CPC foghorn: China just wants “the good life”

Via the CPC foghorn, Global Times:

The Chinese people are so confused: What on earth does the US want with China? Does it want fair trade or does the US refuse to accept China’s development and seek to break the Chinese economy as its ultimate goal?

This is a major issue. For the sake of long-term interests and the well-being of the Chinese and the US people, as well as the world peace, Washington has an obligation to make a serious and sincere answer to the question so as to help Chinese society accurately understand the US intention. Such an understanding will profoundly affect the way Chinese society responds to the US-launched trade war and China’s overall attitude toward the US.

Washington rudely tries to use a tariff war to suppress China. US vice president and US secretary of state issued fierce speeches recently. The US is also opposing almost all of China’s actions on the international stage and is suppressing Huawei savagely. This behavior makes most Chinese believe the US is against China’s development, and the real purpose of the US is to deprive China of its development ability and the so-called fair trade is just an excuse for stealing away interests. In other words, the US wants to rob China of not only its money but also its future.

If Washington turns its jealousy against China’s development into all-round containment of the country, and would seek to sacrifice the two peoples’ livelihoods and world peace only to tear China down, then this is an evil policy that violates political morality. Under such circumstances, Chinese people will not yield to the US. We will do our best to protect the right of national development and not fear any risk.

We have no idea what Washington will do in the 21st century. We hope the US clarifies its own thoughts and retains its authority, authenticity and effectiveness in responding to China’s query.

China’s policy toward the US is clear. At least we don’t want to make it complicated. China has no will to challenge the US strategically. China’s development is for the good life of the people. China has wanted to rid itself of humiliation throughout modern history, which is a strategic psychology of a defensive nature. We sincerely believe China cannot pursue its interests by zero-sum expansion. Expanding cooperation is the only way for China to advance in the world.

China doesn’t think it should or is able to vie for world hegemony. We want good China-US relations, and believe that kindness should be the priority of China’s diplomacy although there can be conflicts and temporary confrontation. Any risky diplomatic policies will not be supported by the people.

What is the US strategy toward China? The question makes us confused. What does it mean that the US regards China as a strategic rival? Who should be responsible for US actions? There are the US leaders’ changing statements, fierce voices against China in the White House and radical claims from the US Congress. To which of these should we pay attention and which should we ignore?

Our general feeling is that the US won’t allow China to catch up with it or surpass it. More and more US people believe Washington should contain China at all costs. They are becoming increasingly influential in the US, triggering the US into radical actions against China. As China is fully defensive and has not launched radical countermeasures, the US is becoming increasingly tough and hostile.

In a politically diverse US society, there is no powerful force that opposes extreme policies against China. Although there are criticisms of the trade war, most of them analyzes specific interests. They have no strategic rethinking of how to prevent escalation. US suppression of China is still expanding.

Have the US government and major US political forces made up their mind to escalate toward comprehensive containment of Beijing? Are they even prepared to further accelerate the process? Washington should figure this out and give credible answers to the Chinese and US peoples as well as the entire international society.

If this is not the will of mainstream US society and political elites, Washington should elaborate its real thoughts and carry out in-depth strategic communication with China. In the meantime, the US should resolve the two countries’ specific disputes so as to make breakthroughs which are favorable to both sides.

It’s pretty clear what the US wants. Globalisation without the Communist Party of China cheating its way to the top of it. It’s only confusing if you disagree.

As for China’s “good life”, you can have it: God King Xi; state surveillance; social credit scores and bans; secret police; religion bans; media bans; internet bans; re-education, prison and death for the eccentric. Even more corruption than Australia and everywhere and in everything The Party.

It ain’t the good life. It’s CPC control or else.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. ” We want good China-US relations, and believe that kindness should be the priority of China’s diplomacy”

    Pure nonsense.

    • The injured animal defence. Take pity on me, i am weak and you are strong. As soon as you turn your back I will pounce.

