Denmark elects the labour party Australia needs

Via The Guardian comes a non-fake lefty at last:

She marked her return on Facebook, with a video straight out of a Quentin Tarantino film, buttoning her jacket, arranging her hair and slipping on stiletto heels to heavy metal music. “I’m ready again,” she declared to camera. “Let’s get this bus rolling.”

Mette Frederiksen, leader of Denmark’s opposition Social Democrats, was in hospital with food poisoning when the prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, called a general election last week, and was two days late joining the campaign.

But the 41-year-old has all the momentum, with her left-of-centre bloc starting with an eight percentage point lead, and few doubting that she will become Denmark’s youngest-ever prime minister after the election on 5 June.

“I’m super excited because we so desperately need a change of government,” said campaign volunteer Malou Astrup Clemmensen as she prepared to hand out roses on the streets of Copenhagen for Frederiksen’s campaign launch.

A victory for Frederiksen would be a boon for Europe’s social democrats as they gaze across the continent at a dispiriting political landscape. But it would not be without controversy, for under Frederiksen the party has been ruthlessly reshaped: dragged to the left economically – and sharply to the right on immigration.

“For me, it is becoming increasingly clear that the price of unregulated globalisation, mass immigration and the free movement of labour is paid for by the lower classes,” she said in a recent biography.

Denmark’s current right-wing coalition government last year enacted the most anti-immigration legislation in Danish history and, rather than position her party in stark opposition, Frederikson has embraced much of it.

Under her leadership, the SD have called for a cap on “non-western immigrants”, for asylum seekers to be expelled to a reception centre in North Africa, and for all immigrants to be forced to work 37 hours a week in exchange for benefits.

She has reached out to the populist Danish People’s party (DPP), doing a series of joint interviews with its leader, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, and discussing cooperating with them in government.

But it is the government policies her party has supported or failed to oppose which have been most alarming for her allies in the left-of-centre red bloc. The Social Democrats voted in favour of a law allowing jewellery to be stripped from refugees, and a burqa and niqab ban, and abstained rather than voted against a law on mandatory handshakes irrespective of religious sentiment at citizenship ceremonies, and a plan to house criminal asylum seekers on an island used for researching contagious animal diseases. In February, she backed what the DPP has branded a “paradigm shift” – a push to make repatriation, rather than integration, the goal of asylum policy.

“I find it odd that it’s possible to make such a shift, not just in your policy but also in your fundamental values,” Morton Østergaard, leader of the centrist Social Liberal party, told the Observer. “What’s different in Denmark is that we’re seeing parties coming out of a Liberal or Social Democrat value base eating into national conservatism in a race-to-the-bottom contest, because they’ve decided that the marginal voter can’t get tough enough on immigrants.”

Many believe her party’s new populist profile is a pure power play. The Danish People’s party has slipped from 21% in the 2015 elections to below 13%, according to a poll of polls by the Berlingske newspaper.

An internal Social Democrat survey of the party’s core voters carried out last autumn found that 37% of loyal Social Democrat voters thought immigration policy was too lax. And this was after three years of the most anti-immigration government in Danish history.

I disagree with some of the culture war stuff and the discriminatory immigration. But that’s window dressing. The major breakthrough here is that a left-leaning party has realised that open borders globalisation destroys working and middle classes in developed economies. Including in Australia.

This counter-reformation makes the Left a choice. On one hand are the Fakes that address the cultural baggage of globalisation while becoming the useful idiots of gallivanting global capital.  On the other are the class warriors that recognise open borders and mass immigration destroys wages and middle class standards of living.

One is fair dinkum and the other a total sell-out.


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  1. PassingInterest

    Unfortunately, our own left leaning (ha !) Labor party is beholden to the construction lobby within the CFMEU and to Union super funds, who both stand to lose BIG time should immigration even be restored to sane levels. Ain’t no amount of retraining that will find jobs for those hundreds of thousands of dual cab menacing tradie bogans, and no amount of dodgy revaluations of Direct property & infrastructure investments will save those Industry fund returns once the sole driver of this country’s growth evaporates.

