast. High Speed rail takes point to point travel like a flight and adds in the ability to turn it into a chain link. This is not just theory, it’s a reality for many developed and 3rd world nations including China. It’s not a novelty but a daily and normal function of getting around in many places not just a nice idea for the city folk and lefty voters. In fact it’s likely most of the right wing mass immigration business leaders and pollies would be on the train. Of course it’s not going to extend to Perth, but that doesn’t mean you don’t do it. It would free up the congested Airports as a start. I guess not many others here are very frequent travellers so you don’t see the benefit. I don’t wear tampons either, doesn’t mean they are a useless waste of money though…

      • High speed rail?

        People do not seem to understand it is much more than just speed. The gold standard of HSR is Shinkansen.

        For a HSR to be successful, its reliability, punctuality and frequent service are all essential. When I look at Shinkansen, and then Straya, I say nah.

  8. I would suggest Queensland voted for UAP and ONP.
    Their combined vote was 6.4% and neither got any representation in lower house or upper!

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        When you say they will get a Senator do you mean a human being or that f++king moron Malcolm Roberts (again)? No wonder ONP is never going to grow into anything decent when they didn’t even learn to stay away from that idiot as an elected representative.

  9. Meh and the polls were wrong about Labor winning the election in general so I wouldn’t put any stock on polls against negative gearing either. NG/CGT and house prices falling generally is an inner city progressive issue and the polls in my mind suffered from the same bias. People who approved of the status quo were kind of demonized by the media and so shut up until the poll booths – NG/CGT was the one issue where the media groupthink was the strongest (even more so and longer than the franking credit changes) so I do believe that the polls for this issue are also the most unreliable.

  10. Of course you say all policies are up for review. Then you assess the situation coming into the next election. With the housing market and economy in meltdown (despite this bout of hopium) the question is who is going to pay for it?(literally). When it is seen, as it should have already, that the libs have no idea what they are doing, people will embrace reform crazy tax perks.

    • People will love the same-old private debt-crazy policies of the LNP, until crisis comes…then they will look to a govt to bail them out.

      Truly privatisation of profits and socialisation of losses; all pollies will do it, I just expect the LNP to do it the most.

  11. The media focus on Labor and their factional politics seems completely misplaced especially when they LOST the election. The white anting of potential leaders has already begun, and it looks like the Morrison government will enjoy another 3 years absolutely free of any media scrutiny.

  12. The lesson that Labor will draw from this debacle is that that they need moar progressivism, immigration, political correctness, SJW virtue signalling etc etc. On that basis, I’d put my money on Plibersek taking the hot seat with Wong as deputy.

    Of course, this is all wrong-headed nonsense as far as the actual voters are concerned, as Clive and others have pointed out. There is a wave of anti-neocon, anti-mass-immigration anger sweeping the west, as shown by Trump, Brexit, Salvini, the Visograd countries and even that woman from Denmark. The upcoming EU elections in Britain are going to be real interesting with Nigel Farrage’s anti-Brexit party looking like it’s doing well (though who believes the polls these days?).

    The people of Australia don’t want what Labor are selling. If they try to sell more of the same while condemning the punters who aren’t buying as stupid, racist, xenophobic bigots then even fewer will be interested in what they have on offer.

    If that is what happens then the ALP are gonna fart around in a fog of self-righteous flatus and drift further into electoral irrelevance over the next few years. Who listens to anything Penny Wong has to say about anything, outside of ALP caucus meetings?

    • My gosh if they actually put those two in any sort of leadership position Labor will get completely wiped out next election. We have a fake Greens party already and we sure as hell don’t need another. Are Labor seriously that fn stupid?

  13. SupernovaMEMBER

    Agree “QUEXIT is about nationalism and Labor will need more of it: Lower immigration, stronger US ties, less Chinese kow towing”….and I would add another….”less (kill) identity politics”. Identity politics may provide jobs for thousands of university lectures producing questionable research, but it is dividing the country and for that matter so is climate change. Arrogant identity politic personalities such as Tanya Plibersek and Penny Wong need to go and be replaced with women leaders who can
    “cross-bridges” and not sprout the “victimhood” mantra as their raison d’être.

  14. Albo has a lot more appeal than Shorten, who is the human equivalent of chewing cardboard

    • seriously, Albo doesn’t have that much more appeal.

      Give it to Tanya and the sisterhood, enjoy 3 years of shrieking identity politics and then another term in opposition for the ALP.