      • We, as in the NeoLiberal western collective should have thought about this issue 30 years ago. Much industry was happilly passed onto China in order to undermine workers, particularly unionised workers, With it went technology of course. Did they think China would not have taken advantage of this setup? or just carry on being purely a sweatshop to aide western big business? I said over 20 years ago that this is where it is leading(even to a politician who thought I was speaking in tongues, like our current PM). Politicians dont think past the next handout from their sponsors(big business) and the next election. Chinese ones do.

  2. USA with the help of Hollywood brainwashing is actually one of the most evil regimes in history but few can see it as we have all been brainwashed. They are not the world’s police, they act purely with the sole purpose of ensuring the USA is the most powerful & richest country at any cost to human or environmental life.

    • As would anyone who is on top. That is life – always has been and always will be. From the classroom, to the sport teams, to state politics, national politics, within competitive markets and for global domination. Number 1 does not give up its position easily, and will use its stronger position for as long as possible, to stay Number 1.

      We are lucky that we are on Number 1’s cheer squad and get invited to the parties.

      • Supreme with anchovies

        are u aiming to be HnH’s number 1 nuthugger now that brenten is disillusioned?

      • I agree with above comments as there is no serious argument to what I stated.
        If you can’t win an argument ‘go the man’ not the ball.

        jc210 I value your opinion but history is littered with those who wanted to be at the party through lack of intestinal fortitude or character. WW2 Nazi party was one.

      • fitzroyMEMBER

        Does this mean you will subscribe??

        Hmm….. Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin…

        Trump…. errr no.

    • That is entirely true, but the brainwashing in Aus is nearly as powerful as it is in the US so you won’t find may that even know about the crimes of the US empire let alone disagree with them.

      • If he actually meant that the US was the most relatively benevolent, peacekeeping regime in history, than you’d be correct.

  3. Ya signed the WTO rules, dumbasses.
    Then you broke most of them.

    Wah! Wah! They’re trying to stop us! :”(

    Save the crocodile tears for your subjects.

    • It’s really simple isn’t it. Follow the WTO rules, allow foreign companies to enter your markets without being forced into 50% partnerships where you steal trade secrets and then dissolve/ban the foreign company. Respect IP/Copyright/Trademarks.

      This is why Huawei has been torn down, this is a company which has a long history of stealing trade secrets and outright copyright theft. Enough is a enough, the double standards the Chinese display is sickening.

  4. ” Even more corruption than Australia…”

    Oh, c’mon, that’s a bit harsh /sarc

  5. John Howards Bowling Coach

    I find all the comments with strong opinions from people who have either never been to China or have only done the Jenny Wong’s Great Wall Tour really funny. Aside from the astroturfers there are a few apologists who really seem to be as well informed as a university student (or professor)

    The Chinese Communist Party don’t follow anyone else’s rules especially under Chairman Xi. They do whatever they like and they are the maturity of a 5 year old. If they don’t get their way they yell so nothing else can be heard.

    Yes the Chinese want the good life, they will do anything for a $dollar, especially the wealthy Chinese, the one who used lead paint on the Mattel toys after selling the safe paint for a profit, the ones who put Melamine into the milk to try to increase the perceived quality rating passing off low grade ingredients. Yes they want the good life, so they migrate to a formerly great nation like Australia, knock down a heritage mansion and build a copy French style box. They do this because life in China, while very comfortable for the few, is terrible. It is life under control of a dictatorial regime, in a disgustingly polluted overcrowded baking or freezing nation of the most dishonest and greedy people on earth. And I actually like Chinese people, just not their system or behaviour. They’re not all bad, but those in control are hell bent or power mongering.

    However it has been pointed out to me by many Chinese they have no alternative because they nature of Chinese people is essentially uncontrollable as it has been through history, hence like many parts of the world including Russia, The Middle East, and large parts of Asia, they have had strong men dictatorial leaders through necessity, without them it is Chaos.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    There’s a lot of one-sidedness to globalisation.