    Writing down those sunk costs based on assumptions about “Forever growth” will bring this country to its knees. At least you could never accuse the ALP of not being pragmatic.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Are you suggesting that Denmark might just have an economy of substance where as ours is based on a series of ponzi schemes?

      Perish the thought!

  2. Isolate criminal immigrants on an island with diseased animals? No burqas or niqabs, those horrific bloody things? Accept our culture or don’t get citizenship? That all sounds great to me.

    And all this from a left-wing politician? I’m gobsmacked at hearing from an actual leftie father than the striped-shirted, bearded (including the women), horn-rim-glasses wearing hipster virtue signalling morons we have in Australia. Can we please import some Danish politicians? These wild ideas about favouring the interests of citizens over foreigners need to spread far and wide. Hopefully they’ll make their way here soon.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Zero chance mate. All ponzis, once in train, need to be kept afloat by whatever means. These people don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s all about their ‘mates’.

  3. I’d vote for whoever gets rid of naplan, my daughter of eight was stressed out of her head in the lead-up and on the day of the test. Lucky for her, she tells me gleefully, that the teacher gave the class the first two pages of answers, WTF??!!

    All I hear are parents talking about stressed out kids from ages six on…. seriously??

    I’m thinking of looking into the possibility of starting a class action to shut it down on the bases of child psychological welfare.

    What a joke.

    • Professor DemographyMEMBER

      Maybe it’s not NAPLAN but our attitudes towards it and culture surrounding it that is the problem. If we just used some ongoing standardised testing of a similar nature and didn’t make such a song and dance about it we might not have such stressed children. Children over time will do tests and exams and they should know for a while that no single one of these is going to have far reaching implications – though at some point they might if they choose certain paths. But even there are options to resit them and time to prepare again and it is a skill people learn. It’s not perfect but not having any sort of comparable measurement across schools is far from perfect for other reasons. Your daughters NAPLAN results are used in aggregate to provide reporting at the school level right? Not for assessing her future right here and now?

      • I keep telling her not to worry about naplan, just walk in, do it, that it means nothing and not to worry, but she does and all I hear are complaints from parents, not just from our school but everywhere.

        Is it our attitudes towards it? I don’t know, all I know is it was never around when I went to primary school and everyone I know turned out fine.

        Unnecessary stress for Unnecessary outcomes.

      • Stormy Waters

        Naplan tests teachers, not kids. Teachers are with the kids all day. Not hard to imagine who is stressing out the kids.

      • A problem I have encountered is that it is being used as a clinical tool and as an admissions tool, not just an aggregate performance tool. Therefore there can be hidden consequences to NAPLAN performance that do introduce barriers and constraints at a very early age.

      • Yes, an ongoing assement would also give a better indication of true ability. Or alt have an exam every year which is what I got growing up plus tests every week & end of each term, result exams were not a big issue we were used to them, though ongoing assessment would be best.

      • NAPLAN is not so much the problem according to my wife who is a teacher, it’s the system. Teachers now have less time to teach due to all the other tasks/data collection and constant change with little communications. Ask most teachers and they’ll tell you a story like this.

    • It’s not mandatory. You can just write a note and excuse her and say you don’t think it’s in her best interests. I realise you may not want to do that, but any parent has a perfect right to do that.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      Democracy or more to the point, democracies that work are a rare thing. Most are Kleptocracies and only have the appearance of a democracy through either a “two party system” where the choice comes down to between two captured political parties, or a “democracy” that exists in name only as a proxy for some other group in the economy, and exists by their grace alone.

      To have a well run democracy requires that the people who sustain it, to have shared values stemming from a common culture, in order to agree upon solutions to solving economic and social problems AND a minimum intellectual capability among the general populous to comprehend the benefits of mutual sacrifice in order to build a better tomorrow, as opposed to the immediate satisfaction of life style needs.

