Is Domain’s “smartvote” biased?

I did the test and it told me to vote Green:

I’m much more economically liberal than that and the thought of voting Green makes me want to barf (even more than voting for the others).

From a sample of one I obviously can’t draw any conclusions. Interested in viewer experiences. Try it here.


  1. MouthBreather

    In Senate got our Dave Collyer 1, and Sustainable Aus 2,3.

    When i put in postcode, got Greens 1, ALP 2

    Pretty close though am voting ALP in HoR. F the Greens – we might be close ideologically but not politically pragmatically

    • Thanks Mouthbreather. I hope that means I have your (1) vote in the Senate.

      One test of this survey is for me to answer the voter questionnaire, expecting 100% correlation to my candidate answers.

      93.1% correlation. Maybe I answered a little differently as the simple questions beg a detailed answer – see my candidate profile for fuller respomnse if interested.

  2. the_bystander

    My results weren’t too far off my actual vote at the top end, but there were some odd choices down the middle of the table. Certainly an improvement over Vote Compass

  3. haha…. that’s heaps funny and thanks for sharing. As you have advocated for Sanders (that might have been before Biden) this outcome doesn’t really surprise.

    Vote compasses are just data mining for these sites and I’ve thought hard before using one even for fun. And even then I was wrong… questions were leading and more annoying than fun. Sadly if people are uninformed about policies and ideologies, guess those same people will be influenced /told how to vote on election day anyway.

    Surveys from sitting members and candidates annoy me too. In our democracy there is no leadership, no courage. All bunch of sheep.

  4. mikef179MEMBER

    I got the Greens too. I have never voted for them nor would I ever be likely to vote for them. But then I think voting is kind of pointless anyway as 1 vote has never and will never make a difference.

  5. Pretty similar for me – Told me to vote for the Greens but I’m a fair bit more economically liberal than it seems to think I am.

  6. TighterandTighter

    TL:DR; I don’t know

    Told me to vote in Reps: Animal Justice Party, Greens (vomit), ALP
    Senate: Sustainably Partying Australia 1/2, Aus Workers Party, Indies for Climate Action now, Affordable Housing, etc etc

    I did say I was most likely to vote Flux but alas no candidates in our electorate
    Not sure if I am more economically liberal than that but I did say more public health and education and aged care spending and somewhat more defence

  7. Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

    Seemed okay to me. I’d love it if there was a way to provide all this detail at elections, so that the incoming government knows how the people feel about a heap of issues, rather than picking the best of a bad lot and having to hear about them “having a mandate” to pursue all the policies a lot of people don’t care about/ actively dislike.

    • Mystic MedusaMEMBER

      Exactly – Use the fact that voting is compulsory to canvas opinion/take a poll with a few really well-crafted questions. Like Flux lite. I assume they don’t want to know what citizens actually think/want.

  8. In the House I got SAP at about 73%, followed by Zali at 67% but then a tie between the Greens and One Nationat 61%!

    Happily, Abbott was last at 57%.

    I forgot to look at the Senate.

    I’ll have to do it again using the weighting function though.

  9. GeordieMEMBER

    Is it just me or were most of the questions around social conscience and equity, whereas many of the right-wing and conservative policy positions pushing taxes cuts, business schemes and problem avoidance (like doing everything you can to not deal with nor address climate change)?

    As a result, you get a progressive left outcome by default.

    Like most others, I ended up with Sustainable Australia, Greens (icky), followed by the ALP. After that it looked like they’d set it to random.

  10. If it is biased it is due to the question selection. There aren’t any old school questions on economic management, they are more based on the policies that have been proposed and as Labor have been driving reform with actual policies that both you and I agree with, then the results lean that way.

  11. Interestingly, for me in the NSW senate Sustainable Australia came up 1 & 2 (probably due to my answering the “likelihood of preferencing party x” question with zeros for all bar “other”).
    Also note that the Nats didn’t bother responding, so my local candidate rated a lot higher than he should have…
    Finally, it’s a bit sad to see all these cheap copies of trying to look like they are better than the original while being sadly inferior…

  12. “Iā€™m much more economically liberal than that ”

    A number of the question on economic liberalism were around franking credits and negative gearing (where you agree with the changes) and FTAs (which you hate).

  13. Senate
    1. The Together Party 77.1%
    2. Sustainable Australia Party 75.7%
    3. Australian Workers Party 75.0%


    1. Greg Graham Sustainable Australia Party 75.7%
    2. Daniel Keogh Australian Greens 70.0%
    3. Brett Stone The Australian Labor Party 65.0%

    I’ve only heard of SAP through here, never heard of the together or australian workers party!
    Goes to show how out of touch the major parties are with what’s important to me.

