European Parliament splintered by nationalists

Via The Guardian, the trend away from major party globalists continues in the European Parliamentary Election:

  • Turnout across the EU has hit a 20-year record high of 50.5%.The last time voter participation was above 50% was in 1994 (when it was 56.6%). Some of the biggest increases in turnout were in Hungary, Romania and Spain.
  • The grand coalition of left and right is set to lose its 40-year majority: the European People’s party and the Socialists & Democrats are on course to share 44% of the total seats. The centre right did well in Austria, while socialists topped the list in Spain, Portugal and – to some surprise – the Netherlands.
  • Liberals were among the big winners of the night, thanks to Emmanuel Macron. The French president’s Renaissance MEPs will join forces with other liberal MEPs to create a new centrist group that is forecast to have 105 seats, up from the 67 won in 2014. But national results are a setback for Macron, as partial results show he has come second to Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally.
  • The Greens are predicted to win 67 seats in the European parliament, their best-ever result. Performance has been strong in Germany, where the Greens have almost doubled their 2014 result to leapfrog the SPD into second place with 22%.
  • The far-right Europe of Nations and Freedom group is on course to win 57 seats, up from 30 a few years ago, a surge driven partly by the stunning success of Matteo Salvini’s League in Italy. That result is not the breakthrough of more than 70 seats many had forecast – although we still await final results and the makeup of the group. There has been speculation that Hungary’s Fidesz party, which won an easy victory in these elections, could quit the European People’s party for the far right.

And the UK:

The EUR is actually a little bid so perhaps markets expected worse. It still ain’t pretty for the European project. There is a bit of doom loop about this. Once these parties make the EU Parliament less effective then each successive election they take more vote.

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  1. Can anybody say who belongs to the far left? Is that term even used at all in the MSM? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in print. It seems like anybody who isn’t a raving open borders globalist lunatic is described in the media as far-right, and all those who are actual far left nutters are considered to be moderate and sensible centrists.

    Anyway, the EU is a toxic nightmare run by crazy people like Juncker and Verhofstadt who was raving about a European Empire and bringing Africa into the EU recently. The sooner Britain is done with them, the better off they’ll all be.

      • The new MB version is currently running in parallel, and I believe it has voting buttons.

    • EU “First we take Africa, then we take the world!” sung to a Leonard Cohen tune. One World Order! One World Order!

    • Headline should have been “European Parliament splintered by democrats”. has all day been referring to Nigel Farage as “far right”. Leftist scumbags.

    • Yanis …. same guy that like having his gob on glossy paper in public print, not to mention said Greece should stay in the E.U. and completely blew it with the mobile phone banking thingy – ?????

  2. A very important point is that several people in various nations have called for new national elections, because the ruling party has done so badly. Tsipras in Greece, as well as in the UK seeing as the Tories did so badly.

    If national governments are pressured to hold new elections due to EU election results, then it raises the question of whether the EU does undermine national sovereignty. I just don’t think Europeans are ready for a United States of Europe.

    I predict the EU must morph into more of an advocacy body for common standards, free trade etc, and less of a political beast, if it wants to survive.

    • EU only exists these days because of ECB credits……………….that is all that is holding it together. If they stumble under the pressure of future bank failures or sanctions by the Federal Reserve it is all over.

    • Its always curious to see people talking about the E.U. and completely over look its similarities with the U.S.

      Not to mention neoliberalism emanated out of the latter and the U.K.

      • Some hold the view that Bush Jr 2002 election was basically a coup and since democracy is spectator only, not to mention the U.S. election and democracy rankings. Furthermore Hudson’s books about think tanks or Citi memo et al really don’t support your opinions Fitz, corporatists and monopolies with a side of over 460 billionaires and increasing concentration of wealth at the top – with lower everything for the rest. But yeah those ev’bal totalitarian E.U. sorts ….

    • The fundamental flaw of the EU is no common language. This is not just theoretical – it means that moving families across borders is basically impossible, since your kids will need to learn a whole new language to go to school. It is no wonder then that Europeans have so few children!

      The tiny Euronations are teaching dying languages. They need to adopt English as an additional official language if they want to survive, and offer education in English. The EU itself needs to create an ‘EU English’ which can unite the entire continent into one economic bloc, with proper freedom of movement.

      • You have a few 100 years to reconcile with anglophone immigration alone which completely contradicts your views.

      • Language is not a big barrier. English is the language of business in Europe. I know many Aussies who have taken jobs in Berlin, Amsterdam, Athens, and Paris and they can only speak a few words of European.

        It helps to know the local language in certain specialised jobs or once you get higher up the chain. But you can learn it as you go.

        Ultimately, what it all shows is that you don’t need to have free movement to get free movement. If you live in Australia, you can get a job in Canada, UK, US, Europe if you work at it.

  3. blindjusticeMEMBER

    What does the EU expect when it allows a million from a war zone full of hostiles in without checks. Madness.
    Not too long ago the EU was considering letting Turkey join. Open borders with Turkey. If Turkey ever sorts out its human rights record its in. Just think about that for a second.

    • What did the lunatics that destabilized those country’s for fun and profit at onset think would happen, sorta like the whole MS-13 own goal …. eh ….

      • Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

        Uhh the people who destroyed Syria and Lybia are the same ones pushing mass migration into Europe. Doubt the women getting raped in Sweden and Germany are in the airforce or intelligence agencies… therefore not really an own goal.

      • Are you failure with the story behind MS-13, of which, being in the military is way down the order effect.

      • As it was a key reference point to buttress the rest of my comment, one would think any replies would factor in that historical foot note. Suggest you inform yourself before pulling the emotive rape trigger response.