      If you want to steal from a nation long term on an inter-generational basis, the easiest way to do so is to lower its IQ and convert it into an elitist Kleptocracy.

  4. TighterandTighter

    I wonder if/when compulsory super goes and the heft of IFSA is lightened, the Labor party won’t feel so obliged toward their bestowers of largesse

  5. kannigetMEMBER

    I am hoping that the ALP policy on immigration will be a little topsy turvy like the LNP has been, But instead of claiming to close the borders while keeping the gate open and bussing them in, I hope the ALP talk open borders while locking the gate and forgetting where they put the key….

  6. “For me, it is becoming increasingly clear that the price of unregulated globalisation, mass immigration and the free movement of labour is paid for by the lower classes,”

    I’ve always believed globalisation is good but it must progress at a slow pace so that developed countries communities are able to adapt over a generation, this should prevent things like anti immigration building to become a problem & cause developed counties issues & thus our way of life.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Agree completely. Globalisation does benefit the world… but let’s do it sensibly.

  7. “For me, it is becoming increasingly clear that the price of unregulated globalisation, mass immigration and the free movement of labour is paid for by the lower classes,” she said in a recent biography…………………………………………………………………………………………….apparently at The Guardian that is a matter of controversy

    • DominicMEMBER

      Well, it is pretty much a ‘given’ that anyone working at the Guardian doesn’t understand the first thing about economics. In fact, no one on the Left does. If they did, they wouldn’t be Lefties …

  8. National Socialists. Has a certain ring about it. Think it’ll catch on here?

    • Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

      Nationalist and socialist like the labor party until Whitlam?

      Oh no the horror!

    • DominicMEMBER

      I think he was talking about Adolf, fellas. The most infamous of National Socialists.

      Align yourself with a ‘group’, buy a uniform, a hat, a uniform and …

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      Empty virtue signalling – either you pretend culture and people don’t matter, and that all the societies around the world are a result of the magic soil that they’re built on, or you believe that all the nations of the world are simply a function of the underlying people and society who built them.

      • There’s also the belief that poor non-western nations are only poor because colonialism, imperialism, yadda, yadda, yadda. A culture inimical to enlightenment, human rights and science is nothing to do with it.

        Lord Peter Bauer’s books and papers on “Third World Poverty and Western Guilt” are highly educational.

  9. kiwikarynMEMBER

    I’ve never been to Denmark, but I imagine it to be a rather nice country that is distinctly Danish, a little bit different from everywhere else. Why are people surprised that citizens want it to remain that way, and not become Denmarkistan or Al-Denmaq? To me, multiculturalism simply means erosion of the culture that made a place great in the first place. Immigrants who refuse to assimilate simply seek to turn a nice country into the same sh1thole they originated from. Just look at France. Paris was once celebrated as a place of beauty and culture and charm worldwide. Now look at it.

    • Western society is becoming a blur.

      Any Western countries unique European-origin culture being quashed by with a growing power shift to migrants, consisting largely of Indians and Chinese whose power-base grows by an apparent hive mentality.

      • Yeah but a lot of these people assimilate, they came here to join our civilizational project, not to hijack it. I’m the first to agree that there is a big problem with some cohorts who don’t. Ironically I can be strongly in favour of immigration of all shades of colour, but because I want immigrants who want our culture, to some “lefties” that makes me a “racist”. And those lefties are the ones beating up on Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Candace Owens and Mohammed Tawhidi!

  10. Instead of embracing mass immigraiton because the ALP thinks dirt poor immigrants will vote for the ALP, the ALP needs to improve the lot of the Aussie poor:

    Free off-peak public transport, free food at school, free medicine, lower the retirement age to 60 or 50.

    And quite simply say in its advertising, “do not vote for the Liberals if your income is less than $80k/year”.

    • The view from Melbourne is that many many people earning more than that are voting against the LNP.