    The country has had enough of soy boy cucks

    Mark best represents the attitudes of working Australia, and is an excellent communicator

    This is Latham’s time now

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      If such a thing was to occur,…heads would explode!
      Itd be fun to see but I think your dreamin.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        Also in the event we may all be able to look forward to seeing Mark head butt Tanya and/or Penny as a witty rejoinder to the concerted harpy like shrieking.

    • Labor is not for working Aussies, nor any real Aussies anymore that ship has sailed.

  16. The ALP lost because they over-reached on their leftward shift. Albo or Plibersek won’t help with that. Bowen’s star is severely tarnished. Wong and KK are in the Senate so can’t lead. Burke is a drip.

    Interesting times for the ALP. Is there anyone there who will push for lower immigration?

    • Heheh. You’re right but I don’t think Labor will get there for a long time.

      Parties always try to re-win the last election. So I reckon the ALP strategy will be:

      – pick someone who looks and sounds friendly and different (which is usually a woman, and Plibersek fits the bill nicely)
      – play small target for three years and hope The Libs implode.

      Which probably would have won them the election we just had.

      F#ck knows if it will work next time. It depends upon the Libs actually.

  17. pyjamasbeforechristMEMBER

    Labor should be thinking to the next election, after a recession and housing bust, the landscape will be very different then to now. I hope Bowen stays at or close to the top as he seems to understand this, and I suspect is a little thankful not to be the one that will own the housing bust on the way down.

  18. Gra ManMEMBER

    Just received a text from young daughter who works at reception in a car dealership and is a little feisty. Customer walks in this morning
    D. Good morning
    c. Hi my name is Barbara and its a great day.
    D. Why is that?
    C. The liberals won and I can use my franking credits to buy a new car
    D. I’m so happy for you
    C. Yes, up until 9pm on Saturday night I thought I’d have to stay with the old one. How things can change
    D. Yep (looking out the window at B’s car), its great luck for you Barbara that taxpayers pay for you to upgrade your 2 year old Audi to a new one whilst millennials can’t afford to go to a dentist. Isn’t that a great system?
    C. Silence
    The sad thing of course is that many millenials voted against their own interests out of pure ignorance or the belief of the lies

      • Is that a question?

        Don’t really think its idiotic at all

        She has attached herself to the parasite, and is sucking a few drops of blood herself

        Answering phones in an Audi dealership?

        If people stop buying Audis with their franking credits she wont have a job there

      • Gra ManMEMBER

        Now you have proved you’re a fool. Insulting a young girl without any justification is only something that a fool would do

      • Actually, if your daughter ACTUALLY said that to a customer then she’s the fool in this story. I agree with her snark but letting loose at a customer is damn foolish if it results in a complaint/job loss.

      • Gra ManMEMBER

        Aaron, she did say it but she does also has a charming way of putting things. She may be a fool but she’s no one’s bitch either. Runs in the family

    • jeez, I wonder why voting for gender and diversity quotas in the workplace would be deemed as against anyone’s “self-interest”

    • Did your daughter really say that to an Audi owner? Is she not risking the sack?

      The election was lost in QLD because solar power is not as cheap as The Guardian says it is.

      I hate coal, but Renew Economy and The Guardian constantly lie about how expensive solar power is.

      • @jacob it’s interesting to note how dis-ingenuous these ‘climate activists’ are, evident in their absolute silence in condemning the awful environmental practices of China and India…it really makes you think.

    • Assuming this story is true, it tells us two things:

      1. Neither you or your daughter understand the detail of the proposed changes to franking credit refunds, which were loaded with Labor self interest and failed them with good reason. There were as many lies told by Labor on this issue as came from the opponents.

      2. Your daughter clearly doesn’t value the job enough to care about keeping it. This suggests that perhaps she has confidence in the availability of alternative employment options that many of us don’t.

      • Or perhaps it means GraMan’s daughter actually has some integrity and a ticker. You know something Australians used to have? But you guys expect the young to not only be served a sh#$ sandwich but to say they like it.
        Be proud of your daughter GraMan. Self respect is priceless

      • Doesn’t alter the outcome that the daughter’s attitude as displayed to this clueless customer is not based on a detailed understanding of the policy. That is her prerogative, but don’t expect others who have the inclination to inform themselves to be impressed. That is not to defend the actions of the purchaser, who is an equally ignorant exemplar of the other side of the argument.

        Point is, despite the effort involved, I know young people who take the time to understand things so they can argue from a position of strength, rather than simply parroting the same flawed bs the politicians spout. They are the type of people who have the real prospect of turning things around over time. Not those who simply repeat the simplistic pseudo facts they have heard elsewhere, usually from partisan sources that align with their own confirmation bias.

