Scummo’s Five Point Plan to destroy Australia

From Scummo today:

Let’s unpack what these five points really mean.

Scummo Point 1: 1.25m jobs over five years

The Truth: Jobs growth of 1.25 million over five years implies weak monthly jobs growth of only 20,800 with 13,416 of those jobs going to new migrants ensuring that cheap foreign labour destroys wages growth permanently. As Treasury noted recently:

Recent migrants accounted for two-thirds (64.5 per cent) of the approximately 850,000 net jobs created in the past five years. For full-time employment, the impact is even more pronounced, with recent migrants accounting for 72.4 per cent of new jobs created.

Scummo Point 2: Maintain budget surpluses and pay down Labor’s debt.

The Truth: Under-invest in infrastructure and essential services as mass immigration is run at full throttle. Ensure domestic demand remains weak as private sector deleverages.

Infrastructure Australia’s 2018 report, entitled Planning Liveable Cities, found that Australia’s infrastructure provision is failing badly to keep pace with rapid population growth:

“Infrastructure delivery is struggling to keep pace with rapid population growth and change. Our largest cities are ‘playing catch up’ in delivering infrastructure to support population growth…  Our infrastructure funding mechanisms have not kept pace with growth… Communities are increasingly disappointed by their experience of growth…”

The PC’s 2013 final report on An Ageing Australia: Preparing for the Future projected that Australia’s population would swell to 38 million people by 2060 (let alone 42.6 million projected by the ABS currently) and warned that total private and public investment requirements over the 50 year period are estimated to be around five times the cumulative investment made over the last half century:

Scummo Point 3. Deliver tax relief for families and businesses. 

The Truth: Make the rich richer with regressive tax bracket flattening while rorting everyone via bracket creep. Also, punch a structural hole in tax receipts as commodity prices fall necessitating tax hikes in due course.

Via The Australia Institute:

Who benefits from these changes in 2024-25 is very different to the LMITO. A third of the benefit of flattening the tax scales will go to the top 10 per cent of taxpayers, with more than half going to the top 20 per cent. At the other end of the distribution the bottom 10 per cent get less than one per cent of the benefit while the bottom 30 per cent get only seven per cent of the benefit…

Scummo Point 4: Keep Australians safe and our border secure. 

The Truth: Continue mass immigration at full throttle through Swiss cheese border while disguising it with “stop the boats” bait and switch, as well as fiddles with visa categories. Drive Australia ever further under Chinese Communist Party skirts.

Buried deep in Budget Paper 3 is the below projection of increased net overseas migration (NOM):

As you can see, NOM over the entire forward estimates is projected to be much higher than the latest number of 240,000 reported by the ABS.

Not surprisingly, then, populations across the major jurisdictions are projected to swell, with NSW projected to add nearly 600,000 people over the next four years and VIC around 650,000 people:

Scummo Point 5: Guarantee increased funding for schools, hospitals, medicines and roads that you and your family rely on, already at record levels.  

The Truth: Guarantee falling living standards and diminishing access to every essential service as the great crush-loading of eastern cities worsens much more quickly than a dramatically under-investing Scummo Government can keep up with it.

From Infrastructure Australia:


In short, Scummo has a Five Point Plan to destroy Australian values, social fabric, living standards, labour and the national interest in favour of a small number of growth lobby billionaires.

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  1. Lovely. Only problem is the ALP will continue with turbo-charged mass migration. Apart from rhetoric, nothing will fundamentally change.

    • It’s kind of like swapping one set of flaming douches for another, different set of… flaming douches!

    • Which is why …. the illusion of democracy. Make the plebs think they have a choice when they don’t in reality.

      In the meanwhile the elites rape and pillage the country with impunity.

  2. And you think Labor is going to be any better. At least the deficit was the lowest in ten years.

    • Yes, they will be better:

      – house price prices lower
      – wages a little higher
      – productivity and tax reform better
      – greater infrastructure investment.

      But they will still be shit, yeh.

      • You sure we wont enter a recession within the next 12 months after labor gets in (not saying we wont get there either way). I don’t see labor being a great deal better, only slightly better. We all need to position ourselves adequately for the impending labor storm.

      • Always, always the choice of the douche or the turd sandwich. The illusion of ‘choice’ at all levels of society whilst simultaneously constraining the field of contestable ideas must be the crowning glory of the modern era in liberal democracies. Control with the indicia of freedom only.

