Bouris deploys Spruikbot Telephunken U-47 army

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Thousands of robocalls by Yellow Brick Road founder Mark Bouris urging voters to reject Labor at Saturday’s election have fallen foul of election laws amid accusations he told “lies” about Bill Shorten’s negative gearing proposals.

…”If Labor wins and they bring in negative gearing changes and the capital gains tax changes, house prices will fall, they’ll continue to fall at a very rapid rate, and what’s worse our kids are going to have to pay more rent because investors are going to have to put the rent up to recoup the losses they would normally get as a tax deduction.”

…A spokesman for the commission confirmed it would investigate the calls and their lack of authorisation.

But not their outright lying.

MB industries can neither confirm nor deny the deployment of its largest ever shipment of Spruikbot Telephunken U-47’s to Yellow Brick Road:

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  1. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Mark Bouris is a shocking piece of work. How he has any type of standing in the community and public life is beyond me. He is a the very essence of the corrupt degradation of Australia so completely exposed in the Hayne Royal Commission. I hope Labor win just so they can turn up the boiler on the Banking and Finance industry again and cook a frog like Bouris. It makes me sick that the various governments and media fawn over a greedy sellout shonk like Bouris, having him as the ‘Mentor’ is a joke, what actual business acumen does he have? None, just typical of the crap we pass off as current business leaders in Australia. Rent Seekers

    • robert2013MEMBER

      As long as Labor supports mass immigration you can be sure it is in the pockets of the banks. Nothing to see here move along!

    • and yet he appears to be selling tickets for Success Resources

      I went to one of these last year (not Bouris) and it’s a pretty cool experience, my ticket cost $120 so was worth it to me. I’d never pay $3495 though.

    • BubbleyMEMBER

      Bouris gets away with it because he speaks well, gives the viewer the feeling of confidence in what he is saying and is that rare thing – an attractive older man. Basically he’s a DILF.

      Now I’m not condoning what he’s doing, just why he’s able to get away with it. Any one under the age of 35 would much rather listen to Bouris than John Symonds.

    • He does not have any standing in the community. What he does have is a high degree of usefulness to the powers that be.

      Where else are you going to find the perfect combo of stupidity, arrogance and lack of curiosity? He probably thinks it was his ‘hard work’, ‘business savvy’ and his ‘relationships’; and if only other folks were ‘savvy’ like he is, they would all be better off.

      What Bouris has is rat cunning. He’s basically the Australian version of Angelo Mozillo, down to fake tan / expensive hairdo, and equally clueless.

      Clearly, he thinks YBR can get away with the robocalls, so someone out there is protecting him / has given him assurances. No chance Bouris goes after Shorten openly, without someone backing him – definitely not enough balls. After all, Shorten is widely expected to be next PM. This sentence: ‘But not their outright lying.’ is really important.

      Be cool though – its examples like this, blatant corruption and absolutely no enforcement, this is the ‘red pill’ going down people’s throats. People aren’t stupid, things take time.

      Living in a society with no virtuous people makes one realize the utility of a virtuous society. Parasites like Mark Bouris, their nonsense only works as long as the majority of people are virtuous. Once the trust is gone, well … people like him are f’ed.

      Do you know what the Romans meant when they came up with century? The idea was every person gets 4 seasons, 25 years a pop. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Where any single person happens to be in his/her life does not matter, we all get to see all four.

    • “having him as the ‘Mentor’ is a joke” …and the alp lnp cartel are well in on the joke, as bouris knows.
      he’ll get away with this episode without any material consequences

  2. I got unauthorized mail full of scare untruths a few days ago.
    Pensioner TAX
    Housing TAX
    Older person TAX

    It will work but Labor gets so few votes in 2443 its a waste

  3. harry petropoulosMEMBER

    Mark Bouris is correct that house prices will fall as there is no incentive for an investor to buy an established property,however he uses the argument for the younger generation to strengthen his thesis.
    If house prices fall that it is the ultimate for the younger generation to buy their own home……………..sorry Mark,the younger generation have aspirations to BUY and NOT TO RENT

  4. Mark and Kerry (Anne Kennerley)
    Sitting in a tree
    K. I. DOUBLE S. I N. G.
    First comes love
    Then comes marriage
    Then comes…. their bloody greedy feet on the heads of Australia’s youth.

    • First comes love
      Then comes marriage
      Then comes realisation they’re fvcktards no chunt likes.

    • The Penske FileMEMBER

      I hear one has gotten themselves in a bit of “strife”…..renting makes sense.

  5. “investors are going to have to put the rent up to recoup the losses ”

    All these years I assumed rental prices were driven by supply and demand. I never realised landlords were so kind-hearted in giving tenants rental discounts.

    • It must be a Freudian slip, MB admittedly makes them an uses them and only went commercial when sold them to the YBR

      “…deployment of its [MB’s] largest ever shipment of Spruikbot Telephunken U-47’s to Yellow Brick Road:”

  6. What a knob Bouris is.

    He is totally representative of the LNP that thinks less of youth who aspire to have the same opportunities of housing affordability as their parents before them.

    He is a complete self-absorbed boomer who cares less for the future of our children than he does for people “fortunate” enough to lap up the great property Ponzi scheme courtesy of population madness et al.

    Don’t vote LNP.
    Don’t vote ALP.

    Vote for our children.

  7. He should go back to flogging pink diamonds.

    Because we can all imagine what a fantastic investment they must make.