Ageing Aussies overwhelming hospitals

By Leith van Onselen

A new report claims that Australia’s ageing population is placing increasing strains on Australia’s health system. From SBS News:

Australia’s ageing population is driving up hospitalisation rates while health practitioners are witnessing a dramatic rise in vaccine-preventable influenza cases in hospitals.

The latest Admitted Patient Care 2017-18 report, released on Thursday, showed 60 per cent of the 11.3 million admissions to hospital in 2017-18 were to the public system.

Publicly funded admissions, over the last five years, have grown at 4.7 per cent per year on average while admissions paid by private insurance grew at an average of 3.6 per cent per year.

The total number of hospital visits grew by about 3.8 per cent each year over that period.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report says older Australians were a “key driver” of the growth…

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that Labor’s disastrous policy of unlimited elderly parental visas will not come into effect. This policy could have added potentially millions of new elderly residents to Australia’s population and dramatically increased pressures on the health and aged care systems.

That said, we will still have to contend with the Coalition’s 15,000 capped scheme, which is less egregious. Be grateful for small mercies.

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Leith van Onselen


  1. If the grandparent visa was going to cost $100 billion, $158 billion in tax cuts for the rich was going to cost more.

    Negative gearing handouts are probably uncapped – so they could cost even more in 2030 compared to now.

    Then there is the fact that right wing pricks prefer road tunnels instead of railway tunnels.They are talking about building an East West Link again. Margaret Thatcher wanted the Channel Tunnel to be a road tunnel! How insane can the right wing pricks get.

    The solution is to not import the children of the grandparents in the first place – especially if they have a tendency to live with grandparents. I met a young Greek Australian recently and he does not live with his father, let alone his grandfather.

    • Have to break the cycle somehow. Smartest solution is to import tax paying labor but be very rigid on expiry dates. Let’s say over 45 you’re on the way out.

  2. We need to come up with an agreement. We will allow immigrants, but everyone is on a temporary visa. Whether that be 5, 10, 30 years. Once you are no longer contributing to society via taxes and work, back to Mumbai.

    • LabrynthMEMBER

      Thats the standard in the UAE

      Also if you want to start a business in the UAE you need a local resident to be a partner.

      • Here we sell locally owned businesses fully to foreign interests and call it “investment”

    • That is Dubai in a nutshell.

      Million of foreigners live in Dubai – knowing full well that they will be deported when they are too old to work. And more keep coming over. I guess it is a chance to live in a city that has 24×7 electricity and water.

    • Good in theory. Or maybe we could just have quality contributors coming in, paying their way, advancing Australia, in sensible numbers?

  3. Medicare, like state pensions is a ponzi scheme, it needs more young and healthy people to pay for the aging baby boomers.

    The system will fall apart if there are not enough healthy young people to pay for the boomers.

    • Boomers again? Gen X is much bigger than boomers and so on with our expanding population and considering X is now getting into their mid to late 50’s… proving that constantly expanding the population even with younger people leads to a future problem especially when that increase is done in such a cynical way as to displace workers getting to that not so magic 50years old figure, most of whom could keep working till 67 but are pushed aside because it is easy to do so due to said immigration.

  4. robert2013MEMBER

    Small typo needed fixing: ‘Older “Australians” were a key driver’

  5. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Do we think the thumbnail for this post is a little, how do I say this….