      Actually, the average taxable income is probably lower due to tax advantaged investments, but certainly the wealthy inner suburbs are swinging to the left (e.g. Higgins, Kooyong, Goldstein).

      • Higgins, Kooyong, Goldstein will probably still go to the psychopaths.

        Perhaps the ALP should say $200k. They may as well be specific in the advertising.

      • robert2013MEMBER

        IMO they are swinging to the progressive, not the left. Trendy social engineering views be not practical economic ones.

    • DominicMEMBER

      The ALP does not care about the poor. It’s just a bunch of virtue-signalling ‘Progs’ with the self-same sociopathic tendencies of the morons in the LNP. Both ‘ideologies’ are simply paths to power.

      Was Tony Blair really a Labour Party stalwart or was he Maggie Thatcher’s lovechild?

    • I’ll take a bow, I’m Danish.
      Danes smart? Maybe, but certainly no forgiveness towards people that abuse the system.
      The Danish society is based on equal measures of trust and scepticism. Trust that we all will do the right thing, scepticism towards people telling us what to do! Both necessary for the Scandinavian Wellfare State to work.

      • DominicMEMBER

        I don’t trust that any welfare state can work but the elements you have outlined would certainly be instrumental to giving it a prayer.

      • It is interesting that there was a Commission headed by a Sir Thaddeus McCarthy in NZ in the early 1970’s, that investigated the Swedish welfare model and concluded that “there is no evidence that these things are a perverse incentive”. So the Kirk Labour government introduced a lavish, “dignity” providing solo mothers benefit – and within 2 years something like half the country’s young women between 17 and 25 had had a baby out of wedlock.

        Obviously culture matters. It has taken a lot longer for Sweden, but they are well and truly down the slippery slope now: this graphic is a decade out of date:

  11. The link in the article is a good read.
    The poor old pinko open borders guardian seemingly a bit bewildered that even their Danish left wing comrades have gone hard on anti immigration and forced assimilation.

    Denmark ban on face coverings. Niqab, Hijab & other deliberate cultural insults.
    Denmark considering an electronic tracking of non assimilating & radicalised migrant foreigners & ideology that threatens their society.
    Denmark defines migrant ghetto zones & classifies & monitors those occupants as a societal risk.

    Phew : most of western Sydney would qualify..

    “Denmark is the only western democracy to mark out official “ghettos” – where residents are subject to different rules from the rest of the country, simply by dint of their address.

    The first “ghetto lists” were drawn up nearly a decade ago. But in recent months the government has pushed through policies that demand far more extreme intervention in their residents’ lives.

    Laws passed in March require children to spend a minimum of 25 hours a week in state-approved Danish language childcare from the age of one.

    Proposed new laws, expected to come before parliament in the autumn, could include extra jail time for “ghetto” residents when they are convicted of a crime, or stricter sentences for crimes committed inside the ghetto areas.

    The regulations are part of a raft of new legislation that the government says is aimed at protecting Danish society and values.
    Opponents say they are cover for scapegoating minorities and peddling xenophobia to win vote”


    Is this an aberration for left wing socialism?
    Not at all.

    Russia, the Stans, China, Vietnam, North Korea, all ex communist are now all fiercely racist, forced assimilation, pass controls, mass surveillance, tracking, ‘re-education’ of foreign ideology & cultures.

    The Chinese Hukou pass system -110 million Chinese illegals in their Tier 1 cities either being forcibly relocated to the ‘ghost cities’ built for them, 1 million in ‘re-education camps’ or 9 million Chinese undesirables sent overseas to be as someone else’s burden / 1 million Chinese Hukou rejects alone sent to Australia as PR / TR to recreate those exact same Hukou slums here as the advance guard of Chinese influence & control.
    The drivers of socialist globalist collectivism (Leninism) were always going to degrade into common ethnic based rascist left wing socialism.

    China President Xi : China has formed “socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era”.
    The guiding principle for China in coming years.