  14. kannigetMEMBER

    I would have thought that if this was backed by Domain then they would have biased towards the conservative vote because they are more likely to prop up the Real Estate industry. Unless you think they are playing a reverse psychology game and trying to scare people into changing their mindset and vote more “right”.

    All it told me is that there are no suitable candidates in my electorate. The closest ones to matching what I would like to see are loonie and unstable cretins….

  15. robert2013MEMBER

    ABC’s vote compass was pretty good. It told me to either vote Labor or One Nation because it measures your political views on two dimensions: economic left/right and social conservative/progressive. In other words, it told me what I already knew: that there is no party who represents my interests as a socially conservative, economically left leaning person. I am constantly irritated by people who call “progressive” views left wing. Check it out at

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      In other words, it told me what I already knew: that there is no party who represents my interests as a socially conservative, economically left leaning person.


  16. I thought it was pretty spot on although I’d go Labor over Greens.
    1 SAP candidate
    2 SAP candidate
    3 Max Dicks. Is his name a reflection on our current parliament?
    H of R

    Why on earth the Greens answered that limiting foreign influence on our parliament with “mostly yes” instead of “definitely yes” and why they answered US being important to our security with “mostly no” is beyond me. They have so many good policies and then trot out this garbage.

  17. So I can have a say on Foreign interference, but they avoid the same question on Corporate interference……?

  18. Denis413MEMBER

    Love the question… ‘Do you think implementing the RC recommendations would damage the economy?’ It’s not really a question, it’s more a statement. Of course it will, if housing is the economy, then implementing policies to reduce the growth in housing will….hurt the economy.

    My question is, how does having an understanding of the above align you to one political party or the other?

  19. Denis413MEMBER

    ‘Should privacy and civil liberties be protected despite the threat of terrorism?’ What party stands for this – they all are against this! The question should be removed…

  20. yep massive issues and i complained to the aec and one of the media bodies.

    i was given liberal for house of reps despite being supportive of winding back negative gearing and also franking credit refunds.

    interestingly my smart map was clearly closer to labor than liberal so very disappointed with something like this being run on mainstream media

  21. Looks like they are trying to influrnce the election. It might be the ones we date not mention and their bots….

  22. PantoneMEMBER

    I got Sustainable Australia and Liberal Democrats, so pretty close to how I would theoretically vote.

  23. SENATE
    1. Nick Lethbridge
    Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
    2. Ben Mullings
    The Australian Mental Health Party
    3. Yasmin Maree Bartlett
    Sustainable Australia Party
    4. Colin Robert Scott
    Sustainable Australia Party

    lnp 1…alp 2….greens 3.
    needless to say my actual vote was somewhat different :7greens 6libs 5nats 4alp 3on 2uap 1wap.
    sadly no goldfish heelers or kelpies were running

  24. SAP! Liberal democrats, independents were high on my list and at the bottom were LNP, ALP greens. So it seemed to work for me how I thought it should.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      It seems hard to imagine how you could get SAP and LDP together near the top given a sizeable chunk of their policies are diametrically opposed, while Greens (massive policy overlap with SAP) are at the bottom. An interesting set of responses, I’m sure.

  25. haroldusMEMBER

    1) Greens(LOL)
    2) Albo (could be caught r00ting a dog and still would win)
    3) Lib drone (yeah right)

    Unrepresentative swill

    1. Anthony John Ziebell
    Affordable Housing
    2. William Bourke
    Sustainable Australia Party
    3. Warren Grzic
    Sustainable Australia Party
    4. Jim Tait
    Independents for Climate Action Now
    5. Rod Bower
    Independents for Climate Action Now
    6. Pamela Johnstone
    7. Mark Ptolemy
    Australian Workers Party
    8. John August
    Pirate Party
    9. Peter Mailler
    Australian Democrats
    10. Russell Barber
    Love Australia or Leave
    11. Belinda Kinkead
    The Together Party
    12. Kate Mcdowell
    The Together Party
    13. Mark Swivel
    The Together Party
    14. Angela Pollard
    Animal Justice Party
    15. Graeme Barry Doyle
    16. Greg Parker
    Science Party
    17. Wayne Lyndsay Bell
    18. Roz Chia
    Australian Greens
    19. Philippa Clark
    Australian Greens
    20. Sylvie Ellsmore
    Australian Greens
    21. Mehreen Faruqi
    Australian Greens
    22. Rachael Jacobs
    Australian Greens
    23. Louise Steer
    Australian Greens
    24. Tim Ayres
    The Australian Labor Party
    25. Aruna Chandrala
    The Australian Labor Party
    26. Jason Yat-Sen Li
    The Australian Labor Party
    27. Simonne Pengelly
    The Australian Labor Party
    28. Charlie Sheahan
    The Australian Labor Party
    29. Tony Sheldon
    The Australian Labor Party
    30. Glenn Wagner
    31. Eve Slavich
    Science Party
    32. Andrea Leong
    Science Party
    33. Codie Neville
    Liberal Democrats
    34. Duncan Spender
    Liberal Democrats
    35. Andrew Bragg
    The Liberal Party of Australia
    36. Michael Feneley
    The Liberal Party of Australia
    37. Hollie Hughes
    The Liberal Party of Australia
    38. Jim Molan
    The Liberal Party of Australia
    39. Susan Price
    Socialist Alliance
    40. Daniel John Hanna
    Democratic Labour Party
    41. Ann Lawler
    Citizens Electoral Council