    China has definitely tipped it to their advantage over the past couple of decades. They harvest trillions from developed nations and only give a little bit back when they need food and raw materials they don’t already have.

    The original plan in the 60’s and 70’s was that China just make everything on the cheap and the US collects the rewards. If China produces cheap rip-offs then its a bit of a joke, as most of us remember. The effect was that the US basically enslaves an entire country and then all they need to do is to watch the money from the manufacturing effort of others roll in.

    Basically, a free lunch.

    There surely isn’t a free lunch, and there never can be. China got really, really good at making copies until the copies were the same quality and a fraction of the price of the originals.

    So when all this talk of global warming and carbon currency started up I immediately suspected that this was to level the playing field. Manufacturing produces waste. If China pays “the world” for their waste then they won’t be able to simply hoard all those trillions of developed countries’ money. (And to make matters worse, since the real money has long run out, they’re all using debt to substitute. That’s a good way to get into a lot of trouble really quickly.)

    Everyone, including China seems to have seen through that plan. Or maybe they just didn’t believe that pollution was the reason for the warming.

    Who knows? China may begin to start to pay for the privilege of manufacturing everyone else’s stuff and “ruining the planet”.

    But in the interim they just apply tariffs on Chinese stuff to achieve pretty much the same effect.

  7. Don’t be silly. Both sides has benefited greatly from trade with China. I simply don’t get the weird narrative that they are “cheating their way to the top” and then assert that they don’t have a good life. I work in tech and manufacturing in China and enjoy the relationship, as do they. We have seen patent disputes but nothing out of the ordinary and especially nothing that other countries including the US don’t do either. In any case, that’s for the courts to sort out in my experience it has worked.

    • Just like the US cheated its way to the top during the second world war…sacrificed the least but gained the most!

      • fitzroy, are you so proud to be a member? At any time Macro can ban non members from comments if they choose so what is your problem? Can you not contribute to the conversation without trolling?

        True Higgins, the USA where heroes at the end of WW2 but what you say is also correct. It turned out to be the catalyst for USA to rise to the economic top.

      • Actually, it was in the 1880s and 1890s when the USA cheated the most. The British Empire was the world’s sole superpower, the world’s policeman and the proponent of free trade at the time (aka “informal empire”), much like the USA is today. And the USA was in the middle of the Monroe doctrine and a textbook embodiment of protectionism.

        What China has been doing in the last 3 decades is following the USA’s footsteps in the 1880s, 1890s and 1900s.

      • Supreme with anchovies

        fitzroy = typical nuthugging tard with no ability to think critically or think for himself.

      • fitzroyMEMBER

        Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin

        “USA with the help of Hollywood brainwashing is actually one of the most evil regimes in history”

        I’ll go with the body count.

        I suggest treatment for your delusion

      • The USA was the largest economy in the world well before WW2. This narrative is so tired.

      • fitzroyMEMBER

        Oh I don’t know, I enjoy tormenting the astroturfers when they are under different names.

  8. Perhaps China should just be upfront and tell the USA that they have merely been following the USA’s footsteps a century later – using asymmetric tariffs and other “unfair” measures to undermine the globally leading position of the incumbent superpower.

    • Now there’s a statement that begs credulity. Let’s go back a hundred years, shall we? What were acceptable practices then?

      • That acceptable practices were different back then does not change the facts. See my post above.

        In fact, what happened between the British Empire and the USA back then was to be expected. The established superpower wants to impose free trade all over the world, with the knowledge that their products are globally competitive. This is how an informal empire works. An aspiring and rising power wants to protect its own industries using a range of protectionism measures until they become globally competitive. It positions itself so that it will be ready to take over once the incumbent falters due to external factors (like the two world wars).

        The USA then copied the British informal empire model and skilfully rolled it out after the WW2. Even better, destroying formal colonial empires by granting their colonies independence rendered their markets directly accessible to the American enterprises.