Chris Bowen quits Labor leadership race

From the New Daily:

Anthony Albanese is set to be elected unopposed as Labor leader with Queenslander Jim Chalmers as his deputy as Chris Bowen prepares to pull out of the ballot.

The New Daily has confirmed that challenger Chris Bowen is likely to pull out of the race before the ballot proceeds.

The decision means that unless another challenger comes forward a ballot can be avoided and the new leadership team put in place swiftly…

The leadership team, to be elected unopposed, would then consist of Mr Albanese, Mr Chalmers and Labor’s Penny Wong, who would remain as Senate leader.

Good news. Chris Bowen is an open borders nut and China fanboy. Bowen’s also a key man behind Labor’s devastating electoral defeat and is damaged goods.

I’m no fan of Albo, but he stands a better chance of resetting the party away from open borders globalism back to its working class roots.

That said, Jim Chalmers is the former head of the Chifley Research Centre, which is an open borders globalist outfit. So maybe expect more of the same.

Leith van Onselen


    • One of the many funny things to come out of this election is that both Abbott and Turnbull were boned for many consecutive bad polls…but those polls were probably wrong 🙂
      I remember Turnbull complaining about it at the time.

      • I guess we can say that Rudd would have won the 2010 election. The ALP lost a lot of votes by knifing Rudd.

        As for the 2016 election, who knows. A lot of fools voted for Abbott because they thought Abbott will cut power prices by 10%. He said the solution is to repeal the carbon tax – and when the repeal did nothing to electricity prices, the pleb got angry and Abbott went down in the polls.

      • I was going to say, perhaps Newspoll replaced smart Aussie staff with 457 visa staff on $10/hour wages.

        The LNP lost over 50 Newspolls in a row before the election.

    • you know what these guys are like…”Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.” (Marx).

    • Jim Chalmers’ career path: Political science student from the ANU; political advisor to Wayne Swan; Chifley Research Centre; preselected to safe seat of Rankin.

      Wham, bam, thanks for the leadership mam. That’s all it takes hey? Just play the ALP game of ideological snakes and ladders and get a leg up – then moan and bitch about fairness, equality and equity.

      Give us a break.

      A total apparatchik – no real job, no labour credentials, no contact with actual workers – a committed globalist prig and spruiker of mass immigration with no empathy for working class values. Comes from the home turf of Big Dr Demography Allen and Smiley McDonald – ANU demographers and useful idiots of choice for developers everywhere. The Chifley Research Centre is still trying to atone for the White Australia Policy by throwing workers on the sacrificial pyre to identity politics and ideological purity.

      What’s more, good ‘ol Jimbo ran the recent ALP campaign, so he’s a frigging arsonist turning up to a fire with the offer of a fire hose.

      Sending this guy to N QLD and WA would be like a red rag to a bull. Idiotic and suicidal. He’s a professional politician who believes that he is a qualified social engineer who’ll reform all the ‘racist’ and ‘stupid’ workers by cranking up the mass immigration lever and telling them to eat his ideological cake.

      If the ALP wants to elevate this Bozzo they will be in opposition for the next 30 years. It is simply unacceptable to have leaders of the labour movement with glued-on and rose-coloured ideological glasses who’s never done a day of real work in all his life.

      F-me, how come the ALP can’t see the cultural problem they have?

      • Holy Moly……Australia is really the most conservative right winged nation in the whole western world.
        You guys are so far to the right that any sensible discussion in almost anything is considered globalist, Marxist, leftist…etc.

        No wonder Australia has been ruled by Liberals since 1996, even the Labor election victory back in 2007 was considered a blip on the political screen. their following win in 2010 was a minority government which hardly counted as a win.

        I was always doubting that Australia is so right wing until the eve of the election that confirmed my doubts. Almost every western nation including NewZealand, Canada, western Europe(Scandanavia), Germany, France, even America was swinging between centre right and centre left for the last 25-30 years (Trump, Obama, GW Bush, Clinton…etc)….except Australia as 2 elections out of the last 10 has been won by the centre left.

        I don’t think with this kind of mentality the centre left will get any chance …Congratulations…It is now officially considered a one party system. not even the tyranny of 2 party system…….face palm…there are African nations that had dictatorships who governed even less than the Liberals in office.

      • Amen.

        Expanding on your piece, i think the following excellent piece should be compulsory reading for all Labor, i agree with it all though it should also have mentioned that Qld elected the only Communist Party member in Federal parliament history. Conservative? No fn way.

        Ì’d flip the usual smug city-centric narrative – we’d all be better off if we were more like Qld.

