Turnbull plunges Parliament into Chinese crisis

A week or so ago Malcolm Turnbull issues a veiled warning to his former party at the SCMP:

They took issue with Turnbull for citing former Communist Party chairman Mao Zedong in December 2017, when he said: “Modern China was founded in 1949 with these words: Zhongguo renmin zhanqilai – the Chinese people have stood up.’”

“It was an assertion of sovereignty, it was an assertion of pride. And so we say: Aodaliya renmin zhanqilai – the Australian people stand up.’”

China’s tabloid press – particularly the Global Times – was infuriated and it further inflamed an already antagonistic relationship between Turnbull and China’s media organs by writing in one op-ed: “Turnbull’s speech is full of lecturing aimed at China. He should be thankful that Beijing has a big heart. After what he said, we still did not hang up on him.”

“You are never going to win friends by insulting them and some of those personal attacks were utterly offensive and of a kind I have never seen used in Australian media, rambunctious, independent as it may be, I have never seen criticism like that against a Chinese leader,” said Turnbull.

“The suggestion was made in some quarters that somehow or other it was inappropriate of me to quote chairman Mao. I am sorry, chairman Mao is a great Chinese leader, one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest, but his writings belong to all of humanity. Everyone is entitled to quote, read Mao, read that history, quote it. Just like Americans are not the only people who can quote Thomas Jefferson, English men and women are not the only ones who can quote Edmund Burke.”

Turnbull, meanwhile, describes as “sort of liberating” the unilateral way Trump bypasses the media through tweeting.

“He is using the platforms of social media, Twitter in particular, to go absolutely right past the mainstream media. He doesn’t need to call a press conference or a journalist,” said Turnbull.

But Turnbull denied that Trump’s use of Twitter allowed him to avoid being held to account by legitimate media.

“He is entitled to do that, to what extent he’s being held to account, I think he is being held to account, he certainly has no shortage of critics,” added Turnbull.

OK, Malcolm, so here we come it. You have your platform and have aimed it directly at Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton for his extraordinary dealings with exiled and alleged Chinese agent of influence, Huang Xiangmo. Yesterday:

“Look, Peter Dutton has got a lot to explain about this.”

“He is supposed to be the minister responsible for the domestic security of Australia, He is supposed to be the minister responsible for ensuring our politics is not influenced by foreign actors.

“The laws that I introduced at the end of 2017 about foreign influence and foreign interference are very important laws and responded to a rising concern in the community.

“Now, the idea that the minister responsible for enforcing those laws has had a meeting of this kind does raise a lot of questions but Peter Dutton is the only one that can answer it and Mr Santo Santoro should equally be answering questions about his role.”

Some in the media like to portray this as a spat between embittered individuals, such as the AFR:

Here we go again. Scott Morrison might have banked on having a week of clearer air – or at least not such toxic air – in order to promote the Coalition budget. Instead, he got a destructive replay of Coalition culture wars to poison his pre-election campaign sell.

There’s no escaping Malcolm Turnbull’s permanent fury at Peter Dutton’s betrayal, both personally and politically, of his prime ministership last August.

But it is much bigger than that. The full authority of a former Prime Minister and his greatest policy legacy in driving back a “silent invasion” of the Australian Parliament by CCP agents of influence is now aimed directly at the Home Affairs Minister. This has to be investigated formerly or there is no due process left in the Parliament.

And it gets worse, via Domain this morning:

Former Liberal Party federal director Brian Loughnane asked Peter Dutton to consider a request from Chinese Communist Party-aligned billionaire Huang Xiangmo for special citizenship treatment just prior to Mr Dutton approving the request.

The revelation that the former Liberal director was involved in the controversial citizenship process for Mr Huang’s family in early 2015 comes as the scandal involving the Chinese property developer has widened to include defence minister Christopher Pyne.

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald has confirmed that Mr Huang, a major political donor, paid tens of thousands of dollars to a former Liberal minister turned lobbyist, Santo Santoro, and secured a meeting with Mr Pyne.

And worse, at The Australian:

Liberal MPs have turned up the heat on Bill Shorten for having had a lunch with the Chinese Communist Party-linked Huang Xiangmo in 2015 after he gave the Labor Party a $55,000 donation.

Liberal powerbroker Michael Sukkar said the ABC’s Four Corners report on Monday night — which revealed that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton had a meeting with the Chinese billionaire who paid at least $10,000 to former Liberal minister and lobbyist Santo Santoro — should also have referenced the Opposition leader’s lunch with Mr Huang.

“I think it’s remarkable that the man who wants to be prime minister, who in a matter of weeks wants to be prime minister, was paid $55,000 to have lunch with this man,” Mr Sukkar told the ABC yesterday. “Where is the Bill Shorten Four Corners?

There needs to be royal commission into CCP influence in the Parliament but who is left to call it?

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    • What I find kind of fascinating is the way that all these Torynuffs have gone out of their way to be obliging for an ALP man in Dastayari…..

      Its so nice to see that type of bilateral cooperation on getting a Chinese billionaire Australian citizenship, if only they could reproduce it on something in the national interest we might be getting somewhere.

  1. Malcolm, reputation?
    Malcolm is a failed exPM who should probably be in jail for “his greatest policy legacy” the greatest deliberate destruction of public value in his MTM NBN model.

    The guy lasted about as long as froth on p!ss because he was a fkn hopeless PM. He needs to own that and just go away.

    I don’t think anyone cares what Malcolm says about this caretaker government, and these blatant spiteful attacks to bring them down won’t do anything to repair his reputation.