  26. My best match for the seat of Fairfax was Richard Belcher (SAP candidate, 77.6%). I found it interesting that there was so little difference in the strength of my match to the values of the ALP (69.3%) and the Liberal Party (65.1%). Does it speak to their Laberal-ness, or mine (or both)?

    In the Senate (QLD):
    1: Cameron Murray, Sustainable Australia Party @ 77.6%
    2: Chris Simpson, Sustainable Australia Party @ 77.6%
    3: Graham Healy, Rise Up Australia Party (!) – I wasn’t expecting much overlap there @ 71.4%
    4 – 9: All ALP candidates @ 69.3%
    10: Nicholas Mcarthur-Williams, Independent @ 68.2%
    11: Hetty Johnston, Independent @ 67.2%
    12: Kim Vuga, Love Australia or Leave @ 67.2%
    13 – 19: All Liberal Party of Australia candidates (plus Lyle Shelton) @ 65.1%
    20: Cornel Lokkers, Independents for Climate Action Now @ 63.0%
    21: Gavin Wyatt, Love Australia or Leave @ 62.5%
    22: Kate Horan, Australian Conservatives @ 60.9%
    23: Brandon Selic, Pirate Party @ 60.9%
    24: Lloyd T J Russell, Liberal Democrats @ 59.4%
    25 – 30: All Australian Greens @ 57.8% (as a serious environmentalist and working scientist, it’s disappointing but not at all surprising to see The Greens this far down my match list – they are not Dr Bob Brown’s party anymore, more like Dr Frankenstein’s IMO).
    31: Jane Hasler, Independent @ 56.3%
    32: Jan Pukallus, Citizens Electoral Council @ 54.7%
    33: Gabe Buckley, Liberal Democrats @ 31.3%
    A lot of candidates – the wingnuts and genuine loons (One Nation, antivaxxer IMOP, Fraser Anning’s Conservatives, HEMP etc) simply failed to respond to Smartvote’s questionnaire, which introduces systematic bias against matching the voting public to paranoid candidates. This is probably for the best. šŸ™‚

  27. drsmithyMEMBER

    I did the test and it told me to vote Green:

    That’s hardly surprising given the huge overlap between the ideas you promote here and Greens policies. Also, it’s the Reps, so the options in your electorate might be limited – what were your options at positions 2, 3, 4, etc ?

    For parties, mine came up:

    1. Australian Workers Party
    2. Australian Greens
    3. Sustainable Australia Party
    4. The Australian Labor Party

    Thought interestingly for individuals it’s a bit different:

    1. Cornel Lokkers
    Independents for Climate Action Now
    2. Brandon Selic
    Pirate Party
    3. Miranda Bertram
    Australian Greens
    4. Raelene Ellis
    Australian Greens
    5. Kirsten Kennedy
    Australian Greens
    6. Johanna Kloot
    Australian Greens
    7. Navdeep Singh Sidhu
    Australian Greens
    8. Larissa Waters
    Australian Greens
    9. Jane Hasler
    10. Cameron Murray
    Sustainable Australia Party

    In the Reps:

    1. Patsy O’Brien
    Australian Greens
    2. Graham Perrett
    The Australian Labor Party
    3. Angela Owen
    The Liberal Party of Australia
    Jenny-Rebecca Brown
    United Australia Party (No answers)
    William Lawrence
    One Nation (No answers)
    Aaron Nieass
    Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party (No answers)

    From a quick skim through the party-specific weighting in the questionnaire answers, it seems to me like they’re being reasonable with regards to how answers given line up with party policy. You might not like the answer, but it’s probably the right one from the algorithm.

    (That said, some of the answers in there are rubbish. Eg: the Libs come up as being a “Definitely no” to “Do you oppose same sex couples being given the same rights to marry as couples consisting of a man and a woman?”.)