      • @Ginger – thanks. Good read and far better than the usual skin deep analysis. Putting Canberra in a sheep paddock between Melb and Sydney has not really helped has it? People do need to understand that QLD/WA have several unique needs based upon actual demography and geography.

        Christ I’m sick to death of the rural:urban:regional divide and the superficial politics. I’m up to pussy’s bow with boutique apparatchiks. Many Aussies work hard and do it tough and the jokers the ALP and ACTU have thrown up are an insult to a work culture that has always been more ‘Australian’ than politically ideological.

      • Chalmers is what is known as a ‘salty’ that is a communist ideologue recruited from University so as to ‘salt’ civic institutions with communist ideologues. The practice started in the 80’s and is one of the contributing factors to cultural marxism’s infiltration of our civic institutions.

  1. I thought it was the other way around. I thought albo was the open borders green left wing nutter and bowen was a right wing local jobs guy. Boy how did I get that wrong. Didnt Bowen put together the good tax policy to remove NG and CG rorts?

  2. If Larissa Waters doesn’t get a Senate spot, the Nationals will be the only major party with a female as leader or deputy leader.

  3. Interesting. Someone must’ve pointed out to Chris that he was at least partially responsible for the hole they’re in and he needed to carry the can. I wonder how that meeting panned out, and how he took the news. I imagine he was surprised to think that someone would hold him responsible for his actions.

    Albanese is better than Bowen, but that clown Chalmers will sink ’em. Uni to ministerial adviser to think tank to parliament. I only heard his name for the first time this week, but I’ve already taken a dislike to him because he has the stench of the professional political apparatchik about him. It’s like they’ve chosen an exemplar of what’s wrong with the whole crew to help pilot the ship.

    And Penny Wong. So easy to warm to. The ALP definitely needs to elevate Penny Wong’s profile, because I really love being on the end of a bit of smug condescension from her.

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      As an engineer, I often wonder, where in the Labor party are the engineers? The doctors. The scientists. The biostatistician, the biologist, the epidemiologist, the health economist, or ex hospital general manager. The ex electrician. The ex labourer. What about the child care worker, or teacher. Where is the ex small building outfit owner, the one who had 4-6 workers and a few apprentices. What about the ex nurse. Ex farmer. Ex pub owner. The ex banker (just kidding!). The list goes on.

      Too busy in real jobs, I suppose.

      I’d love to see data on all of their profiles, including all members. And yes, I know some have real life experience. Wacker was one.

      • I’m an engineer, and I wonder the same thing. Lots of engineers on this site, particularly software weenies. 🙂

        For what it’s worth, I gather the Chinese leadership group is full of engineers.

        Having the country run by a bunch of lawyers demonstrates…it demonstrates…well, it demonstrates what happens when a country is run by a bunch of lawyers, rather than people who know how the world works. You just have to look out the window to see how thats panning out for us all.

        Ben Chifley was a train driver, and I very much doubt that a bloke like him would be welcome among the “elite” of the party today. I voted Labor most of my life, but I’m obviously not welcome in the any more either.

      • I know one doctor who is a Labor party member. Doesn’t believe in private health insurance and thinks everyone should be bulk billed, even migrants and their parents from overseas. Doesn’t get that universal healthcare is for the Australian people, not everyone who comes from the rest of the world. Have told him many times he’d be a better fit in the Greens.

        This one had never worked privately so didn’t understand that the Medicare rebate is the patients and withholding it from doctors who charge a gap isn’t going to work. Then Labor introduced their cancer plan which included doubling the rebate only for specialists who bulk bill, and that made me lose faith in the rest of Labor’s health policy.

        Most other doctors are Liberal but more on the socially progressive side, moving towards the Greens. Ex-AMA head Brian Owler did run for Labor in Bennelong, but most doctors have a pretty negative view of the AMA as they seem to be selling out GPs to the Pharmacy Guild.

      • When are we going to get off our arses and engineer a political system that doesn’t need politicians at all?

        Direct democracy, over the net, electing policies, not politicians.

        We shouldn’t have to compromise on our high-resolution political positions to choose the least misaligned from a small number of parties. We should be able to decide directly, at high resolution, on the issues themselves.

        Government staff should be hired to implement the policies as decided upon by the electorate, and fired if they fail to implement said policies.

      • Unfortuantely Labor only employs two kinds of people
        -Ex lawyers and ex union officers

      • @LSWCHP – Nail, hammer – bullseye.

        They are not there because the ALP has a cultural mechanism to weed them out. Only professional politicians and apparatchiks need apply because you can only really trust a fellow snake to remember favours and make good on debts that allow other snakes to slither a little higher. Your political bagman and woman do their time at the feet of a master as ‘advisors’ who will decide on their political inheritance by adding up their loyalty points – all in the name of democracy mind you.