      • 1. How will Labor increase wages? More immigrants = greater supply = lower wages.
        2. House prices will be lower regardless, are they not falling now? Also, more immigrants… this is the real mccoy big Australia party after all.
        3. Tax reform, yes maybe but what one hand gives, the other shall take away – this system can’t handle any shocks, making this an necessity.
        4. What do you think the Coalition will do if the country goes into recession – hint… spend on infrastructure.

        I think you’ve got your MT coloured glasses on again – remember that article…

      • Sick of the old trope that both parties are the same. Labor is far and away better than the Liberal party. Sure, there’s still a lot of room for improvement with population policy et al., but they are the party for the masses/workers, rather than the party for big business. It’s not even close if you’re a run of the mill 99-per-cent’r

      • kannigetMEMBER

        I dont think the NLP actually want to win, Scummo may not have gotten the message but if the current Ministerial lineup is the best they have got heaven help us.

        I believe they lost to Rudd on purpose so they could claim the GFC was labors fault and dont want to win this one either for similar reasons. As far as I can tell the only economic management they are better at is finding ways to blame the bad management on labor.

        If property keeps going down then I cant see how we wont have a recession. in the next 12 to 18, so I expect the mini budget will be along the same lines as the budget reply and next years will be panic stations.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        What do you think the Coalition will do if the country goes into recession – hint… spend on infrastructure.

        The Coalition will hand public money to private entities to create monopolies and other rent-seeking constructs.

        With Labor there is at least a chance public money might into creating assets that the public owns.

      • @drsmithy … like in Victoria where Dan gives the contracts to his mates, and supports only the union employees. The most expensive infra in the world as well. In Victoria where he signs up to the CCP silk road, with no explanation as to what that means and MSM or the opposition don’t take him to task. I vote SAP, but the differences between LNP & ALP are slim, and when Bill opens the immigration gates further I’m sure any difference will disappear. I wish I had your faith in the ALP as the LNP really need a kicking.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        I wish I had your faith in the ALP as the LNP really need a kicking.

        I have little faith in the ALP – they’ve been second last on my ballot papers for the better part of twenty years now – but they are at least not a party fundamentally opposed to public property and services.

        I don’t think there’s a big chance, but it’s still bigger than zero.

      • SamscoutMEMBER

        Infrastructure higher? Why? Labor will push the dollar up like they did last time through reckless offshore borrowing – wages will be higher for public servants but services will be worse off

    • Private debt is big and getting bigger. Focusing on public debt is a pointless distraction but I guess that is the point.

      • The banks are spruiking again. Got invited in to the bank so they could ” review” my accounts and insurance position, in realiity a marketing exercise.

  3. I love the pay down labors debt line, reality is most of the debt owed was accumulated under the liberal government.

    Nothing about reducing the unsustainable immigration rate, the most important thing to keep point 5 viable.

    • Joe Hockey’s first act as Treasurer was to increase Australia’s debt levels from 300 Billion to $500 (billion or trillion? that many zero’s is above my pay grade)

      Also, after 6 years in power its not Labors debt, its the LNP’s.

      These twats need to get pulled up for their outrageous lies more often. The ABC news programs seem to be the only ones to do it.

    • SamscoutMEMBER

      Labor incurred the first $260 billion in debt so not sure how you work that out – given they inherited a surplus and had the country’s biggest mining boom they squibbed it – the coalition has at least got the deficit under control

      • And what was Labor to do about the Global Financial Crisis? Do nothing and save the the surplus? Proceeds from the mining boom were already squibbed when Costello lavished welfare on the middle class creating a structural deficit. You need to get out more mate.

      • I remember the outrageous tax rates that I paid to enable them to do it. 30 cents plus 10% gst for every $1.10 over $20,000.

  4. Scummo is the lowest sort of political life form there is.
    That he is the Prime Minister shows how far the Liberal party has fallen.
    I look forward to the 18th. My baseball bat is waiting.

  5. I know this guy is happy to bring on the rapture, but FFS, what about climate change you numpties?

  6. Make the rich richer with regressive tax bracket flattening while rorting everyone via bracket creep. Also, punch a structural hole in tax receipts as commodity prices fall

    That is why the fake Greens need to put an export tax on LNG and use the money to give out the $900 cheques again. Alaska in USA has done exactly that since 1982! It taxes the export of oil and gives every voter in Alaska a U$2000 cheque every year. It reduces poverty.