    • You ar wrong Junk! Turnbull was NEVER anything as a prime minister. (but froth on a p.ss is a good one ! ) He was ALWAYS a rich lawyer/banker from the Eastern suburbs – nothing else. He has no idea about anything that pertains to ordinary Australians. Maybe there ought to be an enquiry as to how the Turnbulls benefited by Liberals failed energy policies.

    • Turnbull got fooled by Godwin Grech and then got fooled by Scummo. 🤣

      the Daily Telegraph, the Courier-Mail and the Adelaide Advertiser running on their front page that the Prime Minister of the country is corrupt

      Over the weekend of 20–21 June the country’s mass media focused on the email that was driving a stake into the heart of the Rudd Government, with the Prime Minister calling on the Opposition Leader to come clean and produce it.

      Turnbull began to look shaky when he declared that he had never seen the email


      Turnbull also never saw how many Scummo supporters are pretending to be Dutton supporters:

      “You don’t have to worry about Julie Bishop because her colleagues don’t take her seriously, and Peter Dutton is too right-wing,” Joyce told Turnbull. “But Morrison is a schemer. Watch out for him. He’s going to come for you.”

  2. “” have aimed it directly at Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton for his extraordinary dealings””

    Just which are those? That on receipt of the ASIO report Dutton sent him packing? Turnbull entertaining the bloke and proudly having his photo taken with him s wonderful. Shorten and Bowen, looking very pleased with themselves, standing with him having had obviously had deep conversation with him is fine? Yep! Turnbull is correct to single out Dutton?

    • Shorten or Bowen weren’t the Home affairs ministers capable of granting a dodgy CCP plant an Australian citizenship.

  3. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. H&H has an outstanding gift for writing the ultimate punchline to an article. This one is no exception. “…who is left to call it”?

    Reading the article, I was going to say, the Chicoms are showing to be good at hedging their bets by buying influence all over the political spectrum. Not just in Australia. The wilingness of so-called “conservative” parties to succumb is a disappointment, and not the only disappointment about “conservative” parties in our time, either.

  4. I am thinking Huang Xiangmo.has also a lot of explaining to do over in China. His hamfisted attempts to gain citizenship here must have annoyed the people in Beijing who run China. Let’s see, being unpatriotic (seeking a safe haven passport) dragging the party thru the mud in the international press, etc.
    Expect to see Huang Xiangmo arrested by the Ministry of Public Security and publicly disgraced.

    • Thallus – not at all, it is from their playbook. One of the main reasons for the Chinese Nationalist government, under the KMT, being so weak, and one of the major reasons why Japan did not attack the USSR through Manchuria is that a number of senior KMT leaders and military generals were sleeper agents for the Communist Party. Some of them stayed inactive for decades and worked their way to the very top of KMT leadership. If as I have seen it reported one of the goals of the Chinese was to shape the decisions made about Australia’s military hardware plans then the time for them to throw their weight around would have been in the last few years when major orders were being placed.

      • While I agree with you how the Chinese are trying to influence political decisions here, I sure they would prefer their influencing strategy to fly under the media radar here. This Chinese billionaire’s hamfisted attempts will not be appreciated in Beijing, I would not be surprised at the least if the Communists in Beijing cut him loose, have him arrested on corruption charges and discredit him as not being one of their own as part of their ongoing game of international diplomacy . He’ll be told at his show trial to shut up and do a stint in a VIP prison reserved for disgraced party officials

  5. Yeah Turnbull is treading on thin ice comparing Chinese Influence in Australia today with the end of Western Influence in China in 1949. Mao’s raise to power ended 100 years of brutal suppression and practical enslavement of Chinese people by western powers today’s fringe influence peddling of Chinese interests in Australia is in no way comparable to what China endured. I’d say that’s why if I were Chinese I’d also find Aodaliya renmin zhanqilai to be an offensive ill-informed remark.

      • Who exactly are you trying to kid, at this level the underlying rule has always been
        Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi
        With that in mind, I’d be careful suggesting that anyone needed a good Kicking.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      70 years later, with no western influence, the “brutal suppression and practical enslavement of Chinese people” continues.
      But hey “colonialism” eh?
      Didn’t pick you as a Postmodernist.

  6. It’s obvious all the FED politicians are compromised, and it needs an RC, but don’t forget Dan Andrews who signed VIC up to the CCP silk road…wtf, and really hasn’t been taken to account by MSM or anyone unless I missed it. This who thing is an attack on the Australian people. We should be able to trust them to protect the country at least while they plunder it.

  7. > There needs to be royal commission into CCP influence in the Parliament but who is left to call it?

    (movie trailer voice)
    In a world ruled by corruption, only one, unlikely hero remains.

    Hanson Ranga.


  8. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “The full authority of a former Prime Minister and his greatest policy legacy in driving back a “silent invasion” of the Australian Parliament by CCP agents of influence is now aimed directly at the Home Affairs Minister. This has to be investigated formerly or there is no due process left in the Parliament.”

    Given the Choice of submission to American Plutocracy or Chinese Plutocracy of course “Goldman Sach man” Turnbull was going to back the American Version.
    Remember when he was rolled?,…he flew straight to Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York.
    No Doubt to receive his next Plutocratic Assignment.

    A Royal Commission into foreign influence on Australian Parliament is a great idea and should definitely include foreign Corporate influence as well as the influence of foreign State actors.


  9. “There needs to be royal commission into CCP influence in the Parliament but who is left to call it?”


  10. Enjoy your democracy while it lasts … The one party fascist state is coming … Coolies out! Chinamen out! Muslims out! House prices down! Jobs for all! Fair go for all party members!