        If you are a Barry Jones you’ll never make it to the top because you will refuse to bend your knee to the power men like Jabba the Richardson. And the people like Jabba know that they are the intellectual and spiritual inferiors and will go after you in the name of mediocrity.

        What smart person who’s done something and has true empathy wants to live in such a snake pit?

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Last time I looked there was 1 Electrical Engineer, 1 undergrad Science degree & 2 medical doctors in the lower house. Four people with a STEM background from 150.
        The Electrical Engineer gave it up for farming before becoming a politician.
        The majority are Law, Commerce & Political “Science” graduates.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      The executive-level reasoning might be along the lines that Wenny Pong is a threefer – 1. lezzer (counts as two minorities) plus 3. Chinese Malay. So concentrated SJW goodness according to the ALP brains trust. Also to establish her family-friendly credentials she could technically claim to be a parent too thanks to the miracle of taxpayer-funded IVF.

      One good thing about her smug condescension and arrogance though is when she eventually loses her sh!t she does so quite galactically. Who can forget her on Saturday night last doing a fine impression of Hudson from Aliens once things got sticky?

      • SupernovaMEMBER

        For starters, the ALP need to remove Wong both from leader in the Senate and from foreign affairs….she is simply a globalist and unAustralian…. inappropriate! Albanese need to be careful because the globalist Chalmers will collude with Wong and with the help of the ABC…. knife him good and proper misleading the ALP back to the globalist mantra.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        Absolutely, they need to get rid of her for their own survival. Unfortunately by SJW ‘reasoning’ she’s a protected species due to her Venn diagram trifecta.

    • Chalmers is from Queensland, so that will probably be enough for them to vote for him.

      All they need to do is get him on TV like KRudd and they’ll win them back.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Yup. Gotta love a pollie who’s never had a real job. How could these clowns relate to the working man?

      Sorry, I’m old school. No professional pollies. Work in the real world, earn a crust and then go into politics. Otherwise get f*cked.

  4. SweeperMEMBER

    Albo is no good. Kim Carr is the only one in their shadow cabinet who comes across as authentic, has a great track record fighting for jobs, manufacturing old school labourism etc even when it wasn’t popular and has never got involved in identity guff, and will stand up to the media as they are out of control. He just needs a HoR seat.

  5. proofreadersMEMBER

    Can Hawkie come back from the grave, or PJ Keating agree, to go around again?

    • DominicMEMBER

      He’s Harry’s Labor stooge. It’s been a great few days for the big fella

  6. Exposes the realy shallow labor talent pool doesn’t it.

    The little fat controller, likeable enough but lost in a 1970’s era Socialist workers unite bubble.

    I don’t think Albanese won’t last long / maybe a year or so as the labor factions have a dirt pile on Albanese that goes way back to Simon Crean using it.

    Hopefully one good thing will come out of it.

    Hopefully Albanese mans up to shoot that Plibersek into some meaningless shadow ministry role.

    Plibersek clearly wasn’t ready for the Shorten loss and knows she hasn’t the numbers yet / but the ‘Gillard appointee to be the next female labor PM’ will sit there, plotting & skulking, the knife ready.

  7. Just say no to politicians. Period.

    The rest of the world has moved on, upgraded, embraced technology. Modern politics could easily become a smartphone app. Instead of a select bunch of monkeys in suits, clinging to ancient tradition and flinging poop at each other in Canberra, we could all instead fling poop at each other by the millions, via a Direct Democracy App, from the comfort of our homes.

    Ditch the election cycle. Ditch the parties. Bring on the poop. We’re already a bunch of seasoned veterans from the trenches of social media.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Exactly what a guy came to my gym with in 1989 with this new thing called the internet and no need for polies just, vote for issues that they were interested in but everyone left when he started taking of the need for knocking people off.

      • @Superunknown: I sure did. Pirate party too. Throw away votes I know, but whatever.

    • It is a good idea to have some direct democracy in the system to override the politicians if they are selling us out, but there are a lot of policies where a fair bit of study is required to get your mind around the topic and to see the consensus of opinion among the experts. Do you really want to vote on the details of, say, how to manage Sydney’s water catchment? There is also a possibility that the only people who bother to vote on an issue are the conspiracy theorists and the like, the anti-vaxxers for example. I would rather see citizen initiated referenda with voter veto and voter recall of politicians.

  8. Republicans 2008, British Labour 2010, Democrats 2016, ALP 2019: common thread: choose the person who would have been really good to fight the LAST election, but is now a washed up has-been.