    How the heck did we end up in a situation where a state in USA gives out anti-poverty cheques while this nation – formerly known as “working class man’s paradise” – does not!

    Some left wingers still say “job guarantee”. But this coffee making robot says auf wiedersehen to that highly rortable idea:

    Even the water meters in this country are corrupt – my mate’s water bill says he uses less than 20 Litres per day!

    Tax the landed gentry. The landed gentry can buy investment properties in Dubai instead.

    • Why Dubai? I lived there for a couple of years and we all called it the Sandpit. It has 6 months of 50 celcius days.

      I can think of a lot of other places to buy an investment property. Malaysia, Italy, hell even Malta.

      • My point is, rent collecting parasites need to be taxed. Dubai was just an example.

        The parasites need not live where their investment properties are.

    • my mate’s water bill says he uses less than 20 Litres per day!

      I understand that when you take a shower your water meter reads 20 litres per minute!

  7. Just what choice do you have Australia?

    Mass migration.

    The continued erosion of your civil liberties.

    The continued inflation of your cost of living and a dog-box future for your children.

    At what point?

  8. “Maintain budget surpluses and pay down Labor’s debt”

    Pay down outstanding debt? How un-Strayan.

    An election in Straya is won or lost, not by the incumbent doing the right thing or showing visions but by connecting to the electorate by showing that their leader is one of them.

    This is why the LNP will lose big time.

    • Yeah, no.

      John Howard was voted out by the tradies with his Work Choices plan. That was a case of the people hating a policy, not the man.

  9. VOTE 1 : SUSTAINABLE AUSTRALIA PARTY, SAP. Only SAP will bring increased living standards for AUSTRALIANS.


    You Beauty !! Straya

  10. PlanetraderMEMBER

    Labors debt?? Didn’t I read on here a few weeks ago that the LNP had borrowed more on our behalf than all successive governments before it?

  11. Political censors hard at work at Fairfax.

    This piece (of sh!te) drops the W bomb twice, rambles on in no particular direction about charisma deficits whilst trying to brush over immigration as an issue that needs to be acknowledged at all, then eventually relents. After going through the politburo, this is what came out:

    Sydney and Melbourne are receiving the lion’s share of skilled migration from China and India ..

    Excuse me?

    Naturally there is complete redaction of the fact that those cities are also getting all the Indian grannies here to use the health and welfare systems and scowl at the locals, the unskilled migrants here to drive taxis, deliver food, work in petrol stations or just chain smoke and (in Melbourne) back to back South Sudanese vibrancy injections – as featured daily on the Victoria Police media website.

    Get fvcked.

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      Immigrants using up the health & welfare systems? Last March I ended up in the A & E dept of the Northwick Park hospital in West London. Horrifying. Of the 200 odd people waiting I think there were about 6 who I would have guessed were from somewhere in Western Europe. Nearly 7 hours later I get to see a totally exhausted doctor……
      Straya aint seen nothin yet…… Keep ’em coming….

    • Perhaps the federal government should underwrite any unpaid medical treatment from overseas visitors who don’t have travel or health insurance, but end up in our public health system. This might spur federal government into ensuring tourist visas are only granted to those with valid travel / health insurance to get into the country (perhaps Australian insurance, not dodgy overseas insurance). If they can’t show they have sufficient insurance coverage then no visa is granted or no entry.

  12. PassingInterest

    Well done, now boil that analysis down to five words for the slogan bogans who vote for these charlatans.

      • rob barrattMEMBER

        Correct. It won’t make any difference. No-one knows better how indolent Strayans are about politics than the polies. LNP, ALP, P on the peasants – The only difference is that the ALP are complete hypocrites whereas the LNP are the honest crooks & shysters you would expect. As Richo famously said – “Whatever it takes” (to get to drive the Gravy Train). Promise ’em anything, screw ’em later.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Coalition: “Well loose. Vote us anyway.”

      Labor: “Next Election – a real PM.”

  13. proofreadersMEMBER

    Cutting to the chase, it’s a pretty simple position for me: every day for years, I have got up to work to pay for franking credit refund “pensioners” or politician “pensioners”?