    Adolf, the left wing national racial based socialist would be proud the ex communists & now the left wing socialists in Europe have finally arrived at his model.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “The drivers of socialist globalist collectivism (Leninism) were always going to degrade into common ethnic based rascist left wing socialism.”

      What a lot of BS.
      It is Democracy,…Real Democracy that always leads to “Socialism” if thats what it must be called.
      Aristotle to Madison understood this well.
      There is no “Left/Right” enemy.
      There is just those who advocate for Authoritarianism and those who advocate for Democracy.
      Solidarity for this Danish Sheila is all that any who prefer the latter should feel towards her.

      • Well maybe you have a point.
        Madison didn’t include his slaves in the bill of rights.
        Aristotle wouldn’t have allowed slaves, woman, non tax payers and non Athenians to have any say.
        Aristotle predicted this.
        “Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into labor party socialism & socialism then declines into despotism”

        Left & right? It has a real basis
        French Parliament / assembly originally the collectivists or later socialists on the left of the king & the individualists on the right.
        Much later say 1920 or so it became a common global political term.
        The Left half of the legislature then in France was Unified Socialists, Republican Socialists and Socialist Radicals, and the right was conservatives, libertarians & capitalists or individualists.
        The use of the words ‘Left and Right’ spread from France to other countries and came to be applied to a large number of political parties worldwide.

        Personally I am for a benevolent king.

        Marxist Socialist collectivism is ‘left wing’
        And it has 2 main strains.
        1. Globalist or Leninist collectivism.
        Marxist Socialist ‘Leninism’ as explained by Chomsky
        2. National Socialism – ethnic collectivism.

        Both toxic & deny individual freedoms or rights.
        Both genocidal, particularly to each other, (Communism & the Nazi or National Socialists killed 40 million of each other in just WW2 alone)

        All left wing socialist ex communist regimes today are highly racist ethnically aligned national socialist. (Well I cant think of one that isn’t)

        ➡️No one does racism & repression of difference better than the left wing socialists.

        So it’s not surprising a left wing danish government is highly racist & repressive to migrants and forcing surveillance, monitoring, active discrimination and forced assimilation.

        And as MB commented – if we had such a left wing party in Australia, a ‘real left wing party’ they would sweep into power – democratically elected.

    • DominicMEMBER

      The reality is that none of the Scandinavian states is actually ‘socialist’. They are strongly capitalist with high taxation. Big difference. Not to worry, the world is full of idiots prepared to believe otherwise. Let it be pointed out though that Sweden has a markedly different approach to its immigrants than Denmark — over there it is political correctness gone stark raving bonkers.

      • ++
        Denmark (and other Scandinavian countries) is absolutely a capitalist country – but within controlled conditions. Those conditions are widely agreed on by most parties in the Danish parliament, so there is in reality very little difference between a ‘left’ and a ‘right’ wing government (certainly compared to other countries).
        With regards to Sweden, yes they have lost the plot on immigration, and I think this has been a wake up call for Denmark.

    • It’s interesting you raise that about Communist nations treatment of “minorities”. They insisted on cultural conformity under the model of “the new communist man”, and Lenin talked about “the death of all reactionary peoples”.

      But when it came to the Western Left, the Communist’s agencies of subversion used multiculturalism as a deliberate WMD to undermine and weaken western society, knowing full well that this is what it’s effect is. It was not a noble aim to be pursued by all, including their own societies, but was definitely something to be pushed in the case of their enemies societies!

      This dynamic developed its own momentum that did not end with the Cold War.

      The Danish Left has just finally stopped being useful idiots.

    • Australia has the same “Ghetto” system. Mostly in the NT and other places where aboriginal Australians make up a majority. Different rules apple in these places.

  12. “The major breakthrough here is that a left-leaning party has realised that open borders globalisation destroys working and middle classes in developed economies. Including in Australia.”
    Absolutely. There is hope….