        Counter ignorance with fact, or don’t. But don’t expect change if you are content to just sit there chucking rocks.

  19. You guys need to clear the mechanism. It’s true….the Labour Party has lost touch with it’s true working class background. The SJWs drive me crazy, Labour are waaay too palsy with the Chinese (and so are the Libs) , and their family reunion proposal (which I did not see rebutted by the Libs at all) was a catastrophe waiting to happen.

    BUT FFS, out of the past 23 years, the Libs have been in charge for 16. Including the past 6 years! SO to go on and on about Labour as the country circles the drain, and things grow collectively crappier and crappier….well take a look in the mirror guys. You’ll now have another 3 years, that’ll make 9. Take some bloody responsibility for how [email protected]#house everything has turned.

  20. Labor have no-one left, when Faulkner walked they were left with nothing but vested interests and lefty loons.

  21. John Howards Bowling Coach

    If they put Tanya or Penny up it’s an instant fail. They need fresh blood not anyone tainted from this curry in a babies nappy. Tanya is not at all likeable, likely less likeable than Shorten. Her persona is too much of an older sister you hate but can’t tell to f++k off because you’ll offend your lovely old Mum. Aside from the SJW posturing that makes her almost as out of touch as Sarah Hanson Young (re elected AGAIN??? WTF South Australians, go sit in the corner!!!) she is completely unelectable for having the poor personal judgement to marry a convicted drug dealer. Can you imagine the people who just voted for Big Clive and Pauline switching over to the wife of a convicted drug dealer as our next female PM? Not a Chance in Hell! If the ALP don’t see that sticking out like the hairy plums on Fiddo, they will only lead the LNP to an early election to increase their majority. It would be electoral suicide in Australia.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Yes, can you imagine the domestic lectures Tanya’s shifty cnut hubby must have to endure?

      Surely there must be something about associating with convicted crims that rules you out of being PM. Either that or it’s a pre requisite.

  22. Joel Fitzgibbon has hinted he might throw his hat into the ring if the party room doesn’t match his concerns. He has said the right things:
    “Labor must reconnect with its blue-collar base and get back to the centre, and be less ambitious in its pace of change. People are inherently conservative in Australia and any change has to be orderly and steady, and needs to be explained to people.

    “We need to stick to the sensible centre and push reform in an incremental way and in an orderly way and properly explain why change is necessary to people. You’ve got to be able to take people with you.”

    Doubt he’d be a good salesman though. Bit too much of a wet-blanket.

    • “We need to stick to the sensible centre and push reform in an incremental way and in an orderly way and properly explain why change is necessary to people. You’ve got to be able to take people with you.”

      He still hasn’t openly denounced SJW politics and he is signalling rather than be open and honest about their anti-human and anti-civilisational policies, they should use weasel words to make it appear less confronting to the average person……. the Labor Party needs a thorough clean out or it will just be a clone of the Greens.

      • I’m not so sure they need to “openly denounce” SJW politics so much as just deprive them of oxygen.

        Labor should let the Greens be their pseudo SJW spokespeople and take their preferences. Much like the master-stroke of the LNP taking preferences from UAP and PHON on right-wing votes.

      • @Hixatar, they need to openly denounce it or they will be forever tainted by their association with it. In relation to Mark Latham, don’t be surprised if One Nation boots out low-IQ Pauline and re-brands itself as the “National Labor Party.”

    • A flickering light of common sense. Appeal to ordinary people who aren’t inner city transgender activists et al, and don’t try to change too many things at once. “You’ve got to able to take people with you” is a lesson I learned well over a decade of running a large engineering team.

      Overall, this seems eminently sensible to me, so I reckon he’ll be ejected from the party for wrongthink before the end of the week.

    • When I heard that this morning the first thing that struck me was the contradictory aspect of moving to the centre and reconnecting with the blue collar base. Labor is already well right of the centre. It seems that the centre is now some point in the middle of Labor and the LNP. This means that Labor can never find the centre, as they will always be to the left of it, and it will always be dragged to the right by the LNP. The game is rigged if it is played on those rules. So, just don’t play by them. Labor could follow the example of Sanders and Trump, just talk past the media. Use their cameras and their platforms and just bypass the fool holding the microphone.

      • Labor is economically right of centre, but they have been far too socially progressive to relate with the blue-collar base.

        In breaking news, Tanya Plibersek has said she won’t be contesting the Labor leadership. I am wondering if that is perhaps an introspective decision.

      • @hixstarher her entire brand of politics needs to be denounced for Labor to have any relevance.